OSRS Items Overview

OSRS features over 12,000 unique items that serve different purposes. All items have a niche and are used in various ways. This can be in the form of questing, PVM, PVP, and skilling. The wide array of items is what makes OSRS one of the best MMORPGs to date. This is because you get a ton of customization for the outfits, Armors, and weapons you wear.

Perhaps the best feature in OSRS is the Grand Exchange. Previously players would stand in Falador Park and spam type the items they needed or were selling. However, the GE saves the hassle, letting adventurers trade their items for profit and purchase needed supplies.

What Is the Grand Exchange?

The Grand Exchange, commonly known as the GE, is a perfected trading system for adventurers. Only tradeable items can be sold and bought at this location. The great benefit of this location is you’ll no longer need to advertise the items you’re selling or buying. Instead, players can put in an order at the GE and wait for other players to place an offering.

Members will get 8 Grand Exchange slots, while F2P players will receive 3 GE slots. The Grand Exchange is located directly West of Varrock Castle. The best method to get there is an Edgeville teleport and using the Agility Shortcut on the Western wall.

OSRS Weapons Worth Obtaining

Combat is a huge part of the OSRS experience. So it’s no surprise that the most used items are weapons. They are a necessity when training combat skills, completing Slayer Tasks, and bossing. A brilliant aspect of OSRS is that it contains a considerable variety of weapons in all three combat styles. This lets adventurers perfect their setup and achieve the most DPS.

Melee Weapons

Melee is the most popular combat style because it doesn’t require obtaining runes and arrows. Wielding a sword is all it takes to train melee skills, so newer players will gravitate towards this play style. Luckily, the combat style has an immense amount of customizability due to the different categories of weapons like scimitars, longswords, halberds, spears, and maces. Also, if you’re up for a scrap, you can use your fist or legs to fight instead of wielding a weapon!

  • Ghrazi Rapier

The Ghrazi Rapier is one of the best slash weapons in OSRS because of its attack speed. It has one of the best stab and strength bonuses, making it great to use for general use. The item can be obtained by completing The Theatre of Blood raids.

  • 3rd Age Longsword

For those of you who want to flex on other players, we present the 3rd Age Longsword. This weapon is part of the 3rd age melee set and was released as part of the treasure trail expansion in 2014. This item is ultra-rare, making it super expensive and difficult to obtain. It has a 1/313,168 chance of dropping from a master reward casket to give you an idea of the rarity.

  • Scythe of Vitur

The Scythe of Vitur is a 2-handed slash weapon that can hit three targets at once. This makes it brilliant for melee training as you can get more kills per hour. The item is obtained by completing The Theatre of Blood raids. Also, the weapon can be combined with a holy ornament kit to make a Holy Scythe of Vitur. This will change the appearance of the scythe.

  • Dragon Scimitar

The Dragon Scimitar is the most powerful weapon of its kind in OSRS. It can only be used by those who have level 60 Attack and completed Monkey Madness I. the special Attack will increase the weapon’s accuracy and disarm any Prayers other adventurers use.

  • Saradomin Godsword

The Saradomin Godsword is one of the four weapons obtained by killing bosses within the Godwars Dungeon. It can be created by combining a Saradomin Hilt with a Godsword Blade. It has +132 slash and strength, making it a deadly weapon to use in PVP combat. The Special Attack is called “Healing Blade,” which will consume 50% of the special attack energy. The Attack will increase a player’s maximum hit by 10% and double the accuracy. Also, it will restore Hitpoints and Prayer points.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged is one of the three combat classes in Runescape. It requires using various bows, crossbows, and throwing weapons. Every weapon will need to use ammunition to fire. Luckily, weapons are not restricted to the ammo type, and you can use previous tiers. For example, Maple bows are level 30 can use Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, and Adamant arrows.

  • Toxic Blowpipe

The Toxic Blowpipe is a deadly weapon that can be used to slay various creatures. It’s made by using a chisel on a Tanzanite Fang, which requires level 53 Fletching. The weapon can inflict poison without the need to use toxic arrows. The special Attack will heal for half the damage dealt to the opponent.

  • Twisted Bow

The Twisted Bow has an excellent range, stretching to 10 tiles. This makes safe spotting locations super easy. The bow will increase accuracy and damage depending on the opponent’s Magic level and Magic accuracy. This is extremely useful when fighting bosses since they usually have high magical strength.

  • Armadyl Crossbow

Using the Armadyl Crossbow can be very beneficial as it leaves a slot for a defensive or offensive off-hand item. The weapon has excellent attack speed, accuracy, and range. The special move will 2x the accuracy on the next shot. There is also a chance to repeat the special Attack when using enchanted bolts.

  • Craw’s Bow

This weapon can offer amazing accuracy that will increase the DPS. It’s charged using revenant ether, which can be gathered or bought from the GE. The weapon gains a damage buff when killing monsters in the Wilderness.

  • Crystal Bow

The Crystal Bow is an extremely accurate weapon, thanks to the various offensive buffs. It offers a Ranged bonus of +100 and can be fired from +10 tiles. The weapon does not use any ammo but will require blessings for charging.

Magic Weapons

Magic is used to cast various spells that utilize the power of runes. Although it’s a combat skill, it has many non-combat uses like high alchemy and contact NPC. It’s a highly versatile skill that offers many benefits to players.

  • Kodai Staff

The Kodai Staff is said to be the best magical weapon in OSRS due to the +15% magical damage bonus. It can automatically cast old and common spells. The staff gives an unlimited supply of water runes, which is brilliant for casting ice spells. The weapon costs around 90 million GP or can be obtained in the Rooms of Xeric.

  • Sanguinesti’s Staff

The weapon has an amazing passive effect that will heal you for half the damage inflicted. The Sanguinesti’s Staff is charged with blood runes. It can hold up to 20,000 blood runes that will cost roughly 23 million GP, making it an extremely expensive weapon to maintain. Also, it has a built-in spell that can be cast at any time.

  • Harmonized Nightmare Staff

To wield the powerful weapon, you’ll need level 75 Magic and 50 Hitpoints. Its value is 850 million GP, making it the most expensive magical weapon. It’s ultra-powerful in PVP combat because it’s a four-tap weapon with no lag. The weapon is best used against bosses like Zulra, Nightmare, and Kraken due to the high damage output.

  • Poison Stick of the Dead

This is an upgraded version of the Staff of the Dead. Although it’s a magical weapon level 75 Attack is required to wield it. This is because it can be used in both combat styles. It offers a 25% chance to inflict poison onto the enemy, increasing the DPS.

  • Swamp Trident

The Swamp Trident is probably the most commonly used magical weapon in OSRS. It has a magical attack bonus of +25, so the damage output is significant. There is no real reason to carry runes as the trident has built-in spells that do excellent DPS. The staff can only be used in PVM combat and won’t work in PVP battles.

OSRS Armors Worth Obtaining

Armor will help negate damage taken when fighting in combat. It’s essential to equip to stay alive and use less food. Armor comes in many shapes and forms for all combat classes, giving adventurers a variety of bonuses to choose from. To wear the protective gear, a certain Defense level will be required. As a rule of thumb, players should always be equipped with the best Armor they can use for their level.

Different Types Of Armor

  • Power Armor

Power Armor will not provide great defensive stats. However, it will give boosts to offensive stats that allows players to deal significantly more damage. They are best to use when training and killing bosses to get more kills per hour.

  • Cosmetic Armor

FashionScape is a big deal among the skilling community. They can’t wear high-tier Armor as they will need a certain Defense level, which will increase the combat level. Therefore, wearing various clothing items that make your character look good can showcase a different side of wearable Armor.

  • Tank Armor

Players who need to survive a long amount of time will opt for wearing tanking Armor. They are less popular due to them not providing offensive bonuses. However, they are brilliant for long boss battles or raids.

Best Melee Armor

Melee armor is generally made from a type of metal from Bronze to Dragon. The best armors cannot be made at the high-tier levels but must be gathered by killing certain bosses. These items are more desirable as they provide significantly higher bonuses than metal armor types.

  • Justiciar Armor

Justiciar Armor provides the best defensive bonuses in the game for melee and ranged. It requires level 75 Defense to equip, and wearing the full set will add more bonuses. The Armor can only be obtained by completing raids in the Theatre of Blood.

  • Obsidian Armor

Obsidian Armor can be purchased from TzHaar-Hur-Zal’s equipment store. Wearing the full armor set will provide a 10% boost in accuracy and melee strength. It only requires level 60 Defense to equip, which makes it a brilliant mid-tier armor set.

  • Bandos Armor

Bandos Armor requires level 65 Defense to wear. It’s dropped by killing General Graardor within the Godwars Dungeon. It’s the best Armor that provides the most Strength bonuses. Its stats are between Dragon and 3rd age, making it great for mid-tier players.

  • Inquisitor’s Armor

The Inquisitor’s Armor provides an excellent amount of strength bonuses to deal more DPS. It requires level 70 Strength and level 30 Defense to equip. The Armor will increase damage and accuracy by 0.5% for each piece equipped when using the crush attack style. If all three pieces are worn, an additional 1% bonus will be added.

  • 3rd Age Armor

3rd Age armor is incredibly rare to obtain because it’s only gathered by completing clue scrolls or buying from another player. Although they require the same level to equip, the Armor offers a higher defensive rating than Bandos armor.

Best Ranged Armor

  • Armadyl Armor

Armadyl is often used for training Ranged, Slayer, and fighting difficult bosses at higher levels. The Armor is extremely strong and will not degrade, unlike other high-tier defense equipment. Armadyl equipment will deliver a small Prayer bonus that lets them stay active for longer. Also, it’s a great choice for Castle Wars for flag running because it has brilliant defensive stats against magical damage.

  • Void

Void Knight armor pieces can be bought from the Void Knights with commendation points earned during the Pest Control minigame. It’s the best gear for players who want to deal high DPS as void has multiple offensive bonuses. The Void Ranger Helm alone will provide +10% damage and accuracy. However, wearing the gear will require level 42 AttackStrength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged, and Magic with level 22 Prayer.

  • Karil’s

Karil’s armor pieces are obtained from the Barrows minigame. The full set will require having level 70 Ranged and Defense. The equipment is popular against various magical creatures because of the huge defensive buffs. Wearing the full set will deliver a passive effect called Tainted Shot. Every successful Ranged Attack will have a 25% chance to lower an enemy’s Agility level by 20%.

  • Crystal

Crystal armor seeds can create various pieces of gear such as helm, body, and legs. Wearing the full set of Armor will grant +15% damage and 30% accuracy to the crystal bow. The gear starts with 2,500 chargers and can hold up to 20,000 energy. Every successful hit against you will deplete the Armor by one point. In total, crystal armor will provide +58 Ranged offensive bonus and +124 Ranged Defense.

Best Magic Armor

Magic Armor is unique because it provides little Ranged and melee defenses. Instead, it focuses on improving damage by adding offensive bonuses. Also, most magical gear cannot be made and can only be gathered by killing specific creatures.

  • Ancestral Robes

Ancestral armor pieces can be obtained by completing Chambers of Xeric raids. The Armor requires level 75 Magic and level 65 Defense to wear. They are the best-in-slot gear for magical attacks. However, Ancestral robes sacrifice defensive bonuses to provide more DPS. The robes can be recolored by using a twisted ancestral color kit, which is also acquired in the Chambers of Xeric.

  • Ahrim’s Robes

Players can complete the Barrows minigame to gain a chance of receiving Ahrim’s robe pieces. They are a jack of all trades providing a decent amount of offensive and defensive bonuses. The Armor will degrade after 15 hours in combat. In total, Ahrim’s robes will set you back 3.5m GP. This is a great investment as the gear is used mainly for bossing. Therefore, you’ll get your money back by getting more kills per hour. Also, the passive bonus of the Armor has a 25% chance to lower the enemy’s Strength level by 5.

  • Lunar Robes

The Moon Clan located on Lunar Isle uses Lunar robes as ceremonial attire. It’s created during the Lunar Diplomacy quest, which means players will not need to spend millions of GP to gain this high-tier Armor. Compared to other robes, it has one of the highest defensive bonuses, making it great for tanking creatures. Upon death, every piece of equipment is lost. However, you can repurchase them from the Oneiromancer.

  • Dagon’hai Robes

These robes are worn by members of the Dagon’hai, an ancient Zamorak organization. The robe pieces are obtained from Larran’s big chest at a rate of 1/256. It requires level 40 Defense and level 70 Magic to wear. Dagon’hai robes are brilliant for dealing high amounts of damage as it has +48 Magic bonus.

Skilling Items

Skilling is a huge part of the OSRS experience as it adds more depth to the game. Players who don’t want to participate in combat can level up their artisan and gathering skills. Most non-combat skills will require certain items to train, like tools and traps.


Tools will let you train skills that are focused on gathering. They are essential to complete the process and receive experience. Without using the proper tool, your character will not be able to complete the task. The most common tools that you’ll use are hatchets, fishing nets, pickaxes, tinderbox, traps, and a hammer.

Moreover, tools like pickaxes and hatches can be upgraded to reduce the gathering time and gain more experience. They will follow the metallic leveling system, which means you’ll begin with Bronze and end with Dragon. Also, this means you will need to level up your Attack to wield the equipment.


Most non-combat skills will use some form of consumables to train the skill. These are items that will disappear upon use. For example, when training construction, your planks will be used up in the process.

In some cases, skills that have no item requirements can be taken advantage of by using consumable items. For example, Agility requires running laps for experience, which can drain your run energy. Therefore, drinking energy potions will greatly improve XP rates since you won’t need to waste time resting.

Skilling Outfits

OSRS features plenty of methods to obtain increased XP rates. One of the better options to acquire higher hourly XP is by equipping experience boosting sets. They will provide more XP when worn in a specific skill. Obtaining them is done in various ways, such as completing minigames, killing certain creatures, or as quest rewards. They are essential to acquire if you want to save time and gain as much experience as possible. However, not all skills will have a skilling outfit.

  • Carpenter’s Outfit – Construction: Purchased for 2,000 points from Mahogany Homes Reward Shop.
  • Farmer’s Outfit – Farming: Purchased for 400 points from the Tithe Farm.
  • Pyromancer Outfit – Firemaking: Opening supply crates after defeating Wintertodt.
  • Angler’s Outfit – Fishing: Obtained by inspecting trawler nets in the Fishing Trawler minigame or purchased from Alry the Angler’s Angling Accessories.
  • Spirit Angler’s Outfit – Fishing: Bought from Gita Prymes with spirit flakes and Angler’s outfit pieces.
  • Prospector Kit – Mining: Purchased with golden nuggets from Prospector Percy’s Nugget Shop.
  • Golden Prospector Kit – Mining: Bought with star fragments and a piece of the Prospector Kit from Prospector Percy’s Nugget Shop.
  • Lumberjack Outfit – Woodcutting: Gathered from undead lumberjacks during the Temple Trekking minigame.

Wearing a full set of a skilling outfit will provide a 2.5% extra experience. However, OSRS has multiple skilling clothing that doesn’t provide XP boosts but will make training much easier. These items are worth obtaining on your path to level 99 or 200m XP.

  • Graceful Outfit – Agility: This outfit will significantly reduce your weight to -25kg and provide 30% run energy restoration. Therefore, you’ll be able to do more Agility laps before needing to rest.
  • Zeakit’s Robes – Prayer: Wearing these robes will provide a 5% chance that bones will not be consumed when training.
  • Rouge Equipment – Thieving: This outfit is obtained by successfully opening safes at the end of the Rouges’ Den minigame. Each piece will provide a 20% chance of gaining double loot from pickpocketing. The full set will guarantee 2x loot while pickpocketing.

Furthermore, you can obtain individual items that will help during training. They are not part of an experience boosting set but are extremely useful for making the skill easier.

  • Cooking Gauntlets – Cooking: Obtained as a reward from the Family Crest quest, these gloves will provide a 5% less burn chance when Cooking.
  • Goldsmith Gauntlets – Smithing: The item will provide a 2.5x boost in experience when smithing Gold bars.
  • Gloves of Silence – Thieving: The gloves require level 54 Hunter to equip and will reduce failure while pickpocketing by 5%.

Quest Items

Quest items are used while questing to complete the next step and progress the storyline. In some cases, they can be used after completing a quest, for example, the Cooking gauntlets. They are unique and can only be used for that specific quest or during the whole quest series. The items are extremely valuable as they cannot be bought from the Grand Exchange.

Best Quest Items:

  • Barrows Gloves: The gloves are extremely difficult to obtain as you need to complete Recipe for Disaster and have over 175 quest points. Barrows Gloves are the best-in-slot for all-around playstyles as they provide bonuses in all combat styles.
  • Ava’s Accumulator: The requirements to obtain the item are not difficult, so low-leveled adventures can acquire it. Completing Animal Magnetism will reward players with one for free. The item is essential for the Ranged playstyle as it returns 72% of ammunition fired back to your inventory.
  • Helm of Neitiznot: Once you finish the Fremennik Isles quest, you’ll be rewarded with the Helm of Neitiznot. It’s one of the best items for dealing high DPS because it has +3 Strength and Prayer.
  • Anti-Dragon Shield: During multiple quests, you’ll need to face dragons that deal huge amounts of damage with their fire breath. The iconic Dragon Slayer I quest will provide you with an anti-dragon shield to slay Elvarg.
  • Magic Secateurs: This is a wieldable pair of secateurs that are a reward for completing Fairy Tale part I. It’s the only weapon that can harm Tanglefoot, which is a skilling boss. Also, it will increase the yield of Farming patches by 10%.

Consumable Items

Consumable items are those that, upon use, will make the item disappear while giving something back to the player. Great examples of this are food, potions, runes, and Ranged ammunition. Consumables can be categorized into three sectors:

  • Food

Eating food to heal in OSRS is essential to prevent your character from dying. During combat, your player will take damage and need to eat to outlast the opponent. OSRS has a huge range when it comes to food, which includes a variety of fish, meat, pizzas, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Potions

Potions can help players when skilling or during combat. They are made by mixing herbs with vials of water and specific items. A certain Herblore level is required to make potions. A potion will increase your skill level by a certain amount depending on the potion tier and your character’s level in the skill.

  • Ammunition

Ammunition is needed to train Magic and Ranged. They consist of items that are used during combat to deal damage. For Magic, it’s runes, and for Range, it can be arrows, bolts, throwing knives, darts, or javelins. The cost of 1 attack will be the use of the specific item you’re using. For example, casting wind strike will use up one wind and one mind rune.


Question: What Are The Most Expensive Items In OSRS?

Answer: OSRS has multiple expensive items that can easily cost over 100m. However, this is a small amount compared to the most expensive items RuneScape has to offer. These items are for collectors and those who want to show off their huge cash stacks.
3rd Age Pickaxe – 2.1b GP
3rd Age Druidic Top and Bottom – 2.1B GP
3rd Age Bow – 1.4b GP
3rd Age Druidic Cloak – 1.1b GP
3rd Age Longsword – 1b GP
Harmonized Orb – 888m GP
Elysian Spirit Shield – 810m GP
Elysian Sigil – 810m GP
Twisted bow – 800m GP
3rd Age Axe – 800m GP

Question: What Is The Grand Exchange?

Answer: The Grand Exchange is commonly referred to as the GE. It’s a trading system for players to sell or purchase tradable items. The GE is located West of Varrock Palace. The best method to get there is by teleporting Edgeville and running to the wall shortcut Northwestern of the Grand Exchange. Before, players would go to Falador Park and advertise what they needed or sold. This was very inefficient and time-consuming, so Jagex implemented the GE for the player’s convenience.
This removes the need to waste time by spamming the chat, and adventurers could get the supplies they need instantly. The Grand Exchange interface will feature multiple slots where players can input sell or buy orders. F2P players will have three available slots, and member accounts will have eight slots.

Question: What Are Discontinued Items?

Answer: Discontinued items are content that is no longer attainable or does not exist within OSRS. However, players who have received the items will be able to keep them as collector’s pieces. They can be sold for huge profits or kept for nostalgic purposes. New players will not be able to receive the items as the content is discontinued, which makes them extremely valuable. These are some discontinued items:
Festive Egg
Fluffy Chocolate Mix
Blood Tiara
Gold Dust
Orange Rainbow Strand
Puppet Box
Rabbit Mould
Red Paper Hat
Red Bouncy Ball


Items play an immense role in OSRS. Without them, the game would be bland and lack depth. Runescape features thousands of items that have unique uses in the game. They can vary from providing XP buffs to restoring your Hitpoints. Items can be obtained from anywhere, such as questing, killing creatures, and the Grand Exchange. We hope you enjoyed reading our items overview and learned vital information that will help you on your journey in Gielinor.

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