OSRS Magic Training Guide: How To Train Magic To Level 99

Magic is one of the most important skills to train in OSRS. The skill gives you access to a variety of spells, teleports, quests, and money-making methods. Also, Magic is an excellent combat style for bossing and PVP. This guide will go in-depth about the gear, quests, and useful items on your path to level 99 Magic. Also, we’ll go over the fastest, profitable, and F2P options to Level 99.

Moreover, if you plan to use Magic for bosses or combat money-making methods, you’ll want to train your Defense equivalently. This is because you want to take minimal damage so that you can achieve more hourly kills.

What Is Magic In OSRS?

Magic is a combat skill that uses runes and staffs to cast spells. Every player receives a spellbook, which is located next to the prayer page. The spells are categorized into 3 categories:

  • Combat: Spells that are used for PVP or PVM. The spells have different techniques such as Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. As your Magic level increases you can access stronger elemental spells.
  • Skilling: Skilling spells are used for non-combat purposes. For example, Telekinetic Grab lets you pick up unreachable items. The most popular skilling spell is high alchemy, which converts items to gold. It’s a great money-making method if you use the correct items and you generate decent hourly XP.
  • Teleports: A huge reason why players increase their Magic level is to gain access to teleport spells. This lets you get around Gielinor in a matter of seconds. A great example is the Slayer Tower teleport because players can quickly bank and TP back to the Abyssal Demons .

Furthermore, Magic has 4 spellbooks that provide unique combat and utility spells. However, you’ll have to complete a few quests to gain access to all 4 spellbooks.

  • Standard Spellbook: Every player will receive this spellbook when they first start playing. It contains a set of modern combat, utility, and teleport spells.
  • Arceuus Spellbook: This book contains spells used by Citizens of Arceuus . The spellbook becomes available to players once they reach 60% favor with Arceuus. Much like the standard spellbook, it contains combat and utility spells. The book uses blood, nature, and soul runes because many abilities use reanimation spells. This spellbook is brilliant for Prayer training.
  • Ancient Magicks: Perhaps the most popular spellbook is Ancient Magicks because of its use in PVP and boss fighting. The spellbook uses Zarosian spells, which are focus on the combat side of Magic. Although it has fewer spells than any other spellbook, it contains the most powerful combat spells. Players will gain access to Ancient Magicks after completing the Desert Treasure quest.
  • Lunar Spellbook: The Lunar spellbook is used by NPCs of the Moon Clan. It becomes available to players after completing Lunar Diplomacy, which is a lengthy quest. The spellbook uses astral runes and is primarily a focus on utility and combat support spells.

Why Train Magic?

OSRS Magic

There are several reasons why players would want to increase their Magic level. For starters, it’s one of the main combat types in the game and is used in various situations. Some bosses are more vulnerable to Magic than any other combat style. Therefore, using Magic can increase kills per hour and, as a result, improve profits.

Furthermore, if you’re a PKer who enjoys their time in the Wilderness, then using the Ancient Magicks will be a huge advantage. This is because spells like Ice Barrage will lock your enemy in place for seconds. This can be handy when chasing down targets who are running to the safe zone.

Some players want to make money while training a skill. Magic has multiple utility skills that when used correctly, can generate GP. For example, High Alchemy is used to turn items into gold. When using the right items, players can generate anywhere from 500-1,000k GP per hour.

Best Gear To Train Magic

Magic is highly diverse in what weapons and armor you can use. Top-tier weapons will have unique stats and special abilities. The best weaponry in OSRS can be obtained from the Grand Exchange or slaying bosses. You can cast spells without a weapon if you have the required runes. However, using the best staff is recommended because it increases accuracy and damage.

Furthermore, all Magic armor provides Defense, Magic damage percentage, and Magic bonuses to protect you and increase DPS. Open the Equipment Statistics page, and you’ll see what bonuses each armor or weapon provides.

The type and tier weapon you use can significantly increase your damage and XP per hour. Here’s a guideline of what weaponry you should use on your path to level 99 Magic:

  • Elemental Staffs: These are the most basic weapons that you will use at the beginner levels. They require only level 1 Magic to equip and will save you a lot of money. The staffs use elemental powers such as earth, water, air, and fire. Once you equip the staff, you won’t need to have the equivalent runes. For example, if you cast fire spells, equipping a fire staff will eliminate the need to have fire runes in your inventory.
  • Battlestaff: Much like elemental staffs, these weapons use elemental powers. However, battlestaff can replace a combination of runes. To use battlestaffs, players must have level 20 Magic.
    • Lava Battlestaff: Can use fire and earth runes.
    • Mud Battlestaff: Can use water and earth runes.
    • Steam Battlestaff: Can use water and fire runes.
    • Smoke Battlestaff: Can use air and fire runes.
    • Mist Battlestaff: Can use air and water runes.
    • Dust Battlestafff: Can use air and earth runes.

These staffs are brilliant because you can eliminate the need to carry 2 types of runes. Although they are expensive to purchase, the investment is worth it.

  • Bryophyta’s Staff: The staff requires level 30 Magic and Attack to equip. It has a unique ability that lets it hold up to 1,000 nature runes. Also, it provides a 1/15 chance to not use a nature rune. This becomes handy for players who want to high alchemy.
  • Iban’s Staff: The Iban’s Staff is unlocked at level 50 Magic. You’ll need to finish the Underground Pass quest to gain access to the item. Also, using this staff lets you cast Iban’s Blast, which is a powerful mid-tier spell.
  • God Staffs: Unlocked at level 60, you can use God staffs, which are obtained from the Mage Arena Miniquest. The weapons are mostly used for PVP, but can be helpful when fighting creatures.
  • Lunar Staff: At level 65 Magic, you’ll unlock the ability to equip a Lunar staff. You’ll have to complete Lunar Diplomacy first, which is a must-do quest as you access a new spellbook.
  • Ahrim’s Staff: The staff is a rare drop from the Barrows Brothers. It requires level 70 Magic and Attack to wield. The staff gives a 5% damage boost, which will increase your DPS. Although the item degrades over time, the repairs are inexpensive.

Best High-Tier Weapons

  • Staff of the Dead: This staff requires level 75 Magic and Attack to wield. A great benefit of this item is that you have a 1/8 chance not to use a rune. This can become handy in the later stages because high-tier runes are very expensive. Also, you may upgrade this weapon with a magic fang, which will make the staff inflict venom. On the other hand, you can attach a Saradomin’s Light to make a Staff of Light, which auto-casts Saradomin’s Strike.
  • Sanguinesti Staff: One of the best weapons in OSRS is the Sanguinesti Staff, which requires level 75 Magic to use. It provides +25 Magic and +25 Defence bonuses. The weapon has a 1/6 chance of healing you for half the damage you deal. The staff is charged with blood runes and requires 20k to get 100%.
  • Kodai Wand: Another great level 75 Magic tier weapon is the Kodai Wand. It’s a one-handed weapon that has infinite water rune charges. Also, you get a 15% chance not to use runes when casting spells.

Best Magic Armor

Now that you know the best weaponry to use, it’s time to dive into the best armors. Preventing damage is extremely important because this will allow you to train for longer and use less food. Therefore, try to always use the best armor you can afford.

  • Level 1 – Wizard Robes: This set has no requirements to wear. They come in blue or black colors. However, you can purchase trimmed versions of the armor, which are considerably more expensive. You’ll be wearing this till level 20.
  • Level 20 – Xerician Robes: The armor provides +23 Magic attack and +20 Defence bonuses. It’s the easiest item to obtain at this level, which makes it the best option. If you’re an iron man, you can create the robes with 22 Crafting and 12 Xerican fabric.
  • Level 40 – Mystic Robes: the armor requires level 40 Magic and Level 20 Defence to wear. It provides +45 Magic Attack and Defence bonuses. You can purchase the set of robes at the Wizard Guild or the Grand Exchange.
  • Level 50 – Infinity Robes: The Infinity robes are obtained from the Mage Training Arena minigame. The armor requires level 25 Defence and level 50 Magic to wear. The robes are extremely expensive, so you can continue using Mystic robes if you don’t have the GP.
  • Level 75 – Ancestral Robes: The robes can be obtained as a rare drop from the Chambers of Xeric . It requires level 75 Magic and 65 Defense to wear. Ancestor Robes are the best armor for Magic in OSRS. Although they cost over 150 million, if you have the GP, they are definitely worth buying. They provide amazing bonuses:
    • Attack Bonuses:
      • Magic Attack: +69
      • Range Attack: -17
      • Bonus Magic Damage: 6%
    • Defensive Bonuses:
      • Stab: +81
      • Slash: +66
      • Crush: +94
      • Magic: +53

Usefull Magic Items

Magic osrs

Obtaining all the bonuses is essential to output the highest damage. This will increase kills per hour and experience rates. Not using these items will put you at a significant disadvantage. Check out this Crafting Training guide for more tips on boosting your gameplay!

  • Amulet of Magic: The amulet provides +10 Magic attack bonuses and has no requirements to wear.
  • Seers Ring: The ring is 1 of 4 Fremennik rings dropped by the Dagannoth Prime. It provides +6 Magic attack and Defense bonus.
  • The Farseer Helm: It’s a piece of Fremennik armor and is considered to be one of the best Magic helmets. It requires level 1 Magic and level 45 Defense to use.
    • Attack bonuses:
      • Magic Attack: +6
    • Defensive Bonuses:
      • Stab: +8
      • Slash: +10
      • Crush: +12
      • Magic: +6
    • Occult Necklace: A magical amulet that increases Magic damage by 10%. It requires level 70 Magic to wear and is dropped by Smoke Devils . Combining the necklace, Staff of the Dead, and ice barrage would increase the player’s maximum hit to 38 from 30. Therefore, this is a must-use item for PKers.
    • Arcane Spirit Shield: The shield has excellent defensive and offensive stats. The requirements to use the item is Level 75 Defense, level 70 Prayer, and 65 Magic. However, they are super expensive, so they aren’t necessary to train the skill.
      • Attack bonuses:
        • Magic Attack: +20
      • Defensive Bonuses:
        • Stab: +53
        • Slash: +55
        • Crush: +73
        • Magic: +2
        • Range: +52
      • Tormented Bracelet: It requires level 75 HP to wear and provides 5% more magical damage. It’s the best item to put in your glove training slot for Magic in OSRS.

Questing For Magic Experience

Questing is a great way to bypass the low levels and start at higher XP rate methods. We’ve selected these quests because they have low requirements and have decent rewards upon completion.

  • Witch’s Potion: Has no requirements and gives 325 Magic experience.
  • Fairytale I: Has no requirements to complete and will give 1,000 Magic experience.
  • Imp Catcher: A fun and quick quest that requires you to collect beads from Imps. Completing the quest will grant 875 Magic XP.
  • The Grand Tree: Requires 25 Agility to complete and gives 2,150 Magic XP.
  • Recipe for Disaster: Requires 40 Cooking and will give 2,500 Magic XP.
  • Horror from the Deep: Requires 35 Agility and will give 4,662 Magic XP.

Completing all these quests will give you 11,512 Magic experience and will take you all the way to level 28.

How To Train Magic


Before we dive into the training methods, you should first learn the basics of the skill and how to gain experience. Magic relies heavily on the use of runes, which are needed to cast spells. If you hover your cursor over a spell in your spellbook, you’ll see the required runes to cast.

Once you have the correct runes to cast a spell, go to your spellbook. Then, Right-click on the spell, and you will see 2 options:

  • Cast: Will let you cast a single spell on an item or creature you’ve selected.
  • Auto-cast: This will let your character automatically cast spells without the need for you to constantly press “cast”. You’ll be using auto-cast when you fight creatures, bosses, and other players.

Also, in this guide, you’ll be presented with unique training options like high arching. This is a training method that uses Magic to turn items to GP. The premise of the training method is to quickly switch between your spellbook and inventory to use the spell on items. Therefore, you will need to make use of hotkeys for quicker XP times.

F2P Level 1-99 OSRS Magic Guide

Non-member players are limited to what methods they can train to achieve level 99 Magic. However, we’ve done extensive research and tested a few training options. This is the fastest and best way to train Magic in F2P OSRS.

Levels 1-19: Chickens

From levels 1-19, you’ll be training at the chicken pen in Lumbridge. The farm is located Northwest of the cows. This area is usually crowded with low-level players, so you’ll need to hop a few worlds until you find a suitable option.

Bring an air staff, mind, water, earth, and fire runes. As you level up, you’ll gain the ability to use more powerful spells. Taking these runes to begin with will eliminate the need for bank runs.

Levels 19-30: Al-Kharid Warriors

Now you should have access to wind bolt, which is a significantly stronger spell than wind strike. Bring all the runes mentioned previously, as you’ll want to use the best available spell as you level up.

From levels 19-30, you’ll be killing Al-Kharid Warriors, located inside the Al-Kharid Palace . After attacking the first warrior, you will gain aggro, which makes this method AFKable. They are only level 9, so you won’t take much damage.

Levels 30-55: Hill Giants

For the mid-levels killing Hill Giants is the best source of experience. They are located in the West of the Cooking Guild cave . To enter the cave, players must have a Brass Key, which can be obtained from the Grand Exchange. Head west from the Cooking Guild, and you’ll notice a small shed that can be unlocked with the Brass Key. Go down the ladder and you’ll see the Hill Giants.

This location is brilliant because it has many safe spots, which means you can take minimal food. Also, you can pick up the big bones and limpwurt roots for money.

Levels 55-99: High Alchemy

The fastest method to level 99 Magic is with High Alchemy. It’s a non-combat skill, so you won’t gain hitpoint experience. This method can be done in any place that has a bank. However, we recommend the Grand Exchange because you can buy supplies if needed.

Training with high alchemy is very simple. First, you’ll need to equip a fire staff and have nature runes in your inventory. Then, place your items underneath the high alchemy spell in the spellbook. This will let you click spam-click the spell and item you wish to high alchemy.

Furthermore, this method of training will earn you millions on your path to level 99 Magic. Make sure to use profitable items, which can be found by using high alchemy calculators.

Fastest Level 1-99 OSRS Magic Guide

OSRS Magic

Levels 1-7: Goblins

Equip yourself with wizard robes and bring some water with mind runes. Then head over to Lumbridge Castle and cross the bridge. You will see Goblins roaming around, which you will be killing until level 5 Magic. At first, you’ll only have access to the wind strike. However, at level 5 Magic you’ll learn the water strike ability that hits a lot harder.

Levels 7-21: Level 1 Enchant

Once you hit level 7 Magic, you’ll be using the level 1 enchant spell on sapphire or opal jewelry. Each cast gives 17.5 XP and you can cast 3 spells every game tick. This will generate 32k experience per hour so it won’t take long to reach level 21.

The best method to train is to place the items you are enchanting underneath the spell. This is because when you click to cast the spell, you’ll instantly see your inventory. Organising your inventory this way will significantly improve XP rates. Also, to achieve level 21 Magic you will need to cast the enchant spell 250 times.

Levels 21-62: Ammonite Crabs or Sand Crabs

The fastest method till level 62 Magic is to kill Ammonite Crabs. They have 100 hitpoints with very low defensive and attack stats. Therefore, they won’t damage you a lot because their max hit is 1.

Also, they are easy to kill, and you can get roughly 100k Magic XP per hour. This training method is usually crowded because it’s the best option currently available. The Ammonite Crabs are located on the Northern beach of Fossil Island.

Sand Crabs are an excellent alternative to Ammonite Crabs since they also have extremely low offensive and defensive stats. The crabs have 40 fewer hitpoints, which means you won’t get as great XP rates. With this method, you’re looking at 60-80k Magic XP per hour. They can be found along the Southen coasts in Hosidius.

Note: This option is AFK if you have a sufficient Defence level and armor. The crabs are aggressive, so you need to turn auto-retaliate on. After 10 minutes, they will lose aggro, so you’ll need to change worlds.

Levels 62-99: The Abyss

Training at the Abyss is the fastest method to level 99 Magic. You will need to complete Desert Treasure to gain access to the Ancient Magicks spellbook. The burst and barrage spells can hit multiple enemies at once, enabling ultra-fast training methods.

At first, you will only have access to low-level spells such as smoke burst. However, the training gets significantly faster once your Magic level increases and you can use barrage spells. This is because you’ll be hitting harder and killing enemies faster.

The best location to kill multiple targets is at the Abyss. To enter the Abyss, you must complete Enter the Abyss and the Mage of Zamorak miniquest. Also, finishing this quest provides you access to all Runecrafting alters without the need for a talisman.

The Abuss features 2 rings:

  • Outer Ring: A multi-combat zone that has three creatures roaming around.
    • Abyssal Walker: Melee combat style, level 81.
    • Abyssal Guardian: Melee and magic combat style, level 59.
    • Abyssal Leech: Melee combat style, Level 41.
  • Inner ring: The inner layer is a safe zone and will have no enemies. On the inner wall, you will see various runes built-in. They can be used to teleport to Runecrafting altars.

To get to the Abyss, head North of Edgeville bank to the Wilderness. At level 4-6 Wilderness, you should see the Mage of Zamorak. Right-click him, then select teleport and he will send you inside.

Make sure to bring your best gear and use the Ancient Magicks spellbook for multi-target spells. The creatures are aggressive and will head towards you. Run behind a piece of terrain until you find a safe spot. They won’t be able to reach you but will still try to attack. Auto-cast spells on these targets till level 99 Magic.

Passive Level 1-99 OSRS Magic Guide

Passive Magic Superheat

Some players take pride in having high Magic accounts with only 10 hitpoints. This means they can’t attack creatures because they’ll gain Constitution experience. Therefore, skillers will have to work around with unique training methods. If you’d like to create such an account read on to find out how.

Levels 1-3: Wind Strike

Now you may be thinking, wouldn’t offensive spells give Constitution experience? However, with the right circumstances, you won’t receive any hitpoint XP and gain Magic levels.

Equip yourself in full iron and an air staff. This is because the iron armor will provide negative magical bonuses, which means you’ll splash all your spell casts.

Head over to the second floor of the Wizard Tower . There you’ll see a caged level 82 lesser demon that you will be casting the spells on. With the negative Magic bonuses and high Defense of the demon, you’ll be splashing every time. You’ll be staying in this location until level 25 Magic.

Levels 3-11: Confused

Cast the confuse spell on the lesser demon till level 11. Now you will have 0% chance of gaining Constitution XP because all the next spells in this guide are utility.

Each cast will use 2 earth runes, 3 water runes, and 1 mind rune. Therefore, equip a water staff to save money.

Levels 11-19: Weaken

The weaken spell requires 2 earth runes, 3 water runes, and a mind rune. It’s recommended to use a mud stuff so you only need to bring mind runes. Each cast will give you 21 experience, and you’ll be doing this until level 19 Magic.

Levels 19-25: Curse

The final stage of training at the Wizard Tower is using the curse spell on the demon. Each cast will give you 29 Magic experience. You’ll need 3 earth runes, 3 water runes, and 1 mind rune to cast the spell.

Levels 25-55: Varrock, Falador, and Camelot Teleports

From levels 25-55, you’ll be using various teleport spells. This is because they are the fastest source of non-combat XP. Players may do this method until level 99 and use the highest teleport spell available. However, this option is extremely expensive, so we recommend using this method until level 55 Magic.

  • Levels 25-37: Varrock Teleport
  • Levels 37-45: Talkative Teleport
  • Levels 45-55: Camelot Teleport

Level 55-99: High Alchemy

At level 55 Magic, you gain access to the high alchemy spell. This lets you convert items into gold for experience and, in some cases, profit. The amount of coins generated is 60% of the item value; this is not based on Grand Exchange prices. High alchemy can be profitable with certain items, which you can find out by using various OSRS high alchemy calculators. Each cast will give 65 Magic experience, so it will take dozens of hours to reach level 99 Magic.

To efficiently do this method, place the item you are high alching underneath the spell in the spellbook. This is because after you click the high alchemy spell, it will automatically send you to your inventory. This way, you won’t need to move your cursor and can spam click for the best hourly XP rates.


Question: What Are The Benefits Of Magic?

Answer: There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to train the skill. It gives you access to teleports around Gielinor that will save you a lot of time. It’s 1 of 3 combat styles the will help you slay certain creatures and bosses effectively. Also, it gives you access to money-making methods, such as high alchemy.

Finally, one of the main reasons you’d want to train Magic is to gain access to Prifddinas. It’s a city that provides multiple effective methods of training skills, and Magic is a requirement for the main quest.

Question: What Are The Best Magic Weapons?

Answer: There are dozens of Magic weapons, but only a few are premium-tier. Although they are expensive, using them can dramatically increase XP rates. This is because you’ll be able to hit harder and get more XP per hour. Also, these staffs are required for bossing since they provide a variety of attributes.
Staff of the Dead: This dual-purpose weapon can work as a staff and a melee weapon. It requires level 75 Attack and Magic to wield. The best part about this weapon is that it gives +15% Magic damage and a 12.5% ​​chance that you won’t use any runes.
Kodai Wand: The best weapon in the game is the Kodai Wand because it gives +15% Magic damage and +20 Magic bonus. It can cast spells from both ancient and normal spellbooks. Also, it provides you with an unlimited supply of water runes, which makes it great for casting spells like ice barrage.
Harmonized Nightmare Staff: The staff is seriously powerful, giving a +16 Magic bonus and +15% Magic attack. It’s one of the fastest weapons in OSRS, so you’ll be able to do more DPS. It’s ideal for fighting bosses like Bandos and the Hydra .

Question: How Profitable Is Magic?

Answer: Magic can be highly profitable if you train at the right locations. Hill Giants are excellent for both Members and F2P players because they drop big bones and limpwurt roots.

As you gain higher levels, you can access more difficult creatures, which drop better loot. However, one of the best sources of GP is by bossing because you can get rare items valued 100+ million GP.

Alternatively, skillers can use Magic to gain profits. This is mainly done with the high alchemy spells, which convert items to GP.

Final Thoughts

Magic is a versatile skill with various uses, from teleports, combat, and utility. The skill is essential to progress your character within RuneScape. Use the guide that matches your need, and most importantly, have fun with your journey to level 99 Magic.

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