OSRS Strength Training Guide: Easiest Methods To Level 99

RuneScape is a fantastic MMORPG that features various creatures and bosses to slay. However, to PVM or PVP effectively, you’ll need a high combat level and decent gear. Strength is one of the main offensive skills you’ll need to level because it increases your DPS.

Unless you’re creating a pure account, make sure to train Defense and Attack equally if you plan to PVM. This is because you’ll want to equip the best weapons and armors.  Also, using the best weapon is extremely important for training Strength because you want to do the most damage to enemies. If you’re unsure how to train Attack, you can check out our Attack Guide.

What Is Strength In OSRS?

A player’s Strength level determines how much power they will have in melee combat. As players increase their Strength level, they can deal more damage to opponents. Most often, players will favor leveling Strength because it increases their maximum hit.

Furthermore, you’ll need a decent weapon to reach your max hit, which means training your Attack Level. However, some weapons only require a Strength level, but they are not optimal for Strength training.

Why Train Strength In OSRS?


There are several reasons why you’d want to train Strength. First off, it increases your damage output, which means you’ll slay enemies a lot faster. Having a high attack level and wielding a powerful weapon isn’t enough to do optimal damage. Therefore, training Strength is a necessity within RuneScape.

Furthermore, it gives you access to money-making methods such as killing bosses and high-level creatures. Also, Strength is a requirement for many important quests, such as Demon Slayer and Dragon Slayer 2. This is because you’ll need to kill high combat level enemies, and an advanced Strength level will help tremendously.

Requirements To Train Strength

Strength is a brilliant skill to train since it has a variety of different training methods. Therefore, before you begin, you’ll need to know the optimal items to use.

This will require having a high attack level since the Strength only weapons aren’t as great. The best weapon to use for training is a scimitar because it has a fast attack speed and multiple offensive bonuses.

  • Level 1: Iron Scimitar
  • Level 5: Steel Scimitar
  • Level 10: Black Scimitar
  • Level 20: Mithril Scimitar
  • Level 30: Adamant Scimitar
  • Level 40: Brine Sabre or Rune Scimitar
  • Level 50: Granite Hammer
  • Level 60: Dragon Scimitar or Longsword
  • Level 70: Abyssal Whip or Saradomin Sword
  • Level 75: Ghrazi Rapier

These are the best weapons to use on your path to level 99 Strength. From level 70 Attack, you’ll gain more weapon variety since they all provide excellent stats. However, you can use low-tier weapons till level 99 if you don’t want to train Attack, but facing high-level creatures will become challenging.

Furthermore, make sure to use the best armor based on your Defense level because you want to reduce the damage you take. This will let you train for longer and increase hourly experience rates. Also, you’ll be saving GP on purchasing food.

  • Level 1: Iron Armor
  • Level 5: Steel Armor
  • Level 20: Mithril Armor
  • Level 30: Adamant Armor
  • Level 40: Rune Armor
  • Level 60: Dragon Armor
  • Level 65: Bandos Armor
  • Level 75: Justiciar Armor

Unless you’re creating a pure account, you’ll want to increase your defensive level to at least 65. This is because Bandos Armor provides Strength bonuses.

Moreover, various items in RuneScape will provide Strength bonuses. Make sure to obtain them as they will increase your DPS.

  • Black Mask or Slayer Helmet: Both these items are used for Slayer and will provide a 16.67% Attack and Strength bonus while on a task.
  • Berserker Ring: Provides a +4 Strength bonus.
  • Ring of Suffering: Has amazing defensive bonuses compared to the berserker ring. This item is optimal for those who have a low Defense level.
  • Infernal Cape: The cape has aesthetically pleasing visuals and will provide various offensive bonuses. The Infernal cape is obtained by killing Jad, which is a difficult minigame boss.
  • Amulet of Torture: It’s the best amulet for Strength because it provides +15 in attack bonuses.
  • Primordial Boots: The boots are the best in the game for delivering excellent defensive and offensive stats. If you can’t afford primordial boots, you can use dragon boots or spiked manacles.

Questing For Strength Experience

The beginner levels with Strength are tremendously slow because you’ll be splashing a lot. Therefore, to save yourself some time, you can complete multiple quests to receive experience. This will let you skip the early game and start at high-level creatures. Also, you can complete the Witch’s House quest, which will give you 6,325 Consitution experience. This will provide you with more hitpoints when training Strength.

The best quests to complete and have little or no requirements are:

  • In Search of Myreque – 600 Strength experience
  • In Aid of the Myreque – 2,000 Strength experience
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio – 2,500 Strength experience
  • The Fremennik Trials – 2,812 Strength experience
  • Troll Romance – 4,000 Strength experience
  • Horror from the Deep – 4,662 Strength experience
  • Scorpion Catcher – 6,625 Strength experience
  • Waterfall Quest – 13,750 Strength experience
  • Dragon Slayer I – 18,650 Strength experience
  • Haunted Mine – 22,000 Strength experience

Once you have completed these quests, you’ll gain 77,599 Strength experience. This will put you at level 47 Strength, which means you can begin mid-tier training. However, if you dislike questing, at least complete the Waterfall quest. This is because it’s a medium-length quest and will provide a ton of Strength and Attack experience. After completing this quest, you’ll have level 30 Attack and Strength.

How Does Strength Work?

Training Strength is like any other combat skill in OSRS. You’ll want to equip a melee weapon and select the slash combat style. It’s essential that you select slash because otherwise, you won’t receive Strength experience.

Once you have geared up, it’s time to find an enemy to kill. Select the target, and your character will begin attacking them. Every successful hit will give you Strength and Constitution XP.

F2P Level 1-99 OSRS Strength Guide


Firstly, we will be focusing on F2P Strength training. Equip your best gear and fill your inventory with food. If you’ve already advanced some levels in Strength, continue to the relevant level bracket.

Levels 1-10: Chickens

From levels 1-10, you’ll be killing chickens in the farmhouse Northeast of Lumbridge Castle. There are plenty of chickens at this location, which will make it incredibly fast to achieve level 10 Strength. They have low HP and drop feathers with raw chicken. You can pick up the stackable feathers and sell them for profit.

Levels 10-20: Giant Rats

The following 10 levels will be spent killing giant rats. They have a maximum hit of 1, so you may bring minimal food. Killing them is easy because they only have 5 HP and no defensive stat bonuses.

The best location for slaying giant rats is in the Misthalin Underground. This is because they are all enclosed in a small location, which means you won’t need to run around as much. To enter this location, head to the Varrock Fountain and run NorthEast until you see a manhole. You’ll have to open it first, and then you will be able to go down.

Level 20-30: Al-Kharid Warriors

From level 20-30, the best source of XP will be from killing Al-Kharid warriors. Fighting these NPCs is great because they will aggro towards you after hitting the first warrior. Therefore, you can AFK these levels if you have a good Defence level. Also, the Al-Kharid warriors have a combat level of 9, which means they won’t hit you that hard.

The Warriors are located inside the Al-Kharid Palace. It’s easy to spot because it’s the most Southen building in the desert.

Levels 40-60: Hill Giants

A well-known monster in OSRS is hill giants. They are located Northwest of the Cooking Guild down the ladder in the shed. To unlock the shed door, you’ll need a brass key, which can be bought from the Grand Exchange.

Hill giants have 28 hitpoints and have a maximum hit of 4. Therefore, bring good armor and food so that you can train for longer. Also, you can pick up the big bones and limpwurt roots to make money.

Levels 60-80: Giant Spiders

Now that you have a decent Strength level, you can kill high-level creatures. From level 60-80, you’ll be killing giant spiders. They are located on the 3rd level of the Stronghold of Security. Giant spiders have a combat level of 50 with 50 HP. Also, their max hit is 7, so bring good armor and food.

If you have a high defense level, this method is 100% AFK. The spiders will aggro towards you, which means you can leave auto-retaliate on. However, after 10 minutes, they will lose aggro, so you’ll have to leave the room and re-enter.

Levels 80-99: Ogress Warriors

Players who want to receive decent XP and make a profit can train Strength at Ogress Warriors. It’s recommended to bring Strength and Attack potions to do more damage. This will let you get more kills per hour and earn more XP. Also, with ogress warriors, you’ll make 100-200k GP per hour.

These warriors can be found inside the Corsair Cove Dungeon. Moreover, you can bring a chisel to cut gems because it’s a common drop.

Fastest Level 1-99 OSRS Strength Guide

Waterfall Quest

Now that we’ve covered the F2P method, it’s time to dive into the members-only training guide. Upgrading your account to member status is very beneficial because you’ll gain plenty of new training methods. This section of the guide will cover the fastest methods to level 99 Strength.

Levels 1-30: Waterfall Quest

The fastest method to level 30 Strength is by completing the Waterfall Quest. It’s a medium-length quest, and you’ll be done within 30-60 minutes. Finishing the quest will give you 13,750 Attack and Strength experience. Therefore, you can begin training with an Adamant scimitar.

Levels 1-10: Chickens

However, if you don’t find questing fun, you can kill chickens till level 10. They have low defensive and offensive stats, so you can kill them very fast. Also, chickens drop feathers, which is a stackable item. Therefore, you can pick them up and sell them at the Grand Exchange afterward.

You can find chickens at the farmer’s house Northeast of Lumbridge Castle.

Levels 10-70: Ammonite Crabs or Sand Crabs

The best method to train Strength is by killings crabs. Specifically, Ammorite crabs, which are located on Fossil Island at the Northern beaches. They have 100 HP, low Defense, and Attack. Therefore, killing them requires minimal stats and food. The crabs are AFKable because they will automatically aggro towards you.

However, Ammonite crabs are usually crowded, so you can go to sand crabs as an alternative. They have 40 Hitpoints and have a max hit of 1. You can find sand crabs in Zeah on the Hosidious Coast. Also, you can AFK this spot since sand crabs are highly aggressive.

Levels 70-99: Nightmare Zone

From level 70-99, you should train at Nightmare Zone because it provides the best XP rates. Nightmare Zone is a minigame that rewards absorption points for killing monsters. The creatures vary and come from the quests you have completed. The reward points can be spent on purchasing various useful items that will progress your character.

The quest monsters you focus on should be:

  • Bouncer
  • Black Knight Titan
  • Black Demon
  • Skeleton Hellhound
  • The Kendal
  • King Roald
  • Sand Snake
  • Trapped Soul
  • Count Draynor
  • Khazard Warlord
  • Tree Spirit

An excellent meta-strategy for the minigame is to use Dwarven Rock Cake to get yourself to 1 HP. Then you equip Dharok’s armor set, which deals more damage the less HP you have. This setup will let you do max hits consistently. Dying doesn’t matter because the minigame is safe, and you won’t lose any items. This training method can deliver 140k Strength experience per hour.

Also, Nightmare Zone can be highly profitable if you choose to spend your reward points on herb boxes. If you have the required Herblore Level, you can clean the herbs for extra profits.

Profitable Level 1-99 OSRS Strength Guide

OSRS Strength

Now that we’ve covered the fast method to level 99 Strength, we’ll go over the most profitable training options. By level 99 Strength, you’ll make a minimum of 100 million GP.

Levels 1-30: Waterfall Quest

We’ve mentioned the Waterfall quest a few times, and for a good reason. It’s the fastest method to level 30 Strength, and the quest only takes 30-60 minutes. However, if you don’t want to do this quest for whatever reason, check out the fastest method to 99 Strength section. Till level 30 Strength, you’ll be doing the same methods listed there. This is because the money-making methods begin at the mid-tier levels.

Levels 30-50: Hill Giants

The most profitable option is hill giants at the mid-tier levels because they drop big bones and limpwurt roots. Make sure to bring at least half an inventory of food because hill giants can hit for 4 HP.

To get to the hill giants bring a brass key and go Northwest of the Cooking Guild. You should see a shed next to some trees. Unlock the door with your brass key and go down the ladder. You’ll now see a cave full of hill giants.

Levels 50-75: Green Dragons

A well-known money-making method is slaying green dragons and picking up the dragon bones and green d’hide. The average amount you’ll make is 450k GP per hour.

To kill green dragons, you’ll need an anti-dragon shield or an anti-fire potion. Without these, the dragons will unleash a powerful fire attack that can 2 hit you.

Green dragons are risky because they are located deep in the Wilderness. They are found South of the Runis or East of the Bandit Camp. Don’t bring valuable items because PKers can visit this location occasionally.

Levels 75-99: Demonic Gorillas

A high-tier money-making method is killing Demonic Gorillas because of the expensive loot they drop. The monsters become available to kill after completing the Monkey Madness II quest. The best method to slay them is with an Arclight because it provides 70% more damage and accuracy.

Demonic Gorillas can drop a Zenyte Shard which can be combined with an Onyx to create an uncut Zenyte. This is easily worth 11 million, which is where the profit comes from these creatures. Although this method relies heavily on RNG by level 99 Strength, you’ll certainly obtain a few.

There’s only one area in OSRS that contains demonic gorillas. This is the Crash Site Cavern, located in the Gnome Empire. You can go there by going slightly North of theTree Gnome Stronghold.

Levels 1-99 Strength With Slayer

If you plan to max your account, you’ll need to train Slayer. The skill will take you all around Gielinor, killing various monsters. This is a far more interesting way to train Strength.

Also, with Slayer, you’ll gain access to new creatures that can drop rare loot. Slayer is known to be a slow but excellent money-maker skill. Therefore, you can train Strength and Slayer till level 99 and make a huge profit. The best Slayer tasks for Strength XP and GP are:

Once you complete a Slayer task, you’ll be rewarded with points. You can use them on various important items to train the skill, such as a Slayer Helmet.

Furthermore, you can receive boss tasks, which are the best methods of making gold. This is because they can drop insanely rare loot, which can be valued +100 million GP. To receive boss tasks, you’ll need to purchase “like a boss” ability for 200 Slayer points. Slayer masters will only offer boss tasks that are accessible to you. Here’s a list of what tasks they can give:

  • Commander Zilyana
  • Crazy archaeologist
  • Dagannoth Kings
  • Corrupted Hunllef
  • General Graardor
  • Tz-Tok Jad
  • Abyssal Sire
  • Alchemical Hydra
  • Barrows
  • Callisto
  • Giant Mole
  • TzKal-Zuk
  • Grotesque Guardians
  • K’ril Tsutsaroth
  • Kalphite Queen
  • King Black Dragon
  • Kraken
  • Kree’arra
  • Sarachnis
  • Scorpia
  • Thermonuclear smoke devil
  • Venenatis
  • Vet’ion
  • Vorkath
  • Corporeal Beast
  • Zulrah
  • Great Olm
  • Abyssal Sire
  • Alchemical Hydra
  • Barrows
  • Callisto
  • Cerberus
  • The Nightmare
  • Chaos Elemental
  • Verzik Vitur
  • Chaos Fanatic

Players who want to make millions while training Strength should prioritize boss tasks.


Question: What Are The Best Weapons For Strength Training?

Answer: There’s a wide variety when it comes to weaponry in OSRS. The best weapons will cost millions but provide amazing bonuses. Purchase them if you have the GP because it will increase your kills per hour. They will require you to have a high Attack level, you can check out our Attack Guide for the best training methods. Currently, there are 3 god-tier weapons:

Ghrazi Rapier: The Ghrazi Rapier is the best stab weapon in OSRS. It requires level 75 Attack to wield and can be obtained from the Theatre of Blood. Also, the Rapier can be combined with a holy ornament kit to create a Saradomine Holy Ghrazi Rapier. This is a visual change and will not provide extra stats.
Attack Bonuses Stab +94
Slash +55
Other Bonuses Strength +89

Blade of Saeldor: This blade is the best for fighting creatures that have weaknesses to slash attacks. The magical sword is created by using a singing bowl and coming 100 crystal shards with an enchanted crystal weapon seed. To wield the Blade of Saeldor, you’ll need an Attack level of 75.
Attack Bonuses Stab +55
Slash +94
Other Bonuses Strength +89

Scythe of Vitur: It’s a two-handed slash weapon that requires level 75 Attack to wield. The Scythe of Vitur is a brilliant weapon for multi-combat because it can attack 3 enemies at once. The scythe is a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood.
Attack Bonuses Stab +70
Slash +110
Crush +30
Magic -6
Defense Bonuses Stab -2
Slash +8
Crush +10
Other Bonuses Strength +75

Question: What Are The Best Creatures For Money-Making?

Answer: There are plenty of creatures to slay within RuneScape. However, not all are profitable because the loot is subpar. Those who want to train Strength while making millions should kill these monsters:

Hill Giants: Killing hill giants is the best source of income for low to mid-strength levels. This is because they consistently drop big bones and occasionally limpwurt roots. They are in high demand since they are often used for Prayer and Herblore Slaying hill giants will provide 100-150k GP per hour.

Green Dragons: The best money maker for mid-level players is killing green dragons. On average, players can earn 450k GP hourly. They are easy to kill with decent gear and always drop dragon bones with green d’hides. Make sure to use an anti-dragon shield or anti-fire potions because otherwise, they’ll do too much damage to make it viable.

Abyssal Demons: To slay Abyssal Demons, you’ll need high combat stats and level 85 Slayer. They can drop abyssal whips and abyssal daggers, which are worth 2-3 million GP.

Demonic Gorillas: After completing Monkey Madness II, you’ll gain access to Demonic Gorillas. They have a combat level of 275 and can max hit 30 or 40 with a special attack. Therefore, high-tier gear is essential to fight them. Also, the demonic gorillas use defensive prayers against certain combat types. Every 50 hitpoints their prayer will change, so you’ll need to bring 2 combat styles.

Question: What Does The Strength Cape Do?

Answer: The Strength cape costs 99k GP and is buyable for those who achieved level 99. The cape looks stylish with a green theme and red trim. Those who haven’t got another level 99 skill will receive a fully green Strength cape. Also, you’ll get an awesome emote of your player lifting a heavy barbell with weights.
The Strength cape has great defensive stats:
Stab +9
Slash +9
Crush +9
Magic +9
Range +9
Prayer bonus +4, for those who have the trimmed version of the cape.

Final Thoughts

Strength is one of the main combat skills that will let you slay all types of creatures. The skill will increase your maximum hit and allow you to wield various weapons. Strength is an essential skill, and without it, you’ll struggle to the boss and kill high-tier monsters.

This guide outlines everything you need to know about the skill. Make sure to follow the steps carefully and complete the recommended quests.

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