Anachronia RS3 Guide

Fossil Island is one of my favorite locations in OSRS. It has a lot to offer players, from Combat training to birdhouse runs. When I would RS3, I’d often wish RS3 had a Fossil Island too. 

Well, in 2019, Jagex granted my wish. 

Anachronia is the Fossil Island of Runescape 3 (Cooler name too). And like its OSRS counterpart, it is jam-packed with many things to see and do. Many of these activities aren’t newbie-friendly, but even neophyte RS3 players will want to unlock Anachronia right away. 

How to Get There

Getting to the island of Anachornia is very straightforward. Head east out of Varrock and northeast past the Archeology Guild. If you have the Archeology journal, teleport there to save some time. 

board the stormbreaker Anachronia RS3 Guide

Look for the red transportation arrow on the map near the River Salve/Morytania border. Select yes to board Thor’s axe in Runescape boat form to sail to Anachronia. 

Alternative Traveling Methods

Anachronia Lodestone

After completing the initial base camp tutorial, you can use stone and clay to build the Anachronia Lodestone, which will warp you into your Anachronia Base Camp. 

Anachronia Tablet

An Anachronia tablet will teleport you to your Player Lodge in Anachronia. You must first complete the Love Story Master quest, and you need a Tier 2 Play Lodge before you can use this. 

Ancient Seed

Ancient seeds are rewards from the Herby Werby Reward Shop. Using them will teleport you to the Herby Werby Distraction and Diversion on Anachronia. 

Mystical Tree

Players can teleport to Anachronia via the Mystical tree at the Farming Guild/Manor Farm north of Ardougne. You teleport to the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm from the Farming Guild and then to mainland Anachronia.

You can only use this teleport method if you’ve visited Anachronia before. 

Anachronia Teleport

If a player has level 72 Magic and a planted and active Totem of the Abyss, they can use the Anachronia Teleport spell to teleport to their Totem. 

Slayer Cape

If you have 99 Slayer, you can use your Slayer Cape teleport to teleport straight to Slayer Master Laniakea on Anachronia. 

Dragonkin Teleportation Network

If you have at least level 90 Archeology, you can unlock the Orthen Dig Site on Anachronia. 

Unlocking this Dig Site will allow you to activate the Dragonkin teleportation network, which has four locations on Anachronia:

  • Crypt of Varanus
  • Observation outpost
  • Moksha ritual site
  • Xolo City

These locations cover every corner of Anachronia except the far east and southwest, so this is a very useful unlock.

Getting Started on Anachronia

Before you can start benefitting from Anachronia, you’ll have to complete a brief tutorial. 

something very big lives here on anachronia

After touching down on Anachronia, watch the cutscene, and several NPCs will start tagging along with you. Inspect the nearby footprint, and Laniakea will suggest that the creature who made it must be similar to a dragon.

Head northeast along the winding path until you spot a set of massive bones. Inspect these bones to learn that this was a fresh kill. Slip past the bones to continue. 

you probably don't want to run into whatever killed this thing

After reaching a crossroad, take the northwest path and progress deeper into Anachronia until you find another set of bones. Investigate them as well. Laniakea will mention you should set up a base camp for the night soon, and a cutscene will ensue. 

You and your party will run into a massive dinosaur. The two Varrock guards in your party will start freaking out and attract the rex’s attention. Suddenly, a mysterious man appears and tells you all to run. 

Heeding the man’s advice, you all run away to safety. The man, Irwinsson, will introduce himself and invite you to speak with him later to learn more about the island. 

But before we get to that, we have work to do. You’re standing in the Anachronia Base Camp, and it won’t build itself. 

Setting Up Your Base Camp

you can build a bunch of buildings in your base camp that provide a variety of benefits

After the cutscene with Irwinsson ends, speak with nearby Giles. He’ll give you a rundown on how to build structures in your Base Camp. 

To get started, first build a Tier 1 Town Hall. You have ten workers at first. Assign four workers to vines, three to wood, and three to stone. Workers gather resources every 10 minutes, but Giles will tell a story to pass the time. 

Once his story is over, your workers will have gathered enough resources to build a Tier 1 Town Hall. Do so, and the Anachronia Base Camp tutorial is complete. You now have free reign to develop your Base Camp any way you want. Giles will give you 250 pieces of wood and stone to get you started.

Anachronia Base Camp 

maxing out your base camp will take a long time, but it's worth it

The Anachronia Base Camp plays just like your average city-builder game. You assign workers to resources. Then, you wait a long time for them to accrue those resources. Then you build stuff. 

Some of these structures take hundreds of hours of resource farming before you can build them. Before you head back to mainland Gielinor to continue your adventures, map out a game plan for your Anachronia Base Camp. You don’t need to be logged in for your workers to get things done, so never leave your workers idle.


Your Base Camp starts with a maximum of ten workers. By building Sleeping Quarters, you can increase that maximum up to 60. 


There are six resources workers can accumulate for you in your Base Camp:

  • Wood
  • Vines
  • Leaves
  • Hide
  • Stone
  • Clay

Assign workers to any of these resources, and they will generate them every ten minutes. You’ll need these resources to build anything in your Base Camp. 

These resources are also necessary for the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm and skilling stations in Dream of Iaia. 

Now then. What can you build with these resources?

Base Camp Structures

Most structures in your Base Camp, Sleeping Quarters included, have several tiers. The highest-tier ones provide the best benefits. 

Along with resource requirements, some structures require other buildings to be present in your Base Camp and minimum skill levels

Town Hall


Town Hall Tier 1:

  • 1,000 wood
  • 1,000 vines
  • 1,000 stone

Completion Time: 0 hours


  • Allows construction of all Tier 1 buildings
  • Attracts new visitors to the island
  • Unlocks General store assistant
  • Compacted resources 100 each

Town Hall Tier 2:

  • 20,000 wood
  • 20,000 vines
  • 20,000 stone
  • Storehouse Tier 1
  • Sleeping Quarters Tier 1

Completion Time: 66.67 hours


  • Allows construction of Tier 2 buildings
  • Attracts new visitors to the island
  • Unlocks Armour store assistant
  • Unlocks Weapons store assistant
  • Compacted resources 200 each

Town Hall Tier 3:

  • 70,000 wood
  • 70,000 vines
  • 70,000 stone
  • Storehouse Tier 2
  • Sleeping Quarters Tier 2

Completion Time: 116.67 hours


  • Allows construction of Tier 3 buildings
  • Attracts new visitors to the island
  • Unlocks Gem store assistant
  • Unlocks Rune store assistant
  • Compacted resources 400 each


base camp structures


Storehouse Tier 1:

  • 3,000 vines
  • 3,000 hides
  • 3,000 stone
  • Town Hall Tier 1

Completion Time: 15 hours


  • Maximum resources per type increased to 25,000

Storehouse Tier 2:

  • 22,000 vines
  • 22,000 hides
  • 22,000 stone
  • Town Hall Tier 2

Completion Time: 73.33 hours


  • Maximum resources per type increased to 80,000

Storehouse Tier 3:

  • 75,000 vines
  • 75,000 hides
  • 75,000 stone
  • Town Hall Tier 3

Completion Time: 125 hours


  • Maximum resources per type increased to 150,000

Sleeping Quarters


Sleeping Quarters Tier 1: 

  • 10,000 wood
  • 10,000 leaves
  • 10,000 hides
  • Tier 1 Town Hall
  • Tier 1 Storehouse

Completion Time: 50 hours


  • Increases max workers to 15

Sleeping Quarters Tier 2:

  • 65,000 wood
  • 65,000 leaves
  • 65,000 hides
  • Tier 2 Town Hall 
  • Tier 2 Storehouse

Completion Time: 216.67 hours


  • Increases max workers to 30

Sleep Quarters Tier 3:

  • 130,000 wood
  • 130,000 leaves
  • 130,000 hides
  • Tier 3 Town Hall
  • Tier 3 Storehouse

Completion Time: 216.67 hours


  •  Increases max workers to 60



Spa Tier 1:

  • 7,500 wood
  • 7,500 leaves
  • 7,500 clay
  • Town Hall Tier 1
  • Storehouse Tier 1
  • 40 Agility

Completion Time: 6.25/12.5/25/37.5 hours (Depending on Sleeping Quarters Tier)


  • Increases Agility XP gains on Anachronia by 5%
  • Unlocks salt-water, thermal, and mud treatments

Spa Tier 2:

  • 60,000 wood
  • 60,000 leaves
  • 60,000 clay
  • Town Hall Tier 2
  • Storehouse Tier 2
  • 70 Agility

Completion Time: 50/100/200 hours

Benefits: Increases Agility XP gains on Anachronia by 7%

Spa Tier 3:

  • 120,000 wood
  • 120,000 leaves
  • 120,000 clay
  • Town Hall Tier 3
  • Storehouse Tier 3
  • 90 Agility
  • Essential oils

Completion Time: 100/200 hours


  • Increases Agility XP gains on Anachronia by 10%
  • Spa pool effects last 50% longer or are 50% more effective where applicable

Hunter Lodge



Hunter Lodge Tier 1:

  • 7,500 wood
  • 7,500 leaves
  • 7,500 hides
  • Town Hall Tier 1
  • Storehouse Tier 1
  • 40 Hunter

Completion Time: 6.25/12.5/25/37.5 hours


  • 10% chance of acquiring additional Woodcutting resources in Big Game Hunter

Hunter Lodge Tier 2:

  • 60,000 wood
  • 60,000 leaves
  • 60,000 hides
  • Town Hall Tier 2
  • Storehouse Tier 2
  • 70 Hunter

Completion Time: 50/100/200 hours


  • Big Game Hunter creatures take an additional 2.4 seconds to catch you.

Hunter Lodge Tier 3:

  • 120,000 wood
  • 120,000 leaves
  • 120,000 hides
  • Townhall Tier 3
  • Storehouse Tier 3
  • Reinforced dinosaur pelt
  • 90 Hunter

Completion Time: 100/200 hours


  • At the beginning of each Big Game encounter, one frog type gets removed

Slayer Lodge


Slayer Lodge Tier 1:

  • 7,500 vines
  • 7,500 stone
  • 7,500 clay
  • Town Hall Tier 1
  • Storehouse Tier 1
  • 40 Slayer

Completion Time: 6.25/12.5/25/37.5 hours


  • +1% damage boost across Anachronia

Slayer Lodge Tier 2:

  • 60,000 vines
  • 60,000 stone
  • 60,000 clay
  • Town Hall Tier 2
  • Storehouse Tier 2
  • 70 Slayer

Completion Time: 50/100/200 hours


  • +3% damage boost across Anachronia

Slayer Lodge Tier 3:

  • 120,000 vines
  • 120,000 stones
  • 120,000 clay
  • Town Hall Tier 3
  • Storehouse Tier 3
  • Dinosaur tooth
  • 90 Slayer

Completion Time: 100/200 hours


  • +6% damage boost across Anachronia
  • Slayer helmet stand (Allows you to receive slayer helmet bonuses across the game without needing to wear it)
  • 1-5% Slayer XP boost when adding souls to the Chest of Souls

Player Lodge


Player Lodge Tier 1: 

  • 12,000 vines
  • 12,000 hides
  • 12,000 clay
  • Town Hall Tier 1
  • Storehouse Tier 1
  • 40 Construction

Completion Time: 10/20/40/60 hours


  • 10% increased chance of finding building resources on Anachronia

Player Lodge Tier 2:

  • 75,000 vines
  • 75,000 hides
  • 75,000 clay
  • Town Hall Tier 2
  • Storehouse Tier 2
  • 70 Construction

Completion Time: 62.5/125/250 hours


  • Player Lodge restores Hitpoints, Prayer, and Summoning points while you’re standing inside
  • Ability to make Anachronia tablets

Player Lodge Tier 3:

  • 150,000 vines
  • 150,000 hides
  • 150,000 clay
  • Town Hall Tier 3
  • Storehouse Tier 3
  • Dinosaur rib bone
  • 90 Construction

Completion Time: 125/250 hours


  • Access to skillcape stand (Gives you a passive skillcape perk without needing to wear the cape)

Bank Chest

anachronia bank chest


Bank Chest Tier 1:

  • 500 wood
  • 500 stone
  • Town Hall Tier 1

Completion Time: 0.28/0.56/1.11/1.67 hours

Benefits: Unlocks bank chest in the Town Hall



Lodestone Tier 1:

  • 150 stone
  • 150 clay
  • Town Hall Tier 1

Completion Time: 0.08/0.17/0.33/0.5 hours


  • Unlocks Anachronia lodestone

Remote Totem Charging Point


Remote Totem Charging Point Tier 1:

  • 150,000 wood
  • 150,000 vines
  • 150,000 stone
  • Town Hall Tier 3
  • Storehouse Tier 3
  • Remototem

Completion Time: 125/250 hours


  • Unlocks the Remototem

External Structures

While you will build most structures in your Base Camp, there are other structures you can build at locations around Anachronia. These structures are QOL improvements that will make your experiences with other Anachronia activities easier and more efficient. 

Bait Box


Bait Box Tier 1:

  • 500 wood
  • 500 hides
  • Town Hall Tier 1

Completion Time: 0.28/0.56/1.11/1.67 hours


  • Unlocks access to bait boxes at bait box hotspots 
  • Bait box bait capacity of 5

Bait Box Tier 2:

  • 5,000 wood
  • 5,000 hides
  • Town Hall Tier 1

Completion Time: 2.78/5.56/11.11 hours


  • Unlocks access to larger bait boxes at bait box hotspots
  • Bait box bait capacity of 15

Bait Box Tier 3:

  • 100,000 wood
  • 100,000 hides
  • Storehouse Tier 3

Completion Time: 55.56/111.11 hours


  • Unlocks access to larger bait boxes at bait box hotspots
  • Bait box bait capacity of 50
  • Bait boxes function as deposit boxes

Deposit Box

There are four locations across Anachronia where you can build deposit boxes: 

  • Western Beach
  • North-eastern ruins
  • South-eastern ruins
  • Central Anachronia east of the spirit grove

These requirements are for building one deposit box. To build all of them, multiply the requirements by four. 


Deposit Box Tier 1:

  • 30,000 wood
  • 30,000 stone
  • Storehouse Tier 2

Completion Time: 16.67/33.33/66.67 hours


  • Unlocks access to deposit boxes across Anachronia

Ranch Out of Time Pens and Storm Barn

ranch out of time pens and storm barn


Small Dinosaur Pen: 

  • 1,000 wood
  • 1,000 vines
  • 1,000 stone
  • 42 Farming
  • 45 Construction

Completion Time: 0.83/1.67/3.33/5 hours


  • Unlocks access to small dinosaur pen at Anachronia Dinosaur Farm

Medium Dinosaur Pen:

  • 25,000 wood
  • 25,000 vines
  • 25,000 stone
  • 76 Farming
  • 80 Construction

Completion Time: 20.83/41.67/83.33/125 hours


  • Unlocks access to medium dinosaur pen at Anachronia Dinosaur Farm

Large Dinosaur Pen I:

  • 75,000 wood
  • 75,000 vines
  • 75,000 stone
  • 98 Farming
  • 90 Construction

Completion Time: 62.5/125/250 hours


  • Unlocks access to the first large dinosaur farm at Anachronia Dinosaur Farm

Large Dinosaur Pen II:

  • 75,000 wood
  • 75,000 vines
  • 75,000 stone
  • 104 Farming
  • 90 Construction

Completion Time: 62.5/125/250 hours


  • Unlocks the second large dinosaur pen at Anachronia Dinosaur Farm

Dinosaur Breeding Pen:

  • 100,000 wood
  • 100,000 vines
  • 100,000 stone
  • 42 Farming
  • 55 Construction

Completion Time: 83.33/166.67 hours


  • Unlocks access to the dinosaur breeding pen at Anachronia Dinosaur Farm

Anachronia Storm Barn:

  • 15,000 wood
  • 15,000 leaves

Completion Time: 12.5/25/50/75 hours


  • Unlocks access to Storm Barn at Anachronia Dinosaur Farm

Anachronia Activites

The Base Camp is far from the only thing you can do on Anachronia. RS3’s Fossil Island is home to many exciting and useful activities. 

Anachronia Agility Course

anachronia agility course can be quite profitable at high agility levels

The Anachronia Agility Course requires a minimum of 30 Agility to begin, and 85 Agility is needed to finish the course. 

The Anachronia Agility Course has three sections:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

The Beginner section requires 30 Agility. You can expect around 28,000 Agility XP/hour here. 

The Intermediate section requires 50 Agility. You can get around 31,000-35,000 Agility XP/hour here.

The Advanced section is where things get interesting. You need 70-85 Agility for this final section. Standard XP rates range from 51,000-59,000 Agility XP/hour. 

If using Double Surge and Silverhawk Boots, you can increase XP/hour on the Advanced section to around 200,000-300,000, depending on your efficiency.

Anachronia Agility Course Rewards

The main reward of the Anachronia Agility Course is Codex pages. By completing a full lap of the course, you get a guaranteed 10 Codex pages. There’s also a chance to receive 2-4 Codex pages for every completed obstacle. Wearing a tier-2 or better luck modifier increases this chance. 

You can use Codex pages at a lectern to create a Double Surge or Double Escape codex. The tradeable versions of these items go for more than 60 million GP right now. You need 750 Codex pages to make either one. 

Along with Codex pages, you can receive other items by completing obstacles:

  • Compacted leaves 
  • Compacted vines 
  • Dinosaur rib bone
  • Essential oils
  • Totem of Treasure middle
  • Totem of Crystal top
  • Totem of Summoning top
  • Totem of Auras base

Anachronia Dinosaur Farm

the anachronia dinosaur farm is where you can own your own dinos. no dinosaur nuggets included

The Anachronia Dinosaur Farm is where player-owned farms can expand into dinosaur territory. Here you can have frogs, salamanders, jadinkos, and dinosaurs as livestock. 

You need a minimum of Level 42 Farming and 45 Construction before you can make anything happen here. The highest-level livestock and pens require level 120 Farming and 90 Construction. 

Orthen Dig Site

The Orthen Dig Site is an endgame dig site for Archeology enthusiasts. To access Orthen Dig Site, you need at least level 90 Archeology.

One of the main draws of the Orthen Dig Site is the Dragonkin teleportation network we discussed in the travel methods section. But there’s more. 

This dig site is home to two valuable recipes: the Archeology potion recipe and the Powerburst of opportunity recipe. These recipes are currently worth around 9.5 mil GP and 1.8 mil GP, respectively. You can create these recipes by collecting their four respective potion recipe fragments from excavation hotspots on site. 

The Orthen Dig Site replaces the shield pylon with a rex skeleton. While excavating here, you will occasionally dig up rex skeleton fragments. Take these to the Base Camp and use them on the skeleton of a dinosaur. When the dinosaur is complete, everyone on Anachronia will benefit from buff effects for 65 minutes. 

The rex skeleton buff provides +25% XP from Hunting, Archeology, and the Anachronia Agility Course. It also provides a 10% buff to the drop rates of Slayer monster drops, Big Game Hunter Rewards, Agility Course codices, Archelogy materials, and Archeology Recipe Fragments. 

For those in it for the Archeology long haul, achieving level 120 Archelogy and 100% completing objectives for the Orthen Dig Site will reward you with +150 power for your mysterious monolith.

‘Accidental’ Fletching and Firemaking

have you ever wanted to give haircuts to magical plant creatures - now you can

Prehistoric Potterington’s ‘Accidental’ Fletching and Firemaking is a high-level way of training Fletching and Firemaking. You can find it southeast of the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm. By partaking in this activity, you can obtain the materials needed to make high-level dinarrows.

Considering how easy it is to level up Fletching and Firemaking, ‘Accidental’ Fletching and Firemaking is a bit redundant unless you want to make dinarrows instead of buying them. 

Before you can get started with this activity, you must first complete the Extinction Grandmaster quest. 


laniakea is an elite, high-level slayer master

Laniakea is an endgame Slayer master on Anachornia. You need level 90 Slayer and 120 Combat to get tasks from her. 

Laniakea is unique because she’s the only Slayer master who can give you cluster assignments. Cluster assignments allow you to kill any monster under the umbrella monster type. If she gives you a dragon or demon task, you can kill any dragon or demon. I sure wish OSRS had cluster assignments. 

If you bring the four pieces of Laniakea’s spear obtained from the Rex Matriarchs to Laniakea, she will give you a complete Laniakea’s spear. She also has a miniquest called Helping Laniakea that you can do. Completing this miniquest will reward you with the middle piece of the Totem of Intimidation.

Rex Matriarchs

rex matriarchs are more powerful versions of the daggonoth kings

The Rex Matriarchs boss monsters that are essentially more powerful versions of the Daggonoth Kings. As such, there are three of them: Orikalka, Rathis, and Pthentraken. You can find them in the Spirit grove. Activate the teleportation device to enter their lair. 

Orikalka attacks with Melee and is weak to Magic (Especially fire spells), Rathis attacks with poisonous Ranged and is weak to Melee (Especially stab), and Pthentracken attacks with Magic and is weak to Ranged (Especially arrows).

Along with the expected boss pet drops, the main prizes from the Rex Matriarchs are upgrade items for the Fremennik rings dropped by the Daggonoth Kings. As mentioned in Kaniakea’s section, they also drop pieces of her spear which sell for solid GP each.

Raksha, the Shadow Colossus

raksha is a powerful boss and has insanely valuable drops
Image from Runescape 3 Wiki

Raksha, the Shadow Colossus, is the second boss monster on Anachronia. You can challenge Raksha either solo or in duos. 

While Raksha is unfortunately not counted as a dinosaur task, meaning you cannot farm him during dinosaur Slayer assignments, he is well worth fighting. He drops several extremely valuable items: the Shadow Spike, Greater Ricochet ability codex, and Greater chain ability codex. 

The Shadow Spike currently goes for around 186 mil GP. But the Greater codices? The Greater Chain ability codex is currently 635 mil GP, and the Greater Ricochet ability codex is just under 900 mil. 


irwinsson is a hunter master on anachronia

Irwinsson is Anachronia’s resident Hunter master. He runs Irwinsson’s Hunter Supplies and the Hunter Mark Shop. 

irwinsson's hunter mark shop has some pretty useful rewards

Irwinsson’s Hunter Supplies sells standard Hunter equipment and Marasamaw plants for hunting jadinkos. If you find the broken compass and compass arrow, two pieces of Irwinsson’s lost compass, return the restored tool to Irwinsson to get 25 Hunter marks. 

Big Game Hunter

Big Game Hunter is a mid-high-level Hunter and Slayer activity for hunting dinosaurs. To begin, you need at least level 75 Hunter and 55 Slayer and a maximum of 96 and 76.

use one of the bait traps around anachronia to hunt dinosaurs

Head for one of nine bait pads across the island and use one to begin an encounter. You can hunt nine different dinosaurs, each requiring its own specific bait. 

Big Game Hunter can be very profitable, with every dinosaur having a 1/50 chance of dropping a Dragon mattock. You can use it as a high-end Archeology tool or sell it for around 29 mil GP.

The highest-level dinosaurs have a 1/1000 chance of dropping Terrasaul maul pieces. The cheapest piece goes for 77 mil GP, and the most expensive is just under 140 mil. 


Along with the Big Game Hunter activity, players can partake in more standard Hunter training while on Anachronia. There are butterflies like ruby harvests and black warlocks. You can also prey on some grenwalls, yellow salamanders, and golden warblers. 

Most of the hunting on Anachronia will be hunting the island’s trademark jadinkos. Remember that your Hunter level needs to be ten levels above the minimum required to hunt jadinkos in Herblore Habitat. That makes training here pretty endgame. 

There are 10 of them you can hunt: 

  • Common jadinkos (80 Hunter)
  • Shadow jadinkos (81 Hunter)
  • Igneous jadinkos (84 Hunter)
  • Cannibal jadinkos (85 Hunter)
  • Aquatic jadinkos (86 Hunter)
  • Amphibious jadinkos (87 Hunter)
  • Diseased jadinkos (88 Hunter)
  • Carrion jadinkos (88 Hunter)
  • Camouflaged jadinkos (89 Hunter)
  • Draconic jadinkos (90 Hunter)

You can catch common, shadow, igneous, diseased, amphibious, and carrion jadinkos just by using a marasamaw plant. But for camouflaged, cannibal, aquatic, and draconic jadinkos, you’ll need to use juju hunter potions. 

Hunting on Anachronia gives you Hunter’s marks, the currency for Irwinsson’s Hunter Mark Shop. Hunting jadinkos here gives you a chance to get a jadinko for yourself. You can raise it on your player-owned farm. 

Overgrown Idols

Anachronia is home to two overgrown idols. With 81 Woodcutting, you can chop these idols down. Doing so will bless you with a temporary Woodcutting buff. But more importantly, it gives you a Totem of Navigation base. 

A completed Totem of Navigation reduces voyage completion time by 15% inside player-owned ports. Pretty handy. 

Not as handy or dandy as Steve’s notebook, but close. 

Herby Werby

Herby Werby is a weekly Distraction and Diversion. By helping some ancient zygomites, you can earn Spirit points to use in the reward shop. 

The Herby Werby reward shop has some useful rewards, like the Herb bag for holding grimy herbs, the Totem of the Abyss top, and the Totem of the Crystal base. You can also buy an ancient zygomite pet named Sasha. 

Mining Spots

Anachronia is home to a few solid Mining spots:

  • Anachronia canyon (Northeast mine): Has six drakolith and five orichalcite rocks. 
  • Anachronia southwest mine: Has three light animica rocks. 
  • Anachronia swamp mine (Southeast mine): Has four dark animica rocks. 
  • Anachronia western ruins mine (Northwestern mine): Has five adamantite and four luminite rocks. 

While these mines host a decent selection of ores, none are close to a bank or bank chest, making them subpar for mass mining ores. If you’re passing by and have an ore box handy, why not. Otherwise, you can give these a pass. 

Fishing Spots

fishing spots
Image from

In the southeast section of the island, north of the ripper dinosaurs, you can net, cage, and harpoon fish. You can also bait, lure, net, and harpoon fish in the fishing spot in the middle of the island near the spirit grove. They’re alright, but nothing special. 

Anachronia RS3 Guide FAQs

Question: Can Dinosaurs Hurt Me while Exploring Anachronia?

Answer: No. You cannot interact with dinosaurs on Anachronia while just walking around. If you get too close to them, they will stun you for a few seconds, but they don’t deal damage. 

Question: Which Totem should I Try to Get First?

Answer: That’s up to you. I value the Totem of Treasure most because farming clue scrolls is fun and very profitable. The Totem of Treasure makes completing clue scrolls significantly more efficient. 

Question: Is the Anachronia Agility Course the Best Agility XP/hour in RS3?

Answer: Yes. If you have Silverhawk Boots, you pretty much don’t need to worry about maximum efficiency while training Agility. But if you want maxed Agility as soon as possible, the Anachronia Agility Course is where you want to be. 


I find it a bit of a bummer that RS3’s Anachronia isn’t as beginner-friendly as the OSRS version. On OSRS, you can jump into birdhouse runs almost immediately and passively build yourself up to a respectable Hunter level. And make some decent profit while you’re at it. 

With the exception of building up Base Camp resources, there’s a little new player can do on Anachronia. And even then, they’ll quickly run into a wall with the Tier 2 building skill requirements. 

But once you have the requirements to sink your teeth into Anachronia’s content, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself. Best Agility training in the game, a high-level Slayer master with unique tasks, two profitable boss enemies, and an expansion of the player-owned farm (Which can be an overwhelming feature at first).

Jagex did a good job of bringing value to the table with Anachronia without making it a copy and paste of the OSRS Fossil Island. 

Anachronia may be full of dinosaurs, but this is one place on Gielinor that won’t get stuck in the Stone Ages.

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