RS3 Senntisten Quest Review: All You Need To Know!

RuneScape 3 has an unbelievable amount of content for players to enjoy. Adventurers can easily spend hours upon hours perfecting their skills, combat abilities, and exploring the map. RS3 is notoriously known for providing its players with immersive quests, making them feel like their part of the game. In addition, a lot of the content is voice acted, which adds another layer of depth to the experience.

Also, this is a huge benefit for those who dislike reading long dialogues since they can listen and learn more about the RuneScape lore. Questing plays a huge role in the RS3 community because it lets adventurers progress their characters further. Completing quests can unlock new NPCs, Locations, Items, Creatures, and Bosses.

Currently, RuneScape 3 has a total of 220 quests for players to enjoy. 35 free-to-play quests and 185 members quests. They vary in difficulty and length depending on the rewards given after completion. Most quests will have a certain level and quest requirements before you can begin. Also, during the quest, you’ll need to have specific items to progress to the next step. Therefore, setting quest goals for new accounts will make it easier to know what skills to grind for.

One of the most important quests to complete is The Temple at Senntisten because it will unlock a variety of useful abilities. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to complete the quest quickly and efficiently. We’ll go over the level requirements, items needed in your inventory, and quest requirements.

What Is The Temple At Senntisten?

The Temple At Senntisten

The Temple at Senntisten is the sequel quest to Desert Treasure, where you assist the Mahjarrat Azzanadra in re-establishing contact with the lost god called Zaros. Ali the Wise has been talking about your findings with the mysterious Mahjarrat with one of his old friends – Dr. Nabanik.

Upon listening to Ali the Wise’s stories, the doctor believes you are the perfect candidate to aid him in his restoration of the temple beneath the Digsite. However, you don’t really know who this mysterious Dr. Nabanik really is and his true intentions.

The quest is lengthy and requires a lot of patience when completing as specific steps can seem tricky to complete. However, taking your time and learning the lore will greatly improve the experience of this quest. Most players will only do The temple at Senntisten to unlock new Prayers, but they’d be surprised how much fun this quest truly is!

Why Complete The Temple At Senntisten?

The Temple at Senntisten is perhaps the most important quest to complete in Runescape 3. This is because it will unlock ancient curses, which help tremendously in PVP and PVM combat. They can be the difference-maker when fighting and help get more kills per hour. Also, the quest will provide several other great benefits:

  • 10k Prayer Experience
  • 23k Experience Lamp For Level +50 Skill
  • Two 20k Experience Lamps For Level +50 Combat Skills
  • Access to Ancient Curses
  • Access to Zaros Altar
  • Access to Ghorrock
  • 2 Treasure Hunter Keys
  • 2 Hearts of Ice
  • The Horn of Chill Soundtrack
  • Zaros Stirs Soundtrack

What Are Ancient Curses?

Ancient Curses

Ancient Curses are a set of unique Prayers obtained after completing The Temple at Senntisten quest. These courses require level 50 Prayer and above to use. They include combat skill boosts, stat drainers, and damage recoilers. Ancient Curses are far better than regular Prayers because they can offer unique abilities that work extremely well for PVM content. For example, Soul Split will heal a player 10% of the damage dealt.

Sap Curses:

  • Sap Warrior – Drains enemies Attack level by 2, increasing to 6 overtime.
  • Sap Ranger – Drains enemies Ranged level by 2, increasing to 6 overtime.
  • Sap Range Strength – Drains enemy Ranged damage by 3%, increasing to 9% over time.
  • Sap Mage – Drains enemy Magic level by 2, increasing to 6 overtime.
  • Sap Magic Strength – Drains Magical damage by 3%, increasing to 9% over time.
  • Sap Spirit – Drains enemy adrenaline bar.
  • Sap Defense – Drains enemy Defense level by 2, increasing to 6 overtime.
  • Sap Strength – Drains enemy melee damage by 3%, increasing to 9% over time.

Leech Curses:

  • Leech Attack – Boosts Attack level by 2, increasing to 5 overtime. Also, it will drain the opponent’s Attack by 4 Levels, increasing to 8 overtime.
  • Leech Ranged – Boosts Ranged level by 2, increasing to 5 overtime. Also, it will drain the opponent’s Ranged by 4 Levels, increasing to 8 overtime.
  • Leech Range Strength – Boosts Ranged damage by 2%, increasing to 8% over time. Also, it will drain the enemy’s Ranged damage by 6%, increasing to 12% over time.
  • Leech Magic – Boosts Magic level by 2, increasing to 5 overtime. Also, it will drain the opponent’s Magic by 4 Levels, increasing to 8 overtime.
  • Leech Magic Strength – Boosts Magical damage by 2%, increasing to 8% over time. Also, it will drain the enemy’s Magical damage by 6%, increasing to 12% over time.
  • Leech Defense – Boosts Defense level by 2, increasing to 5 overtime. Also, it will drain the opponent’s Defense by 4 Levels, increasing to 8 overtime.
  • Leech Strength – boosts Strength level by 2, increasing to 5 overtime. Also, it will drain the opponent’s Strength by 4 Levels, increasing to 8 overtime.
  • Leech Energy – Steals the opponent’s energy and restores it to the player.
  • Leech Adrenaline – Steals the opponent’s adrenaline and restores it to the player.

Form Curses:

  • Light Form – Doubles the chance of Seren spell effects occurring when using abilities.
  • Dark Form – Doubles the chance of Zaros spell effects occurring when using abilities.

Deflect Curses:

  • Deflect Summoning – Reduces damage taken from Summoning attacks. Also, it prevents the special attack moves by familiars and will deflect damage back to the attacker.
  • Deflect Magic – Provides 50% damage reduction against Magic attacks and deflects some damage back to the attacker.
  • Deflect Missiles – Provides 50% damage reduction against Ranged attacks and deflects some damage back to the attacker.
  • Deflect Melee – Provides 50% damage reduction against Melee attacks and deflects some damage back to the attacker.

Unique Curses:

  • Protect Item – Keeps 1 additional item after dying.
  • Berserker – Boosted combat levels will last 15% longer.
  • Chronicle Attraction – Automatically catch chronicles when training Divination.
  • Soul Link – Share damage and healing with another player while both are using this curse.
  • Wrath – Deal 25x your Prayer level to all surrounding enemies in a 5×5 tile area.
  • Teamwork Protection – Provide 5% damage reduction and 1% damage reflection for all players in the area who are also using Teamwork Protection. The effects can stack up to 5 times, giving 25% reduction and 5% reflection.
  • Superheat Form – Automatically burn logs and smelt ores faster.
  • Soul Split – Heal 10% for damage dealt and lower opponent’s Prayer points by 1 point for every 68 damage inflicted.
  • Fortitude – Boosts Defense by 15%, adds 3% damage reduction, increases HP by 10 + 10 per Constitution level. Also, it increases Defensive abilities effectiveness by 10%.

Best Stat Boosters:

  • Turmoil –
    • +10 Attack Levels.
    • +10% Melee Damage.
    • +10 Defense Levels.
    • -6 Enemy Attack levels, increasing to -10 over time.
    • -9% Enemy Melee Damage, increasing to -15% over time.
  • Anguish –
    • +10 Ranged Levels.
    • +10% Ranged Damage.
    • +10 Defense Levels.
    • -6 Enemy Ranged levels, increasing to -10 over time.
    • -9% Enemy Ranged Damage, increasing to -15% over time.
  • Torment –
    • +10 Magic Levels.
    • +10% Magical Damage.
    • +10 Defense Levels.
    • -6 Enemy Magic levels, increasing to -10 over time.
    • -9% Enemy Magical Damage, increasing to -15% over time.
  • Malevolence –
    • +12 Attack Levels.
    • +12% Melee Damage.
    • +12 Defense Levels.
    • -8 Enemy Defense Levels, increasing to -12 over time.
    • -9% Enemy Melee Damage, increasing to -15% over time.
  • Desolation –
    • +12 Ranged Levels.
    • +12% Ranged Damage.
    • +12 Defense Levels.
    • -8 Enemy Defense Levels, increasing to -12 over time.
    • -9% Enemy Ranged Damage, increasing to -15% over time.
  • Affliction –
    • +12 Magic Levels.
    • +12% Magical Damage.
    • +12 Defense Levels.
    • -8 Enemy Magic Levels, increasing to -12 over time.
    • -9% Enemy Magical Damage, increasing to -15% over time.

The Temple At Senntisten Requirements


Achieving the requirements for The Temple at Senntisten is an extremely long process because it requires completing multiple other quests. Therefore, this should be looked at as an end-game goal. These are the requirements for The Temple at Senntisten:


  • Desert Treasure
  • The Digsite
  • Priest in Peril
  • Temple of Ikov
  • The Tourist Trap
  • Troll Stronghold
  • Death Plateau
  • Waterfall Quest
  • Devious Minds
  • Wanted!
  • Recruitment Drive
  • The Lost Tribe
  • Goblin Diplomacy
  • Enter the Abyss
  • Rune Mysteries
  • The Curse of Arrav
  • Defender of Varrock
  • Demon Slayer
  • Family Crest
  • Garden of Tranquillity
  • Creature of Fenkenstrain
  • The Restless Ghost
  • The Knight’s Sword
  • Shield of Arrav
  • What Lies Below
  • Missing My Mummy
  • The Golem
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper
  • Diamond in the Rough
  • Stolen Hearts
  • Gertrude’s Cat
  • Shades of Mort’ton
  • The Tale of the Muspah
  • Troll Romance

Item Requirements:

  • 1 Air Rune and 1 Law Rune for Telekinetic Grab

Recommended Items:

  • High-Tier Food and Equipment
  • 3 Barrows Amulets (For skipping 3 of the brothers if you prefer not to fight all 6)
  • Teleports to Nardah
    • Desert Amulet 2
    • Pollnivneach Teleport Scrolls
    • The Heart Teleport Tablets
    • Fairy Rings
  • Archaeology Journal to teleport to the Exam Center
  • Silverlight or Darklight to slay the ice demons

Level Requirements:

  • Decent Combat Levels to kill:
    • Dharok the Wretched – level 150
    • Karil the Tainted – level 150
    • Verac the Defiled – level 150
    • Ahrim the Blighted – level 150
    • Torag the Corrupted – level 150
    • Guthan the Infested – level 150
    • Ice Demon – level 98
  • Level 50 Prayer

Other Requirements:

  • 125 Kudos from Varrock Museum

How to Obtain Kudos:

Kudos are reward points for helping the Varrock Museum staff. They are obtained by participating in certain activities, completing quests, and providing helpful information. The Temple at Senntisten requires 125 Kudos to begin. A total of 198 Kudos can be achieved with these methods, which means you can avoid doing certain tasks if you find them tedious to complete.

Archaeological Finds – 50 Kudos


Cleaning finds at the Varrock Museum can grant players up to 50 Kudos. Talk to the archaeologist to understand how to find uncleaned finds and clean them to reveal items. In total, there are 5 artefacts that you can find:

  • Pottery
  • Old Symbol
  • Ancient Symbol
  • Ancient Coin
  • Clean Necklace

Statue of Dahmaroc – 10 Kudos

Statue of Dahmaroc

The Statue of Dahmaroc is built inside the Varrock Museum. The statue is made from strange rocks, which are gathered when doing a variety of skills. Adding more rocks to the Statue Plinth will change the progress:

  • 0 Pairs Added – An empty plinth for a statue.
  • 1-2 Pairs Added – A few bits.
  • 3-8 Pairs Added – A statue starting to take shape.
  • 9-11 Pairs Added – A partially completed statue.
  • 12-14 Pairs Added – An Almost Complete Statue.

Adding the last rock will complete the statue. After studying the statue, you’ll receive 10 Kudos. Afterwards, players can still receive strange rocks, which they can use to build the statue in their Player Owned House.

Natural History Quiz – 28 Kudos

In the basement section of Varrock Museum, players can complete the Natural History Quiz to earn Kudos. There are 14 creature displays, and adventurers will need to answer 3 questions correctly to earn 2 Kudos. After completing the quiz, players will earn a total of 28 Kudos. The questions are very easy, and all displays will have a Natural Historian that will provide the answers in their lectures.

Historian Minas – 95 Kudos

Historian Minas

Players can go to the 2nd floor of Varrock Museum and talk to Historian Minas about the quests they’ve completed. He will want to learn this information and will give 5-10 Kudos per quest in return. Also, he will give XP lamps for turning in the quests, which can be used on any skill. These are the quests that can be exchanged for Kudos:

  • The Curse of Zaros – 10 Kudos
  • Defender of Varrock – 5 Kudos
  • Demon Slayer – 5 Kudos
  • Glorious Memories – 5 Kudos
  • The Grand Tree – 5 Kudos
  • Hazeel Cult – 5 Kudos
  • In Aid of the Myreque – 5 Kudos
  • Making History – 5 Kudos
  • Meeting History – 5 Kudos
  • Merlin’s History – 5 Kudos
  • Observatory – 5 Kudos
  • Priest in Peril – 5 Kudos
  • Rune Mysteries – 5 Kudos
  • Shield of Arrav – 5 Kudos
  • A Tail of Two Cats – 5 Kudos
  • Temple of Ikov – 5 Kudos
  • What Lies Below – 5 Kudos

Mr. Mordaut

Mr. Mordaut is an ancient and wise draconic professor who is found in the Varrock Museum Basement. Veteran players will know him from the Surprise Exam random event. By talking to Mr. Mordaut about the Dragonkin and showing him your findings will grant Kudos. These are the topics you can talk to him about:

  • Rober the Strong from A Tail of Two Cats.
  • The Stone of Jax from Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
  • Dragon Riders from killing the King Black Dragon at least once.
  • Kerapac’s Journal from killing the Queen Black Dragon at least once.

The Temple at Senntisten RS3 Quest Guide

The Mysterious Archaeologist

The Mysterious Archaeologist
  1. Begin the quest by speaking to Ali the Wise in the small Northwestern building in Nardah. The fastest way to get there is by using the Fairy Transport System with code D-L-Q.
  2. Ali will start talking about Zaros and his conquest of the world combined with the help of the Mahjarrat. He’ll remember talking to Dr. Nabanik about the matter, who wants to talk to you for help.
  3. After, he will inform you Dr. Nabanik can be found South of the Varrock Dig Site, inside the courtyard of the Exam Center.
  4. Players can ask for help to get to Dr. Nabanik, and Ali the Wise will give a Dig Site Pendant. This will teleport adventurers directly to the Dig Site

Ready To Help!

  1. Speak to Dr. Nabanik outside of the Exam Center. The doctor will reveal that he is Azzanadra, the Zarosian Mahjarrat, who was freed during the Desert Treasure quest.
  2. He will inform you that he needs authorization and consent from the leading archaeologist to reconstruct the Zarosian altar.
  3. Speak to Terry Balando inside the Exam Centre. You will be quizzed on Dr. Nabanik’s credentials. Any answer you select will be correct. After convincing the archaeologist that the doctor can be trusted, he will provide you with a restoration certificate.
  4. Talk to Dr. Nabanik and give him the certificate. He will then tell you to meet him at the altar and give you a piece of rope to descend down.
  5. Use the Varrock Dig Site Pendant to get to the location faster or walk. Use the rope on the Northeastern winch and operate it to access the Digsite Dungeon. Then walk over to the ruined altar and speak to Azzanadra.

The List

  1. Azzanadra will request for you to obtain 2 rare items to help rebuild the altar.
    • The Barrows Icon – Obtained by killing all 6 Barrows Brothers.
    • The Frostenhorn – Acquired inside a cold fortress within the Wilderness.
  2. After talking to Azzanadra, you’ll be given a ruined backpack that has a battered letter and a heat globe.
  3. Read the letter to continue the quest. It will advise you to bring runes to “Draw them to me just a short distance”. This refers to the heat globes in the fortress.
  4. Talk to Azzanadra about each task to continue in the quest. The order you obtain the items is up to you and will not impact the quest’s progress.

Barrows Icon:

Barrows Icon
  1. The Barrows Brothers are located East of Mort’ton.
  2. Kill 5 of the brothers using your preferred combat setup. They are relatively easy for higher-levelled players as they don’t do high DPS. A minimum of level +60 combat stats is recommended to kill the Barrows Brothers.
  3. The 6th brother will be missing, so enter the underground crypt via the tomb. Head to the centre of the dungeon to find the last dungeon.
  4. Kill the final brother to receive the Barrows icon and the reward for completing the minigame.


  1. The best route to reach the Ghorrock Fortress is by using the canoe near Erjolf. He can be found Northeast of Relleka. Note that you will encounter aggressive creatures, so bringing food is highly recommended.
  2. The entrance to the fortress is obstructed by a large block of snow and ice. Use the heat globe and place it on the pedestal on the Northern side of the entrance. The pedestal will have an orange aura of light, which slightly melts the snow. Squeeze past the snowball and enter the area.

Entering The Froze Fortress

Entering The Froze Fortress
  1. Run through the arched entrance and climb up the stairs to the West.
  2. Then run to the Southeastern corner of the castle and climb down the stairs back into the courtyard.
  3. After, climb up the damaged wall a few squares North of the door.
  4. Head to the Northwestern corner, past the pedestal, and climb down the smashed wall.
  5. Finally, enter the trapdoor to arrive at the first level of the dungeon.

Top Level

  1. The location you want to reach is the Southwest corner of the fortress. Unfortunately, the pathway is blocked, and you’ll need to melt the ice with the heat globes.
  2. Head to the Eastern room and pick up the heat globe from the pedestal.
  3. Return to the room where you started and place the heat globe on the Western pedestal. The ice block will melt, and a level 102 waterfiend will attack you. Defeat it or run past with auto-retaliate off.
  4. Pass through the gap where the ice was. Telegrab the heat orb you placed to retrieve it. By doing this, the ice will re-melt.
  5. Use the globe you just retrieved on the pedestal in the next room to melt the ice, which will reveal a trap door.
  6. Go down the trap door and leave the orb on the pedestal.

Bottom Level

  1. Pick up the heat globe off the floor in the Southern room.
  2. Use the globe on the pedestal in the North room, which will melt various ice deposits and spawn 2 water fiends.
  3. Travel East until you see another pedestal called “Radiant Pedestal”. Remove the imperfect heat orb.
  4. Exit the dungeon the way you entered and return to the castle courtyard.


  1. Climb up the damaged wall West of the entrance. Then head to the Northeastern corner, where the destroyed pedestal is.
  2. Use the imperfect heat orb on the smashed globe holder.
  3. Once you have added the globe, right-click and select “push”.
  4. A small cut-scene will begin, wherein you push the orb down into the hole at the centre of the courtyard.
  5. Go back to the bottom-level dungeon by selecting “Yes, carry on from where I was” on the trap door.

Bottom Level

  1. Once down at the bottom level, go East back to the imperfect heat globe’s location.
  2. After, go South, then West to pick up another heat globe.
  3. Head back East, where the path turns North, and you’ll see a pipe in an alcove on the Southen wall. The pipe is easily spotted on the map since it’s marked.
  4. Use a hammer on the pipe or select the “Whack pipe” option. The globe will go through the other end of the pipe and land on a pedestal in a different room. This will melt the ice and allow passage through.
  5. Go West until you reach the Southeastern room.
  6. Climb the ladder and prepare to fight the Ice Demon.

Ice Demon Fight

Ice demon
  1. Run a few rooms towards the West and engage with the level 98 Ice Demon. It will attack with either Ranged or Magic. However, since it hits harder with magical attacks, it’s recommended to use Protect from Magic Prayer.
  2. Slay the demon to obtain the Frostenhorn as a drop.
  3. Pick up the Frostenhorn and return to Azzanadra.

The Big Bang

  1. Azzanadra will have finished restoring the altar when you return.
  2. Speak to him, and he will tell you to acquire the last item from someone outside by the winch.
  3. Go up to the winch West of where you’d entered. You’ll see an assassin who tricked you during the Devious Minds quest.
  4. Speak to him, and he will give you a relic that you’ll pass on to Azzanadra downstairs.
  5. A cut-scene will begin, where Azzanadra opens a communication portal and talks to Zaros. The portal allows Zaros to influence Gielinor in small ways. This will be shown in the cut-scene as strange events will occur in Runescape.
  6. Talk to Azzanadra again to complete the quest.
  7. Congratulations you’ve now completed The Temple at Senntisten quest!


Question: What Are The Best Quest To Complete In Runescape 3?

Answer: Runescape 3 features over 200 quests that are different in requirements, length, and difficulty. Most quests are part of a storyline that progresses to more challenging quests that will reward players heavily after completion. These are the quests you’ll want to aim for to achieve the most benefit:
Plague’ End – Unlocks Prifiddinas.
Monkey Madness – Unlocks high-tier Agility course.
♦ Desert Treasure – Unlocks a new spell book.
♦ The Temple at Senntisten – Unlocks Ancient Curses.
♦ Broken Home – Unlocks Asyllum ring.
♦ The World Wakes – Multiple 100k XP lamps.
♦ Fairy Tale Parts 1 and 2 – Unlocks Magic Secateurs and Magic Watering Can.
♦ Lunar Diplomacy – Unlocks new spell book.

Question: What Are The Best Prayers And Curses In PVM Battles?

Answer: The Ancient Curses are a new set of Prayers given after completing The Temple at Senntisten. They provide added effects on well-known prayers or provide completely new abilities that regular Prayers won’t provide. These Ancient Curses are the most popular, and for a good reason. They deliver the most benefits and help get more kills per hour.
♦ Deflect Magic – 50% damage reduction against magical attacks and will deflect some damage back to the opponent.
♦ Deflect Missiles – 50% damage reduction against Ranged attacks and will deflect some damage back to the opponent.
Deflect Melee – 50% damage reduction against melee attacks and will deflect some damage back to the opponent.
Soul Split – Will heal 10% for the damage dealt. For example, hitting 250 damage will reward 25 HP back. Also, the curse will remove 1 Prayer point per 68 damage delt. This is a brilliant Ancient Curse to combine with the Penance Aura because it will restore 5% Prayer points for damage received.
Malevolence/Desolation/Affliction – These Prayerswill improve +12 levels in the combat style and increase Defense level by 12. Also, it will increase damage by 12% while reducing the attacker’s damage output by -15%.

Question: What Are Grandmaster Quests?

Answer: Questing is a huge part of any MMORPG, especially RuneScape. Certain quests can unlock special abilities, equipment, locations, and characters. Therefore, it’s in player’s best interest to complete them to improve their experience in the game. Quests can vary in difficulty and length, which is the main factor that sets them apart.
The most prestigious quests to complete are Grandmaster Quests. They are extremely long and can have difficult requirements to obtain. However, they are super rewarding to complete and can deliver an exciting experience. Often they will expand on Gielinor’s lore and provide huge lamps that contain over 100k XP.
List Of Grandmaster Quests:
Birthright of the Dwarves
The Brink of Extinction
Children of Mah
Fate of the Gods
The Light Within
Nomad’s Requiem
One of a Kind
Plague’s End
Ritual of the Mahjarrat
River of Blood
Sliske’s Endgame
The Void Stares Back
While Guthix Sleeps
v♦ The World Wakes


The world of Gielinor is magical and exciting to explore because of the vase activities to complete. We’ve discussed one of the most important quests to finish for your character development. Unlocking Ancient Curses will help tremendously in PVM content and make bosses so much easier to defeat. The Temple at Senntisten should be at the top of your to-do list since it provides many valuable rewards!

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