OSRS Firemaking Training Guide: How To Master Firemaking

Firemaking is a tedious skill, which will cost millions to achieve mastery. Although being a money sink, the skill is incredibly simple and relaxing. Compared to Herblore, Prayer, and other buyable skills, Firemaking is the least expensive. There are multiple methods of training the skill that can vary in price per XP. We’ll go over the F2P, fastest, and cheapest options to level 99 Firemaking.

Why Train Firemaking?


While Firemaking doesn’t have many uses, players tend to focus on the skill because of its speed. Dedicated players can achieve level 99 Firemaking within 30-35h. Also, it’s one of the cheapest buyable skills, and by level 99, you’ll spend 3.5-11 million GP. Compare this to Herblore, which would cost +200m, Firemaking is a drop in the ocean.

Furthermore, players would want to max the skill is because of the aesthetically pleasing skillcape and emote. Lastly, adventures who want to progress their account will need Firemaking for quest requirements and diaries.

Useful Firemaking Items

Unfortunately, Firemaking doesn’t have many unique and useful items that you can obtain. However, make sure to use the items listed because they can help boost your hourly XP rates.

  • Tinderbox: This is an essential item to train Firemaking. It must be in your inventory at all times because you won’t be able to light logs without it. The tinderbox can be bought from any General Store or the Grand Exchange.
  • Pyromancer Outfit: The skilling outfit will provide a bonus experience when training Firemaking. The clothing can be obtained through the Wintertodt boss fight by searching supply creates. Make sure to pursue this item because it will save so many hours of training. Each piece gives a different amount of experience, and the full set will provide 2.5% extra XP.
    • Pyromancer Hood: 0.4%
    • Pyromancer Robe: 0.6%
    • Pyromancer Garb: 0.8%
    • Pyromancer Boots: 0.2%
    • Full set bonus: 2.5%
  • Spicy Stew with Orange Spice: The food source will randomly increase or decrease your Firemaking level by 0-5. This is great for the early levels to speed up the process and is worth risking the temporary reduction of levels.
  • Firemaking Cape: Once you achieve level 99 Firemaking, you can purchase the skill cape for 99k GP from Ignatius Vulcan. He can be found South of Seers’ Village. The cape will give +1 Firemaking when activated. This is essential to wear for those who are going for 200m XP.

Firemaking Quests

Firemaking Quests

Completing all or some of these quests will be helpful to skip past the first few levels. It’s not a requirement to complete the quests since Firemaking is a fast skill. However, if you love questing and progressing your account, these are the best quests to finish.

  • The Giant Dwarf: 1,500 Firemaking XP
  • Heroes’ Quest: 1,575 Firemaking XP
  • Enlightened Journey: 4,000 Firemaking XP
  • Making Friends with My Arm: 5,000 Firemaking XP
  • Enakhra’s Lament: 7,000 Firemaking XP

These quests range in level requirements. They’re great for when you feel burned out and want to take a break from training. Also, Firemaking is often a required skill for many high-tier quests, which is one of the main reasons players want to gain levels.

  • Recipe for Disaster: Requires level 20 Firemaking
  • Sea Slug: Requires level 30 Firemaking
  • Olaf’s Quest: Requires level 40 Firemaking
  • Swan Song: Requires level 42 Firemaking
  • Tears of Guthix: Requires level 49 Firemaking
  • Lunar Diplomacy: Requires level 49 Firemaking
  • Desert Treasure: Requires level 50 Firemaking
  • Monkey Madness II: Requires level 60 Firemaking
  • Making Friends with My Arm: Requires level 66 Firemaking

Desert Treasure and Monkey Madness II are perhaps the most important quest to progress your character. They will help unlock Ancient Curses, Ancient Magicks, and Demonic Gorillas.

Combustible Logs

To train Firemaking, you’ll need to have combustible logs in your inventory. Each unique log will require a certain Firemaking level.

  • Normal Logs: Level 1 Firemaking
  • Achey Logs: Level 1 Firemaking
  • Oak Logs: Level 15 Firemaking
  • Willow Logs: Level 30 Firemaking
  • Teak Logs: Level 35 Firemaking
  • Arctic Pine Logs: Level 42 Firemaking
  • Maple Logs: Level 45 Firemaking
  • Mahogany Logs: Level 50 Firemaking
  • Yew Logs: Level 60 Firemaking
  • Blisterwood Logs: Level 62 Firemaking
  • Magic Logs: Level 75 Firemaking
  • Redwood Logs: Level 90 Firemaking

What Are Pyre Logs?

Pyre logs are a unique variation of the usual logs you’ll use for Firemaking training. To make pyre logs, you’ll need sacred oil created during the Shades of Mort’ton minigame. During the minigame, you’ll need to assist in repairing and defending the Flamtaer temple.

Once the temple has been fully repaired, the altar at the center becomes useable. To create the sacred oil, you’ll need to light the altar first. Then use olive oil on the altar to create sacred oil. You can purchase olive oil from the Razmire general store.

Afterward, players can use the sacred oil on the logs they desire to turn it into a pyre log. While they do give a lot more XP, it takes a long time to create a significant amount of pyre logs. Also, pyre logs have a higher level requirement compared to their regular counterparts.

  • Normal and Achey Pyre Logs: Level 5 Firemaking
  • Oak Pyre Logs: Level 20 Firemaking
  • Willow Pyre Logs: Level 35 Firemaking
  • Teak Pyre Logs: Level 40 Firemaking
  • Arctic Pine Pyre Logs: Level 47 Firemaking
  • Maple Pyre Logs: Level 50 Firemaking
  • Mahogany Pyre Logs: Level 55 Firemaking
  • Yew Pyre Logs: Level 65 Firemaking
  • Magic Pyre Logs: Level 80 Firemaking
  • Redwood Pyre Logs: Level 90 Firemaking

Balloon Transport System

The balloon transport system is one of several methods of quickly traveling around Gielinor. The teleportation system will be unlocked once you complete the Enlightened Journey quest. There are 6 balloon transport locations available:

  • Entrana: Requires level 20 Firemaking and 1 normal log.
  • Taverely: Requires level 20 Firemaking and 1 normal log.
  • Crafting Guild: Requires level 30 Firemaking and 1 oak log.
  • Varrock – South of the Lumber Yard: Requires level 40 Firemaking and 1 willow log.
  • Castle Wars: Requires level 50 Firemaking and 1 yew log.
  • Grand Tree: Requires level 60 Firemaking and 1 magic log.

To travel between locations, you will need to control the balloon. During the quest, you’ll learn simple mechanics.

  • Drop Sandbag: Moves balloon up 2 spaces
  • Burn Log: Moves balloon up 1 space.
  • Relax: Moves balloon forward with no change in altitude.
  • Pull Normal Rope: Moves balloon down 1 space
  • Pull Red Rope: Moves balloon down 2 spaces.
  • Bail: Returns the player from the balloon flight.

These teleports may not be useful for training the Firemaking skill. However, the balloon travel system can be handy when training Farming, Fishing, Slayer, etc. This is because you’ll be running a lot between training locations, and teleports can save a lot of time.

Woodcutting for Firemaking

The Woodcutting skill synchronizes with Firemaking exceptionally well. Players can cut logs and bank the supplies while increasing their Woodcutting level. Therefore, you won’t need to spend any GP on the Firemaking skill since you’ll gain them from the Woodcutting skill. Also, you’ll be killing 2 birds with 1 stone as you’ll be achieving level 99 in 2 skills. This is perfect for iron man accounts as they can’t trade other players to receive supplies.

However, this method will take extremely long because Woodcutting is an ultra-slow skill. Moreover, the wood that you don’t use for level 99 Firemaking can be sold for a profit or used for fletching.

How To Train Firemaking


Earning experience in Firemaking is an extremely easy process. First, make sure that you have a tinder box and 27 logs in your inventory. The tinder box is an essential component because it will ignite the logs, so make sure not to forget it. They can be bought from the Grand Exchange or any general store.

Once your inventory is set up, you’ll need to find a suitable location to burn logs. Typically you want a long straight path so that you can burn all 27 logs in 1 go. Here are the best locations if you’re unsure where to go:

  • Piscarilius Bank: Located on Great Kourend, there is a long strip of flat land outside the bank. This area is usually unpopulated, which makes it excellent for Firemaking training.
  • Port Phasmatys Bank: This location is perfect because you can eliminate the need to run to banks after finishing an inventory. You can begin doing a line, and by the time you’re finished, you’ll be next to the ghost bankers. Refill your inventory and begin another line to end up back at your original position at the bank. Rinse and repeat until level 99 Firemaking. However, you will need a ghost speaker amulet to use the bank.
  • Rouges’ Den: This area is great because you’ll be next to a bank once you finish your inventory. You’ll need to position yourself correctly when you begin a new line for optimal bank proximity.
  • The Grand Exchange: This location is preferred by most because players can buy more supplies if they need to. A less populated world is required to increase performance and reduce input lag.

Now that you’re in a good location and have a full inventory, it’s time to dive into the mechanics. To begin the Firemaking skill, use the tinderbox on the logs. Your character will start igniting the logs, and after a few tries, it will leave the logs burning on the floor. The time to ignite depends on your Firemaking level and logs. Once you have a sufficient Firemaking level, the logs will ignite instantly.

Also, after a few minutes, the logs will burn up and leave a pile of ashes. Players can pick them up to sell at the GE for a small profit.

F2P Level 1-99 OSRS Firemaking Guide

Levels 1-15: Normal Logs


The fastest method to level 15 Firemaking is by burning normal logs. They grant 40 experience, so you’ll need to burn 61 normal logs. You can get them pretty much anywhere because evergreen, dead, and dying trees are located throughout Gielinor. However, you can purchase them from the GE for roughly 3k GP.

Levels 15-30: Oak Logs

From levels 15-30 Firemaking, you’ll be burning oak logs. They provide 60 experience, which means you’ll need to burn 183 oak logs. Since they are relatively cheap, you can purchase them from the GE for 12k GP.

Levels 30-45: Willow Logs

Burning willow logs is quick and efficient until level 45 Firemaking. Willow logs are one of the cheapest supplies from the GE and will set you back 10k GP. Each log provides 90 experience, so you’ll need to burn 535 willow logs.

Levels 45-60 or till 99: Maple Logs

The quickest method to level 60 Firemaking is burning maple logs. You’ll need to burn 1,572 maple logs since they grant 135 experience. It will take you roughly 1h to get level 60 Firemaking if you’re efficient with movements.

Furthermore, some players decide to use maple logs till level 99 Firemaking. This is because they are cheap for the XP given. Although they do not provide the best XP per hour, you’ll be saving millions of GP.

Levels 60-99: Yew Logs

The best XP rate for F2P Firemaking is with yew logs. They give 202.5 experience per log, which means you’ll need to burn 63,016 yew logs. This can become expensive for some players because 63k yew logs cost roughly 13m GP.

Members Level 1-99 OSRS Firemaking Guide

Levels 1-30: Creating Pyre Logs

This method will require you to complete the Shades of Mort’ton quest to gain the ability to create sacred oil. Creating pyre logs is the best source of XP till level 30 Firemaking. You won’t be burning the logs, instead you’ll only be making them.

Players can create any type of pyre log regardless of Firemaking level. To make a pyre log, you’ll need to add sacred oil to any log. To obtain sacred oil, you’ll need to do the Shades of Mort’ton minigame.

During the minigame, you will need to defend and rebuild the altar. Once the building is 100%, you can light the candles. After, you can use the olive oil on the altar to create sacred oil.

  • Regular Pyre logs: 10 XP
  • Oak Pyre Logs: 10 XP
  • Willow Pyre Logs: 12 XP
  • Teak Pyre Logs: 12 XP
  • Arctic Pine Pyr Logs: 12 XP
  • Maple Pyre Logs: 12 XP
  • Mahogany Pyre Logs: 12 XP
  • Yew Pyre Logs: 16 XP
  • Magic Pyre Logs: 16 XP
  • Redwood Pyre Logs: 16 XP

Note: Afterwards, you can sell the pyre logs at the Grand Exchange. However, you can keep them for later if you’ve invested in high-tier logs.

Levels 30-99: Burning Logs

Burning Logs

For the next 70 levels, you’ll be burning various types of logs. The best Firemaking experience is gained by burning the highest tier available to your character. Also, pyre logs will provide the best XP rates if you afford them.

  • Levels 1-15: Normal Logs
  • Levels 15-30: Oak Logs
  • Levels 30-35 or Till 99: Willow Logs
  • Levels 35-42: Teak Logs
  • Levels 42-45: Arctic Pine Logs
  • Levels 45-50 or Till 99: Maple Logs
  • Levels 50-60: Mahogany Logs
  • Levels 60-75 or Till 99: Yew Logs
  • Levels 75-90 or Till 99: Magic Logs
  • Levels 90-99: Redwood Logs

Alternative: Level 50-99: Wintertodt

While Firemaking is known as a skill that literally burns your money, that’s changed since the release of Wintertodt. This is a skilling boss that becomes available at level 50 Firemaking. Currently, it’s more popular than the traditional training methods. That’s because players can earn money while training the skill.

Also, the boss will take 15 hours longer to reach level 99 Firemaking, which is not a deal breaker to most players. If you’re on a budget, then Wintertodt is your best way to achieve level 99 Firemaking.


Question: How Difficult Is Wintertodt?

Answer: Wintertodt is a Firemaking skill-boss in OSRS. This means to kill the boss, you’ll need to focus on the skilling aspect of RuneScape. The dedicated Wintertodt worlds are 307, 309, and 311. You must play on these worlds to get the best XP rates. Fights on these worlds average 4 minutes, which is considerably shorter than soloing Wintertodt.

Getting to the boss is extremely easy because all you need is a games necklace. The gear required is minimal because the boss is fairly easy to kill with a decent group. However, you will need to equip warm clothing because the Wintertodt area is freezing.
Fire Cape, Infernal Cape, Firemaking Cape, Obsidian Cape
Pyromancer Outfit
Santa Hat, Fire Tiara
Hunter Gear
Yak-hide armor

Inventory Setup:
Best hatchet available

During the game, players must chop the roots of the bruma tree and add them to the braziers. Also, you can use a knife to fletch them for an additional 27% Firemaking experience. Occasionally the boss will create a snowstorm that will damage players. Bring good food because this is not a minigame, and dying means losing your essential items.

Achieving level 99 Firemaking with this method will take around 45-50h, and you’ll gain 500-1,000k Woodcutting experience.

Question: Where Can I Get The Firemaking Skillcape?

Answer: The Firemaking skill cape is available for those who achieve level 99 mastery in the skill. It can be purchased for 99,000 GP along with the Firemaking hood. Ignatius Vulcan is a master Firemaker and will sell you the items. He is located South of Seers’ Village or Northeastern of the Sorcerer’s Tower.
The Firemaking cape comes with numerous benefits. It acts as a permanent light source, which is brilliant for questing. Furthermore, it’s a piece of warm clothing that can be used for Wintertodt. Finally, it provides excellent defensive stats:
Defensive Bonuses +9 Stab
+9 Slash
+9 Crush
+9 Magic
+9 Range
Other Bonuses +4 Prayer (If skillcape is trimmed)

Question: What Are The Best Buyable Skills?

Answer: OSRS has multiple buyable skills that provide a wide variety of benefits. A lot of these skills will have cheaper or profitable training methods. However, it will take much longer to reach level 99. Rich OSRS players can enjoy the benefit of buying expensive supplies to reach masteries in skills as soon as possible.
Herblore: Perhaps the best buyable skill is Herblore because it lets you clean herbs and create potions. Herblore can be an excellent money maker by cleaning herbs. However, most players train the skill to create overloads. They provide huge offensive bonuses, which is ideal for PVM.
Prayer: The next top-tier buyable skill is Prayer. Increasing your Prayer level is necessary for PVM and PVP. It gives you access to various protection and offensive bonuses. The most notable prayers are soul split and deflect curses, which are provided after completing The Temple at Senntisten.
Smithing: This skill is used to create various armors and weapons. A high Smithing level gives you access to top-tier quests. Also, the skill is used for combining various weapon components.

Final Thoughts

Firemaking is a necessary skill to max your account. It’s fast and easily achievable with the right amount of dedication. Although it’s a buyable skill, you’ll spend less than 15 million GP till level 99 Firemaking.

Furthermore, Firemaking is often a requirement for some high-level quests, which will progress your character tremendously. So what did you think of our guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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