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Crafting is an essential skill to train in RuneScape 3 because it offers a range of must-needed features. Most notably, I trained crafting till level 75 to access Prifddinas, a high-tier city full of activities. Afterward, invention was released, requiring level 80 crafting. This elite skill incorporates divination, smithing, and crafting into one skill.

I highly recommend training the skill, especially if you’re an ironman, since your resources are limited and crafting provides needed items. For example, you can create amulets, rings, ranged, and magic armor with crafting.

This page will showcase the best training methods for crafting. We’ll include the fastest, most profitable, and F2P guides. Also, we’ll discuss which items you want to use to gain experience boosts and save material.

Bottom Line Up Front

I’ve made this section for those who don’t have the time to read through the guide. Nevertheless, I still recommend reading through it to gain the most useful information.

First of all, you’ll want to buy all the items to train crafting, such as a glassblowing pipe, moulds, chisel, thread, and needle. Then decide the training style you want to go for – fastest or most profitable?

To train crafting quickly, the best option is to cut gemstones at any bank. Quickly remove them from the bank using a preset and cut them. Afterward, bank them and repeat the process. This method is costly since cut gemstones are valued lower, and sometimes they will get destroyed depending on your crafting level.

The money-making method is mainly creating various necklaces and jewelry. If you want to know the profits precisely, you’ll need to continue reading the guide to find out. Here is a numbered list of the items you’ll want to create to make money when training.

  1. Bowstring
  2. Sapphire Necklace
  3. Emerald Necklace
  4. Ruby Necklace
  5. Dragonstone Ring
  6. Dragonstone Necklace
  7. Decorated Runecrafting urn

If you’d like to find out more information like the best items to use, quests to complete, and training methods, carry on with the guide.

Items Needed For Crafting

Crafting 1

Crafting is a skill that requires using various items to create armors, jewelry, and weapons. Before starting your journey to level 99 or 120, you’ll want to obtain these items:

  • Chisel
  • Glassblowing Pipe
  • Shears
  • Thread
  • Buckets
  • Materials

The materials needed will vary depending on the training method you use. If you decide to cut gems, all you’ll need is a chisel. However, if you want to make glass, you’ll want a glassblowing pipe, sand, and soda ash. 

Although the grind to level 99 crafting is much quicker than OSRS, you’ll still spend dozens of hours training the skill. Therefore, I highly recommend getting these items because they’ll boost your XP and save materials when creating items. 

Artisan’s Outfit

The artisan’s outfit is clothing that awards players with extra experience while training crafting. Each piece will give a set amount of experience, and the whole kit gives a bonus of 1%. The outfit is obtained from the Treasure Hunter MTX feature in RuneScape. This means you may struggle to acquire each piece as the chest odds are low.

Outfit Piece Bonus Experience
Artisan’s Bandana 1%
Artisan’s Top 1%
Artisan’s Legs 1%
Artisan’s Gloves 1%
Artisan’s Boots 1%
Total Set Boost 6%

Modified Artisan’s Bandana

The artisan’s bandana is a piece of the crafting outfit that gives extra XP when crafting. It can be upgraded to the modified artisan’s bandana, which gives various bonuses that help reach level 99 crafting. Take a look at the benefits:

  • 5% chance to save a piece of leather when crafting.
  • Players can acquire soft clay from the bandana once per day. The amount varies depending on how many pieces of the outfit you have. Players with less than 4 pieces will get 21 soft clay, and the full set gives 35.
  • 3 daily teleports to the crafting guild.

Tool Belt

Tool Belt
Rune Scape Wiki – Fandom

The tool belt is your best friend when training crafting because it stores essential items like moulds and tools. Before training the skill, you should acquire most moulds, a chisel, a needle, and a glassblowing pipe. All of these items can be attached to your tool belt for convenience. 

Inspire Genius

If you have 118 archaeology, you can activate the Inspire Genius relic power that provides 2% extra experience for crafting. 

Crafting Potion

The crafting potion is made by combining clean wergali and frog spawn in a vial of water, requiring 42 herblore. It temporarily boosts your crafting level by 3, letting you create items that are out of your level range.

Portable Crafter

One of the best additions to RuneScape is the portable skilling items like the crafter. This item can be deployed almost anywhere in Gielinor and lets you craft on it with an experience boost. Ideally, you want to put the portable crafter near a bank so you can quickly deposit and receive items. This is perhaps the best item for crafting since it tremendously boosts experience rates. Take a look at what it can offer:

  • Crafting opportunities from any location.
  • 10% experience boost
  • 10% change to save material
  • Tanning hides

Scroll of Dexterity

The scroll of dexterity can be obtained from the dungeoneering reward shop for 20,000 tokens. When your character reads the scroll, it will permanently unlock its passive ability that saves material when crafting. Depending on the material, the percentage chance of saving items varies.

Material Percentage Change To Save
Royal Dragon Leather 5%
Black Dragon Leather 10%
Red Dragon Leather 15%
Blue Dragon Leather 20%
Green Dragon Leather 25%
Batwing Leather 30%
Spider Silk 40%
Imphide 50%

Torstol Incense Sticks

Torstol Incense Sticks
Rune Scape Wiki – Fandom

Torstol incense sticks give 0.5% XP increase upon use and will increase its effectiveness every 10 minutes until you receive 2% extra-base experience. However, you can consume 6 sticks instantly to receive the max XP boost without a waiting period.

Artificer’s Measure

The artificer’s measure is a skilling item that offers crafting and construction benefits when equipped. The item requires level 99 crafting and 102 archaeology to use, so this item is for those going for level 120 crafting. When equipped in your off-hand, it will give these benefits:

  • If you have the scroll of dexterity, it will increase the chances of it working. When it does activate, the player receives a 0.5% bonus experience for 5 minutes, and it can stack up to 5% bonus XP.
  • While glassblowing and creating urns, there is a 5% chance to double the item.

Brooch of the Gods

This item synchronizes well with the portable crafter by increasing its effectiveness. It increases the chance of saving hides and soft clay by 10%. Also, you’ll acquire a 5% to 10% chance of saving gems when cutting them.

RS3 Crafting Quests

RuneScape features 220 quests that will take you on fun adventures with awesome rewards. Some of these quests give crafting experience upon completion, which you can use to your advantage by finishing them. This way, you won’t have to train the skill directly while receiving experience. It’s perhaps the best method of quickly gaining experience to skip past the lower levels.

Moreover, quests are a fundamental part of the RuneScape experience; without them, you won’t get access to new locations and monsters to slay. During your RuneScape playthrough, you’ll want to complete these quests anyway, so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Beginner Friendly Crafting Quests

First, let’s start with the easier quests since most players can complete them. They have low stat requirements and short durations. 

Quest Name Requirements Crafting Experience Gained
Sheep Shearer
  • None
150 XP
Goblin Diplomacy
  • None
200 XP
Gunnar’s Ground
  • Level 5 Crafting
300 XP
Tower of Life 
  • Level 10 Construction
500 XP
Fur ‘n Seek
  • Level 25 Slayer
500 XP
In Search of the Myreque
  • Level 25 Agility
600 XP
Dwarf Cannon
  • None
750 XP
Animal Magnetism
  • Level 15 Thieving
  • Level 35 Woodcutting
  • Level 18 Slayer
  • Level 30 Ranged
1,000 XP
The Golem
  • Level 25 Thieving
1,000 XP
Making History
  • None
1,000 XP
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Goblin Generals
  • None
1,000 XP
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Pirate Pete
  • Level 31 Cooking
1,000 XP
Tears of Guthix
  • Level 20 Crafting
  • Level 49 Firemaking
  • Level 20 Mining
1,000 XP
Murder Mystery
  • None
1,406 XP
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Skrach Uglogwee
  • Level 41 Cooking
  • Level 20 Firemaking
1,500 XP
Cold War
  • Level 30 Crafting
  • Level 10 Hunter
  • Level 34 Construction
  • Level 30 Agility
  • Level 15 Thieving
2,000 XP
Enlightened Journey
  • Level 36 Crafting
  • Level 20 Firemaking
  • Level 30 Farming
2,000 XP
In Aid of the Myreque
  • Level 25 Crafting
  • Level 7 Magic
  • Level 15 Mining
2,000 XP
Shades of Mort’ton
  • Level 20 Crafting
  • Level 5 Firemaking
  • Level 15 Herblore
2,000 XP
Observatory Quest
  • None
2,250 XP
The Giant Dwarf
  • Level 12 Crafting
  • Level 16 Firemaking
  • Level 14 Thieving
  • Level 33 Magic
2,500 XP
The Fremennik Trials
  • Level 40 Crafting
  • Level 40 Woodcutting
  • Level 25 Fletching
2,812 XP
The Great Brain Robbery
  • Level 16 Crafting
  • Level 50 Prayer
  • Level 30 Construction
3,000 XP
Nature Spirit
  • None
3,000 XP
The Slug Menace
  • Level 30 Crafting
  • Level 30 Thieving
  • Level 30 Runecrafting
  • Level 30 Slayer
3,500 XP
Shilo Village
  • Level 20 Crafting
  • Level 32 Agility
3,875 XP

Complete these quests as you progress through the game. If you do not meet the requirements, don’t worry as you can always come back later and finish them.

Advanced Crafting Quests

Advanced Crafting Quests

Now, let’s move on to the advanced quests you can complete once you have progressed enough in RuneScape. I highly recommend completing these quests while grinding till level 99 crafting because it offers variety. If you get bored or want a change of scenery, you can start these quests for fun and earn crafting experience.

Quest Name Requirements Crafting Experience Gained
Legacy of Seergaze
  • Level 47 Crafting
  • Level 20 Construction
  • Level 49 Magic
  • Level 40 Firemaking
  • Level 35 Mining
  • Level 31 Slayer
  • Level 29 Agility
4,000 XP
Elemental Workshop I
  • Level 20 Crafting
  • Level 20 Mining
  • Level 20 Smithing
5,000 XP
Dimension of Disaster: Demon Slayer
  • None
5,000 XP
The Fremennik Isles
  • Level 46 Crafting
  • Level 40 Agility
  • Level 20 Construction
  • Level 56 Agility
5,000 XP
Cabin Fever
  • Level 45 Crafting
  • Level 42 Agility
  • Level 40 Ranged
  • Level 50 Smithing
7,000 XP
Enakhra’s Lament
  • Level 50 Crafting
  • Level 13 Magic
  • Level 45 Firemaking
7,000 XP
Elemental Workshop II
  • Level 30 Smithing
  • Level 20 Magic
7,500 XP
Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav
  • Level 65 Strength
  • Level 61 Agility
  • Level 64 Ranged
9,000 XP
The Hand in the Sand
  • Level 49 Crafting
  • Level 17 Thieving
9,000 XP
Elemental Workshop IV
  • Level 41 Crafting
  • Level 39 Thieving
  • Level 40 Defense
  • Level 39 Runecrafting
  • Level 42 Smithing
9,000 XP
  • Level 43 Crafting
  • Level 50 Attack
  • Level 45 Strength
  • Level 50 Construction
  • Level 41 Mining
10,000 XP
In Pyre Need
  • Level 52 Crafting
  • Level 53 Fletching
  • Level 55 Firemaking
11,556 XP
The Void Stares Back
  • Level 70 Crafting
  • Level 25 Defense
  • Level 80 Magic
  • Level 78 Attack
  • Level 55 Summoning
  • Level 78 Strength
  • Level 70 Smithing
  • Level 71 Firemaking
  • Level 70 Construction
20,000 XP
The Branches of Darkmeyer
  • Level 64 Crafting
  • Level 63 Agility
  • Level 76 Woodcutting
  • Level 63 Farming
  • Level 70 Fletching
  • Level 67 Slayer
  • Level 70 Magic
20,000 XP
Rocking Out
  • Level 66 Crafting
  • Level 60 Agility
  • Level 69 Smithing
  • Level 63 Thieving
25,000 XP
Kindred Spirits
  • Level 68 Crafting
  • Level 60 Agility
  • Level 60 Smithing
  • Level 60 Herblore
25,000 XP
Do No Evil
  • Level 68 Crafting
  • Level 70 Thieving
  • Level 70 Magic
  • Level 50 Ranged
  • Level 64 Construction
40,000 XP
Love Story
  • Level 67 Crafting
  • Level 68 Smithing
  • Level 77 Magic
  • Level 68 Construction
40,000 XP
Ritual of the Mahjarrat
  • Level 76 Crafting
  • Level 77 Agility
  • Level 76 Mining
40,000 XP
Some Like it Cold
  • Level 56 Crafting
  • Level 50 Construction
  • Level 65 Fishing
  • Level 50 Thieving
40,000 XP
Plague’s End
  • Level 75 Crafting
  • Level 75 Prayer
  • Level 75 Agility
  • Level 75 Construction
  • Level 75 Dungeoneering
  • Level 75 Herblore
  • Level 75 Mining
  • Level 75 Woodcutting
  • Level 75 Summoning
  • Level 75 Ranged
50,000 XP
The Light Within
  • Level 80 Crafting
  • Level 80 Agility
  • Level 80 Slayer
  • Level 80 Woodcutting
  • Level 80 Prayer
  • Level 80 Divination
  • Level 80 Herblore
90,000 XP

Where To Train Crafting

RuneScape features dozens of locations where you can train crafting. However, most locations are undesirable since they are far from banks or do not provide a significant advantage for training there. While I was on my journey to level 99 crafting, I looked at multiple YouTube videos, guides, and blogs to find the best places to train the skill, and here are my top picks.


Shilo Village
Rune Scape Wiki – Fandom

The Furnace is mainly used to create jewelry by melting metal bars and using moulds. The overall best spots to train are:

  • Shilo Village
  • Edgeville
  • Artisan’s Workshop
  • Lumbridge

Spinning Wheels

  • 2nd floor of Lumbridge Castle
  • Burthorpe
  • Seer’s Village


  • Burthorpe
  • Falador
  • Prifddinas

Potter’s Wheel and Pottery Ovens

Rune Scape Wiki – Fandom
  • Burthorpe
  • Varrock
  • Crafting Guild
  • Prifddinas


  • Portable Crafter
  • Varrock
  • Crafting Guild
  • Al Kharid
  • Taverley

How To Train Crafting

Crafting is a very simple skill to understand because there isn’t a significant learning curve. In most cases, you’ll need to combine two items to create a piece of equipment. For example, using a thread and needle on green d’hide can make various ranged armor. 

On the other hand, some crafting techniques require using a furnace or spinning wheel to create specific items. The RuneScape leveling page will showcase how to create items if you get confused.

RuneScape 3 P2P 1-99/120 Crafting Guide

First, we’ll cover training methods for those with RuneScape membership. If you are not a member, I advise buying it or saving up for a bond because these training methods are significantly faster or more profitable than F2P.

Fastest RuneScape 3 Crafting Guide

Crafting Skills

The fastest way to train crafting is by cutting gems. Unfortunately, this method is very expensive as some gems are worth less once cut. Nevertheless, you can stick to lower-tier gems that generate decent hourly profit. Most players can cut roughly 4k gems per hour, so our numbers will be based on this information.

I advise cutting the next tier gem once you reach the required level, regardless of the increased chance of destroying them. The only gems you’ll want to avoid are Onyx and Hydrix since they are too expensive.

Type of Gem Crafting Level Required Experience per Gem Experience per Hour Profit Per Hour
Opal Level 1 Crafting 15 Experience 65k XP/H 420k/h GP
Jade Level 13 Crafting 20 Experience 85k XP/h 2.3m/h GP
Red Topaz Level 16 Crafting 25 Experience 105k XP/h 1.2m/h GP
Sapphire Level 20 Crafting 50 Experience 210k XP/h -700k/h GP
Emerald Level 27 Crafting 67.5 Experience 280k XP/h 120k/h GP
Ruby Level 34 Crafting 85 Experience 350k XP/h 230k/h GP
Diamond Level 43 Crafting 107.5 Experience 450k XP/h -650k/h GP
Dragonstone Level 55 Crafting 137.5 Experience 540k XP/h -75k/h GP

If you find cutting gems too expensive you can combine mining and crafting together by going to the Al Kharid mine. This location hosts a few gem rocks you can mine and cut afterward. Once you gain the crafting experience, you can drop the gems and continue mining. This method requires having level 55 mining.

Profitable RuneScape 3 Crafting Guide

If you’re on a budget and want to make the most gold while training, you can use the following methods. Unfortunately, reaching level 99 crafting will take much longer due to the reduced experience rates per hour. However, you will make millions in the process, which helps buy combat gear or materials for other skills.

Item to Craft Crafting Training Range Crafting Level Required Experience per Item Experience per Hour Profit per Item
Bowstring Levels 1 – 22 Level 1 Crafting 15 Experience 20 k/h 400 GP
Sapphire Necklace Levels 22 – 29 Level 22 Crafting 40 Experience 50 k/h 1.2k GP
Emerald Necklace Levels 29 – 40 Level 29 Crafting 60 Experience 75 k/h 1.7k GP
Ruby Necklace Levels 40 – 55 Level 40 Crafting 75 Experience 95 k/h 1k GP
Dragonstone Ring Levels 55 – 72 Level 55 Crafting 100 Experience 120 k/h 1.8k GP
Dragonstone Necklace Levels 72 – 77 Level 72 Crafting 105 Experience 125 k/h 2.5k GP
Decorated Runecrafting urn Levels 77 – 99/120 Level 77 Crafting 128 Experience 170 k/h 4k GP

F2P RuneScape 3 Crafting Guide

Crafting Ruby Amulet

Free-to-play players have limited training methods they can use as most items are members only. Therefore, you’ll have to make do with lower experience rates and limited resources. Here’s how to efficiently train the skill on F2P worlds:

Item to Craft Crafting Training Range Crafting Level Required Experience per Item Experience per Ho



Profit per Item
Cracked Mining Urns Levels 1 – 5 Level 1 Crafting 28.6 Experience 15k/h XP 70 GP
Gold Rings Levels 5 – 16 Level 5 Crafting 15 Experience 20k/h XP 39 GP
Unstrung Gold Amulets Levels 16 – 27 Level 16 Crafting 30 Experience 25k/h XP -1k GP
Emerald Rings Levels 27 – 31 Level 27 Crafting 60 Experience 65k/h XP 180 GP
Unstrung Emerald Amulets Levels 31 – 34 Level 31 Crafting 70 Experience 80k/h XP -1.2k GP
Ruby Rings Levels 34 – 40 Level 34 Crafting 70 Experience 80k/h XP 675 GP
Ruby Necklaces Levels 40 – 43 Level 40 Crafting 75 Experience 90k/h XP 1k GP
Diamond Rings Levels 43 – 56 Level 43 Crafting 85 Experience 105k/h XP -330 GP
Diamond Necklaces Levels 56 – 70  Level 56 Crafting 90 Experience 120k/h XP 1k GP
Unstrung Diamond Amulets Levels 70 – 99/120 Level 70 Crafting 100 Experience 150k/h XP -3k GP

Alternative F2P RuneScape 3 Crafting Methods

Now I’ll show you some alternative training methods that you can do on free worlds. This will not be from levels 1 to 99, so you’ll have to use the previous guide to help you reach the level requirements.

Item to Craft Crafting Level Required Crafting Leveling Range Experience per Item Experience per Hour Profit Earned for Level 99 Crafting
Hard Leather Shields Level 29 Crafting Levels 29 to 99/120 36 Experience 42k/h XP 15m GP
Uncut Diamonds Level 43 Crafting Levels 43 to 99/120 107.5 Experience 450k/h XP -120m Gp
Plain Woodcutting Urns Level 44 Crafting Levels 44 to 99/120 80 Experience  90k/h XP 7m GP
Diamond Necklaces Level 56 Crafting Levels 56 to 99/120 90 Experience 105k/h XP 130m GP
Diamond Rings Level 43 Levels 43 to 99 85 Experience  92k/h XP -50m GP


Question: Is crafting worth training in RuneScape 3?

Answer: Crafting in RuneScape 3 is an essential skill to train because it unlocks various items that will help you fight monsters and skills. Some items like the blood fury amulet cannot be bought from the Grand Exchange, and you must combine the items yourself. Therefore, you’ll need the skill to unlock end-game items used for bossing.
Moreover, crafting is one of the requirements for the elite skill invention, requiring level 80 crafting. This skill tremendously improves your gaming experience by implementing automation and upgrades. Without crafting, this skill is unobtainable. 

Question: How do I make money with crafting?

Answer: Making money is a significant goal for most players as it lets you purchase supplies to train skills or buy various weapons and armor. Although crafting is not known for making money, it has some profitable training methods. Here are some items you can craft to generate profits:
• Cutting Jades will make 2.3m GP per hour.
• Cutting Red Topaz will make 1.2m GP per hour.
• Crafting Decorated Runecrafting Urns will make 4m GP per hour.
• Crafting Dragonstone Necklaces will make 2.5m GP per hour.

Question: What are the best items to craft?

Answer: The crafting skill has plenty of items you can create from scratch, like weapons, jewelry, and armors. Let’s look at the best items the skill has to offer:
• Blood Amulet of Fury
• Royal Dragonhide Armor
• Artificer’s Measure
• Essence of Finality
• Hydrix Amulet
• Hydrix Bracelet
• Onyx Amulet
• Shark’s Tooth Necklace


That concludes this level 1-99/120 crafting guide. We have provided the best training methods for free-to-play and member players so every gamer can find something useful. I recommend cutting gems, specifically rubies, because you’ll generate millions of GP by the time you reach level 99. Also, you can stay at the Grand Exchange since you only need a bank to train when cutting gemstones.

However, if you want to reach level 99 the fastest, then cutting diamonds and dragonstone are the best options, but they are extremely costly.

Remember, when starting your journey to level 99 crafting, you’ll want to use all the bonuses you can to make the process smoother. Definitely go for the crafting outfit and the archaeology relic to gain 2% extra experience. We hope you learned something new, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.

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