OSRS Crafting Training Guide

To progress your character in Old School Runescape, you’ll need to level up certain skills. Crafting plays a significant role in quests, money-making strategies, and iron man accounts. Crafting is a skill available to both free-to-play and member players. Today, we’ll dive into the best methods for F2P and P2P players. Also, the cheapest and fastest crafting options will be shared.

What is crafting in OSRS?

Crafting is a skill that lets players make jewelry, range armor, pots, and plenty of other useful items. There are different types of crafting methods that will create various items:


The process requires raw materials like wool and flax. You can then use the raw material on the spinning wheel to create bowstrings, flax, and rope. The most popular location for spinning is in the Lumbridge Castle underneath the bank.


Much like spinning, you’ll need to use raw materials to create a useable item. For example, you can use a ball of wool 4x to create a strip of cloth, which is used in the Regicide quest.


This unique style of crafting requires players to use soft clay with a mould on a potter’s wheel to create unfired items. With the appropriate crafting level, you can place the unfired item in a pottery oven to finish.


To begin leather crafting, players need hides from an animal or dragon, thread, and needle. In the free-to-play world, this means take cowhides to the tanner in Al Kharid. Tanning costs 1GP for ordinary leather and 3GP for hard leather.

Members can craft range armors by using dragon hides. Only vambraces, chaps, bodies, and shields can be made. The process is the same as cowhide tanning. However, for each dragon hide, it will cost 20GP to tan.


Gemstones can be cut with a chisel for experience and useable materials. Gems such as emerald and sapphire will always result in a cut gem. However, opal, jade, and red topaz can fail sometimes, and players will receive a crushed gem. Afterward, the gems can be enchanted and then used to create an amulet.

As you can see, crafting is a necessary skill to train for all players, especially iron man accounts. In addition, the skill synchronizes well with mining because you can use the uncut gems for mining experience. To find out how and where to get the most gems check out our mining guide.

Why training crafting is important in OSRS

There are several reasons why crafting is a vital skill in Old School RuneScape. The skill lets players create necessary materials that are used to store food, create armor, and craft jewelry. Here are the main reasons why Old School players train crafting:

Quest requirements

To progress in OSRS, you’ll need to complete quests because they give you access to new locations and items. For example, Monkey Madness 2 requires level 70 crafting. Afterward, players can access the Crash Site Cavern, which contains Demonic Gorillas.

Money making

Crafting is known as a skill that will lose you millions of GP on the way to 99. However, there are methods that can make money at the cost of time. Reaching level 99 will take significantly longer, but millions will be made in the process.

Brilliant for iron men

Since iron man accounts can’t trade with other players, they will need to create their items. Players can’t rely solely on drop rates, so having the ability to craft is crucial.

Everything you should know before starting

The mushroom pie gives you 4+ level boosts. If you’re not far off from beginning the next crafting stage, you can use the pie to gain the ability to craft higher-level items. Therefore, you will be getting higher experience at the cost of purchasing mushroom pies.

Moreover, if you’re using a crafting method that requires constant bank use, you should set up left-clicking instead of the usual right-click. This makes the process faster and will increase your experience per hour.

Questing for crafting levels

The start of any skill can become slow and tedious. Therefore, you can do multiple quests to blow by the early levels. These quests have been carefully selected for having low requirements and great rewards:

  • Dward Cannon: 750xp, no requirements needed.
  • Misthalin Mystery: 600xp, no requirements needed.
  • Recipe for Disaster (all quests): 3,500xp. Requirements: 41 cooking and 20 fire-making.
  • Observatory Quest: 2,250xp. Requirement is 10 crafting.
  • Nature Spirit: 3,000xp. Requirement is 18 crafting.

Once all the quests are complete, you will gain 10,100 crafting experience, which will take you straight to level 27.

OSRS Crafting Guide – Fastest method to 99

First, we’ll start with the fastest method to train crafting. This option can become rather expensive, so we’ll be covering cheaper alternatives later on.

Level 1-54: Cutting gems

This method is fast and semi-AFK. You’ll want to purchase all your uncut gems beforehand and store them at the bank. The benefit of this training option is that you can do it from any location with a bank.

Fill your inventory with uncut gems and cut them with a chisel. Afterward, deposit them in the bank and refill your inventory with uncut gems. Rinse and repeat until you gain the levels to reach the next step in the guide.

Levels 1-20: Opals

Experience per hour: 20K – 30K

Required amount: 500 Opals

At low levels, you’ll crush a few Opals. However, cut Opals are worth almost double as uncut. Therefore, you’ll make your money back and more with the 500 Opals required. Getting to level 20 will take around 10 minutes and will cost 10K – 15K GP.

Levels 20-27: Sapphires

– Experience per hour: 140k

– Required amount: 106

Once you are level 20, you unlock Sapphire cutting, which is more expensive than Opals. Due to the high experience rate, you’ll blaze through to level 27.

Levels 27-54: Emeralds

– Experience per hour: 170k

– Required amount: 2,235

You’ll lose around 400k – 500k GP when using Emeralds. It will take around one hour to reach level 54.

Alternative method:

If cutting Sapphires and Emeralds are too expensive, then you can cut Opals to level 54. You won’t lose money and can make a profit depending on how many gems you crush.

Level 54-63: Battlestaves

Once you reach level 54, the best method to gain crafting experience is through Battlestaffs. To create a Battlestaff, you must combine a regular Battlestaff and an elemental orb.

Levels 54-58: Water Battlestaves

– Experience per hour: 250k

– Required amount: 736

The cost for experience ranges from 5,32GP to 5,52GP, making it a fair trade with the amount of xp that you get.

Levels 58-63: Earth Battlestaves

– Experience per hour: 300k

– Required amount: 972

The cost per experience point is a lot cheaper than Water Battlestaves, costing around 4,53 per xp. You can continue doing Battlestaves to level 99.

Level 63-99: Dragon D’hide bodies

To get certain dragon hides, you need to slay dragons with the correct colors. For example, green dragons will drop green D’hides at a 100% drop rate. Afterward, you need to visit a tanner to get the material ready for crafting. On the other hand, you can go to the grand exchange and purchase the D’hides, which are ready to craft.

To create a D’hide body, you’ll need a thread and needle in your inventory. Right-click on the hide and click craft. An interface will pop up and ask what you’d like to create. Select the body, and it will use all the materials you have to craft multiple D’hide bodies.

Levels 63-71: Green D’hide bodies

– Experience per hour: 300K

– Required amount: 4,379

Levels 71-77: Blue D’hide bodies

– Experience per hour: 350K

– Required amount: 7,027

Levels 77-84: Red D’hide bodies

– Experience per hour: 380k

– Required amount: 18,921

Levels 84-99: Black D’hide bodies

– Experience per hour: 430k

– Required amount: 39,000

At level 84, you unlock Black D’hide bodies, which are the fastest method of gaining crafting experience. A total of 39,000 Black D’hides are required, and after selling the bodies you’ll make a loss of around 20m GP. Compared to other skills, crafting doesn’t break the bank, and you won’t spend more than 30m GP to gain all 99 levels.

OSRS Crafting Guide – Profitable methods to level 99

The most profitable crafting methods will take longer to reach level 99. However, you’ll make millions in the process. There are 4 main options when it comes to profitable crafting:

Runecrafting on Zeah

An excellent choice is runecrafting on Zeah because you obtain experience in multiple skills at once. You’ll need a high runecrafting level because you need the ability to create Blood Runes and then Soul Runes.

You will cap out at 7,000 crafting experience per hour, which is terribly slow. However, you will receive 5,000 mining xp, and 50,000 runecrafting experience per hour. This option is ideal for those who want to max out their accounts since you gain xp in 3 skills.

By the time you hit level 99 runecrafting you’ll gain 1,800,000 crafting experience, which is enough xp to hit level 80. You’ll be making money from selling the blood and soul runes you create.


You should be careful when it comes to jewelry because they are not in high demand a lot of the time. Therefore, selling them for a profit becomes difficult, so we’ll focus on items that have a high sales volume.

All the items mentioned will need a specific mold available to purchase at the Grand Exchange. The benefit of this money-making strategy is that you can start at a very low crafting level, and the methods are AFK.

  • Sapphire rings: creating Sapphire rings will generate 50,000xp and around 200,000gp per hour. Doing Sapphire rings up to level 99 will create profits of up to 40,000,000 – 50,000,000 million GP.
  • Emerald rings: the profits are the same with Sapphire rings. However, the difference is that you’ll gain 60k experience per hour. The rings will always be in demand because they are used for Ring of Recoil and Ring of Dueling.
  • Silver Opal bracelets: these bracelets are always in high demand because they are used to create Expeditious bracelets. They give around 55,000xp with up to 270,000GP profit per hour.

Cutting gems is excellent because you can start from level 1. As you progress, you can begin cutting more expensive gems and generate more profits. Here are the best gems to cut:

  • Opal: cutting Opals is not profitable at first because you’ll crush a few gems. You’ll start to break even once you’re level 20 since the rate of crushing gems decreases. On your journey to level 99 with Opals, you’ll profit around 30,000,000GP.
  • Jades: you can cut gems at level 13 crafting. There’s a low supply of Jades at the Grand Exchange, so you’ll need to purchase a lot of them beforehand. The xp rates are higher than Opal and profitable above level 40.
  • Red Topaz: Unlocked at level 16, crafting Red Topaz is highly profitable. Once you hit level 90, you’ll get a 90% success rate and profit of 10million GP from level 90-99. The xp per hour is 70k, which makes it the best out of all the low-level gems.



Question: What is the best F2P crafting method?

Answer: The best options to train crafting depend on what your goals are. To reach level 99 fast, you’ll want to cut Sapphire, but that will cost 115m GP. Alternatively, you can create gold rings and necklaces that will generate profit.

Question: Why should I train crafting

Answer: No matter if you’re an iron man or a regular account, crafting is extremely important. Most high-tier quests will have crafting requirements. Also, you can create various armors and jewelry to sell at a profit.

Question: Should I train crafting if I am an iron man

Answer: Yes! Crafting is one of the most important skills for an iron man to train. It gives you access to craft range armor and bowstrings. You won’t have to camp monsters to receive drops to get armor and other items. Now you can craft everything you need.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, we’ve covered the fastest and most profitable methods of gaining crafting levels. It’s an essential skill for those looking to quest, make money and improve their iron man accounts.

So, what are you waiting for? Start levelling your account now. We’ve done the research so you won’t have to, and we 100% recommend these methods

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