OSRS Combat Overview

Combat plays a substantial role in OSRS during quests, PVP battles, and PVM. Therefore, it’s vital to train to defeat challenging enemies and obtain their loot. Currently, there are seven combat skills to train that will increase your power during fights. Also, achieving levels in combat stats will improve your overall combat level. This becomes handy as combat level is a requirement for quests and entrance to certain locations.

Furthermore, killing creatures is a huge money-maker in OSRS, and the high-tier creatures will drop the best loot. However, they require decent combat stats and gear to defeat consistently. Today, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the combat system.

OSRS F2P Low-Level Combat Training

OSRS F2P Mid-Level Combat Training

What Is Affinity?

Affinity is the base hit chance of a successful attack. It’s a multiplier that calculates the hit chance mainly based on the accuracy of an attack. Usually, the number varies between 0 and 100. A higher percentage means more chances of a successful hit.

Creatures and adventurers will have different affinity values for each combat style. However, monster affinities are fixed, while players’ affinities are determined by their loadout. Monster affinities are simple by default:

  • 90 against their weakness.
  • 65 against their weakness’s combat style.
  • 55 against their neutral style.
  • 45 against the style they have resistance to.

The Combat Triangle

In OSRS, there are three combat styles RangedMagic, and Melee. All creatures and players will use one of the three combat techniques to fight. However, each style has its weaknesses and strengths; this is known as the combat triangle. It was implemented to balance out the different combat styles in PVP. All classes will receive advantages against a certain attack style while having disadvantages in another.

  • Melee: Warriors are strong against Ranged attacks but weak to magical damage.
  • Ranged: Shooting arrows, bolts, and other projectiles work super well against mages. However, using Ranged against melee is terrible.
  • Magic: Magical attacks are great against melee combat style but work badly against Ranged.

The combat triangle will adjust the player’s affinity towards other classes by adjusting the accuracy to +18%. However, using the wrong combat style will result in a -18% accuracy penalty. The percentages can be increased or decreased based on the gear.

OSRS Combat System

Combat is based on randomly generated numbers that appear in the form of damage. This will deplete the opponent’s Hitpoints until it hits 0. The damage dealt is based on a number of factors such as skill levels, gear, and buffs. In addition, there is a chance to block the attack and negate all damage. The damage calculation is unique for all attack styles:

  • Melee: The max damage is determined by a player’s Strength level and gear stats. Accuracy is calculated on the Attack level.
  • Ranged: The damage is calculated on the Ranged level and the type of ammunition used.
  • Magic: The damage output is based on the selected magical spell and Magic level.

Experience Gain

In OSRS, adventurers will gain experience from dealing damage. Usually, the XP given is 4x the damage dealt in melee and ranged. However, for magical attacks, players will obtain 2x experience the damage dealt. Hitpoints receive the least amount of XP, being at 1.33x per damage dealt.

Furthermore, magical spells will grant experience for casting the spell even if it doesn’t deal damage. This can lead to unique training methods that will let you train Magic without increasing your Hitpoints. In addition, some creatures will have multipliers that give increased experience rates.

Combat Skills

Skills are adventurers’ attributes that advance them through the game. Training skills is straightforward as it usually requires you to complete a task repeatedly. Some combat skills are interlaced together, which means you can train them at the same time. For example, with Ranged, you can train Defense and Hitpoints at the same time.

All combat stats will begin at level 1 with the exception of Hitpoints which starts at level 10. OSRS has seven offensive skills that will help you defeat opponents.


Strength is a player’s power in melee combat. Increasing your level will result in dealing more damage to enemies. Often Strength is favored above Attack training because it increases the character’s maximum hit.


Attack is a melee combat skill that determines the accuracy when hitting an opponent. A higher Attack level means you can wield stronger weapons that have greater accuracy. It’s a vital offensive skill to drain since it will increase your DPS.


Defense grants protection against all forms of combat. It’s essential to train to negate damage dealt with your character. Also, wearing the best gear will help tremendously when fighting difficult creatures and bosses. Defense is perhaps the most important offensive skill to train because you need to minimize the damage taken.


Ranged is a combat skill that involves the use of crossbows, throwing weapons, and bows to kill opponents. The skill will require you to make use of ammunition that will increase your accuracy and damage output. Range is one of the best styles because you can deal damage from a long distance. Also, many beasts are in locations where there are safe spots. Therefore, you can train the skill without taking damage.


Magic is a diverse skill that is used to cast various spells. The skill utilizes the magical powers of runes, which the god Guthix established in Gielinor. Although Magic is classed as an offensive skill, it has multiple uses in non-combat scenarios. For example, high alchemy will turn items in GP.

Furthermore, Magic has three spellbooks normal, lunar, and ancient. All players will start with the normal spellbook, and completing certain quests will unlock different spellbooks. Ancient Magicks focus on offensive spells, and lunar is focused on the utility side of Magic.


Hitpoints are a combat skill that affects how many life points a creature or player has. It represents the amount of damage the entity can take before dying. Death will happen once a player’s Hitpoints reach 0 and after they will respawn in Lumbridge or their set spawn point. Training Hitpoints is relatively easy; by killing creatures to gain combat experience, you’ll earn a small amount of Hitpoint XP.


Prayer is a skill that provides specialized buffs in skilling and combat by using the power of the dead. All players will begin with 10 Prayer points that will increase when leveling the skill. Prayer is trained by burying bones or offering them at an altar. Although there are 29 Prayers available, adventurers will mainly use these:

  • Level 37 Prayer – Protect from Magic
  • Level 40 Prayer – Protect from Missiles
  • Level 43 Prayer – Protect from Melee
  • Level 52 Prayer – Smite
  • Level 60 – Chivalry
  • Level 70 – Piety
  • Level 74 – Rigour
  • Level 77 – Augury

While a Prayer is active, it will deplete the points until it hits 0. At that point, the Prayer will automatically turn off. To replenish your Prayer points, you must go pray to an altar or drink Prayer potions.

OSRS Attack Styles

The combat options tab will reveal different attack styles players can select to affect what experience type they will gain. Each combat style will have different attributes that will increase maximum damage or accuracy.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons have three main comate styles. However, certain weapons will have an extra option called controlled. Selecting the attack style will change your character’s accuracy and special attack accuracy.


When using the accurate style for every point of damage, players will earn 4 Attack experience and 1.33 Hitpoints XP. Also, using this style will grant an invisible +3 boost to Attack level.


Using the aggressive style will provide four experience in Strength and 1.33 Hitpoint XP for every damage dealt. This play style will offer an invisible +3 boost to your Strength level.


The defensive combat option will provide a bonus of +3 Defense. In addition, it will provide 4 XP in Defense and 1.33 Hitpoint XP for one damage dealt.


Using the controlled style will deliver 1.33 XP in Attack, Hitpoints, Defense, and Strength for every damage dealt. Also, you’ll receive an invisible bonus of +1 in Defense, Attack, and Strength. The style will only be available for longswords, scimitars, maces, spears, halberds, hastae, claws, and whips.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons depend on the attack style tremendously since they differ in DPS and experience rates. They can impact your range and other aspects of the combat skill.


Using the accurate will grant 4 Ranged XP and 1.33 Hitpoint XP for every damage dealt. A +3 Ranged bonus will be applied, which will increase damage. However, your character will attack much slower compared to rapid.


The rapid style is less accurate but will shoot projectiles faster at the opponent. 4 Ranged XP and 1.33 Hitpoints will be given for each damage dealt. Also, no invisible bonus will be granted, unlike other attack styles.


Using the long-range style will provide 1.33 XP in Hitpoints and two experience in both Ranged with Defense. Moreover, the range of your character will be increased, which makes it easier to take advantage of safe spots. Also, an invisible +3 Defense boost is applied.

Magic Weapons

When using magical weapons, you can use the normal melee attack styles or select the autocast option on a spell. This will automatically attack opponents with the selected spell. The spell will always be cast until a player runs out of the required runes. Also, you’ll need the appropriate Magic level to cast a spell.

Powered Staff

Powered staves are a class of magical weapons with built-in spells that can be cast regardless of the active spellbook. Typically, they are charged with certain runes or degrade and need to be fixed by certain NPCs. Unlike other staves, they will have different combat styles.

  • Accurate: Increases magical level by +3.
  • Longrange: This will increase the character’s attack range and provide a +1 Magic level bonus.


Autocasing is a quality of life upgrade implemented in OSRS. It means you won’t need to cast offensive spells manually when training Magic. Instead, you can select autocast on any combat ability within your level and not have to fuss with the click-intensive training. Currently, there are two attack styles you can use when auto casting.

  • Standard: This will perform a normal magical attack that will provide 2 XP in Magic and 1.33 XP in Hitpoints. Also, you’ll receive more experience on top for casting the spell.
  • Defensive: Using this style is the same as standard. However, you’ll receive 1.33 XP in Magic with Hitpoints and 1 XP in Defense.

What Is Combat Level?

Combat level indicates the difficulty of defeating an enemy in combat. Achieving levels in any of the seven combat skills will increase your overall combat level. Aggressive creatures can be found throughout Gielinor, and having a higher combat level will make them not aggro towards you. Normally, aggressive creatures will stop attacking once you reach double their combat level. However, monsters in the Wilderness are aggressive no matter the player’s combat level.

By default, high-level monsters cannot be attacked with a left-click, requiring players to right-click and select attack. This is, so players do not accidentally attack a difficult creature and die. However, this setting can be changed in the controls menu. Also, the name of an enemy will be either red or green, depending on your combat level. For example, if a level 100 player right-clicks a level 111 blue dragon, its name will appear in a reddish tone. This indicates that the enemy can be stronger than your character.

Furthermore, all players will begin with a combat level of 3. The maximum combat level a player can achieve is level 126.

Top Combat Weapons In OSRS

Combat in OSRS plays a huge role because you’ll use it for PVM, money-making, questing, and PVP. Weapons are one of the most used items in Gielinor since they are necessary for training combat skills. A brilliant aspect of RuneScape compared to other MMORPGs is that it has a magnificent library of weapon choices. This makes it easy to customize your character to perfection and enjoy the game more thoroughly.

Melee Weapons

Out of all 3, combat styles melee is the most popular since it’s simple to understand and has no initial requirements. Unlike Ranged or Magic, which uses ammunition with melee, all you need is a weapon that you can use indefinitely. Therefore, new adventurers will opt for the melee playstyle at first. Lastly, the combat style has multiple categories of weapon choice: rapiers, spears, maces, scimitars, longswords, daggers, 2H swords, and claws. However, if you find yourself in a battle without a weapon, you can use your fist to inflict damage.

Scythe of Vitur

The Scythe of Vitur is a powerful weapon that can attack three enemies at once. It’s a 2-handed slash weapon, which means you won’t be able to wield a shield. Players can receive the scythe by completing Theatre of Blood raids. Moreover, you can customize the appearance of the weapon by using a holy ornament kit.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +70 Stab
  • +110 Slash
  • +30 Crush
  • -6 Magic
  • +75 Bonus Strength

Defensive Bonuses

  • -2 Stab
  • +8 Slash
  • +10 Crush

Saradomin Godsword

The Saradomin Godsword is a powerful weapon obtained within the God Wars Dungeon. It’s one on 4 God Wars weapons. It has a unique special attack called “Healing Blade” that will increase accuracy and restore Prayer points with HP. It can be bought at the GE or created by combining a Godsword Blade with a Saradomin Hilt.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +132 Slash
  • +80 Crush
  • +132 Bonus Strength
  • +8 Prayer

Ghrazi Rapier

Perhaps the best 1-handed weapon in OSRS is the Ghrazi Rapier because it provides quick attacks and high DPS. It has the best strength bonuses for a stabbing weapon, making it deadly to use in PVP and PVM. Players can acquire the weapon by completing Theatre of Blood raids.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +94 Stab
  • +55 Slash
  • +89 Bonus Strength

Ranged Weapons

Training Ranged requires the use of unique weaponry such as crossbows, bows, and various throwing weapons. All weapons will need ammunition, excluding throwing weapons. This will impact the damage output and accuracy. Furthermore, high-tier weapons can backtrack to the previous tier of ammo. Therefore, players can use cheaper ammunition and not pay a premium when training the skill.

Twisted Bow

The Twisted Bow has one of the longest ranges out of any weapon. Therefore, it’s a perfect weapon for bossing and PVM since you can take advantage of safe spotting. Also, the bow will do more damage depending on the opponent’s Magic level. This is especially great for bosses as they tend to have a high magical level.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +70 Ranged
  • +20 Ranged Strength

Armadyl Crossbow

The Armadyl Crossbow has fast attack speeds and brilliant accuracy. It’s a 1-handed weapon, which means you can wield a defensive shield. Furthermore, the special attack improves the accuracy by 2x on the next shot. The crossbow synchronizes well with enchanted bolts because it provides a chance to repeat the special attack.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +100 Ranged
  • +1 Prayer

Toxic Blowpipe

The Toxic Blowpipe is made by using a chisel on a Tanzanite Fang. The fang can be acquired by defeating the powerful Zulrah boss. The blowpipe is a super powerful weapon that can inflict poison on enemies. The Toxic Blowpipe does not require the use of poison ammo, which will save a tremendous amount of GP. Finally, the weapon is charged by using Zulrah Scales on the blowpipe.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +30 Ranged
  • +20 Ranged Strength

Magic Weapons

Players can use Magic by harnessing the power of runes. It’s perhaps the most powerful combat style because you can attack targets at range and deal incredible damage. The weapons are extremely diverse, so adventurers get a lot of customization. Also, Magic has multiple non-combat uses that will provide convenience to players. One example of this is high alchemy, which will make items turn into gold.

Sanguinesti’s Staff

The Sanguinesti’s Staff requires level 75 Magic to wield, making it a high-tier weapon. It has a built-in spell, which means you don’t need to use various runes to cast abilities. This makes it great for PVM as you save inventory space. The staff is charged with blood runes and can hold up to 20,000.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +25 Magic
  • -4 Ranged

Defensive Bonuses

  • +2 Stab
  • +3 Slash
  • +1 Crush
  • +15 Magic

Harmonized Nightmare Staff

The Harmonized Nightmare Staff requires level 50 Hitpoints and level 75 Magic to use. It’s one of the most expensive items in the game, costing 850 million GP. It has great damage output because of its attack speed. Also, it provides a huge buff in PVP fights because of the four tick mechanic that can deal big bursts of damage.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +16 Magic
  • +15% Magic Strength

Defense Bonuses:

  • +14 Magic

Kodai Wand

The Kodai Wand is a brilliant weapon because it provides +15% magical strength. It has an unlimited supply of water runes, which makes it synchronize with the ancient spellbook. This is because you can cast ice barrage cheaply. The staff is a rare drop from the Rooms of Xeric. However, players can purchase it from the Grand Exchange for 90 million GP.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +28 Magic
  • +15% Magic Strength

Defensive Bonuses:

  • +3 Slash
  • +3 Crush
  • +20 Magic

Top Combat Armor In OSRS

Armor is essential to wear during combat because it will reduce the amount of incoming damage. It means you won’t need to use as much food and can train for longer. Each combat style will have a unique set of armor that will provide defensive bonuses. To wear armor, you’ll need to meet the Defense level requirements. Furthermore, armors can be categorized into three types: Power, Cosmetic, and Tank.

  • Power Armor: This type will not provide a lot of armor but will add attributes towards offensive stats. Therefore, players will use this armor to increase their damage output.
  • Tank Armor: Using tank armor is brilliant for those who need to survive for long. It’s essential for teams grouping up for raids as the tanks need to protect DPS players.
  • Cosmetic Armor: OSRS features a huge selection of armors that provide no benefits other than style. Therefore, FashionScape became a big part of the OSRS community. Adventurers will create stylistic outfits that look great. FashionScape is mostly popular with skillers because they don’t have access to armor above level 1 Defense.

Melee Armor

Melee armor is often made from metals that are shaped on anvils. The tier system is straightforward to understand. Players will begin with Bronze then work their way up to Rune. However, high-tier weapons cannot be forged and can only be obtained by killing bosses or powerful creatures. These armors are much better because they deliver additional bonuses that will help during battle.

Justiciar Armor

Justiciar armor has the best defensive bonuses in the game for both Ranged and melee. Wearing the full set will provide additional bonuses to your character. The armor requires level 75 Defense to wear, which makes it in the class of high-tier armor.

Attack Bonuses:

  • -77 Magic
  • -39 Ranged
  • +10 Prayer

Defensive Bonuses:

  • +287 Stab
  • +285 Slash
  • +269 Crush
  • -36 Magic
  • +311 Ranged

Bandos Armor

Bandos is a mid-tier armor that requires level 65 Defense to wear. It’s popular because of the low price compared to other premium armors. General Graardor will drop pieces of the armor. He is a boss in the Godwars Dungeon. Also, Bandos armor provides brilliant bonuses to Strength, which will increase max hits.

Attack Bonuses:

  • -41 Magic
  • -20 Ranged
  • +6 Strength
  • +3 Prayer

Defense Bonuses:

  • +186 Stab
  • +174 Slash
  • +190 Crush
  • -10 Magic
  • +241 Ranged

Inquisitor’s Armor

The armor requires level 70 Strength and 30 Defense to wear. Inquisitor’s armor specializes in crush accuracy, which makes it great to combine with mauls. The armor can be acquired from The Nightmare. Furthermore, if all three pieces are worn, your character will get a 2.5% accuracy and damage bonus.

Attack Bonuses:

  • -8 Stab
  • -8 Slash
  • +32 Crush
  • -25 Magic
  • -20 Ranged
  • +10 Strength
  • +5 Prayer

Defensive Bonuses:

  • +128 Stab
  • +95 Slash
  • +141 Crush
  • +69 Ranged
  • +0 Magic

Ranged Armor

Ranged armor is made from various dragon hides or metals. Crafting is the main skill in creating Ranged armor. While you can make armor from hides, metallic equipment can only be obtained from bosses.

Armadyl Armor

The most popular Ranged armor is Armadyl, which is obtained within the God Wars Dungeon. They are brilliant for training combat because the armor doesn’t degrade and provides excellent buffs. Furthermore, it’s great to use in PVP since it has excellent benefits against magical attacks. Moreover, the armor is extremely stylish, using a bird-like design.

Attack Bonuses:

  • -18 Stab
  • -18 Slash
  • -18 Crush
  • -30 Magic
  • +63 Ranged
  • +3 Prayer

Defensive Bonuses:

  • +94 Stab
  • +82 Slash
  • +105 Crush
  • +120 Magic
  • +98 Ranged

Void Knight Equipment

Void armor is earned by playing the Pest Control minigame. Currently, Void is the best choice for those who want to deal high max hits because it delivers brilliant bonuses to offensive stats. Wearing the gear requires level 42 Attack, Hitpoints, Strength, Ranged, Magic, and level 22 Prayer.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +10% Ranged and Accuracy

Defensive Bonuses:

  • +87 Stab
  • +87 Slash
  • +87 Crush
  • +85 Magic
  • +87 Ranged

Magic Armor

Magical armor is different compared to Ranged and melee because it provides little defensive bonuses. The armors focus on damage output instead of defensive capabilities. Furthermore, most magical armors cannot be crafted and are acquired by killing certain bosses and monsters.

Ancestral Robes

During raids in the Chambers of Xeric, players have a chance to obtain pieces of Ancestral Robes. All pieces will require level 65 Defense and level 75 Magic to use. Magic players will want this armor because it provides the best stats in OSRS. Also, adventurers can change the appearance of the robes by using a twisted ancestral color kit.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +69 Magic
  • -17 Ranged
  • +6% Magical Strength

Defensive Bonuses:

  • +81 Stab
  • +66 Slash
  • +94 Crush
  • +53 Magic

Ahrim’s Robes

Ahrim’s Robes are great because it provides a decent amount of defense with offensive bonuses. Adventurers can receive the armor by participating in the Barrows minigame. However, after 15 hours, the armor will degrade, and players will need to pay GP to get it fixed. It’s a great purchase for those who like bossing as adventurers are more than likely to make money make to repair.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +12 Stab
  • -1 Slash
  • +65 Crush
  • +73 Magic
  • -19 Ranged
  • +68 Strength
  • +5% Magical Strength

Defensive Bonuses:

  • -19 Ranged
  • +103 Stab
  • +83 Slash
  • +117 Crush
  • +73 Magic


Question: What Are The Most Expensive Combat Items?

Answer: OSRS features all types of items that vary in value. Combat items tend to be more expensive because there is a higher demand and less supply. Often newly released bosses will drop weapons, which have huge values. These items are ultra-expensive because they are extremely difficult to get as a drop.
• 3rd Age Longsword – 1b GP
• Elysian Spirit Shield – 810m GP
• Elysian Sigil – 810m GP
• Twisted Bow – 800m GP
• Gilded Scimitar – 17m GP
• Ghrazi Rapier – 118m GP
• Ancestral Robe Set – 130m GP

Question: What Are The Most Difficult Creatures To Slay?

Answer: Within the world of Gielinor, you’ll encounter various creatures that vary in difficulty. The monster can have unique mechanics that can deal damage highly if not countered properly. These are the hardest creatures to kill:
Corporeal Beast: The beast has 2k Hitpoints and has a 50% damage reduction against all weapons except for spears and halberds. During the fight, it will spawn dark energy cores that will take life points from players and give them back to the Corporeal Beast.
TzTok-Jad: The Jad is extremely difficult to kill because you need to first go through +60 waves of enemies before fighting the boss. Therefore, players may end up with no food by the time they face Jad. Also, Jad can 1-shot players if they don’t use the correct Prayer. This means the hours invested can be wasted in 1 second.
Verzik Vitur: The boss is fought during the final battle in the Theatre of Blood raid. Verzik Vitur has the highest combat level out of all the creatures in Gielinor. Furthermore, she has 3 phases that get increasingly difficult, which makes her tremendously difficult to defeat.

Question: What Role Does Slayer Play In Combat?

Answer: Slayer is a member’s skill that will take adventurers around Gielinor to slay specific creatures. It’s a brilliant method to train combat skills as Slayer will take you to locations you wouldn’t have visited otherwise. The skill is simple to train and will provide points after each successful task. They can be spent at any Slayer Master to purchase various rewards.


Combat is a huge part of the OSRS experience. All players will engage in combat at one point or another. There are hundreds of creatures in OSRS that players can fight to earn various rewards and experience. The combat system is simple and works extremely well within RuneScape. It makes it harder to defeat certain enemies, and players need to figure out the best setup. We hope you enjoyed reading our combat overview and learned something new that you’d implement into your experience.

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