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Throughout your OSRS journey, you’ll be utilizing a lot of jewellery throughout your travels (If you’re a member, that is). Pieces like the combat bracelet, ring of wealth, and amulet of glory will be real workhorses for you. 

But the amulet of glory isn’t the only worthwhile purple amulet in Gielinor. 

After the midgame, you’ll start diversifying your gear loadout. There’s a lot of jewellery that doesn’t have a lot of general use but has unmatched niche utility. One such piece of jewellery is the salve amulet. 

The neckpiece of choice for Prince myself, the salve amulet, is a powerful tool against a specific type of enemy. It isn’t too hard to acquire either, so you’ll want to get your hands on it sooner than later and save it for a rainy day. How do you go about doing that? I’m glad you asked. Let me tell you all about it. 

What is the Salve Amulet?

the salve amulet is a powerful tool against the undead
Image from OSRS Wiki

The salve amulet is a legendary item used by Saradomists long ago to slay a Zamaroakian mage. Its’ power is a result of the crystal used to craft it being directly beneath the blessed waters of the River Salve. It is said to give the wearer power over evil.

How Do I Get the Salve Amulet?

How Do I Get the Salve Amulet?

You can only obtain the salve amulet by completing the Haunted Mine quest. That quest finishes after you use a chisel to cut off a piece of salve crystal from the crystal outcrops in the mine. After that, use the shard with a ball of wool to make a salve amulet. You need 35 Crafting for the Haunted Mine quest, so consider it the salve amulet’s Crafting level requirement.

You can return to the mine to obtain as many shards as you want. I recommend saving yourself the trouble and just grabbing an inventory or two of shards, so you don’t have to worry about coming down here ever again.

What Does the Salve Amulet Do?

What Does the Salve Amulet Do?

The salve amulet gives your character a flat 1/6th increase to their accuracy, Attack, and Strength stats while fighting undead creatures. It also provides a +3 Prayer bonus. 

Over the years, there has been some confusion over which undead creatures the salve amulet is effective against and how Jagex even defines undead.

After all, Mod Ash confirmed years ago that reanimated creatures don’t count as undead in OSRS. In most zombie stories, zombies are humans reanimated as rotting brain munchers. 

Here is every monster in OSRS that your salve amulet will put a hurting on:

  • Aberrant spectre
  • Abhorrent spectre
  • Ankou
  • Asyn Shade
  • Asyn shadow
  • Banshee
  • Crawling Hand
  • Crushing Hand
  • Dark Ankou
  • Deviant spectre
  • Fiyr Shade
  • Forgotten Soul
  • Ghost
  • Giant skeleton (Also a monster typically considered reanimated, but I digress)
  • Greater Skeleton Hellhound
  • Headless Beast
  • Loar Shade
  • Monkey Zombie
  • Mummy
  • Pestilent Bloat
  • Phrin Shade
  • Repugnant spectre
  • Revenant cyclops
  • Revenant dark beast
  • Revenant demon
  • Revenant dragon
  • Revenant goblin
  • Revenant hellhound
  • Revenant hobgoblin
  • Revenant imp
  • Revenant knight
  • Revenant maledictus
  • Revenant ork
  • Revenant pyrefiend
  • Riyl Shade
  • Riyl shadow
  • Screaming banshee
  • Screaming twisted banshee
  • Shade
  • Skeletal Mystic
  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Champion
  • Skeleton Hellhound (Vet’ion)
  • Skeleton Mage
  • Skeleton brute
  • Skeleton fremennik
  • Skeleton heavy
  • Skeleton thug
  • Skeleton warlord
  • Skorgre
  • Slash Bash
  • Summoned Zombie
  • Tarn
  • The Draugen
  • Tormented Soul
  • Tortured Soul
  • Trapped Soul
  • Tree Spirit
  • Twisted Banshee
  • Ulfric (Not the Jarl of Windhelm)
  • Undead Druid
  • Undead Lumberjack
  • Undead chicken
  • Undead cow
  • Undead one
  • Urium shade
  • Vet’ion
  • Vorkath
  • Zogre
  • Zombie
  • Zombie pirate
  • Zombie swab
  • Zombified Spawn

Is the Salve Amulet the Best Neckwear Against Undead?

Yes, but also no. It largely depends on what stage of the game you’re at and what’s in your bank. Two particular items give the salve amulet stiff competition: the black mask and the slayer helm.

There are items that the salve amulet’s bonuses stack with and items that do not. The black mask and slayer helm are in the latter category. 

The black mask gives players a 16.67% boost to Attack and Strength while on any Slayer assignment. That gives these items significantly more utility than the salve amulet since the salve amulet is limited to undead creatures and only gives a Melee buff.

Furthermore, there are more gear loadout options with a black mask or slayer helmet than with a salve amulet. Take the berserker necklace, for example. The berserker necklace bonuses stack with those of the black mask/slayer helmet.

A black mask/berserker necklace/obsidian weapon combo is superior to a salve amulet and your melee weapon of choice. You can also use a black mask/slayer helmet with something like an amulet of fury or an amulet of torture. They will also perform better than your salve amulet gear loadout. 

But fret not; there’s one solution to giving your salve amulet the edge: Void equipment. 

Void equipment and the black mask/slayer helmet obviously don’t mesh well together since you need to wear a complete Void set to get the bonuses. And those sets include a helm.

You can wear a salve amulet with Void equipment, and the salve amulet bonuses stack with those of Void. With high enough Combat levels, your salve amulet + Void will be able to compete with or outpace black mask/slayer helmet gear loadouts against the undead. 

But wait, I hear you say. Is the salve amulet only great when using Melee? 

Well, yes, technically. You got me there. But that’s only with the base salve amulet. 

Salve Amulet (i)

salve amulet (i)
Image from OSRS Wiki

Players can upgrade their salve amulet multiple times to make it stronger. And, more importantly, more versatile. 

By upgrading your salve amulet into a salve amulet (i), you’ll gain an additional 1/6th bonus to damage and accuracy for Ranged, plus a 15% Magic bonus against undead creatures. 

You can create a salve amulet (i) by imbuing it via three methods:

  • Use 800,000 Nightmare Zone reward points (Counts as a Ardougne Elite Diary task completion)
  • Use 320 Zeal Tokens at Soul Wars
  • Use 200 PVP Arena reward points and use a scroll of imbuing

We’re still not done, though. It gets even better. 

Salve Amulet (e) & Salve Amulet (ei)

The enchanted salve amulets bumps up the bonuses to 20%
Image from OSRS Wiki

Players can enchant their salve amulet by using Tarn’s diary on it to create a salve amulet (e). Doing so requires completion of the Lair of Tarn Razorlor miniquest. 

An enchanted salve amulet bumps the Strength and Attack bonuses to 20%, making it significantly better than a black mask or slayer helmet. 

Imbuing the salve amulet (e) works the same as with a standard salve amulet. You’ll then have a salve amulet (ei) which gives a 20% bonus to Attack, Strength, Ranged, and Magic. Now we’re talking. 

Getting the reward points to imbue your salve amulet (e) will take a bit of time, but getting the salve amulet (e) itself is something you can and should do as soon as possible. A 20% buff to your offensive prowess as a mid-level player will really speed up your Melee combat. 

Players can also imbue their black masks and slayer helmets, but a salve amulet (ei) is still capable of outperforming them on undead Slayer tasks. But ONLY if you pair it with Void equipment. On its own, it’s not better than the imbued black mask or slayer helmet.

salve amulet (ei)
Image from OSRS Wiki

Benefits of Salve Amulets

The Haunted Mine isn’t too difficult a quest to complete, nor are the prerequisites for The Haunted Mine hard to hit. Meanwhile, the slayer helmet is something you have to craft, an ability that requires 400 Slayer reward points to unlock. 

Farming Slayer reward points is a slow process early on. Really slow. And unlocking the Slayer helmet might not be your first priority. Maybe you’d like to unlock the ability to craft Slayer rings first.

Or Bigger and Badder for superior variants of Slayer monsters (Though if you’re a mid-level player, that’s probably a waste of points at this stage of your OSRS career). 

You can easily purchase a black mask for about 900K gp (If you’re not an Iron Man), but numerous Slayer monsters require the usage of special equipment to fight or kill them.

Often that equipment goes in your head slot, thus making the black mask significantly inferior to the slayer helm and less practical than a salve amulet in some scenarios. 

It’s true you need Void equipment to get the most out of it, but Void should be on your priority list anyway. The combination of salve amulet + Void is a cheap (Pretty much free) and very effective way to combat undead in OSRS. 

Maybe a slayer helmet and an amulet of torture or necklace of anguish might be slightly better depending on your Combat levels, but is a slight edge worth the cost? If you’re farming Vorkath for GP, do you really want to spend 14 mil on an amulet that will make your kills slightly faster?

Probably not. It kind of defeats the whole trying to make GP thing (Yes, you can sell it back after you stop farming, but you get my point). 

And this is all assuming you’re a standard account. If you’re an Iron Man, getting things like amulets of torture or necklaces of anguish is a long way away. You need a black mask to make a slayer helmet.

That requires 55 Slayer and completion of Cabin Fever which has pretty annoying prerequisites for an Iron Man. The salve amulet + Void equipment combo just makes more sense. 

Admittedly, for Magic users, the argument is a lot tougher since an occult necklace only sets you back about 400K. If hitting multiple enemies with Magic, the salve amulet’s accuracy boost will apply but NOT the damage boost.

If using Magic, the occult plus the slayer helmet is probably best. But for Melee and Ranged, a salve amulet (ei) is no slouch. 


Question: I Lost My Salve Amulet (e). How Do I Get it Back?

Answer: After completing the Lair of Tarn Razorlor miniquest, Tarn’s diary is readily available in your bookcase of your POH. 

Question: Are there any Undead Creatures the Salve Amulet doesn’t Entirely Work on?

Answer: Aberrant spectres. You need a nose peg or slayer helmet (Which includes a nose peg) when fighting them, or you’re susceptible to their special attack. Their special attack always hits and drains your Combat stats, so it’s unwise to fight them without plugging your nose. 

Question: Why doesn’t the Salve Amulet Work on Skeletal Wyverns?

Answer: That’s a very good question. Even in Tarn’s diary, it would seem that skeletal wyverns would be affected by the slave amulet. But they are not. Skeletal wyverns are just reanimated remains and not undead creatures, so they don’t count. 
And before anyone asks, the Barrows Brothers also don’t count.


The midgame of OSRS can be a bit of a challenge and a bore to some players. And that’s because a lot of the midgame is prepping for the endgame by unlocking a lot of gear, spellbooks, teleport options, etc.

And that’s not even addressing all the quests you’ll want to start knocking out, like Recipe for Disaster for the Barrows gloves. 

It’s very easy for players to get burnt out by the midgame grind, so try to do it in spurts, not all at once. Prioritize unlocking things that will actively make some of your most enjoyed content better over something like a teleport option you’ll use once a week. 

Killing revenants can be a ton of fun and very profitable. A salve amulet is one of the best-in-slot neck items for the deathtrap Revenant Caves that are routinely the hunting grounds of PKing clans.

If (Or, to be more realistic, when) you die, you’ll lose very little. That makes risking it out in the Wilderness a little less scary for the inexperienced. It sure beats losing an amulet of avarice. 

 So, in conclusion, the salve amulet should be one of the first Combat items mid-level players unlock. It can compete with or even surpass the usefulness of items worth millions of GP, and it doesn’t cost a cent. 

The quest to acquire it takes no more than 20 minutes with the use of a guide. And following that 20 minutes of relative boredom will be countless hours of undead slaughter. If that doesn’t sound like a good time, I don’t know what does. 

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