Martynas Pupkevicius

Martnyas wants ot help other Runescape members express their creativity to its full potential. She’s willing to help other people in the Runescape community achieve their goals while playing, which is why she’s dedicated to breaking down the most common challenges and questions Runescape members run into. She’s got the passion and experience to deliver high-quality content to all of our readers, no matter how new they are to playing Runescape.

Grotworms Guide

Grotworms are by far my least favorite monsters in RuneScape because of how disgusting they look! They are often assigned as a slayer task by most masters and offer players decent experience rates. However, if it’s your first time encountering these nasty creatures, you can easily get intimidated due to their high defense and ranged

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RS3 Senntisten Quest Review: All You Need To Know!

RuneScape 3 has an unbelievable amount of content for players to enjoy. Adventurers can easily spend hours upon hours perfecting their skills, combat abilities, and exploring the map. RS3 is notoriously known for providing its players with immersive quests, making them feel like their part of the game. In addition, a lot of the content

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