Xavier Geitz

Xavier has been playing Runescape for over 15 years. He's had periods of absence like every seasoned Runescape player, but he always came back. Whether it was Varrock General Store wars, sniping every uncut gem in stock, or juking players in Fist of Guthix, Runescape has provided Xavier with endless fond memories. Runescape is an irreplaceable piece of nostalgic goodness that Xavier will play until the end of time.

Anachronia RS3 Guide

Fossil Island is one of my favorite locations in OSRS. It has a lot to offer players, from Combat training to birdhouse runs. When I would RS3, I’d often wish RS3 had a Fossil Island too.  Well, in 2019, Jagex granted my wish.  Anachronia is the Fossil Island of Runescape 3 (Cooler name too). And …

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Barrows Brothers Guide

There are moments in everyone’s Runescape career that you never forget. Defeating TzTok-Jad and getting your first Fire Cape or achieving your first level 99 skill. Obtaining your first pet, skilling or otherwise, or reaching your first 100 mil GP.  And, of course, taking on the Barrows brothers for the first time.  The Barrows Brothers …

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Hosidius Favor OSRS Guide

One of the hugest updates for OSRS was the introduction of the continent of Zeah.  There are three regions in Zeah, one being the kingdom of Great Kourend. Five cities make up Great Kourend: Hosidius, Shayzien, Port Piscarilius, Lovakengj, and Arceuus. Each offers a wide variety of goods and services. But before you can access them, …

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Tithe Farm OSRS Guide

Farming is easily one of the best skills in OSRS. It’s an excellent passive moneymaking via farming runs. With a high enough Farming level, players can plant spirit trees to give themselves more teleport options. Farming is also a cost-efficient way of amassing key ingredients in Cooking and Herblore recipes. For every OSRS account, but …

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Lost City OSRS Guide

Atlantis. Machu Picchu. Quivira and the rest of the Seven Cities of Gold. In fiction and reality, there have been many lost cities throughout history. These cities lost to the passage of time, contain untold treasures for those who manage to find them. For those willing to risk diving down into these rabbit holes, the …

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Salve Amulet OSRS Guide

Throughout your OSRS journey, you’ll be utilizing a lot of jewellery throughout your travels (If you’re a member, that is). Pieces like the combat bracelet, ring of wealth, and amulet of glory will be real workhorses for you.  But the amulet of glory isn’t the only worthwhile purple amulet in Gielinor.  After the midgame, you’ll …

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