OSRS Race Overview

During your exploration in Gielinor, you’ll encounter various races, which makes the game extremely diverse. NPCs can be found anywhere in OSRS, and each character will be part of a race. Most races have unique characteristics. For example, Dwarfs are master craftsmen, Goblins are not intelligent, and Elfs are beautiful creatures.

Players will interact with other races during quests, diary tasks, or whenever they feel like it. This is because most NPCs have a chat option. However, OSRS offers plenty of diversity when it comes to races. Adventures can only play as Humans, unlike other MMORPGs. However, the game offers enough contact with different races to immerse you in the world of Gielinor.


Gods and goddesses are divine beings of different races who have immense power and ascended beyond mortality. Throughout Gielinor, many gods have come and gone leaving marks of themselves behind. The strength of gods varies, but all are considered to be more powerful than any mortal.

Gods represent a philosophy or a view on the world, which they try to implement. These philosophies have led to many new achievements in the world. However, sometimes this can lead to wars, which is evident in the God Wars. Currently, several main gods are known throughout Gielinor.



Guthix is the god of nature and balance. He is rumored to be the most powerful god known as he ended the influence of gods on mortals. Guthix came to Gielinor in the 1st age; he was astounded by the beauty and wanted to share it with mortals. Also, he created rune stones, allowing mortals to harness the power of Magic.


Saradomin is the god of wisdom and order. Many of his followers considered him as the god of good. He has a large following among humans in Gielinor, and many temples and churches have been built in his name. Previously Saradomin was a mortal human and ascended to godhood during the 1st age. Also, Saradomin descended in Gielinor on the island of Entrana.


Zamorak is the god of chaos and disorder. He was a Mahjarrat general that severed the god Zaros. He ascended to godhood after betraying and stabbing Zaros with the staff of Armadyl. Zamorak is considered an evil god by many, which is eluded during many OSRS quests. However, this does not reflect the true philosophy of Zamorak.



Armadyl is the god of law and justice. He is an aviates that ascended beyond mortality. Also, Armadyl fought in the God Wars but left Gielinor in Mourning. This is because he thought his aviates race had been wiped out.


Bandos is the god of war and is known as the Big High War God by his followers. Goblins, ogres, orks, hobgoblins, trolls, and ourgs follow him. Bandos came to Gielinor enraged and eager to participate in the God Wars.


Zaros is heavily associated with control, fate, and darkness. He was created on Freneskae by the elder god Mah. He was the leader of the greatest empire in OSRS history. However, he was overthrown by his lead general Zamorak, which led to the God Wars.



Seren is the crystalline goddess of light, growth, and peace. She was created on Freneskae by Mah, who is an elder god. Seren became the elves’ patron goddess after being enamored by them on their homeworld, Tarddiad. Moreover, she was the 2nd god to set foot on Gielinor. After the god wars, she shattered herself so that she could remain with her elve race.

Intelligent Humanoids



Dwarves are characterized by their short stature and love for SmithingMining, and beer. They are predominately in their capital city Keldagrim. However, they can be found in various locations throughout Gielinor. Dwarves live much longer than humans but have an extremely short temper.


Humans are the most dominant race in Gielinor. They can be found in almost every settlement in Gielinor and are responsible for creating the biggest kingdoms. The human race tends to worship a variety of kids such as Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix. Their intelligence level is below gnomes and elves but higher than other brutish races like goblins.

Cosmic Beings

Cosmic beings resemble humanoid ghosts but are more angular in appearance. They love to ponder about the universe, which is evident when talking to them. When asking, “What universal mystery are you pondering today?” They will answer with the following:

  • Political philosophy is an oxymoron.
  • Do other birds speak pigeon pidgin?
  • How do you know when you’ve run out of invisible ink?
  • If you’re halfway from here to there, which is which?
  • Where do flies go at night?
  • Have you ever flicked through a dictionary and afterward felt really depressed by how much you don’t know?
  • Why are yawns contagious?
  • Do sick days include when you’re sick of work?
  • To be is to be the value of a variable.
  • Where does a snake’s tail begin?
  • How long do fish wait to swim after they eat?

Cosmic beings can be found in the Cosmic entity’s plane during A Fairy Tale Part II. Players will need to talk to Bubrezankladargarze’jk, which is her name in the human tongue. However, she will allow you to call her Bub for short.



The Dragonkin are a powerful and intelligent race in OSRS. They are humanoid dragon-like creatures in appearance. In battle, they have been seen to use exceptionally powerful dragon breath. The Dragonkin are the original creators of Orikalkum gear. Players will know these armors and weapons as Dragon equipment. Also, the race created multiple species of dragons.

Furthermore, there are two factions in the Dragonkin – Necrosyrtes and Dactryl. The Necrosyrtes are Dragonkin who admire the curses and embrace their power. However, the Dactryl resisted the powers of the cursed stone and tried methods to lift its strength.


Leprechauns are small creatures that are very similar to Gnomes. Players will see them during farming runs as the “Tool Leprechaun.” They are said to bring luck to Gielinor and all its inhabitants. In addition, adventurers can fight the Leprechaun Champion in the Champion’s Challenge.


Mermaids are an aquatic race that lives throughout the seas of Gielinor. However, they are quite secretive and value their privacy. In the Northern sea, only 3 Mermaids are known: Tentacle, Urchin, and Anemone. Their top half resembles a human and the bottom half of a fish. Mermaids have the power to control the water by changing tides, currents, and waves.



Gnomes are a brilliant set of individuals who can achieve great things in numbers. They have their empire and can create their own food, clothes, and transportation. Furthermore, Gnomes have minigames that players can be part of, too, Gnome Ball and Gnome Restaurant. Although they are a peaceful race, Gnomes have outstanding military capabilities.

Semi-Intelligent Humanoids


Orks are huge green-skinned humanoids. They have tusks near their jaws and choose large axes and maces as their weaponry. Orks follow the Bandos god and can be found in the God Wars Dungeon. Players should be aware that by killing 1 Ork, all surround Orks will become aggressive and attack. Orks are brilliant fighters, which was evident during the God Wars.



Goblins are weak green creatures that are popular for low-level combat training. Though they lack intelligence and strength, Goblins are excellent in battle due to their large numbers. The race follows Bandos and refers to him as the “Big High War God.” Goblins are constantly at war with a race in Gielior, in particular with Dwarves and Gnomes.


Orges can be found in several locations in Gielinor, most notable in the city of Gu’Tanoth. They are large fat humanoid creatures that have little intelligence. Orges are very demanding and will always demand something in return when asking for favors. The race is strong can deal a fair amount of damage for their level. However, Orges have very low defenses, which makes them easier to kill.


Ghouls appear dead, but this is a common mistake by adventurers. They are still alive and immune to Crumble Undead spells and the effects of the salve amulet. Ghouls are found West of Canifis or Northwestern of the swamps nearby. Killing Ghouls are extremely tedious because, at low HP, they will retreat and make you provoke other Ghouls to attack. The best method to slay them is with Ranged or Magic.



Trolls are one of the most unique but not very intelligent races in Gielinor. Most Trolls inhabit the Troll Country. However, the main population of Trolls lives in Trollheim. The race is widespread, and Trolls can be found in Weiss, Piscatoris, and Neitiznot. Typically, Trolls are names after whatever they try to eat first. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to hear Trolls have weird names.

Furthermore, they are unique when compared to other races like Humans or Dwarves. This is because Trolls are split into several types, which are different from each other greatly. Also, Trolls are ultra adaptable to their environment that can be seen in their appearance.

Intelligent Non-Humanoids


Cats are common pets that will follow players. To obtain a cat, adventurers must complete Gertrude’s Cat quest. Afterward, Gertrude will give a kitten, which, when fed, will grow into a cat. Cats are extremely intelligent and are commonly used for catching rats. They have their own language and can only be understood when wearing a catspeak amulet. Also, Cats were the 2nd creature created on Gielinor by Guthix.



Dagannoths are sea-based creatures that reside in the Lighthouse basement. Players can visit them after completing Horror from the Deep. There are different variants of Dagannoths that range in combat levels. Also, there are 3 Dagannoth bosses that can drop a variety of rare items.


Their beastly appearance characterizes demons, often in a red or black coloration. Almost all Demons are followers of Zamorak since he is the god of chaos and evil. Demons can be found across Gielinor during quests, boss battles, or when exploring. The best method of slaying demons is with demonbane weapons because it gives a damage boost.


Dogs are smart creatures that learn tricks exceptionally quickly. They can be obtained as pets by killing thousands of hellhounds and bloodhounds. There are several types of dogs in OSRS:

  • Jackal 
  • Guard Dog
  • Wild Dog
  • Terror Dog
  • Hellhound
  • Bouncer Dog
  • Sheep Dog
  • Stray Dog


Dragons are a dangerous species that have huge wings and a powerful fire breath attack. They usually have an ultra-high combat level. Even the lowest leveled Dragons can deal heaps of damage with their fire breath. The first Dragon was created by using Dragonkin lifeblood with an aquatic lizard by the Dragonkin Kerapac. Later the Dragonkin created a three-headed creature, which is now known as the King Black Dragon.

Tree Spirits

Tree Spirits

Tree Spirits are creatures that can be found in the Enchanted Valley. The monsters look like trees with humanoid features. The Tree Spirits combat level is based on the adventurer’s combat stats.

Tree Spirit Combat Level Player Combat Level

  • 14 3-10
  • 29 11 – 20
  • 49 21 – 40
  • 79 41 – 60
  • 120 61- 90
  • 159 91+

They are excellent for iron man accounts because they commonly drop nature runes, various seeds, and logs. Also, Spirit Trees are brilliant for money-making due to these drops.


The TzHaar are a race of rocky golem-like monsters that inhabit the city of TzHaar. This is a lava-filled region underneath Karamja Volcano. They are a peaceful race, though they look scary in appearance. Biologically speaking, the TzHaar is one of the greatest marvels in OSRS. They appear like burning rocks made from obsidian and magma. All TzHaars have four powerful arms, and each has three fingers. TzHaars are immune to most diseases but can develop small bodily problems like terrible vision.


Abyssal Creatures

Abyssal Creatures

Abyssal Creatures are monsters that reside in the Abyss and Abyssal area. They are demonic creatures that are hyper-aggressive towards players. There are different variants of these creatures that vary in combat level. Within the Abyss, you’ll find Abyssal Leeches, Guardians, and Walkers.

However, it’s unknown how long the race has lived in the Abyss. The barrier between the Abyss and Gielinor has weakened. Therefore, Abyssal Creatures can be found in the overworld. For example, adventurers can find Abyssal Demons in the Slayer Tower.

Dark Crab

Dark Crabs are small greenish sea creatures that live in the Wilderness. They are one of the best sources of food as they are rich in nutrients and protein. Dark Crabs require level 85 Fishing to catch and level 90 Cooking to cook. Furthermore, completing the elite Wilderness diaries will reward players with a higher success rate for catching raw Dark Crabs.



Gargoyles are a unique race of stone creatures. They have enormous wings that let them fly, despite weighing tons. The race is found throughout Gielinor, but Gargoyles primarily reside in the Slayer Tower. Gargoyles require level 75 Slayer to kill and a rock hammer. They are mostly known for dropping the granite maul, which is a popular PVP weapon. Also, Gargoyles drops a variety of rune items that can be sold for huge profits.


Turoths are ugly creatures that have three legs and huge mouths. The monsters are excellent hunters and intimidate their prey with appearance. Turoths require level 55 Slayer to kill, and they are notoriously known for dropping various seeds with herbs. However, Turoths are immune to almost all types of damage. The creatures can only be damaged with a leaf-bladed weapon, broad arrows, broad bolts, and magic dart spells.


Werewolves are bipedal canine monsters, which reside in Canifis and the God Wars Dungeon. Often they have high combat levels but small defensive capabilities that make them easier to defeat. In Canifis, Werewolves can appear as normal humans. However, when damaged, they will change their form.

Furthermore, they follow the god Zamorak, which is evident when inside the God Wars Dungeon. This is because they will attack followers of Saradomin, Armadyl, and Guthix. However, Werewolves will not attack players who are wearing Zamorak gear.



Yetis are rare creatures that live in the snowy and icy areas of Gielinor. During the Glorious Memories quest, adventurers will have to fight Yetis to proceed. Yetis are tall, strong creatures that have thick white fur to combat their cold surroundings. Occasionally, Yetis will fight Gnoaels for food and resources.


Question: What Is A Race In OSRS?

Answer: Race is defined as a category of species that share certain distinctive physical traits. It’s usually associated with biology and linked with skin color, texture, body type, and other traits other species do not possess. Here are some examples of race traits:
Gnomes – They are tiny in size and are extremely intelligent. Often they will wear green colors, which makes them easy to spot.
Trolls – Trolls are big and clunky creatures that have strong arms. They are known not to be intelligent creatures but fearsome in battle.
Elves – They can easily be differentiated from Humans as Elves are beautiful are much more intelligent. Elves wear green clothing and use crystal equipment.

Question: What Is The Warriors’ Guild?

Answer: The Warriors’ Guide is a large building West of Burthorpe. To enter, adventurers must have and Strength levels that combine to 130 or have 1 level 99 in either of these skills. Inside the guild, players can participate in various minigames related to melee combat. Doing well in these games will reward players with Warrior Guild Tokens.
Animation Room – This game requires you to fight animated armor pieces to obtain tokens.
Dummy Room – During the minigame, you will need to hit dummies with the correct weapon and attack style.
Catapult Room – Using a shield, you’ll need to block attacks from the catapult.
Shot Put Room – Players must pick up a ball and throw it using the correct style to earn points.
Jimmy’s Challenge – This game will make you balance kegs on your head. The more that can be balanced, the better rewards are given.

Question: What Are The Benefits Of Races?

Answer: In OSRS, races offer plenty of benefits to adventurers. Often quests lines will revolve around a specific race. For example, there are Elven, Gnome, Goblin, God, and Fairy quests. In addition, all races have a unique theme to them from their armor, weapons, and food. Therefore, players can take advantage of this by using unique items that will benefit them during skill training.

Question: What Are Best Beasts To Slay For Money Making?

Answer: OSRS has a huge variety when it comes to PVM. Adventurers can practically slay any creature they want with the right gear and level requirements. However, obtaining high-level gear can be extremely expensive. Therefore, you’ll need to use the best money-making methods to build your bank to acquire these items.
General Graador – 1m GP Per Hour: You’ll encounter various bosses within the God Wars Dungeon. General Graador is the best for money-making as you can consistently make 1m GP hourly. However, if you’re lucky, you can obtain lucky drops worth 15-20m GP.
♦ Vorkath – 1.2m GP Per Hour: Vorkath is a dragon boss unlocked by completing Dragon Slayer II. Each kill will earn 100-200k GP, and the boss drop can generate 5m GP.
Dagannoth Kings – 1.5m GP Per Hour: These creatures can net 3m GP in profits with some luck. There are three kings – Rex, Supreme, and Prime. All kings are weaker to a specific combat style, so three gear sets are recommended. Their best drops are the combat rings, which are worth millions.
Green Dragons – 450k GP Per Hour: Green Dragons are the weakest of all chromatic dragons in OSRS. They can be found in the Corsair Cove Dungeon and the Wilderness. The dragons will always drop a green d’hide and dragon bones. Collecting them will net 400-500k GP consistently. Green Dragons are especially great for low-level players as they have minimal requirements.


OSRS has an immense amount of content that players can enjoy. The game feels diverse and filled with life thanks to the many races the occupy Gielinor. The game has a rich history and multiple ages where new races emerge and others go extinct. Often adventurers will meet various races during exploration and quests.

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