Greater Demons OSRS Guide: How To Kill A Greater Demon

Old School Runescape is an MMO series that has been around since the dawn of the millennium. Granted, back then it was nothing more than a novelty browser game but since these primitive times, the game has gone on to become one of the most successful and celebrated games within the genre. For years, this game has been adding expansion after expansion, bringing with them a wealth of content. Some updates would add new quests, some additions would see new bosses and creatures added to the game and in some cases, brand new areas would pop up.

While we would never argue that this is a bad thing. What we will say is that with all this content on offer, it means that fans need to be on the ball, constantly observing patch notes and keeping up with RS gold trends. It can be exhausting and that is where we come in. We have created a series of guides that will help you get all the info you need surrounding specific Oldschool Runescape topics, meaning that you’ll never be left scratching your head on the best way to tackle a quest, blue dragon, boss, or skill training session.

In this guide, we take a look specifically at the Greater Demons within OSRS. These intermediate-level monsters pose a threat to those that underestimate them and also offer some rather unique drops for those that can best them. So without further delay, here is our OSRS Greater Demon handbook.

What is a Greater Demon in OSRS?


As we mentioned, Greater Demons are an intermediate, common enemy type within OSRS, similar to the Black Demon and Abyssal Demon enemies. These monsters are most commonly known for their Rune Full Helm and hard clue scroll drops. In terms of appearance, these creatures are inspired by the mythical beasts of hell. This creature looks like it’s been designed to resemble the devil himself. The creature is a crimson red color with hints of black specifically on its tail, horns, and hooves. Greater Demons are about 3×3 tiles in size and have a very stocky, muscular frame.

Greater Demons have two sharp downturned horns on each side of their head, red piercing eyes, a mouth with innumerable sharp fangs, three claws on each hand, two wings that resemble that of a dragon or an imp, a long, stringy tail with a black appendage at the end, then two cloven hooves at the end of their long, muscular legs. In short, they cut a very imposing figure indeed, and without proper training and experience, they could cut you down to size fast.

Here are the base stats for this creature so you can get an idea of what you are up against:

Health: 89

Attack: 76

Strength: 78

Defense: 81

Magic: 1

Ranged: 1

This creature has a combat level of 92, is rather predictably a demon-type monster, has a max hit often, has a slash attack style, has an attack speed of four seconds, and provides 87XP to the player is defeated.

Where to Find Greater Demon’s In OSRS

Greater Demons can be found in a variety of different places within the world of OSRS. This is simply due to the fact that this monster is a relatively common one. However, instead of simply stating that fact, why don’t we point you in the right direction. Here is every single location that you will find a Greater Demon in OSRS:

  • Wilderness near Demonic Ruins
  • Brimhaven Dungeon
  • Sisterhood Sanctuary
  • Entrana Dungeon
  • Lava Maze Dungeon
  • Wilderness Slayer Cave
  • Catacombs of Kourend
  • Chasm of Fire
  • Karuulm Slayer Dungeon
  • Ogre Enclave
  • Isle of Souls Dungeon

While there are a lot of places where you can encounter Greater Demons, we would point out that there is one of these locations that act as the ideal place to battle these creatures. This is the Chasm of Fire dungeon. This can only be accessed when on a slayer quest to take down these beasts, however, if you go here instead of the other locations, you will be able to battle up to 17 Greater Demons at one time. Which not only allows you to bring along larger groups of players with you. It also means that you can be more efficient and get more drops per hour.

To get to the Chasm of Fire, you will need to travel to the northwest corner of Shayzien in Great Kourend. To access this area in the quickest and easiest way, you can use a Fairy Ring and enter the code DJR and this will bring you to the southeast of the chasm. Or the player can use Kharedst’s memoirs to travel to the Graveyard of Heroes. However, the player will have had to complete the quest Tale of the Righteous first. Then additionally, the Battlefront teleport will bring you close to the Chasm as well.

The best alternatives to this would be to go to the Catacombs of Kourend or the Wilderness Slayer Cave. However, you will have to battle against higher-level Greater Demons and will receive no better reward for your efforts. However, you will have access to 10 Greater Demons at one time with no slayer quest needed. So it really depends if you are willing to work harder for these drops to avoid increasing your slayer level.

Do You Need To Have an Active Quest to Fight A Greater Demon?

Demon Quest

This depends on if you want to fight a large patch of these lower-level Greater Demons mentioned above or fight higher level or low quantities of Greater demons. If you are willing to settle for either of the latter, then you do not have to have an active slayer quest. However, if you wish to enter the Chasm of Fire and battle the Greater Demons within, you will have to make this your active slayer quest. This task is assigned by all the major slayer masters and does not require any particular slayer level.

Is Their A Superior Variant of this Monster?

While there is no named superior variant of this monster, it really does depend on how you define a superior variant. For you see, there are three unique, named bosses who fall into the category of Greater Demons. These are Tstanon Karlak, Skotizo and K’ril Tsutsaroth. The two first mentioned are the bodyguards who serve K’ril Tsutsaroth and each of these monsters provides a test of strength, character, and skill.

Tstanon Karlak is a monster with a combat level of 145. In terms of appearance, it is rather similar to a standard Greater Demon. However, they are slightly larger and have white accents instead of black. This monster has a max hit of 15, a crush attack style, and offers 142XP if the player manages to defeat them. You can find this monster in the God Wars Dungeon.

Skotizo is a much tougher challenge and in terms of appearance, is very much its own beast. The creature is black and purple, significantly larger than the aforementioned Greater Demon variants and its most striking feature is its large horns which are extremely long and sharp grey pillars that could impale ten adventurers in one swoop. This beast has a combat level of 321, has a max hit of 38, has a varied attack style of slash and magic and players will gain 618XP for besting this creature. You can find Skotizo in the Catacombs of Kourend.

Then lastly, you have K’ril Tsutsaroth a Goliath demon that is just as dangerous as it looks. This creature is red and black, with a series of sharp white claws, spikes and appendages all over its body. It has two large wings, four black horns and if that all wasn’t enough, the creature wields two giant machetes in each hand. This creature has a combat level of 650, meaning only truly skilled adventurers should even consider this challenge. It has a varied attack style of magic, melee and a special attack that has the potential to deal with the creature’s max hit of 49. This creature can poison and if you do manage to beat this monster, you will be awarded 350.5XP.

Do Greater Demons Have Any Immunities?

Greater Demons have absolutely no immunities, meaning that adventurers can go about taking down these creatures in any way they deem fit. You can poison, use venom, use thralls or use cannons such as the dwarf multi cannons to take down this creature in rapid time. A tactic that can lead to better drops per hour and therefore, more gold for you to throw around at the Grand Exchange.

How to Fight Greater Demons

Greater Demon

The first thing to remember, especially if you are not a paying member of the community, is that you may encounter several other players when fighting these beasts. So unless you are fighting well above your station, we would urge you to bring as little with you as possible when hunting these creatures. Then to negate any potential griefers, be sure to train your prayer stat up to at least 43. This means that you will remain constantly protected from PKers and will be able to focus on the task at hand.

As for taking down the creatures themselves, they are very capable fighters with a powerful slash attack that can deal 10 damage at a time. However, if you use ranged and magical attacks, you will find that these creatures don’t have a response worth worrying about. There are several safe spots where the Greater demons can’t even fight back at all, allowing you to pick them off at distance. For example, in the Chasm of Fire, you can stand behind several pillars or on a variety of narrow pathways which the Demons cannot follow you down.

Failing this tactic you can always take these monsters on without cheap tricks. This will allow for faster kills and therefore more drops and more gold. When doing this though, we would urge you to still utilize ranged attacks and magic where possible, especially if settling in for a long session. However, if melee is your method of choice, we would suggest that you try and attack these creatures with quick attacks and try to move out of the way of their slash attacks. A high prayer stat for melee protection will also be invaluable in these situations. However, for best results, just stick to long-range attacks.

What Are The Best Drops That Greater Demons Offer?

Now that you have all the answers regarding taking down these monsters, you’ll want to know if it’s worthwhile doing so. Translation, what drops are available when you slay a Greater Demon? Well, this depends on what Greater Demon you hunt down. If you choose to hunt down any of Greater Demon variants who don’t hail from the Wilderness near the Demonic Ruins, you’ll have access to the standard list of drops. However, those within the wilderness will offer a much more generous set of drops.

However, you may be wondering what items are available within these drop lists and whether it’s worth planning a trip to any of these Demonic locales to chain kill these enemies. Well, allow us to give you all the information you need to make that decision. Here are the best drops that you can receive from Greater Demons:

Standard Greater Demons:

  • Rune full helm – 20,542 gold
  • Shield left half – 65,427 gold
  • Dragon spear – 37,690 gold
  • Rune spear – 11,716 gold
  • Ensouled demon head – 2,920 gold
  • Slayer’s enchantment – 2,842 gold
  • Uncut diamond – 2,642 gold
  • Adamant platelegs – 3,489 gold
  • Mithril kiteshield – 1,124 gold
  • Vile ashes (unique) – 450 gold

Wilderness Greater Demons:

  • Adamant kiteshield – 2,888 gold
  • Adamant battleaxe – 2050 gold
  • Adamant 2h sword – 3544 gold
  • Blood rune – 8,440 gold
  • Death rune – 2,730 gold

What If I Die Fighting Greater Demons?

As these monsters can only be encountered in non-instanced areas, if you die fighting these creatures you will have one opportunity to run back to the spot where you fell and retrieve your gear. However, if you die on the way to retrieve this gear, these items will be lost forever, so we would urge you to exercise caution when running back to get your lost inventory. Also, if you are on a public server, you will need to make sure that players aren’t lurking to take your gear. We have already urged you to travel light when battling Greater Demons. However, if you can find a server where other players aren’t in close proximity, that would be even better.

How Many Greater Demons Can you Kill in One Hour?

Questing Demons

This will depend on the level of Greater Demons that you take on, the stats that you have going into this battle session, and what weapons and gear (such as a Rune Longsword) you have available. However, even with average gear and battling the strongest Demons (level 113), we would say that an adept adventurer would be able to slay anywhere from 120-150 Great demons. If you battle a standard Greater Demon you can make an average of 888 gold per kill. However, if you take on the Wilderness Demons, you will make about 1418 gold per kill. Meaning that you can make anywhere from 133K to 212K an hour.

Take on a Greater Challenge

As you can see from the information above, Greater Demons are very interesting creatures within the OSRS universe, have several useful drops for intermediate players to make use of, and have a variety of superior variants that provide some of the toughest challenges within the game. Greater Demons provide a great challenge for players looking to make the leap to advanced combat but equally offer an easy grind for those that want to kill them from safe spots. Whatever your methodology, the Greater Demon is a great enemy and one you should go confront very soon.


If you have gotten to the end of this article and you still don’t have the answers that you seek. Then maybe our FAQ section will give you the clarity that you need. Check it out below:

Question: What Are Vile Ashes Used For?

Answer: While there are some much more luxurious items on the list of drops for a Greater Demon, Vile Ashes is one that is unique to certain types of monsters within OSRS. Players will only be able to acquire these ashes by killing a Greater Demon, Lesser Demon, Hellhounds and Mutated Bloodvelds. This item is a practical one that allows the player to boost their prayer XP by 25 or you can boost this stat by 75XP if you offer this ash up for a demonic offering spell. It is also worth noting that these ashes are now available for Free to Play players which was not the case for some time.

Question: What is the Best Food Item in OSRS?

Answer: While all food items vary in terms of effectiveness depending on the situation that they are used in, it is widely accepted that Shark is the best food item within the game. These items are often referred to as the best food item due to their high healing effect of 20HP. Plus, this food item can be caught in high volumes without a great deal of effort. You can catch this item with a harpoon and requires level 76 fishing. Or you can catch these fish barehanded if you have at least 96 fishing. You will also need at least level 80 cooking to cook this fish and you will gain 210XP when you succeed and don’t burn the fish. Other popular food items are Sardomins Brew, Dark Crab, Tuna Potato and Curry.

Question: Why Should I Stop Playing FTP RS?

Answer: While the option of Free-to-Play Runescape is something that provides accessibility to this great series for all and should be appreciated. If you play FTP, you miss out on several different perks that come through premium RS access. However, you may be wondering why you should upgrade and pay for RS membership. Well, allow us to try and sell it to you. Here is everything that you get from upgrading:
Access to a game world that is 3x larger than the FTP world
Access to eight different skills
More quests
More slayer tasks
More minigames
Access to more premium loot

So that is our guide giving you all the info you could possibly need regarding Greater Demons in OSRS. What did you make of this guide? Was this guide helpful and informative for you? What other guides would you like to see us cover in the future? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading Runefanatics.

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