Demon Slayer OSRS Guide for Beginners

There are dozens of threats to the world of Gielinor in Runescape, and with many of them the player and their allies have a chance to stop them before they do a lot of damage. However, there are a few threats that you can halt before they even begin, and one of those threats comes in the Demon Slayer quest.

Despite the massive stakes of the threat, you can actually go through this quest at low level, and it is very easy to finish. Here’s our guide for the quest and how to go through it quickly.

Getting Started

As you go through the city of Varrock, at the western side of Varrock Square, you will find a tent with an old gypsy woman inside. If you pay this gypsy woman a coin, she will tell you a story of Delrith.

Delrith was summoned years before laying waste to the world, but was defeated by the knight Wally who was armed with two weapons. The first was the magical sword Silverlight, and the second was an incantation.

Now, you learn that an ancient order of dark wizards is trying to summon him to the world again, and you will need to recreate the old story in order to stop him. The incantation the gyspy says Wally used will be random per player, so make sure you remember it or write it down.

The gyspy will point you towards Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle, and if you speak to him and ask about Silverlight he will say that the weapon is locked away.

To release Silverlight, you will need to find three keys. One of them is lost, one is in the possession of Captain Rovin and one is held by the Wizard Traiborn.

We Need Three Keys, Please

Demon Slayer OSRS

You can head up to the second floor of the palace to find Captain Rovin. The Captain is a bit of a van man, so you will need to engage in some dialogue to get him to part with the key. He will give it to you on the condition that you slay the dragon, not Sir Prysin.

Next, you will need to head to the Wizard’s Tower and ask the Wizard Traiborn for his key. He states that he needs 25 bones for a ritual in order to give you the key.

If you don’t have enough bones when you first meet him, you can head to the areas around Draynor Village and kill some goblins until you get the bones. After you hand him all the bones, he will perform a ritual. The spell will summon a wardrobe with the key, and he will give it to you.

Finally, you should head back to the palace to find Sir Prysin’s lost key, and you will need to have a bucket of water for this next part. You can either bring one or find an empty bucket and a sink nearby.

Once you have it, head back to the kitchen and look for a drain near the wall. Pour the bucket down the drain and the key will be washed out and fall into the sewers. You need to head outside and look for the manhole south of the eastern wall of the palace. Climb down the manhole and head north into the sewers.

You should find a stream with a muddy patch and a few skeletons, and once you examine the pile you will find the third key. With all three keys, you can unlock Silverlight.

Reclaiming the Silverlight Sword

Reclaiming the Silverlight Sword

Head back to Sir Prysin and give him the three keys, and he will unlock Silverlight and hand you the blade.

Now, you just need to have the incantation written down (you can go back and ask the gyspy if you forget), and you are ready to face Delrith. Head south of Varrock and then east to see a stone circle surrounded by dark wizards.

Once you step into the circle they will summon Delrith, and you’ll need to fight both the wizards and the demon they have summoned to complete the quest.

How Does Silverlight Work?

Silverlight is a demonbane sword that has a weakening effect on all demonic creatures, and increases the max damage you do against demons by 60%.

Since it is made of silver, it also does extra damage against vampyres too. Otherwise, if fighting normal enemies it can be compared damage wise to a steel longsword.

The Battle

If you are a warrior in metal armor, then you will be at a disadvantage because of the wizards will target you.

There are two level seven wizards who use Water Strike and Confuse Spells, and two level 20 wizards who fight with Earth Strike and Weaken spells. They do 6 points of hp damage each, and can be devastating to a low leveled player.

To level the playing field, use leather or dragonhide armor and attack them with range. Also take advantage of the fact that you are in a single way combat zone and only one enemy can attack at a time. You can also hide from the attacking wizards to focus on Delrith if you would like.

Delrith has a very high combat level, but the weakening effect from Silverlight massively drains his hit points until he is about as strong as your average cow. Using a ring of recoil can also give the demon constant damage every time it lands a hit on you.

Once you have battered him down to zero hit points, you will need to say the proper incantation to banish him forever. If the wrong incantation is said he will regenerate all his health and keep fighting you.

Once the incantation is said, he will be banished and the wizards will flee if not slain.

What to Bring for the Battle

A ring of recoil is a great weapon to use, because Derlith only has seven hit points and will take two damage every time he hits you.

This will allow you to focus on the much tougher wizards. Aside from food and potions, you need to have leather or dragonhide armor to negate the advantage of the wizards’ spells get against metal armor.

Additionally, bring the most powerful ranged weapon you have as the easiest way to take down wizards one by one. Otherwise, it is a fairly easy fight and you will be rewarded with Silverlight and three quest points upon its completion.

The Aftermath

Demon Slayer OSRS

While not directly connected, completing the Demon Slayer quest allows you to continue the storyline in The Shadow Of The Storm plot. Similarity to the previous quest, you will be using Silverlight to defeat another demon.

The Shadow Of The Storm quest merits a guide of its own, but the gist of it is you and your allies will battle another demon and you will need to use Silverlight to land the final blow.

If you do not use Silverlight to end the battle, the demon will regenerate extra health and the battle will continue. Once you defeat this demon, your Silverlight blade will turn into the Darklight blade. This updated version gives you a lot of advantages,

What is the Darklight Blade?

Darklight does extra damage against demonic enemies and vampyres, and it also has a special attack. The special attack: weaken lowers an enemy’s strength, attack, and defense levels by 5% level of Their max. For demons, the effect goes up to 10%, and the effect will stack over multiple special attacks.

This is especially great against demon bosses, as you can easily lower all of their stats with the weakened special attack and after a few hits they won’t be as tough anymore.

The Arclight Blade

Demon Slayer

Finally, the last stage of the Silverlight upgrade tree has turned the Darklight Blade into the Arclight Blade. You can get the blade by using Darklight on the altar of the Catacombs of Kourend while you have three ancient shards in your inventory.

You can get the ancient shards from slaying monsters inside the catacombs, and once the procedure is complete you will have the Arclight blade.

The blade is charged and gains 1,000 charges when created. You can add more shards to it, and every three shards will give the blade an additional 1,000 charges and the blade can hold a total of 10,000 charges.

One charge is expended on every single normal hit (Not special) with the blade, and once the blade’s charges are all expended the sword will revert back to Darklight.

Arclight also keeps the weakened special attack and stacks upon successful hits without removing a charge. It can also damage the second tier of vampires and provides a 70% increase in accuracy and damage for all your equipment pieces, not just the blade.

Even though Demon Slayer is a rather short quest, it does have a lot of repercussions and opens the pathway towards turning your Silverlight into Darklight and then Arclight. If you are planning to fight demons, demon bosses, or vampyres then any tier of the weapon is one of the best options to battle them.

Demon Slayer FAQ

Question: Do I Need to Remember the Incantation?

Answer: Yes you do. The incantation is different for every single player, so you will need to pay attention to the gypsy woman’s story and either screenshot or write down the incantation she said that Wally used.

If you pick the wrong incantation from the list or take too long remembering it, then Delrith will either despawn or regenerate his health. This makes the battle take much longer.

Don’t be afraid to do whatever you need to do to remember it. Write it down, screenshot it, remember it by repeating it three times over. It will make the fight much easier.

Question: Will I Lose Silverlight After the Quest?

Answer: No, you will be rewarded with the blade once the quest is completed, however, when Sir Prysin gives you the blade, you can drop it and then receive a second one from him.

Otherwise, if you do happen to lose Silverlight, you can buy another copy of the blade from Sir Prysin for 500 gp. The same goes for the Darklight Blade, although that price goes up to 1000 gp.

The only blade you will not be able to buy is the Arclight Blade, which is made from an upgraded Darklight blade. Keeping Silverlight or even mounting it in your home player is a great way to keep the sword handy. Especially since you will need it for the final fight of the ‘Shadow Of The Storm’ quest line.

Silverlight is whenever you dye Silverlight black for the ‘Shadow Of The Storm’ quest. This will consume all the copies of the sword in your inventory, leaving you with just the dyed sword, so make sure you have an extra copy outside of your inventory becomes the Darklight blade).

Question: What Level Should I Be?

Even if you have food, the Ring of Recoil, and the proper armor, and the knowledge that Delrith will be much weaker since you are armed with Silverlight, this is a tough fight. Two of the dark wizards are level seven, and two of them are level 20.

If you are around level 20 or higher you will be able to handle the higher level wizards who are going to be the main threat.

If you can handle those level 20 wizards then you are ready to go, because everything else won’t pose much of a threat.

If you have the right gear, you might even find this fight a walk in the park! Still, the best time to complete the quest is whenever you feel ready, and you’ll figure out in the final battle if you need to level or not.

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