OSRS Agility Training Guide: Best Agility Shortcuts

Agility is a member’s skill that can be very helpful throughout Gielinor because of the many shortcuts it provides. This can save time tremendously as you won’t need to run through the long routes anymore. Also, as you train the skill, your run energy depletes at a much slower rate. For example, it takes 7.5 seconds to restore 1% energy at level 1, compared to level 99, which takes only 2.5 seconds.

However, Agility is known to be the slowest and most repetitive skill in OSRS. Therefore, using XP boosts and useful items is essential to make the process go faster. This guide will cover everything you need to know, from the best training methods to Agility shortcuts.

What Is Agility?

The skill is based on Agility courses that are located all around the map. These locations will have multiple obstacles that your character must go through to receive experience. It’s a click-intensive skill that can take a very long to train. However, the time investment is definitely worth it for the shortcuts and quests.

Useful Agility Shortcuts


As you progress through Agility, you’ll unlock new shortcuts. This is the main selling point of Agility since they will save a lot of time. In certain situations, they can save food since some routes require you to go through aggressive enemies. Therefore, with shortcuts, you can skip past enemies and go to your destination much quicker.

The skill features a huge amount of shortcuts. However, most players will not use most of them. Here are the best shortcuts that you’re more than likely to use when adventuring:

  • Level 5 – Falador Shortcut:
    • Location: West of Falador Bank.
    • Benefit: Provides easy access to areas of South Taverley.
  • Level 10 – Corsair Cove Shortcut:
    • Location: Corsair Cove.
    • Benefit: Allows access to the rest of Feldip Hills.
  • Level 21 – Underwall Shortcut:
    • Location: Grand Exchange.
    • Benefit: Easy access to the Grand Exchange from Edgeville .
  • Level 25 – Eagles’ Peak Shortcut:
    • Location: West of Eagles’ Peak.
    • Benefit: Provides easy access to the Western side of Eagles’ Peak.
  • Level 26 – Falador Wall Shortcut:
    • Location: Southwest of Falador bank.
    • Benefit: Easier access between Falador bank, Rimmington, and the Crafting Guild.
  • Level 32 – Catherby Cliffside Shortcut:
    • Location: East Catherby
    • Benefit: Lets you quickly travel to Taverley. This shortcut is particularly useful during Farming runs.
  • Level 34 – Catacombs of Kourend Shortcut:
    • Location: Northern section of the Kourend Catacombs.
    • Benefit: Lets you access greater nechryael and warped jelly areas faster.
  • Level 43 – Trollheim Shortcut:
    • Location: The peak of Trollheim
    • Benefit: After teleporting to Trollheim, you can climb down the mountain a lot faster. This is great for going to My Arm’s Farming Patch.
  • Level 57 – Rellekka Shortcut:
    • Location: Next to the Rellekka fairy rings.
    • Benefit: Lets you quickly access Rellekka when using the fairy ring transport system.
  • Level 63 – Taverley Dungeon Shortcut:
    • Location: A few steps inside the Taverley dungeon.
    • Benefit: Lets you get to lesser demons or blue dragons much faster. This shortcut is brilliant for those on a Slayer
  • Level 64 – Fossil Island Shortcut:
    • Location: Near the Museum camp and Fossil Island Volcano.
    • Benefit: Lets you quickly travel between the Museum camp and Fossil Island Volcano.
  • Level 70 – Al Kharid Shortcut:
    • Location: Southen window inside the Al Kharid Palace
    • Benefit: Quick passage between Al Kharid Palace and the Shantay Pass. Also, this is a requirement for the hard desert diary.
  • Level 78 – Iorwerth Dungeon Shortcut:
    • Location: Northern section of the Iorwerth Dungeon.
    • Benefit: Quicker access to the dark beasts, elves, nechryaels, and waterfiends.
  • Level 86 – Kalphite Shortcut:
    • Location: Kalphite lair wall.
    • Benefit: Lets you access the boss quicker without the need to go through aggressive enemies. However, this shortcut requires the completion of the elite desert diary.
  • Level 89 – Revenant Shortcut:
    • Location: Revenant Caves
    • Benefit: Lets you get to the Southen part of the revenant caves much faster.

These shortcuts will save time and let you get to your destination much faster. There are plenty more shortcuts that Agility offers. However, these are the most used as the locations are more popular. While traveling around Gielinor, you’ll notice many shortcuts that can help you with questing, skilling, and PVM. The best way to spot them is to look at your minimap and search for the Agility logo.

Useful Agility Items

Agility Hood

Agility has several items that you can use to increase experience per hour. The best item for Agility is the Graceful outfit because it reduces your weight and increases energy restoration. You can obtain the outfit by spending marks of grace, which are gathered by running laps on the Rooftop Agility Courses. Each piece of the outfit provides different benefits:

  • Hood:
    • Weight Reduction: -3kg
    • Run Energy Replenishment Rate: 3%
    • Marks of Grace Cost: 35
  • Top:
    • Weight Reduction: -5kg
    • Run Energy Replenishment Rate: 4%
    • Marks of Grace Cost: 55
  • Legs:
    • Weight Reduction: -6kg
    • Run Energy Replenishment Rate: 4%
    • Marks of Grace Cost: 60
  • Gloves:
    • Weight Reduction: -3kg
    • Run Energy Replenishment Rate: 3%
    • Marks of Grace Cost: 30
  • Boots:
    • Weight Reduction: -4kg
    • Run Energy Replenishment Rate: 3%
    • Marks of Grace Cost: 40
  • Cape:
    • Weight Reduction: -4kg
    • Run Energy Replenishment Rate: 3%
    • Marks of Grace Cost: 40
  • Full Set Bonus:
    • Weight Reduction: -25kg
    • Run Energy Replenishment Rate: 30%
    • Total Marks of Grace Cost: 260

Also, many locations will require a certain level to access. Therefore, you can use temporary boosts to train at these Agility courses even if you don’t have the required level.

  • Elven Dawn: Increases Agility level by 1. Also, it heals 1 HP and reduces Strength by level 1.
  • Agility Potion: Increases Agility level by 3. The potion also improves the success rate of Agility obstacles.
  • Agility Mix: The mix will heal 6 HP per dose and temporarily increase Agility by level 3.
  • Spice Stew – Yellow Spice: The stew will increase your Agility level by 0-5 randomly.
  • Summer Pie: The pie has 2 bites and provides the best temporary boost. Each bit will restore 11 HP and increase Agility by 5 levels.

Best Agility Quests

Recruitment Drive

Agility is click-intensive, slow, and for most players incredibly boring. The first few levels are extremely slow because the beginner Agility courses do not provide a lot of experience. Therefore, questing is a great solution because you’ll progress your character in OSRS and receive Agility experience. These are the best quests to complete since they have minimal requirements:

  • Recruitment Drive – 1,000 Agility Experience
  • The Fremennik Trials – 2,812 Agility Experience
  • Underground Pass – 3,000 Agility Experience
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper – 4,000 Agility Experience
  • The Depths of Despair – 1,500 Agility Experience

Completing these quests will grant you 12,312 XP, which will put you at level 29 Agility. Doing these quests will save time tremendously since the skill is very slow. Now you can begin training at the Al Kharid Rooftop course instead of starting at the beginner courses.

Furthermore, Agility is a requirement for high-tier quests, which will give you access to new training areas. These quests will provide Agility experience, so they are great to do if you want to take a break from the skill.

  • Cold War – 5,000 Agility Experience
  • Royal Trouble – 5,000 Agility Experience
  • Grim Tales – 6,000 Agility Experience
  • Cabin Fever – 7,000 Agility Experience
  • The Grand Tree – 7,900 Agility Experience
  • Troll Romance – 8,000 Agility Experience
  • Making Friends with My Arm – 10,000 Agility Experience
  • Recipe For Disaster – 10,000 Agility Experience
  • Regicide – 13,750 Agility Experience
  • Dragon Slayer II – 15,000 Agility Experience
  • Mourning’s End Part II: 20,000 Agility Experience
  • Monkey Madness II: 20,000 Agility Experience
  • Song of the Elves: 20,000 Agility Experience

The most notable quest is Song of the Elves because it will unlock Prifddinas. The city has a new agility course that is semi-AFK and provides 60k XP per hour.

How To Train Agility

Training Agility is simple but tedious. First, you must go to an Agility course and place yourself at the beginning. Each course will have a set of obstacles that you must click on, and your character will try to overcome them. The Agility courses are planned well so that when you finish an obstacle, another one will be right in front of you. Each obstacle will grant experience, and at the end of each lap, you’ll be rewarded with more Agility XP.

However, you can fail on some obstacles, which will damage your character so bring food in your inventory. Also, bring stamina potions that will replenish your run energy by 20% for each dose. This will greatly improve lap times as you won’t be walking to each obstacle anymore.

OSRS Level 1-99 Agility Guide

There are over a dozen Agility courses in Gielinor. However, we will only be covering the fastest courses since Agility is an extremely slow skill. There are no benefits to doing slower courses unless you want to change the scenery when training the skill. Therefore, using the best XP rate courses is optimal for reaching level 99 Agility.

Levels 1-29: Questing


The best option to level 29 Agility is by completing quests. They are fun to finish and will take you all around Gielinor to locations you wouldn’t have visited otherwise. We’ve selected these quests because they have minimal requirements, so most players can complete them. However, some have no requirements and will provide you a decent amount of Agility Levels.

  • Recruitment Drive
    • Requirements:
      • 12 Quest Points
    • The Fremennik Trials
      • No Requirements
    • Underground Pass
      • Requirements:
        • Level 25 Ranged
      • Icthlarin’s Little Helper
        • Requirements:
          • Completing Gertrude’s Cat Quest
        • The Depths of Despair
          • Requirements:
            • Level 18 Agility
            • 20% Kourend Hosidius Favour

Level 1-20: Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

However, if you prefer not to quest, begin at the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. It will take around 30 minutes to reach level 20 Agility. Players may switch to the Draynor Village rooftops after level 10. However, it’s not recommended since you’ll waste time going to a new location and learning the course.

The Course:

  1. Log Balance – 7.5 Experience
  2. Obstacle Net – 7.5 Experience
  3. Tree Branch – 5 Experience
  4. Balancing Rope – 7.5 Experience
  5. Tree Branch – 5 Experience
  6. Obstacle Net – 7.5 Experience
  7. Obstacle Pipe – 7.5 Experience

What to Expect:

  • Experience Rate Per Hour: 8k
  • Experience For Each Successful Course: 86.5 XP
  • Approximate time to level 20: 30 minutes

Level 20-30: Al Kharid Rooftop Agility Course

Al Kharid Rooftop Agility Course

The Al Kharid Rooftop Agility course is available for those who have level +20 Agility. The start of the course is on the Northern wall of the tanner whose located Northwest of the Al Kharid Palace. Click on the rough wall to begin.

The Course:

  1. Rough Wall – 10 Experience
  2. Tight Rope – 30 Experience
  3. Cable – 40 Experience
  4. Zipline – 40 Experience
  5. Tropical Tree – 10 Experience
  6. Roof Top Beams – 5 Experience
  7. Tight rope – 15 Experience
  8. Gap – 30 Experience

What To Expect:

  • Experience Rate Per Hour: 10k
  • Experience For Each Successful Course: 180 XP
  • Approximate time to level 30: 30 minutes

Levels 30-40: Varrock Rooftop Agility Course

From Levels 30-40, you’ll be doing the Varrock Rooftop Agility course. After each successful course, you’ll receive 238 Agility XP. You can begin by starting on the rough wall East of the Varrock general store. Also, completing the course is a requirement for the medium Varrock achievement diary.

The Course:

  1. Rough Wall – 12 Experience
  2. Clothes Line – 21 Experience
  3. Gap – 17 Experience
  4. Wall – 25 Experience
  5. Gap – 9 Experience
  6. Gap – 22 Experience
  7. Gap – 4 Experience
  8. Ledge – 3 Experience
  9. Edge – 125 Experience

What To Expect:

  • Experience Rate Per Hour: 14k
  • Experience For Each Successful Course: 238 XP
  • Approximate time to level 40: 2h

Levels 40-52: Canifis Rooftop Agility Course


The next 12 levels will be spent in Canifis. To gain access to this Agility course, you’ll need to complete the Priest in Peril Quest. The course can be started by climbing the tall tree North of the Canifis bank.

The Course:

  1. Tall Tree – 10 Experience
  2. Gap – 8 Experience
  3. Gap – 8 Experience
  4. Gap – 10 Experience
  5. Gap – 8 Experience
  6. Pole – 10 Experience
  7. Gap – 11 Experience
  8. Gap – 175 Experience

What To Expect:

  • Experience Rate Per Hour: 19k
  • Experience For Each Successful Course: 240 XP
  • Approximate time to level 52: 4.5h

Levels 52-60: Wilderness Agility Course

To Reach the Wilderness Agility course, head over to Edgeville bank. Then go Southwest until you see the remains of a building. The wall will have a lever that will take you deep into the Wilderness when pulled. Once you teleported, go West until you see the Agility course.

The Course:

  1. Obstacle Pipe – 12.5 Experience
  2. Rope Swing – 20 Experience
  3. Stepping Stone – 20 Experience
  4. Log Balance – 20 Experience
  5. Rocks – 498.9 Experience

What To Expect:

  • Experience Rate Per Hour: 40k
  • Experience For Each Successful Course: 571.4 XP
  • Approximate time to level 60: 4h

Levels 60-72: Seers’ Village Rooftop Agility Course

Seers Quest

From levels 60 to 72, the best XP rates are at Seers’ Village. Invest in Camelot teleports because it will take you significantly closer to the start point of the course. This will require you to have a Magic level of 55.

The Course:

  1. Wall – 45 Experience
  2. Gap – 20 Experience
  3. Tight Rope – 20 Experience
  4. Gap – 35 Experience
  5. Gap – 15 Experience
  6. Edge – 435 Experience

What To Expect:

  • Experience Rate Per Hour: 45k
  • Experience For Each Successful Course: 570 XP
  • Approximate time to level 72: 14h

Levels 72-80: Pollnivneach Rooftop Course

While training at this location, you will not need waterskins even though you’re in the desert. This is the best option till level 80 because it provides 42-47k Agility experience.

The Course:

  1. Basket – 10 Experience
  2. Market Stall – 45 Experience
  3. Banner – 65 Experience
  4. Gap – 35 Experience
  5. Tree – 75 Experience
  6. Rough Wall – 5 Experience
  7. Monkey Bars – 55 Experience
  8. Tree – 60 Experience
  9. Drying Line – 540 Experience

What To Expect:

  • Experience Rate Per Hour: 47k
  • Experience For Each Successful Course: 890 XP
  • Approximate time to level 80: 23.5h

Levels 80-90: Rellekka Rooftop Course

Rellekka Rooftop Quest

The following 10 levels will be spent in Rellekka on the rooftop Agility course. A full lap will take roughly approximately 51 seconds, which translates to 55k XP per hour. You’ll have to do this course 4,308 times to reach level 90. The start point is on the wall of the most Northwestern building.

The Course:

  1. Rough Wall – 20 Experience
  2. Gap – 30 Experience
  3. Tight Rope – 40 Experience
  4. Gap – 85 Experience
  5. Gap – 25 Experience
  6. Tight Rope – 105 Experience
  7. Pile of Fish – 475 Experience

What To Expect:

  • Experience Rate Per Hour: 55k
  • Experience For Each Successful Course: 780 XP
  • Approximate time to level 90: 61h

Levels 90-99: Ardougne Rooftop Course

This is one of the highest-tier Agility courses in the game. It provides great XP rates and many marks of grace per hour. Completing the elite Ardougne diary will increase the marks of grace drop rate by 25%. The start location for the Agility course is the wooden pillars next to the gem stall in East Ardougne.

The Course:

  1. Wooden Beams – 43 Experience
  2. Gap – 65 Experience
  3. Plank – 50 Experience
  4. Gap – 21 Experience
  5. Gap – 28 Experience
  6. Steep Roof – 57 Experience
  7. Gap – 529 Experience

What To Expect:

  • Experience Rate Per Hour: 62k
  • Experience For Each Successful Course: 793 XP
  • Approximate time to level 99: 124h


Question: Can I Train Agility AFK?

Answer: Unfortunately, Agility is not a skill that you can train AFK. While there are Semi-AFK methods, you will always need to be present when training the skill. There are 3 Semi-AFK options to train Agility:

Edgeville Dungeon: This training method will require level 15 Agility to do. Head over to the Edgeville Dungeon and go to the most Northen section. There you should see monkey bars that lead to spiders and earth warriors. Zoom your screen in as much as possible and hover your mouse over the monkey bars. Now you can spam click the shortcut for 20k XP per hour.
Barbarian Outpost: You’ll need level 35 Agility to do this method. Teleport to Barbarian Outpost with a games necklace. Go to the most Eastern section, and you should see an Agility logo. Go inside, and one of the rooms will have a pipe obstacle course. Now you can zoom your screen and spam click the pipe for an Agility experience.
Priffdinas: The Priffdinas Agility course becomes available to players at level 75 Agility. While doing the course, you can set your camera just right so that all you need to do is left-click. The course is very simple: Ladder – 11.5 Experience
Tight Rope – 30.7 Experience
Chimney – 28.1 Experience
Roof Edge – 23 Experience
Dark Hole – 11.5 Experience
Ladder – 0 Experience
Rope Bridge – 25.6 Experience
Tight Rope – 30.7 Experience
Rope Bridge – 25.6 Experience
Tight Rope – 30.7 Experience
Tight Rope – 30.7 Experience
Dark Hole – 1,037.1 Experience

Question: How Do I Receive The Agility Pet?

Answer: The Giant Squirrel is an exclusive pet only received by training Agility. It’s one of the cutest animals in the game, so many players pursue this pet. The quickest method of receiving the pet is by training at the Penguin Agility Course. It requires level 30 Agility and the completion of the Cold war to access. Also, players must wear warm clothing otherwise, they will take damage or be slowed.
The Course:
Crusher – 55 Experience
Stepping Stone – 80 Experience
Icicles – 160 Experience
Ice – 180 Experience
Gate – 65 Experience
What To Expect:
Experience Rate Per Hour: 30k
Experience For Each Successful Course: 540 XP

Question: Why Train Agility Beyond Level 91?

Answer: At level 91 Agility, you’ll unlock the last shortcut. Most players don’t see a reason to train the skill beyond this level because they gain access to all the rewards the skill has to offer. However, this isn’t the case. Once you reach level 99 Agility, you can purchase the skillcape from Cap’n Izzy No-Beard. He is a pirate captain located at the entrance of the Brimhaven Agility Arena minigame.
The skillcape provides +9 Defense stats and +4 Prayer if trimmed. Also, it can substitute for the graceful cape, giving you -4kg weight reduction and 3% run energy replenishment. Finally, it can be used to restore your run energy to 100% once per day.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found our Agility training guide helpful. On your path to level 99 make sure to use temporary boosts because it will improve the success rate of each run. Agility is a click-intense skill, so we recommend training in increments. Also, complete the quests we’ve mentioned as they provide an excellent diversion from the skill while gaining experience.

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