OSRS Construction Training Guide: Best House Upgrades

Construction is one of the most expensive skills to train in Runescape. It will take millions of gold to reach the maximum level, but the rewards from the skill are well worth it.

Construction consists of a player owning and modifying their own Player Owned House. The house can have any format and be designed to fit the player’s exact specifications.

Benefits of Construction

The benefits of Construction are extensive and apply to every part of the game. For one, you can add a considerable amount of infinite teleports to your house. This saves you money in the long run on runes and lets you reach anywhere in the world just by teleporting to your house.

Another benefit comes from its utility when fighting bosses. Eventually, you can heal yourself, your run energy, and fill your special attack bar all in one click inside your house.

Unlocking Construction

Similar to Runecrafting and Herblore, Construction is not unlocked immediately when you start a new account. Before you can train the skill, you have to head to a real estate agent.

Agents are found in most major cities, including Varrock, Falador, and Hosidius. Your house will cost 1,000 coins and it will be accessible from the Rimmington Portal.

Important Resources


Constructions list of resources is short and unique. You won’t be using this for any other skill, but you can acquire them in a variety of ways. Usually, players will simply buy resources off of the Grand Exchange, but this is not an option for Ironmen players.


The most commonly used resource in Construction is planks. Planks come in a variety of tiers and reward different amounts of experience based on the tier. However using higher tier planks requires a higher construction level, so players will have to start using standard planks

Regular planks are unlocked at level 1 and are made from standard logs. Planks also spawn on the ground in a variety of places, including Ape Atoll and the Underground Pass. In addition to giving the lowest amount of experience per plank, planks also require nails to use.

Higher tier planks, including Oak, Teak, and Mahogany, have to be acquired from the sawmill or from monster drops.

The cost to have the sawmill make the planks increased with each tier, with Oak costing 250, Teak costing 500, and Mahogany costing 1500 gold. Due to the expensive price of making these planks many players instead kill monsters to receive the planks.


Several tiers of nails exist in the game but their usage is heavily limited. Nails are only used with regular planks so a player likely will never use the highest tier of nails due to their cost.

There are seven tiers of nails with a steadily increasing cost, with the benefit of a better nail not bending as often. This proves to not be a massive deal as players can simply buy a large quantity of low-quality nails for the limited levels they will use them.


High-level construction utilizes a variety of miscellaneous materials. These can only be bought at specialty shops and some are quite expensive. Bolts of cloth and limestone brick are the most affordable miscellaneous materials and are significantly more common than the higher-end ones.

Gold leaf, marble block, and magic stone can only be purchased at the Keldagrim Stonemason shop. They are used in most high-level construction recipes which makes them prohibitively expensive. For example, you could potentially use 43 magic stones during your time upgrading your house.

This would cost approximately 42 million gold coins. Obviously, it is up to the player how they utilize these rare materials and how they prioritize house upgrades.

What Are Servants?


Leveling up Construction is a tedious process, but it is made more bearable through the use of servants. Servants are considered necessary when training Construction due to how much they speed it up.

There are five levels of servants, each requiring a different amount of gold to pay and with different capacities for transporting items. Servants are commonly utilized to bring the player more planks during long training sessions. They can be purchased from the Servant’s Guild in Ardougne.

Who is Phials?

Another critical player in the training of construction is Phials. He is located outside of the Rimmington Portal and provides a valuable service to players for the right price.

Phials can take your noted items and turn them into real usable items, allowing you to train at your house faster without repetitive banking trips. Before you unlock servants using Phials is usually the best way to train construction.


OSRS Construction

Training construction consists of building an item and then immediately destroying it before building it again.

While each plank will always give the same amount of experience it is important to build items that use the most planks to gain the most experience. Keep in mind that the approximate costs below do not take into account servant fees.

  • Levels 1-4
    • Item: Crude Wooden Chair
    • Amount of items: 5
    • Approximate Money Required: 3,840
  • Levels 4-9
    • Item: Wooden Bookcase
    • Amount of items: 7
    • Approximate Money Required: 5,402
  • Levels 9-15
    • Item: Wooden Larder
    • Amount of items: 7
    • Approximate Money Required: 10,050
  • Levels 15-16
    • Item: Repair Bench
    • Amount of items: 3
    • Approximate Money Required: 3,186
  • Levels 16-22
    • Item: Crafting Table
    • Amount of items: 12
    • Approximate Money Required: 25,488
  • Levels 22-31
    • Item: Oak Dining Table
    • Amount of items: 39
    • Approximate Money Required: 82,836
  • Levels 31-33
    • Item: Carved Oak Table
    • Amount of items: 10
    • Approximate Money Required: 31,860
  • Levels 33-52
    • Item: Oak Larder
    • Amount of items: 220
    • Approximate Money Required: 934,560
  • Levels 52-77
    • Item: Mahogany Table
    • Amount of items: 1,610
    • Approximate Money Required: 20,092,800
  • Levels 77-99
    • Item: Gnome Bench
    • Amount of items: 13,761
    • Approximate Money Required: 171,737,280

Important House Upgrades

OSRS Construction House Upgrades

Training Construction is not without benefits. Upgrading your house is one of the best ways to improve your player and increase your versatility in Runescape.

Prayer Altar

The prayer altar is a simple but powerful upgrade to a player’s house. It functions like any other altar and restores your prayer points, however at higher levels you can earn more Prayer experience by using bones on a Gilded Altar instead of burying them. The first altar is unlocked at level 45 Construction.


For players that enjoy the PvM aspect of Runescape, upgrading the pools in a Player Owned House is probably the biggest unlock from Construction. There are five tiers of the pool, each provides new benefits and restores a different stat for the player. Each time you upgrade the pool you still retain the benefits of the previous tiers.

The first pool tier is the Restoration Pool. This pool will restore your special attack energy, which can be valuable for a boss like Cerberus where using a special attack is key to the fight. It requires level 65 Construction to build.

The next tier is the Revitalization Pool, which will restore your run energy. While not useful for any specific PvM encounters, it can save you money in the long run by giving you somewhere you can quickly restore your energy. It requires level 70 Construction to build.

At level 80 Construction players can build the Rejuvenation Pool. The Rejuvenation Pool will refill your prayer, however, it is not super useful since the player should have a chapel with an altar at this point.

Five levels later players can construct the Fancy Rejuvenation Pool. This pool has all of the benefits of the previous pools but also restores any skill levels that have been lowered from negative effects.

Finally, at level 90 Construction players unlock the Ornate Rejuvenation Pool. Widely considered one of the most powerful upgrades for your house, this pool adds the ability to restore your health. By acquiring this pool you will only have to do a one-stop in your house to refill all of your stats before leaving to return to your fight.

Spellbook Altar

This upgrade will prove incredibly useful to those that favor their Magic skill. Throughout your journeys, in Runescape you will acquire a variety of different spellbooks to utilize. Unfortunately, swapping spellbooks is an inconvenient task as you will have to travel great distances to swap.

Players unlock the ability to build a spellbook altar at level 80 Construction. However, at that level, you can only build one altar for one spellbook. Once you reach level 90 Construction, players can build an altar with several spellbooks attached to it.

Portal Nexus and Portal Chamber

Teleporting is one of the highest priorities for a new Runescape player. Run energy is limited, especially on longer quests, and the ability to teleport to many destinations is a massive upgrade. There are two rooms that grant the player several teleports, the Portal Nexus and the Portal Chamber.

The Portal Chamber is effectively an inferior nexus available to lower-level players. Several portals directed to a single location can be constructed in the chamber once it’s unlocked at level 50 Construction.

At level 72 Construction players unlock the Portal Nexus. The advantage of the nexus over the chamber is that multiple teleports to different places can be stored in the nexus, compared to the chamber where multiple portals are required.

Jewelry Box

Prior to training their Construction skill the best way for players to navigate Gielinor is teleportation jewelry. The jewelry box, which can be constructed at level 81, stores a variety of teleportation jewelry with unlimited teleports for the jewelry. There are three tiers of the box and each tier allows more jewelry to be used in it.



Construction is an expensive and tedious skill, and the chance of burning out is pretty high while you’re training it. Instead of attempting to do one long grind to finish it, spread it out and do some more enjoyable content in between.

Don’t worry about raising the money to complete an entire level section before starting training. Whenever you have a little side cash buy some materials and make a little bit of progress towards your next level. Doing this will help you enjoy the game more and make sure you don’t get burned out.


Question: How much does it cost to get level 99 Construction in OSRS?

Answer: Following the most efficient methods, it will cost 192,927,203 gold to go from level 1 to level 99 Construction.

Question: Is Construction available to Free Play players in Runescape?

Answer: No, Construction is a members-only skill.

Question: How do Free to Play players get regular planks for Dragon Slayer?

Answer: While players without a membership cannot use the sawmill, they can acquire regular planks from several spawn points throughout the world. The usual spot to acquire them is from the Graveyard of Shadows in the Wilderness.

Question: How much does it cost to get level 99 Construction in OSRS?

Answer: Following the most efficient methods, it will cost 192,927,203 gold to go from level 1 to level 99 Construction.


Construction is a polarizing skill in Old School Runescape. While it is incredibly expensive to train, the benefits that can be earned are some of the best in the game.

The unlimited teleports and potential buffs from a high-level house are too good to pass up for most people. While Construction training is expensive, for most players it should be a priority and is absolutely worth it.



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