OSRS Cooking Training Guide

Cooking is a skill that is simple to train and can cost varying amounts depending on the methods you choose. It is great to train if you are interested in raising your total level as it is an easy and potentially quick skill to train.

Cooking training consists of preparing various dishes, which can be complex as a multiple step pizza or as easy as cooking 28 fish at a time.

Reasons to Train Cooking

As said previously, Cooking can be very valuable to train to raise your total level. A high Cooking level offers versatility when you are adventuring as you can quickly create food to heal you if needed.

As an Ironman player Cooking is especially helpful as you can not purchased already prepared food from other players. Therefore training Cooking is necessary to complete any difficult content as it is the best source of food.

Range or Fire Cooking?

OSRS Cooking

Cooking can be done on either a cooking range or on a fire made with the Firemaking skill. While utilizing a fire is more versatile and greatly expands the area where Cooking can be trained, a range should always be used.

Utilizing a range will increase success rates therefore reducing money wasted and increasing experience gained.

Despite ranges being better then fires, not all ranges are made equal. Several factors need to be considered when picking where to train cooking. For one, some ranges offer better success rates when cooking which can be invaluable.

In addition to that the distance traveled between the bank and the range is critical in how fast you can train. Although it has hefty requirements, the Myths Guild is the best place to train Cooking due to the space between a bank and a range.

Gnome Cooking

Gnome cooking is a neat addition to the Cooking skill in Old School Runescape. It consists of complicated recipes requiring different levels and hooks into the Gnome Restaurant minigame.

While it is not an incredible training method, it is notable to mention because of the potential to gain early levels utilizing gnome cooking.

It is slightly expensive and distant from the beginning parts of the game, so only players looking for variety should really consider using it to train. Head to the Gnome Stronghold and talk to Aluft Gianne Sr to get started with gnome cooking.

Training Methods

OSRS Cooking

There are a variety of ways players can go about training Cooking. From quests to cooking your fishing resources, you can find a way to train that will fit your ideal playstyle.

Quests That Give Cooking Experience

A variety of quests will give you Cooking experience without any previous Cooking experience required.

Cook’s Assistant, Rag and Bone Man I, and Gertrude’s Cat will give you a total of 2,325 experience without ever cooking a single item. These quests will get you to level 14 Cooking and help you skip some of the earlier progression.

Later in your training you can complete several other quests for cooking experience, including Heroes’ Quest, Recipe for Disaster, and Big Chompy Bird Hunting. Questing is a viable method for most skills to get some easy experience while progressing your account in other ways.

Fastest Training Methods

  • Levels 1-30: Poison Karambwan 
    • Successful attempts needed: 168
    • Players with some starting capital can cook poison karambwan to quickly reach level 30 Cooking. Poison karambwan is different from cooked karambwan in that it is available to be prepared at level 1 but still gives excellent experience. In order to get the most experience from this method, you will have to utilize tick manipulation.
    • Tick manipulation is when you are exploiting the games tick-based system to do certain actions faster. It is not against any Runescape rules and is regularly done by many players. To rapidly gain levels using the poison karambwan technique, players should hold down the number 1 key on the keyboard while using raw karambwan on a range as fast as they can. This will cook it instantly and you can reach level 30 in ten minutes using this method.
  • Levels 30-99: Cooked Karambwan
    • Successful attempts needed: 58,150
    • After preparing poison karambwan for 30 levels you can switch to tick manipulating cooked karambwan for the rest of your cooking training. The tick manipulation works the exact same except you will hold the number 2 key instead of number 1. Another similarity to the poison karambwan is the high upfront cost of training. There is the potential for profit eventually once you succeed in cooking at a high rate, but that could take a while.

Training While Fishing

For players who want to efficiently train two skills, or for Ironmen limited on options, training Cooking and Fishing concurrently can be a very successful route to take. Training with Fishing side by side eventually becomes infeasible so this section will only go to level 45.

  • Levels 1-20: Shrimp
    • Successful attempts needed: 149
    • Fishing Level: 1
    • Shrimp is the first fish most players will catch in Runescape. They heal very little and are not worth much, but are the best option utilizing this method. The fishing spots in Draynor Village by the willow trees are the best spots to fish for them.
  • Levels 20-30: Trout
    • Successful attempts needed: 128
    • Fishing Level: 20
    • Trout is a little bit trickier to acquire then shrimp. There is no clear place to fish for them as no location has a bank conveniently nearby. Both Barbarian Village and Lumbridge River are valid spots to fish for these although they are slightly distant from a bank.
  • Levels 30-40: Tuna
    • Successful attempts needed: 239
    • Fishing Level: 35
    • Tuna can be harpooned from the same area as the lobsters on Karamja. The best thing to do after catching tuna here is to simply make a fire on the island and cook them after catching a full inventory.
  • Levels 40-45: Lobster
    • Successful attempts needed: 170
    • Fishing Level: 40
    • Lobster is caught from the same fishing spot as tuna, although lobster rates are low compared to tuna when you first unlock them. The same advice for tuna applies here, it is best to cook them on a fire on the island. While you are fishing and cooking lobster be sure to cook the tuna for additional experience.

Pie Training

OSRS Pie Cooking

Players with more developed accounts who have completed the quest Lunar Diplomacy and possess 65 magic can efficiency make pies to level up. Some benefits of utilizing the Bake Pie spell to train include faster baking and the fact the pies will never burn.

Some pie ingredients may be virtually impossible to acquire, so use the levels below as guidelines more then set rules. If ingredients are difficult to get it may be faster to make a lower tier pie then wait to acquire higher tier ingredients.

  • Levels 10-20: Redberry Pie 
    • Experience each: 78
  • Levels 20-29: Meat Pie 
    • Experience each: 110
  • Levels 29-30: Mud Pie
    • Experience each: 128
  • Levels 30-34: Apple Pie
    • Experience each: 130
  • Levels 34-47: Garden Pie
    • Experience each: 138
  • Levels 47-52: Fish Pie
    • Experience each: 164
  • Levels 52-60: Botanical Pie
    • Experience each: 180
  • Levels 60-70: Mushroom Pie
    • Experience each: 200
  • Levels 70-73: Admiral Pie
    • Experience each: 210
  • Levels 73-85: Dragonfruit Pie 
    • Experience each: 220
  • Levels 85-95: Wild Pie
    • Experience each: 240
  • Levels 95-99: Summer pie
    • Experience each: 260

Wine Training

Creating wines is a very popular and quick training method utilized by many players. Despite its speed it is very tedious and it may not be the right choice for more laid-back players. The method relies on wines quick production speed and its fermenting mechanic to rapidly get experience.

To create wine, use some grapes on a jug of water. The water will turn into unfermented wine but will turn into normal wine and reward experience after twelve seconds.

It can ferment in the players bank, so once you create 14 unfermented wines, deposit them into your bank and prepare your next inventory. Once you are done training, withdraw the wines you receive your large experience drop!

It will take more then 62 thousand jugs of wine to go from unlocking wine to level 99. This equates to about 25 hours of game time making wines. Be aware that prior to level 68 there is a chance that fermentation fails and a bad jug of wine is made, rewarding no experience.

Skill Boosts

OSRS Cooking

If you only need to cook a low number of an item then a skill boost may be a better alternative then actively reaching that level so that you can always cook it. Skill boosts can also be very good for quests as well.

A spicy stew is a good skill boost for a variety of skills. The orange variety of a spicy stew will boost or lower your Cooking skill by up to 5 levels temporarily. Obviously, it takes some good luck to get a positive boost and not a negative, but it is still a viable option.

Alternatively, a Chef’s delight drink will boost your cooking level proportionate to your present Cooking level. Every 20 levels increases the boost it will give, up to 5.


Question: How to Make Money From Cooking in OSRS?

Answer: Moneymaking from Cooking is mostly done from cooking fish. As long as you keep track of margins you should be able to make money from Cooking reliably. You can also source your own cooking ingredients to assure you always profit.

Question: When do I Stop Burning Food in OSRS?

Answer: The level you stop burning food at in Runescape depends on the type of food. For example, at level 68 you stop failing to make wines which are unlocked at level 35.

Question: How do I Get Cooking Gauntlets in Runescape?

Answer: To get the cooking gauntlets to boost efficiency in Runescape you should complete the Family Crest quest. Be aware that the bonuses only apply to certain types of fish such as lobster and sharks.


Cooking is a versatile skill and has plenty of different training methods. Remember, the best way to train is doing something that you enjoy doing and can do consistently. Feel free to vary up the training methods and keep your grind fresh.

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