RS3 Map Locations Overview: Best Free Locations In Runescape


Gielinor is the name of the world that Runescape inhabits. The world was discovered by a God named Guthix while he was exploring, it is also the last creation of the Elder Gods. The world has a diverse geographical land and includes mountains, forests, tropical jungles, and harsh deserts. While it is mostly inhabited by humans various species are also present. Many are intelligent species that have created a thriving home amongst humans. Some creatures are hostile players and pose a threat as you explore and complete quests. It’s best to always be armed in Runescape that way you can be ready to take on any creatures who wish you harm.

The world is divided into free-to-play areas and member areas. Members can access the entirety of the Runescape map, while free-to-play players are limited to a few continents and a small area of member-only spaces.

Free Locations


Major kingdom in Gielinor and is Ruled by King Roald III and his wife Queen Ellamaria. The kingdom is the oldest and more powerful human in Gielinor, making it the main kingdom in the game. The kingdom is divided in half by the River Lum and its main economic activities include smithing, mining, and trading. Additionally, the grand exchange is situated just outside of Varrock making the cities traffic quite significant.


  • Varrock is the capital of Mishtalin and is a major travel hub for multiple occupations including merchants artisans and diplomats. It is the largest free city in the game and the busiest city in the game. For some, this city is considered the capital of Gielinor itself. It is home to a variety of shops, merchants, and banks. It is also home to the Grand Exchange, a player-based trading hub that is often overrun on larger servers. Players can find just about anything here if they are willing to spend the gold, likewise, you can sell just about anything here.
  • Lumbridge is a smaller city located near Varrock. This is the closest city to players’ new spawn points and the default respawn point upon death. While small, the town contains a general store, ax store, fishing shop, furnace, anvil, and bank chest.
  • Draynor Village is a small village that site between Falador and Lumbridge. While small the village hosts a great spot for cutting willow trees and harvesting wheat. There are a few quests, a jail, and a lady who makes dye out of the ingredients you bring her.
  • Edgeville is a small village that sits at the border to the Wilderness. The village is a great spot for cutting yew trees, burning logs, and cooking fish. The village contains a bank, furnace, general store, and armor store.


Powerful kingdom in Gielinor. It is also considered the main kingdom in Runescape. The kingdom is ruled by King Vallance and Prince Anlaf, who have recently vanished from public life. Sir Amik Varze from Falador and Denulth from Burthorpe have taken their place. Players are often warned that the White Knights are not who they say they are and there is some discontent among the people. Asgarnia’s main economic activities include crafting, mining, and fishing, players will often find tools, mining, and fishing spots in this kingdom.


  • Falador is the capital of Asgarnia and is home to the White Knights and Temple Knights. The mining and large underground mine make this a popular spot for training the mining skill. This city has all of the basic Runescape amenities, like an inn, a bank, a park, and a variety of stores. 
  • Rimmington is a small village located in the southwest of Asgarnia. The village contains a general store, a crafting store, and an archery supply store. Some crops and a mining area are also nearby.
  • Port Sarim is located in the south-eastern area of Asgarnia and is a heavy naval space for the game. Players often use this area as a means of travel to various islands using charter ships. The village contains a variety of shops and a jail which becomes a focal point of a quest later on.
  • Dwarven Mine is a large mine and dungeon that contains every non-quest ore, including runite. This is a great place for training both mining and combat skills and as you will need to defeat enemies the farther into the mine you go.


  • Burthorpe is a military principality in the northwest area of Falador. It serves as the base for the Burthope Imperial Guard and the residence of Prince Anlaf. It is one of the two locations in Asgarnia that is not controlled by the White Knights.
  • Taverley sits to the northwest of Falador and closes to Burthorpe. The residents in this area are primarily druids The town itself is small, home to the Rogues Den and a few basic supplies.

Kharidian Desert

Large desert region located to the south of Misthalin. The desert is considered dangerous once players are beyond the Shantay Pass. The player will be required to drink from waterskins or other sources of hydration to avoid dying.


  • The northern is compromised of the city Al Kharid which is politically independent of other religions in Kharidian. The city is the coolest area in the desert and players will not suffer from the heat. The northern tip of the region is home to a mining area that can be used by free players to gather various ores. Players can access a bank and a variety of shops in Al Kahrid.


  • The middle region of Khardian is home to many aggressive monsters and the desert heat effect. There are a few notable locations in this region including the Kalphite Lair, Desert Mining Camp, Pollniveach, and a Bandit camp.
  • The southern region of Kharidian starts just after Pollniveach. This area is much more dangerous than the middle region, both monsters are dangerous and so is the heat. Unlike the middle region cacti which contain water for water skins do not grow in this area making it even harder to come by water.


Largest island on Geilinor and the only island that free players can travel to. The island is comprised mostly of thick jungle which member players can hack their way through. Players can travel to Karamja in a variety of ways including teleportation, free players can travel by ship from Port Sarim for the 30 gold.


  • Musa Point is a small trading post at the northeastern most tip of Karamja and is the only area that free players can access. Musa Point is an extremely small village that only contains a general store with basic stock and a pub. Players who have completed the Dragon Slayer I quest will be able to access the island of Candor through a door found in the Volcano.


  • Brimhaven is a pirate town for members only and is located in the northwestern area of the island. While the village doesn’t contain a general store or bank, there is a bar, an agility arena, and a dungeon. There’s a small port in Brimhaven that will take players to Ardougne. 
  • Shilo Village is a members-only village that is only accessible once a player has completed Shilo’s quest. This small village is home to a bank, a general store, a furnace, and several fishing spots. There is also a gem mine close by for players to train their mining skill. 
  • Tai Bwo Wannai is a small village south of Brimhave where its village must constantly battle against the ever-growing jungle. There is a small general store and a parcel service that deposits items into your bank account for a small fee. 


Large dangerous place where PVP is always legal. This means that players will attack each other hoping to kill the other play and gain the contents of their backpack. Additionally, the wilderness is home to a variety of monsters and other enemies that will attack players. The deeper into the wilderness you go the higher level the players and monsters are. When killed players will lose all but three items from their inventory and skilled players will lose everything both equipped and in their inventory. It’s best to pack as light as possible and bring plenty of health or food.

  • Steel Mine contains a little coal and iron ore, it is manageable for lower level players
  • Dark Warriors Fortress is in the 14-17 level range and it spawns various runes that you can grab.
  • Hobgoblin mine is meant for mid-level players starting at level 36. This spot contains more rocks in total than any other free mining site.
  • Wilderness ruin mine contains is one of two free-to-play runite mining spots in Runescape. This area is meant for players level 46 and above.
  • Deep Wilderness is the highest level of wilderness available and is available to all players, however, several features and perks of this area are still reserved for members only. This area contains various places to kill high-level creatures, work on quests, mine, or even access different realms. One of the most used features is the Wilderness Agility Courses, it is considered one of the best places to train agility.

Frozen Wastes 

Or the Ice Plateau is northwest of the wilderness. The area is inhabited by various ice monsters, including giants and spiders. The area spawns various water, cosmic and law runes.


Huge dungeon created by Mahjarrat Bilrach and is beneath an ancient city to the east of the Wilderness. It is one of the primary places players can train Dungeoneering skills. The history of Daemonheim can be found in the Chronicles of Bilrach, which is found by the player as they train the dungeoneering skill.

Members Only


May be young but it is the largest known kingdom in Geilinor. It is ruled by King Thoros of East Ardougne and unlike any other human nation in Runescape, Kandarin has a Democratic government. However, this government is only active in Ardougne and works as a city council. It is very weak in comparison to the monarchy present in Kandarin. The kingdom is very wealthy and powerful rivaled only Misthalin. Its primary industries are places, such as the Seer’s Village and Yannile.

  • Ardougne is the capital of Kandarin and is separated into East and West Ardougne. At one time there was a terrible rivalry between them, however, when King Tyras left for the Elven lands, West Ardougne was left abandoned to a plague. East Ardougne has thrived and is now a bustling city with a large marketplace, banks, and other amenities one would come to expect in the larger cities of Runescape.
  • Catherby is a small fishing town, that is a great spot for training the fishing skill. While small the village hosts a general store, fishing store, and bank, along with other amenities. There is a port nearby for travel.
  • Hemenster is a small fishing village. There is not much here except a windmill, anvil, and some chickens. Players who need feathers or want to train fishing may find this a peaceful spot to do so.
  • Port Khazard is south-east of Ardougne and is for the most part not very busy. The village is most popular for its charter ships but does have a general store, bank, anvil, and small mining spot.
  • Seers’ Village is to the North of Andougne and next to Camelots Castle. The village has a bank, spinning wheel, and flax field. The inhabitants here have the ability to see through time.
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold is one of the largest cities in Runescape and is inhabited solely by gnomes. The area is home to a variety of places including the Grand Tree and Gnome Ball Field. One of the most popular amenities of this area is the Agility Training Area.
  • Tree Gnome Village is the home of the gnomes and consists largely of a giant hedge maze with a small village in the center. Outside of quests and the dungeon underneath there is little reason to visit this area.
  • Witchaven is a small village east of Ardougne and contains a fishing platform. It is a notable spot for training fishing. Additionally, there is the Witchaven Dungeon close by.
  • Yanille is south of Ardougne and is home to wizards, including the wizards guild. The town is small but heavily guarded against ogres. There are a few amenities including a bank, pub, mine, pet shop, hunter emporium, and anvil spot. The town is also home to an agility dungeon as well.


Isolated and forested region of Gielinor that is home to the elves within the game. The area is only accessed after starting the quest Regicide. Due to the thick forests that surround Tirannwn, it is nearly cut off from the rest of Gielinor. For those that wish to explore the region, you will need at least a level 56 agility skill to traverse the many obstacles found within and food or health to replenish yourself after fighting against monsters. 

  • Prifddinas is a great elven city that is only accessible after fishing Plague’s End. The city was formed through Elf Crystals which makes it a beautiful site to see. The city is the oldest in Gielinor and was created during the First Age. The city contains a large number of areas to train a variety of skills and another Grand Exchange, making it another economic hub within the game. 
  • Isafdar is a large forest within Tirannwn. There are a number o hunting spots for grenwalls and pawyas. There are also several deadly and dangerous traps set through the forest. Take great care when exploring and be prepared for anything.
  • Tyra’s Camp is the base for King Tyras the king of West Ardougne and his loyal followers. King Tyras fled here during the rivalry between East and West Ardougne. The camp is small but sells a variety of halberds, making it a popular place for those that prefer that tight of weapon.
  • Lletya is a small elven village in Tirannwn and is accessible after starting the Mournings End Part 1 quest or completing The Prisoner of Glouphrie quest. The inhabitants of the village are revel elves led by Arianwyn that was created during the Elven Civil War. Now that the war has ended the village continues to thrive. This is the only village with a bank.


Members-only kingdom located east of Misthalin. The kingdom is ruled by Vampyres making it one of the darkest places in Geilinor. To gain access to the majority of the content within Morytania, players must complete a variety of quests throughout the kingdom. Various dark creatures live in this land including werewolves, ghouls, the undead, and the Vampyre who rule them.

  • Paterdomus is a Saradominist temple on the River Salve. This is the gateway to Morytania and protects the rest of Gielnior from the creatures that roam this dangerous land. The temple is supposedly run by Saradominist monks, however, there has been something fishy going on here and it is not just the smell of the swamp. This is the main area of the Priest in Peril questline.
  • Canifis is the first town that a player will come across in Morytania. The town is full of seemingly normal people until they are provoked. Upon being attacked or provoked the inhabitants of Canifis will turn into werewolves. In order to protect yourself from them, you will need a wolfsbane dagger that can only be obtained through the Priest in the Peril questline.
  • Port Phasmatys is one of the few villages in Morytania that is not under the control of Vampyres. The town was cursed by an evil necromancer and now the inhabitants worship an extofuntus that slowly turned them all insane. Eventually, they succumbed to their insanity and died by starvation or paranoia. Unfortunately, relief was only temporary and now they are stuck on this earth as ghosts, unable to move on.
  • Mort’ton is a miserable village infested with shades and the afflicted. The village was once a thriving trading spot but when a plague infested the land the villagers became mindless zombies and those who were dead came back to life as shades.
  • Burgh de Rott is the last free human village in Mrytania. The village was built after the God Wars by refugees from Hallowvale. Unfortunately, the town is now in shambles and its residents are starving and forced to pay blood tithes. Despite this, the town is still fighting for its independence from the Vampyres and wishes to liberate the entirety of Morytania.
  • Meiyerditch is an ancient Sardominist city that was once known as Hallowvale and ruled by the Icyene queen Efaritay. During the God Wars, the Vampyres overthrew the queen and contested a huge wall to keep the citizens from escaping. The city is now a massive ghetto, where the locals are farmed for their blood like cattle.
  • Darkmeyer is the vampyre campital of Gielinor. It is inaccessible to all players but is home to some of the most powerful vampyres in the land.
  • Slepe is the only known Zamorakian village that is inhabited by humans. This village seems to thrive despite its bleak location. Unlike the rest of Morytania, the Vampyres here do not put pressure on the locals for blood tithes or other amenities. Unfortunately, the town has befallen a mysterious sleeping plague.

Troll Country

Located in the northern area of Gielinor. The kingdom is ruled by trolls and is geographically mountainous The main settlement is called the Troll Stronghold and is mostly barren in terms of amenities. While there is not a lot here to enjoy, adventures will find themselves becoming familiar with this area as they work on quests that involve trolls.

Feldip Hills

Feldip Hills are located south of Yanille and is home to ogres. The main city of Gu’Tanoth has a general store. To the west of the city is Jiggig which is filled with Zogres and Skogres. In the southern area of the region is a Hunter Training area that can be used for hunting chompy. In Corsair Cove, there is a bank and a port.

Fremennik Province

Territory controlled by the Fremennik, who are considered barbarians in Runescape, while they consider the inhabitants of Runescape to be outlanders. This area is known as the birthplace of mankind as all the inhabitants of Geilinor are descend from the Fremenniks. Dwarves also inhabit this area and have done so for as long as the Fremennik have. After nearly being wiped during a war they built a safe city called Keldagrim and thrive there.

  • Rellekka is a town located next to the Lunar Sea and is open to member players who have completed the Fremennik Trials quests. The town is small but contains various fishing stores and spots, a clothing shop, mining and crafting tools.
  • Mountain Camp is home to a Mountain Tribe that often migrate with the seasons. There is not much here and the area is rarely visited outside of quests.
  • Waterbirth Island is a crescent-shaped island that can be accessed by talking to Jarvald at Rellekka’s westernmost pier. The island is home to a large underground dungeon that is filled with various creatures and perfect for tracking combat skills.

Eastern Sea

Large body of water to the East of the mainland of Gielinor off of Daemonhiem, Morytania, and the Khardian Dessert. While largely unexplored the area is known to be controlled by pirates and criminals. Due to its isolated nature thanks to the rugged terrain and dangerous coastal line criminals thrive here, protected from the rest of the Geilinor and its inhabitants.

  • Dragon Tooth Island is accessible from Port Phasmatys in Morytania The ghostspeak amulet is required to talk to the captain of the charter boat. There is little here and the island is largely comprised of marshland and plagued rotting nature. A resource dungeon underneath the island contains celestial dragons needed for making dragon rider armor. It can be accessed after the One of a Kind quest.
  • Pirate Islands is comprised of two different islands, Harmony Island and Mos Le’Harmless. Harmony Island was once inhabited by monks and remained peaceful. However, now the island is overrun by zombie pirates.  Mos Le’Harmless is a small free port that is run by pirates. There are a few attractions here such as the trouble brewing minigame and the caves found on the island.

The Northern Sea

Found off the northern coast of Morytania and Kndarin through the edge of the Wilderness. Among the Northern Sea also sits the Lunar Sea, a small collection of islands in the shape of crescent moons. While large the sea doesn’t contain much of notable interest that hasn’t already be covered, most of its contents are considered the property of the nation to which they are closest.

  • Lunar Isle is an island that is shaped like a crescent moon. It is only accessible to member players who are in the late stages of the Lunar Diplomacy questline. The inhabitants of this island are mostly women, the only men are the three bank tellers. The island contains a bank, a magic shop, and a clothing shop.
  • Pirates Cove is a small island in the Lunar Sea and is the docking place for a massive pirate vessel called the Lady Zay. The island is first introduced to players through the Lunar Diplomacy quest. The island is uninhabited except for dangerous moss creatures and the occasional pirate.

Southern Sea

The Unquiet Sea is a large area of Gielinor and sits off the coast of Asgarnia, Kandarin, and Misthalin. This area consists mostly of islands in Runescape, including Karamja and its associated areas.

  • Ape Atoll is an island that is inhabited by monkeys and ruled by King Awowogei. The capital city is Marim and it is only accessible once players have started the Monkey Madness questline. The island is considered very dangerous as most monsters are high level and poisonous.
  • Ashdale is a cliff-top island village south of the Feldip Hills. The village is over 400 years old and is a haven for people across Runescape for its peacefulness. For the most part, this island is very quiet and overall uninteresting. This area is also open to free-to-play players despite being in a primarily members-only area.

Final Thoughts

Runescape has a large and well-thought-out map. The world is rich in history and lore making it a game that can hold people’s interest for a very long time. With a membership, players can access the entirety of the map and more quests and skills. There is always something new to discover in Runescape, a new quest, a land or a new treasure, adventure awaits!


Question: What type of game is Runescape?

Answer: Runescape is a fantasy MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-player game that was developed by Jagex and first released in 2001. The game has gone through several interactions that added new content, changed content, and overall improved the game. Originally the game was a browser java game but now the game uses a launcher coded in C++ like many other MMORPGs. There are currently two versions of the game OSRS or Old School Runescape and Runescape 3.

Question: Can I play Runescape on mobile?

Answer: Yes! Runescape is available for Android and iOS. Runescape is cross-platform too meaning you can access your characters, inventory, and friends from anywhere!

Android Download:
iOS Download:

Question: What Should I do first in Runescape?

Answer: After the tutorial, you should start working on the free-to-play quests. This will give you a good amount of experience and history of the game. Exploring is another great way to learn what Runescape has to offer. The game is very open-ended you can do just about anything as long as you have the necessary skill levels to do it.

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