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Slayer brings out the very best of combat in Runescape. There’s a ton of variety in the monsters you slay, and it’s a great way to pick up some new favorite training spots. It’s one of the best ways to make some GP. If you aren’t ready to take on raids or any of the endgame bosses, Slayer is the next best thing. 

You use lots of tools on your journey to level 99 Slayer. Some are necessary against certain monsters, like rock hammers and mirror shields. Others aren’t so necessary. Instead, they’re tools of convenience that can make your Slayer tasks more efficient, like bracelets of slaughter or the subject of today’s article, the Slayer ring.

What Is The Slayer Ring?

The Slayer ring is a unique piece of enchanted jewelry that focuses on providing benefits to those engaging in the Slayer skill. 

The standard Slayer ring has a total of eight charges. Once you deplete all the charges, the Slayer ring will crumble and disappear. In its’ place will be an enchanted gem. It has a High Alchemy value of 600 GP at max charges. That value drops by 6 coins per charge lost. 

There are two ways of obtaining a Slayer ring: You can buy one or make one.

How Do I Buy A Slayer Ring?

You can buy a Slayer ring from any Slayer master.
Image by Xavier Geitz

Players can purchase a Slayer ring from any Slayer master across Gielinor. 

Slayer shops have two categories: Slayer equipment and Slayer rewards. You can purchase equipment from Slayer masters with GP, but you can only buy rewards with Slayer reward points. The Slayer ring is a reward and costs 75 Slayer points.

You obtain Slayer reward points by completing Slayer tasks. You receive bonus Slayer reward points for every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, and 1,000th task you complete in a row. 

How Do I Make A Slayer Ring?

You need the Ring Bling unlock before you can craft Slayer rings.
Image by Xavier Geitz

Making a Slayer ring requires you first purchase the Ring Bling unlock from the Slayer Rewards shop for 300 Slayer reward points. Doing so will unlock the ability to craft Slayer rings yourself instead of needing to buy them. And that’s very useful since you can craft an unlimited amount of them. Trying to keep up your supply of Slayer rings by buying them would cost a ludicrous amount of Slayer reward points. 

Crafting Slayer rings is quick and the materials are cheap.
Image by Xavier Geitz

To make a Slayer ring, you will need an enchanted gem, a gold bar, a ring mould, and 75 Crafting. The 75 Crafting seems like a steep requirement that puts crafting Slayer rings out of reach of lower-level players, but Crafting isn’t a difficult skill to level up. There are numerous cost-efficient ways of reaching 75 Crafting.

What Does The Slayer Ring Do?

The Slayer ring maintains the utility of the enchanted gem and allows you to contact your current Slayer master. Your Slayer master will tell you your current task and how many monsters you still need to kill. They will also tell you how many Slayer reward points you have. 

But the primary value of the Slayer ring comes from its teleportation functionality. The Slayer ring has eight charges, and you can use each of these charges to teleport to one of five locations: 

  • Stronghold Slayer Cave
  • Slayer Tower
  • Tarn’s Lair
  • Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
  • Dark Beasts

While you will primarily use these teleports to get to locations focused on Slayer, that’s not the only use of these teleports. The Stronghold Slayer Cave teleport is excellent if Steve/Nieve is your current Slayer master, as it takes you right to them. 

If you’re training Farming via trees, the Stronghold Slayer Cave teleport is a godsend for you. It will place you in close proximity to a tree patch and two fruit tree patches. If you have unlocked access to fairy rings, then the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon is an excellent teleport, as a fairy ring is about five seconds away. 

Not all of these teleport options are immediately accessible. To use the Slayer Tower, Tarn’s Lair, and Dark Beasts teleports options, you must complete the Priest in Peril, Haunted Mine, and Mourning’s End Part II quests, respectively. 

You can use the teleports on the Slayer ring up to level 30 Wilderness. 

Slayer ring (eternal)

The eternal slayer ring lasts...well forever.
Image Source: OSRS Wiki – Image by Xavier Geitz

An upgraded version of the Slayer ring exists, known as the Slayer ring (eternal). As you may have already guessed from the name, the eternal Slayer ring has unlimited teleport charges. If you use the Slayer ring teleports often, you may want to look into this. 

I don’t recommend using an eternal Slayer ring as a Wilderness teleport option. If a PKer kills you, the ring disappears, and you’re out of 7.3 mil GP. 

How Do I Get The Eternal Slayer Ring?

The only way to get an eternal Slayer ring is to make one. You will need Ring Bling unlocked and level 75 Crafting. The only material difference is using an eternal gem instead of an enchanted gem. 

How Do I Get An Eternal Gem?

The eternal gem is expensive, but for some players, worth every gold piece.
Image by Xavier Geitz

The easiest way to get an eternal gem is by buying it on the Grand Exchange. They sell for around 7.3 mil GP, so they’re pretty expensive. If you’re an Iron Man or don’t want to spend 7.3 Mil for it, your only option is getting it as a drop. 

The only monsters that drop eternal gems are superior slayer monsters. Superior slayer monsters have a 1/200 chance of spawning after the death of their normal variant. But before you can even have a chance to fight them, you need to purchase the Bigger and Badder unlock with 150 Slayer reward points. 

There are 30 monsters in the game with superior variants:

While every superior slayer monster can drop an eternal gem, you can count on one hand how many of them have drop rates that you can consider respectable. Don’t expect to get an eternal gem from a superior crawling hand. You can only face superior slayer monsters while on task, so getting this gem as a drop is pretty tough. 

Ring of slaying

RS3's ring of slaying is almost identical to its OSRS counterpart.
Image Source: Runescape Wiki – Image by Xavier Geitz

The Slayer ring exists in RS3 as well, though here, it is the ring of slaying. Functionally, it is very similar to its OSRS counterpart. You can use it to contact Slayer masters and check the status of your current task. You may also use it to invite other players to a Social Slayer task. 

It has the same cost of 75 Slayer reward points with the ability to craft them unlocked for 300 Slayer reward points. Rings of slaying as significantly more expensive to craft in bulk due to how expensive gold bars are in RS3 (Presently 1.5K each). 

Players can add up to five rings of slaying to their full slayer helmet, provided they meet the requirements. You need to complete the quest Smoking Kills and have unlocked the ability to craft slayer helmets, which costs 400 Slayer reward points. Finally, you must unlock the ability to add rings of slayer to full slayer helmets, which will set you back 500 Slayer reward points. 

Unlike the OSRS Slayer ring, the ring of slaying only has four teleport options. Three are the same, Slayer Tower, Fremmenik Slayer Dungeon, and Tarn’s Lair (Which still requires completion of the Haunted Mine). The fourth teleport is exclusive to RS3 and will teleport you to the home of Sumona near Pollnivneach.

Ring of slaying (c)

RS3 doesn’t have an eternal slayer ring. Instead, it has the ring of slaying (c).

The ring of slaying (c) is an item that players can make with a teleportation compactor. Doing so will compact your ring of slaying and give it a max of 160 teleport charges instead of 40. 

Unfortunately, this is very endgame stuff. The teleportation compactor is an Invention item that requires level 110 Invention. You need at least level 80 in Crafting, Smithing, and Divination just to unlock Invention. As a result, RS3’s enhanced version of the Slayer ring is significantly inferior to its OSRS counterpart. You’re better off with a filled full slayer helmet.


Question: Should the ability to craft slayer rings be my first use of Slayer reward points?

Answer: No. Early game Slayer is pretty boring as the monsters down there are mediocre. You can unlock the ability to craft slayer rings and stock up in advance, but you won’t even be able to fight the Slayer monsters at those locations. 
Even if you want slayer rings for their secondary teleport benefits (Quick access to tree patches and fairy rings), your first use of Slayer reward points should be for primary priorities. Most consider unlocking slayer helmets and superior slayer monsters as better first purchases. 

Question: Is the eternal slayer ring worth it?

Answer: That depends on the player. I know guys with 99 Slayer who have never used slayer rings before, let alone invested 7.3 mil GP into an eternal version. I like having as many teleport options as possible and hate swapping out rings, so I find it worth it. 

Question: What’s the best way to earn Slayer reward points?

Answer: For OSRS, the best way to farm Slayer reward points is by doing Wilderness tasks for Krystilia. You can get tasks from her immediately, and she gives out the most points. She will sometimes give you monsters above your paygrade depending on your Combat levels, but it’s a risk worth taking. 
Slayer reward point grinding is significantly worse in RS3. There’s no RS3 equivalent to Krystilia, and you need significantly higher levels before the point grind gets decent. Duradel is a good starting point. He gives a solid amount of points and only requires level 50 Slayer. You will need at least level 100 Combat, though.


Some players will tell you that the Slayer ring is overrated, while others will tell you it’s a godsend from Guthix. I reckon most will have opinions somewhere in between. 

I suppose a major deciding factor on when you should unlock craftable Slayer rings or not is how efficiently you can farm for Slayer reward points. Krystilia does have some pretty awful tasks she can give you (Struggling through another Black demon task myself), but the other Slayer masters don’t give out as many points as she does. With every major purchase you make, it’s almost like you’re back at square one. 

Hopefully, at the very least, I’ve laid out all the information you’ll need to know to make a decision when the time comes. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a to figure out how to cosplay as Van Helsing in OSRS before Halloween is here.  

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