Hello and welcome to Runefanatics, the home of comprehensive Runescape guides. Here at Runefanatics, we have a team of dedicated individuals who live and breathe Runescape. Whether that be OSRS, RS3 or anything in between, we have you covered. Our experts work tirelessly to produce guides that will make your adventure stress-free, streamlined and most importantly, jam-packed full of fun.

We have a team of Runescape Fanatics that have been playing this MMO for the best part of two decades. Our team has poured thousands of hours into this game, has completed all the quests on offer, have accrued some of the rarest items in the land of Gielinor, and have the login details for some of the most powerful characters you’ll see wandering around this vast open-world!


Our Goal

Runescape is one of the longest-serving and most widely respected MMORPG’s around. This game has served its loyal community for twenty years now and in that time, there has been a wealth of content added to the vast world of Gielinor. It can be a lot to take in, especially if you are new to this famous title. So we at Rune Fanatics aim to give you all the info you could possibly need to get you up and running, fill your pouch with gold and conquer the toughest quests this game has to offer.

Our goal at Rune Fanatics is to be more than just stat-merchants, or a wiki page that shows and doesn’t tell. We aim to be an expert-led blog that gives you all the detail, so that you can thrive right from the word go on tutorial island! We have a dedicated team of lifelong RS players who will give you the inside scoop, offer anecdotes and tips that only someone with first-hand experience can, and hey, they may even help you with a slayer quest if you ask nicely!

Our dedicated team of writers are constantly on the case. Troweling through the mountains of RS content and staying up to date with the latest trends, changes and updates. Meaning that when you choose to read one of our guides and come to us for assistance, you leave with the knowledge you seek and perhaps even some extra hints and tips that will help you later down the line. We do a thorough job so you don’t fall at the hands of a measly Rat or Spider.

What We Offer

We offer guides on how to level up your stats in the most effective way possible. We offer guides on how to beat bosses, the best possible gear to take with you to fight said bosses and we give you tips on how to farm bosses to get the best drops possible. We also give you detailed step-by-step guides on how to complete each and every quest within the game. We break down each and every main character you will encounter within this huge adventure game and we also give you some insight into what items sell best at the Grand Exchange.

We have a wide range of content here at Rune Fanatics. We have quest guides, boss guides, location guides and item guides. We have content that relates to OSRS, RS3 and Runescape Mobile. We have reviews, interviews, walkthroughs and listicles. In short, we have everything you could ever ask for as an RS fan!

In short, we offer you a cheat sheet that will allow you to ascend through Runescape levels fast, acquire high-end loot without even trying and before you know it, you’ll be fighting off Verzik Vitur with your eyes closed.

How We Operate

We ensure that our content is accurate, up to date and of the finest quality through constant fact-checking, through the hard work and dedication of our editing team and of course, all of our writers play this game relentlessly, absorbing all the content that RS has to offer, meaning that you can trust every word we print.

At Rune Fanatics, we care about being unique and being authentic. It’s a hard balance to find but one we manage to find every time! Our expert team of RS writers, supported by dedicated editors and formatters make sure that our content is just as factual and visually appealing as the other RS content out there. However, we have a unique hook. We have true RS experts leading the line and it shows in every article!

We also listen intently to our fan base and if you ever notice a chink in our Armour so to speak, we are always open to suggestions. If there is a guide that you want to see, get in contact with us, be active in the comments section and trust that we will listen to your suggestions and get one of our talented writers on the case, getting you the answers you need fast.

We value each and every single RS player that comes to our site in search of answers to Runescape’s most pressing questions. You guys are the lifeblood of this website. You give us a reason to keep producing content. We love helping you guys achieve your goals within this beautiful game and without you, we would be nothing so thank you so much for visiting and we hope you’ll return frequently so we can help you on your path to RS success.

Our Core Values

  • Attention to detail
  • Passion
  • Dependability
  • Education
  • Pragmatism

About the Team

Our team is full of dedicated gamers who double up as fantastic, writers and journalists. All of our writers come from different cultural backgrounds and have different skills to offer. However, there is one thing that ties them all together, one thing that they all have in common and that, is a love for Runescape. Here are our champions of Gielinor who we would choose to accompany us on every adventure:

Callum Marshall – Managing Editor


Callum Marshall is an experienced content writer. He’s been working in the business for several years and offers his services as an editor-in-chief, PR consultant, game tester, scriptwriter, and an all-around gaming aficionado. He lives and breathes gaming, and that’s why he’s here to provide you (the reader) with important news that matters without all the fluff.

Outside of working hours, he stops typing and picks up a controller. His favorite games of all time are Runescape, Kingdom Hearts, Journey, Fallout New Vegas, Disco Elysium, and he also dabbles in Rocket League in the lulls between titles. When he’s not gaming, you can find him re-watching Peep Show for the hundredth time or re-living his youth skating. Skateboards are the new comb-over, haven’t you heard?

  • Runescape of choice: OSRS
  • Favorite Quest: Monkey Madness or Cold War
  • Hardest Boss Battle: Great Olm, I got bodied on my first ever raid
  • Favorite RS Moment: Coming back to this game a few years back after nearly a decade away and seeing The Grand Exchange as lively as ever

Xavier Geitz

Profile photo for xaviergeitz

Martynas Pupkevicius

Martnyas wants to help other Runescape players level up, slay beasts, complete quests, and everything in between, and he aims to do that through providing meticulous guides. whether it’s OSRS, RS3, or whatever iteration of this browser MMO that you enjoy, Martynas has you covered. He’s put in the hours to build a veteran character, he’s played all the content that Runescape has to offer a couple times over, and you know what? He’ll probably do it all over again. With Martynas by your side, Gielinor is the place to be!

  • RuneScape of choice: RuneScape 3
  • Favorite Quest: Violet is blue
  • Hardest Boss Battle: Zamorak, Lord of Chaos
  • Favorite RS Moment: Getting membership and exploring Gielinor for the first time. I was amazed with the landscapes and how much content there is to do!

So now that you are acquainted with our staff and our platform, we urge you to explore, learn all you can about this decades-old game and absorb all the knowledge you can before you set off into Gielinor. Swords at the ready!

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