RS3 Items Overview: Which Items Are Worth Your Money?

Runescape is home to hundreds and thousands of unique items. Each item serves a different and usually unique purpose. Every weapon has a niche, and every seemingly random item has a use. The items in Runescape are what make it one of the most popular games of all time.


Some of the most commonly used items in Runescape are, unsurprisingly, weapons. Weapons are necessary to fight bosses and train combat skills, meaning just about every account will equip one at some point. A variety of weapons exist in the game, whether they be a large two-handed sword or small duel wielding crossbows.

Melee Weapons

Weapons for the melee combat style have perhaps the best variety of origin and choices available to the players. There are numerous types of melee weapons, such as halberds, scimitars, spears, and longswords. In addition, unlike other combat styles, players can also utilize their fists to use the melee skill.

  • Excalibur
    • King Arthur’s legendary weapon is obtainable in Runescape. Players can acquire it as a reward during Merlin’s Crystal quest. It is a tier 30 weapon so it lacks much use, although its enhanced version is used regularly as a switch in high-level PvM.
  • Dragon Scimitar
    • The dragon scimitar is one of the most iconic weapons in Runescape, along with the Abyssal Whip. When players first begin to play, one of the things they dream about is wielding this fierce weapon. Part of the reason it is so prestigious is that it requires completing the challenging quest Monkey Madness. Once players have both 60 Attack and completion of the quest, they unlock an excellent weapon. It can be dual-wielded or paired with a shield for bonus defense bonuses.
  • Abyssal Whips
    • Another iconic weapon in the lore of Runescape, the abyssal whip, is more difficult to obtain than the Dragon Scimitar. It requires level 70 Attack and is dropped from the powerful abyssal demons. The whip can also be upgraded into a more robust tier 75 variant by utilizing a whip vine. Although it is a one-handed weapon, you cannot dual wield it and will instead have to pair it with a different off-hand weapon.
  • Dragon Claw
    • Once very popular among PvP players, it has since declined into relative obscurity. This can be attributed to a decrease in interest in PvP combat after the Evolution of Combat update, as well as the conversion into a dragon claw instead of dragon claws. The new dragon claw instead is a primary-hand weapon with an off-hand variant. It shares the same stats as the dragon scimitar.
  • Noxious Scythe
    • The scythe, as it’s commonly known, is a part of the new generation of iconic and widely used weapons. It is crafted from rewards from the Araxxor boss, as well as its sister weapons for the other combat styles. The scythe possesses a unique look with green poison dripping off the weapon. Its looks can be altered using various dyes from clue scroll rewards, such as the Barrows Dye.
  • Zaros Godsword
    • The honor of being the strongest Godsword, as well as one of the strongest melee weapons in the game, belongs to the Zaros Godsword. Otherwise known as the ZGS, it costs upwards of one billion gold and requires 92 Attack to wield. Like the other Godswords, it possesses a unique special attack. The ZGS’s special attack is called Blackhole and boosts damage when within it by 25 percent.
  • Masterwork Spear of Annihilation
    • When players ask which weapon has the coolest name in the game, this spear has to be at the top of the list. In the same tier as the Zaros Godsword, the Spear of Annihilation is a very powerful weapon. It’s so powerful that it is a reforged version of the spear that Bandos used to ascend to Godhood. Unlike the ZGS, however, it cannot be dyed, limiting its cosmetic use.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged is a popular attack style commonly used for killing bosses such as Nex. As such, it has some of the most powerful weapons in the game. In addition to that, Ranged is unique from the other combat styles due to its variety of ammo, some of which have some powerful effects.

  • Royal Crossbow
    • This untradeable crossbow is very valuable for ranged players on a budget. Becoming usable at level 80, the player will have to forge the crossbow in the fire of the fearsome Queen Black Dragon. During the last phase of the fight if the dragon uses her extremely hot breath attack, the player must stand in the middle and brandish the crossbow at her. It will become the Royal Crossbow, a two-handed tier 80 weapon.
  • Crystal Bow
    • Created by the Elves, the crystal bow requires no ammo which makes it very useful for Wilderness adventures. However, in order to use it the player will have to complete the Roving Elves quest. It is tier 70, so it’s about a mid-level weapon and it requires two hands to wield.
  • Ascension Crossbow
    • Assembled from drops from the legiones in the Monastery of Ascension, these tier 90 crossbows are held in high regard around Runescape. The ability to fire all crossbow bolts and their relative cheapness compared to the higher tier crossbows makes them very useful for PvM.
  • Seren Godbow
    • Like the ZGS, the Seren Godbow is created from drops from Telos. It is a tier 92 ranged weapon that requires no ammunition. Its special attack is incredibly powerful and is where most of the weapons value comes from.
  • Eldritch Crossbow
    • The most expensive ranged weapon in the game is the Eldritch Crossbow. It is acquired from The Ambassador at the end of the Shadow Reef dungeon. There are three parts of the crossbow that are rare drops from The Ambassador, so many kills will be required to assemble one by yourself.
  • Bakriminel Bolts
    • While not a weapon like the other items in this category, I felt that Bakriminel bolts are notable enough to be featured. They are a unique type of ranged ammunition due to having a variety of compelling enchanted options. Each gem, when attached and enchanted on the bolt, will provide a different unique effect. Ruby, diamond, onyx, and hydrix gems give the most powerful benefits.

Magic Weapons

Just like the other weapon sections, Magic has its own unique and powerful weapons, some of which are showcased below.

  • Air Staff
    • The most basic magic weapon is the air staff. It provides unlimited air runes which allows the player to cast unlimited air spells. For early magic training it is excellent, as many low-level monsters are weak to air spells.
  • Noxious Staff
    • Another drop from Araxxor, the noxious staff possesses a similar look to the scythe but with an orb instead of a blade. It is useful for Magic as it fills in the tier 90 spot. Its wand equivalent is the seismic wand.
  • Ahrim’s Staff
    • The mage of the Barrows Brothers is Ahrim. After making their way through the labyrinth below the Barrows Brothers, players will find a chest in the middle. If the player killed Ahrim prior to opening the chest they have a chance of receiving his staff.
  • Wand of the Cywir Elders
    • In order to acquire this level 85 wand, players will have to defeat the shapeshifter Helwyr. It is a sirenic weapon and is of the Cywir clan of elves. The wand possesses no book equivalent however, there is an accompanying orb.


In addition to weapon items, players also have access to armor. Everybody has access to four slots to use for armor, the head, chest, legs, and feet slots. Dozens of options exist for each slot, so players have plenty of options when it comes to filling up their armor slots.

Power Armor

Power armor is armor that gives lesser defense bonuses but allows players to deal significantly more damage due to its offensive bonuses. It is favored for training and most bossing due to the value of DPS over all other statistics in Runescape. Examples of it include masterwork and pernix armor.

Tanking Armor

This type of armor is much less prevalent in Runescape due to its lack of offensive bonuses. However, it does have some uses, primarily in situations where the player has to survive for long periods of time. Tank roles in raids will also utilize tanking armor due to their role relying on them taking lots of damage. Some examples of it include the standard metallic armors such as Rune and Dragon.

Cosmetic Armor

Cosmetic armor provides no benefits to combat or experience gains. It is used for players to look cool while doing activities that don’t require other armor or occasionally for roleplaying. Examples of cosmetic armor include partyhats and the Saradomin robes.

Skilling Items

Every noncombat skill uses items to assist in the training process. The primary ones are for resource gathering skills, but artisan skills also utilize items during training too.


Tools are items that allow you to complete the resource gathering skills. Examples of these include pickaxes, hatchets, and fishing nets. All tools have several tiers, usually based on the metals acquired in mining, with the exception of fishing.

Toolbelt Items

Following an update, many useful skilling items can be attached to a player’s toolbelt. Inconvenient items many players would forget about could now simply be permanently in a second inventory. Examples of items that now belong in the toolbelt include tinderboxes, rakes, and shovels. You can also utilize resource gathering tools by adding them to the toolbelt.


Some skilling items consist of consumable items as well. Consumable items are items that disappear after they are used. Farming has several tiers of compost that are used to help train the skill and improve crop survival rates. Mining utilizes stone spirits to produce more ores in less time while mining. Consumables exist everywhere in Runescape, and the skilling items category is no exception.

Quest Items

Quest items are items that are used for the purpose of questing in Runescape 3. Every quest item is unique and can be used for only one quest or an entire quest series. Some items are even used in quests in different series, such as the ring of charos.

Every quest has a different role for the items within it. In some cases, the item will be useful to the player after the quest, such as Silverlight, while in other cases the item serves no functional purpose afterward.


Consumables consist of any item that the player can use which leads to the item vanishing. Examples of consumables include food items, potions, and ammunition.

Food is used to heal in Runescape. It consists of a huge variety of different items and includes pizzas, pies, and all sorts of fish. Doing any combat without food for a long period of time is practically impossible due to the player taking damage.

Potions are created using the herblore skill. They provide a variety of bonuses and uses, particularly to your combat skills. Using a potion of a certain combat skill will boost that skill an amount based on the tier of the potion. Potions can also restore your Prayer and Summoning skills to improve how long you can use those skills in combat.

Ammunition consists of items used to fight in Ranged and Magic combat. In Magic players utilize runes to battle, as each different spell has a rune requirement. Upon casting the spell the runes will be removed from the player’s inventory. Having a staff of the rune type will provide an unlimited amount of that type of rune and save ammunition. Ranged ammunition consists of a wide variety of items, including knives, arrows, darts, and bolts. Each type of ammunition has its own costs and benefits, with arrows and bolts being the most common ammunition.

Ultrarare Items

Ultrarare items are items that can no longer be acquired in Runescape. They are usually the most expensive items in Runescape and serve no practical use. Items like these usually cannot be bought on the Grand Exchange due to their immense value being above the maximum cash stack.


The item that every single play thinks of when they think either “unobtainable” or “ultrarare” is the party hat. They came out during the 2001 Christmas event and were obtainable from Christmas Crackers, mentioned below. Partyhats were never released again so the supply has never increased, only steadily decreasing. As players from 2001 quit the game or get banned over time, some hats are simply removed from the game. Partyhats are some of the safest investments in the game and are the ultimate way for the super-rich to flex their wealth.

  • White Partyhat
    • Estimated Price: 56 Billion Gold
  • Blue Partyhat
    • Estimated Price: 60 Billion Gold
  • Red Partyhat
    • Estimated Price: 45 Billion Gold
  • Green Partyhat
    • Estimated Price: 37 Billion Gold
  • Yellow Partyhat
    • Estimated Price: 33 Billion Gold
  • Purple Partyhat
    • Estimated Price: 41 Billion Gold

Christmas Cracker

As the source of the Partyhats, Christmas Crackers have some incredible value. They are even rarer than Partyhats due to how many were opened in the original event. Christmas Crackers currently hold a value of 53 billion gold.

Santa Hats

Another way for people to flex their immense wealth, Santa hats are another discontinued Christmas item. They appeared everywhere on Christmas in 2002, and the increased supply has kept the value significantly lower than the Party hats the year before. A Santa hat can easily go for 3.2 billion in gold.


Question: Does every item in Runescape have graphics?

Answer: Absolutely! In order for something to be considered a real item in Runescape it must have graphics. There are no invisible items that are to be found in the game.

Question: Are outfits from Solomon’s General Store items in Runescape?

Answer: As Solomon’s General Store outfits do not exist in the inventory or armor slots, they do not count as items.

Question: Are there any cosmetic items in Runescape 3?

Answer: Runescape 3 is full of cosmetic items! From the rare partyhats to different robes representing your god of choice, there is definitely an outfit you will enjoy. There is an entire community of people called Fashionscapers who enjoy creating cosmetic outfits using cosmetic items.


Runescape 3 items are a massive part of the game. From various weapons to the rarest items few will ever have, the variety and uses of these items make Runescape the popular game it is today.

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