OSRS Attack Training Guide: Fastest Method To Level 99

The amazing world of Gielinor features all types of bosses and monsters. To defeat them, you’ll need respectable combat stats and gear. A great way to begin training your combat stats is with Attack because you’ll learn the ability to wield exciting weapons.

However, if you plan to go bossing or do high-level PVM, you’ll want to equivalently train the other melee skills. This is because your character will need to hit harder and equip sturdy armor. So although this guide won’t be efficient for other melee skills, feel free to use it.

We’ve tested and trialed multiple accounts to determine what works best for training Attacks. In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn the F2P, fastest, and profitable Attack training methods.

What Is Attack In OSRS?

The attack is a combat skill that determines a player’s accuracy in melee combat. When a player increases Attack level, their accuracy is raised, which means they can deal damage more consistently. To gain Attack experience, a player must choose the accurate Attack Style when fighting enemies. Also, as players progress in the Attack skill, they can wield more powerful weaponry.

Why Train Attack?

The main reason players choose to train the skill is to progress their character to high-tier weapons. This lets them fight bosses like General Graardor and the Kraken more efficiently. In addition, most money-making methods require you to PVM, and having a high Attack level will improve GP per hour. Also, if you’re an iron man account, the best method of gathering resources is with combat. Therefore, leveling Attack is a necessary skill to advance in OSRS.

Furthermore, the skill is a requirement to complete multiple quests, which unlock new training areas, weapons, and bosses. For example, Sins of the Father requires a level 50 Attack and will let you wield Blisterwood weaponry and give access to Darkmeyer.

Completion of Monkey Madness I is required to wield a Dragon Scimitar, one of the best weapons in the game. Also, it’s a quest requirement for Monkey Madness II, which gives you access to Demonic Gorillas.

Training Attack is fun and an exciting experience. The skill will take you all over RuneScape because of the variety of monsters and bosses. Also, it’s a crazy profitable skill if you know the best locations to train.

Best Equipment To Train Attack

The Attack skill is attractive because of the wide array of weapons that you can use. In some instances, specific monsters take more damage from certain types of weaponry. For example, the Arclight is the best weapon against Abyssal Demons because it grants 70% accuracy and damage against demonic creatures.

Attack gear can provide stab, slash, and crush bonuses. You can find this information in the Equipment Stats section. While it’s important to wield the best weapon type for a specific creature,  you can get away with using a scimitar in the early levels. This is because it provides sufficient statistics to fight all types of enemies. Here’s the best gear to use on your path to level 99 Attack:

  • Level 1: Iron Scimitar
  • Level 5: Steel Scimitar
  • Level 10: Black Scimitar
  • Level 20: Mithril Scimitar
  • Level 30: Adamant Scimitar
  • Level 40: Brine Sabre or Rune Scimitar
  • Level 50: Granite Hammer
  • Level 60: Dragon Scimitar or Longsword
  • Level 70: Abyssal Whip or Saradomin Sword
  • Level 75: Ghrazi Rapier

This is the weaponry guide you’ll want to follow as you progress in Attack. F2P players can only wield gear up to level 40 since the cap is at Rune tier. The Brine Saber is a better alternative to Rune because it gives +2 strength and slash bonuses. At the late levels, you’ll want to equip a Ghrazi Rapier if you can afford it. It provides the highest Strength and stabs bonus out of all the weapons in OSRS.

Also, it’s important to note that you should wear the best armor available to you. Reducing the amount of damage taken will let you train at each location longer.

  • Level 1: Iron Armor
  • Level 5: Steel Armor
  • Level 20: Mithril Armor
  • Level 30: Adamant Armor
  • Level 40: Rune Armor
  • Level 60: Dragon Armor
  • Level 65: Bandos Armor
  • Level 75: Justiciar Armor

Furthermore, when training, bring Super Defence, Super Strength, and Super Attack potions to increase XP and kills per hour. If you have a high Herblore Level, create Overloads because they give 5-19 boosts in all combat skills. However, if you can’t afford these potions, you can use the basic versions. Also, bring the best food type because you’ll be taking damage constantly. Monkfish, sharks, rocktail, and anglerfish are excellent HP sources.

Useful Attack Items

Increasing your character’s bonuses is essential for high DPS.  Make sure that you get these items because they will make your attacks more accurate and powerful.

  • Amulet of Accuracy: gives +4 to stab, slash, and crush attack types.
  • Amulet of Power: gives +6 stab, slash, and crush attack types.
  • Amulet of Glory: gives +10 stab, slash, and crush attack types.
  • The Beads of the Dead: +1 to all attack styles.
  • Amulet of Fury: gives +10 stab, slash, and crush attack types. Also, it provides higher bonuses in defense, prayer, and Strength.
  • Amulet of Torture: gives +15 to all melee attack bonuses.
  • Warrior Ring: gives +4 slash attack bonus.
  • Ferocious Gloves: gives +16 to all melee attack types.

Questing For Attack Experience

As with all skills in OSRS, there are multiple quests that you can complete to skip past the early levels. This will allow you to equip much better weapons and begin faster training methods. Most of these quests have few requirements so that low-level players can complete them. It’s recommended first to finish the Witch’s House quest to receive 6,325 Consitution XP. This is because many of these quests feature boss fights, so you’ll need the extra hitpoints.

  • Waterfall Quest – 13,750 Attack and Strength XP
  • Death Plateau – 3,000 Attack XP
  • Fight Arena – 12,175 Attack XP
  • Tree Gnome Village – 11,450 Attack XP
  • Vampyre Slayer – 4,825 Attack XP
  • The Grand Tree – 18,400 Attack XP
  • Mountain Daughter – 1,000 Attack XP
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio – 2,500 Attack and Strength XP

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - OSRS Wiki

After you’ve completed all these quests, you’ll gain 67,100 Attack XP and 16,250 Strength XP. This will equate to level 45 Attack and level 31 Strength. Therefore, you can blow by the early levels and equip a Brine Sabre or Rune Scimitar straight away. Also, with the added 31 Strength levels, you’ll now hit a lot harder.

How To Train Attack

Training Attack is like any other combat skill. You’ll want to wield a melee weapon and the best armor you can afford. Once you find a killable enemy, you must select the accurate attack style to gain experience in the skill. A player will receive an Attack and Consitution experience when they get a successful hit.

F2P Level 1-99 OSRS Attack Guide

To begin, we’ll start with the free-to-play guide—gear up with your best armor, weapons, and food. The beginning will be slow as your character can’t defeat hard enemies. However, as you progress, better training options will become available.

Levels 1-10: Chickens

Chickens can be found in the farmhouse North-East of Lumbridge Castle. Try to find an empty world because this location is usually flooded with low-level players. The benefit of this location is that you’ll gain experience quickly. The chickens spawn fast, and there’s a range that you can use to cook them. Also, pick up the feathers as this is a great money-making source for new RuneScapers.

Levels 10-20: Giant Rats

For the next 10 levels, you’re going to fight giant rats. They can be found in the Lumbridge Swamp, which is directly south of the castle. Alternatively, you can go Northeast of the Varrock Fountain. You should see a manhole, which you can go down. This location is better because the giant rats are packed together in a tight area.

They drop bones that you can bury for the Prayer experience. Also, they have a chance to drop a looting bag and beginner clue scrolls. The giant rats have 5 HP and have a max hit of 1.

Levels 20-30: Al-Kharid Warriors

Now you can wield Mithril weaponry, which means you can efficiently kill higher-level enemies. From levels 20-30, you’ll be slaying Al-Kharid warriors. You can find them in the Al-Kharid Palace, which is the most Southern building in the city. A great aspect of these NPCs is that they are only level 9, so killing them is easy.

Also, after attacking the first guard, you’ll gain aggro from all of them. Therefore, making this method semi-AFK. You’ll have to change worlds every 5-7 minutes to regain aggro.

Levels 30-60: Hill Giants

This method features one of the most iconic NPCs in all of OSRS. You’ll be killing Hill Giants till the level 50 Attack. They are an excellent money-making method because they drop big bones and occasionally limpwurt roots. Their max hit is 4, so make sure to bring good food and potions.

The hill giants are located West of the Cooking Guild near the Grand Exchange wall. You’ll see a small shed that can only be unlocked with a Brass Key.  Inside is a ladder that will lead to the hill giant’s cave. This location is usually crowded, so hop worlds until you find a suitable option.

Levels 60-80: Giant Spiders

Now that you’re getting towards stronger weapons, it’s time to train on harder creatures. At 60 Attack, you’ll head to the Stronghold of Security and descend to the 3rd level. This location is flooded with giant spiders that will automatically attack you. Bring defense potions and lots of food because you’ll be getting hit by a lot of enemies. Their maximum hit is 7 and they have 50 HP.

Moreover, this option is entirely AFK if you let your character auto-retaliate against them. When they lose aggro, go to a different location and run back. Continue doing this until your level 80 Attack.

Levels 80-99: Ogress Warriors

The best option for money-making and excellent XP rates is killing ogress warriors. Although they can hit a hard 8 hitpoints, the loot will outweigh the money you spend on food. In F2P, they are the best money makers, and you can make millions on your path to level 99.

Ogress warriors are located in the Corsair Cove Dungeon, a large cave system underneath the Southern part of the Feldip Hills.

Fastest Level 1-99 OSRS Attack Guide

All the next training methods will be members only. Low-level accounts have access to a larger variety of options, making it faster to train the skill. Firstly, you’ll want to complete the Waterfall Quest because this will get you to level 30 Attack and Strength. The quest is medium in length and has minimal requirements.

However, if you’re not the questing type of player, here’s how to get past the first few levels.

Levels 1-10: Chickens

When you first start the skill, you’re limited to what you can kill. The fastest option is to kill chickens till level 10. They are found in the chicken pen Northwest of the cow field. Low-level players can crowd this place, so scan through the worlds till you find a suitable user count. Also, pick up the feathers for easy money.

Levels 10-60: Ammonite Crabs or Sand Crabs

The fastest method to train mid-tier Attack levels is by slaying ammonite crabs. These crabs have 100 hitpoints with minimal defense and attack stats. This means you’ll be able to kill them without taking much damage yourself. The maximum they will hit you is 1 HP, so you can bring minimal food.

The ammonite crabs can be found on the coastal and Northen beaches of Fossil Island. Unfortunately, these crabs are usually crowded with players because of the brilliant hourly XP rates.

Alternatively, you can train Attack with sand crabs. Although they don’t provide as much XP they are not as crowded, so you’ll kill more per hour. Also, both these options are AFK because crabs are aggressive monsters. Due to them hitting low, you’ll only need to check in every few minutes to see if you need food.

Levels 60-99: Nightmare Zone

From here on out, the fastest XP rates can be found at Nightmare Zone. This is a safe minigame that rewards players for killing creatures, which they have faced in quests. Currently, the best strategy to train melee at this location is to use Dwarven Rock Cake to get yourself to 1 HP and use Dharok’s armor set. This greatly increases damage while using absorption potions, which are provided by the minigame.

Alternatively, you can use full Obsidian armor, an Obsidian sword, and a Berserker necklace. This variation means you won’t need to spend GP on repairing Dharok’s armor. However, your best gear will be viable, but you may not get the best XP rates.

Training at Nightmare Zone can yield approximately 140k experience per hour, including Constitution. Moreover, you’ll receive points after each game that can be exchanged for a variety of rewards. If you want to make money with this training option, buy Herb Boxes, generating 10-150k. Each box costs 9,500 reward points, and only 15 of these may be bought per day.

Also, you can select what monsters you’ll face. This is a huge advantage because you can exclude the monsters with high defense or challenging to kill. Make sure that you fight these enemies:

  • Count Draynor
  • The Kendal
  • Skeleton Hellhound
  • Black Knight Titan
  • Black Demon
  • Bouncer
  • Trapped Soul
  • Sand Snake
  • King Roald
  • Tree Spirit
  • Khazard Warlord

Profitable Level 1-99 OSRS Attack Guide

PVM is one of the best sources of money-making in OSRS. There’s always a creature that you can kill for profitable loot. Slaying monsters is far more exciting than skilling, so players gravitate to PVMing for a source of income. Here are the best and profitable training methods:

Levels 1-30: Waterfall Quest or Cows

Waterfall Quest.png

The best money-making creatures require high-level stats to defeat, so it’s important to blow by the early levels. An easy way to reach level 30 Attack is by completing the Waterfall Quest. It’s a medium-length quest, and you’ll save hours by completing it.

Alternatively, you can kill cows till level 30 Attacks. They are located East of Lumbridge Castle, you should see them once you go across the bridge. After slaying a cow, pick up the cowhide and store it in your bank. You’ll make roughly 30-80k GP per hour.

Levels 30-50: Hill Giants

The most profitable training method for F2P and members is hill giants. They are located Northwest of the Cooking Guild. You’ll need to purchase a brass key from the Grand Exchange to enter the shed, which has a ladder leading to the hill giant cave.

The main drops from hill giants are limpwurt roots and big bones. You’ll get limpwurt roots every few drops, but big bones are consistent. The great benefit of this option is that big bones are always in demand since they are used for training Prayer. After your inventory is full, run to the GE to bank your items and repeat. At 200 kills per hour, you’ll generate 100-150k GP.

Levels 50-75: Green Dragons

Slaying green dragons are one of the most popular methods of making money while receiving Attack XP. This is because the requirements are minimal, and the gold per hour is roughly 450k.


  • Anti-Dragon Shield or Anti-Fire Potions
  • Good Armor
  • Brine Sabre, Rune Scimitar, and then Dragon Scimitar
  • Super Potions
  • High-tier food

The dragons have two basic attacks that are easy to counter. The first is a melee strike and will only occur if you are close. Typically the melee attack does not do significant damage. The second attack is a fire breath, which can do absurd damage if you don’t have an anti-dragon shield or anti-fire potions.

After you’ve slain a dragon, it will always drop green d’hide and dragon bones. Pick up these items and bank once your inventory is full. The rarest item they can drop is a dragon spear and Shield Left Half.

Unfortunately, green dragons are located deep in the Wilderness. You can find the East of the Bandit Camp and South of the Ruins. Make sure not to bring valuable items because it’s a PKing hot spot. Usually, other players will come to hunt bots, so they may leave you alone if you send a message.

Levels 75-99: Vorkath

Perhaps the best PVM money-making method is killing Vorkath. The dragon has an excellent drop table with many high-value items. Most of them are not priced high but are easily stackable in your inventory, which can add up very quickly. Nevertheless, when you hit a rare item, your profits will go into the millions.

To gain access to Vorkath’s lair, you’ll need to complete the Dragon Slayer II quest. The quest version of the boss is significantly easier to kill. However, Vorkath is an easy boss to beat once you learn the basic mechanics and how to counter attacks.

Getting to the boss’s lair is quite easy, and you should already be familiar as you had to do so in the quest. If you’ve forgotten how to get to Vorkath, you’ll need to get a boat from Rellekka to Ungael. The island features an abandoned dragonkin fortress and laboratory. Here you will find various creatures and Vorkath. The quickest method to deposit loot and get to the island is POH to Lunar Island. Then bank what you need and talk to the bankers. They will teleport you to Rellekka square.

Furthermore, if you die while fighting the boss, you’ll have to pay 100k GP to the sailor to retrieve your items back. Once you kill the dragon, grab its loot and deposit it in the bank. Repeat the process until you become highly efficient. Each kill will get you approximately 120k GP, and you can expect to make more than 1 million per hour.

Alternative: Demonic Gorillas

Demonic Gorillas are high-level creatures unlocked after the completion of Monkey Madness II. Currently, they are the only monster to drop Zenyte Shard, which can be cut with an Onyx. This will create an uncut Zenyte, which is worth 11 million GP.

The best way to slay Demonic Gorillas is with an Arclight because it provides 70% increased accuracy and damage. The sword can be made by using a Darklight on the altar in the Catacombs of Kourend while having 3 Ancient shards in your inventory. The created sword will have 1,000 charges and gains +1,000 charges for every 3 shards added. Each successful attack will consume a shard, and the maximum the sword can hold is 10,000 charges.

The Demonic Gorillas can be found in the Crash Site Cavern after completion of the quest. They use all three combat styles, which makes it difficult to find the perfect counter. Also, the Demonic Gorillas use protection prayers and will switch every 50 HP of damage taken. Therefore, to kill them, players must bring 2 combat styles.

Level 1-99 Attack With Slayer

An efficient method of training Attack is to take slayer tasks from masters. This way you’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone since you’ll be gaining Attack and Slayer experience. The benefit of leveling Slayer simultaneously is that you’ll get access to new monsters. Some of them are amazing money makers like Abyssal Demons.

Also, slayer masters will give various tasks that will take you all around Gielinor. This immerses players and lets them explore locations that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Moreover, Slayer is a great method of making money because you’ll fight dragons, gargoyles, devils, and all sorts of creatures.

Moreover, after completing a task, you’ll receive reward points to spend on various items. The first item you should buy is the Slayer Helmet because it gives various boosts when fighting monsters on a task. If there are any tasks you dislike, you can spend points to put them on the “ban lists”.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, we’ve gone over the best F2P, AFK, profitable, and fastest methods. Based on your goals, select the relevant guide. We’ve done extensive research on the best available training options, and these are the most efficient.

We strongly recommend completing the waterfall quest to get started because this will take you straight to level 30 Attack. So what did you think of our guide? Let us know in the comments below!


Question: Is Dragon Slayer II A Difficult Quest?

Answer: Dragon Slayer II is a sequel to the nostalgic Dragon Slayer I, which featured a terrorizing green dragon. The official difficulty is the grandmaster because of the many requirements and length of the quest. However, completing Dragon Slayer II isn’t difficult if you follow a guide. The estimated time to finish the quest is roughly 2-3 hours. The rewards upon completion are excellent:
5 Quest Points
Access to the Myths’ Guild
25k Smithing XP
18k Minning XP
15k Agility XP
15k Thieving XP
Ability to make Super Anti-fire potions
Access to fight Vorkath

Question: What Is The Best Melee Weapon In OSRS?

Answer: Currently, there are 5 brilliant melee weapons that players can use if they can afford them. Some of the weapons have special requirements to be able to wield.

Ghrazi Rapier: the Ghrazi Rapier requires a level 75 Attack to be wielded. It’s a stabbing weapon that can be obtained as a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood. The weapon has the best attack speed in OSRS. The melee weapon can be combined with a holy ornament kit to make a Saradomine themed Holy Ghrazi Rapier.
Scythe of Vitur: the Scythe of Vitur is a two-handed slash weapon. It requires a level 75 Attack and Strength to wield. The powerful Scythe can hit 3 enemies at once.
Saradomin’s Blessed Sword: the Saradomin’s Blessed Sword is created by combining a Saradomin’s Tear with a Saradomin Sword. The blessed version of the sword has +18 slash and +6 strength. Also, it requires a level 75 Attack to wield.
Blade of Saeldor: the Blade of Saeldor is a powerful sword that is created by a singing bowl and combining 100 crystal shards with an enchanted crystal weapon seed. The level requirement to create the blade is level 82 Smithing and Crafting. To wield the weapon, you’ll need a level 75 Attack.
Godsword: there are four types of Godswords: Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, and Zamorak. Each sword has a unique special attack. The swords require a level 75 Attack to wield and have the highest slash bonus out of any weapon.

Question: Why Is Training Attack Important?

Answer: To progress your character within the world of RuneScape, you must train your Attack. Leveling up the skill gives you access to new weaponry that you can use to kill various creatures and bosses. Also, Attack is a requirement for multiple important quests.

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