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I enjoyed the Violet is Blue quest a lot when it launched in 2018. However, I have had many people tell me that they struggled with some of the puzzles, so I recently went back to play it again and thought it would be a good idea to create a quest guide for this mission and show you how to beat it without missing any items.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Violet is Blue quest has you escorting a human girl raised by Yetis to a Yeti festival at the behest of her adoptive Yeti parents, Trevor and Betty. Completing the Violet is Blue quest is relatively simple since it started as a novice-level holiday quest.

You won’t need particular items or a high skill level to finish it. There are only six puzzles, and none take very long to figure out. It’s a cute, fun quest that grants you a bunch of experience points and access to Yeti Town.

Why Complete Violet is Blue

Violet in a barrel

Violet is Blue is an enjoyable quest, and if you are a beginner to the game, it is an excellent way to gain a good amount of experience right up front. The characters in the quest are well written, and the storyline immerses you in the world of RuneScape 3 (RS3) right away. By the end of the quest, you will receive the following:

  • Twenty-five construction points
  • One quest point.
  • The Lamp of Joy grants you one-thousand experience points, or five hundred if an elite skill is selected.
  • The Lamp of Wonder grants you one thousand experience points, or five hundred if an elite skill is selected.
  • The Lamp of Laughter grants you one-thousand experience points, or five hundred if an elite skill is selected. 
  • The Yeti title
  • Access to Yeti Town
  • Two Treasure Hunter keys (you will not receive the keys if you use an Ironman account.)

What You Need Before Starting Violet is Blue

Violet is Blue is a no-combat mission, so you won’t need to prepare any items to begin the quest. Instead, you’ll spend all your time talking to NPCs and solving puzzles.

Quest Requirements

  • There are no quest requirements to begin this mission.

Skill Requirements

  • None

Item Requirements

  • No specific items are required to begin or complete the quest. However, it is a good idea to have to Taverley lodestone unlocked when you start.

How To Complete Violet is Blue


You must go to White Wolf Mountain and locate Violet to begin the quest. Violet is on the southern tip of the mountain. Although she will growl at you when you encounter her, don’t be alarmed by this. She won’t attack you. Instead, follow her through the portal to the land of snow.

Once you have gone through the portal, you will find yourself at the bottom of a steep, snowy hill. Go up the hill and avoid Violet’s snowball barrage. Don’t worry about this part of the quest too much because if you get hit by too many snowballs and have to keep starting over, the game will allow you to make things easier by slowing down the speed of the snowballs so that they are easier to dodge.

Once you make it up the hill, talk to Violet to trigger a cut scene that takes you to the Yeti’s house. Knock on the door, and you will be greeted by a Yeti named Trevor. You’ll learn through the dialog options here that Trever and his wife Betty adopted Violet after someone left her on their doorstep and raised her as a Yeti.

After Talking to Trever, talk to Violet, and she will ask you to play a game of eye spy. You have to bring her five different items from around the room, each beginning with a specific letter. The items vary but will always be one of the following:

Violet Blue
The Runescape Wiki
  • C – Climbing boots (toy box)
  • E – Empty jar (under the bed)
  • F – Fluffy unicorn (wardrobe)
  • H – “How to be a Witch” book (wardrobe)
  • I – Iron figure (toybox)
  • M – Mittens (wardrobe)
  • S – Scarf (toybox)
  • S – Socks (under the bed)
  • T – Toy lion (wardrobe)
  • W – Wooden carving (toy box)
  • W – Weapon gizmo (under the bed)
  • Y – Yo-yo (under the bed)

Go around the room and collect the items; it doesn’t take long. Bring the items back to Violet and follow her when she leaves the room. Talk to Trevor and leave the house. Trevor and Violet will be outside waiting for you. Select the first dialog option to “go on an adventure,” this will trigger a cutscene of the three of you walking into the woods.

After the cutscene, you’ll be in the woods:

  1. Click on the frozen bucket in front of you to collect it. 
  2. Click the maple tree in front of you and gather logs. Use the bucket to collect syrup from the tree. 
  3. Investigate the surrounding trees to cover them with syrup. 

After you’ve covered four trees with syrup, go back to talk to Trevor. Select the chat option “do you have anything useful?”

After speaking with Trevor, click on the nearby bushes to shake the fireflies out of them and capture ten fireflies. After you have ten fireflies, talk to Violet. A cut scene will lead you to a clearing where you must throw snowballs at 15 headless golems.

The dialog options where you’ll have to ask Violet to make different faces preceding the golem shooting mini-game bear no consequence on the rest of the gameplay, so feel free to spam-click through that part if you want. Hitting each golem can be a little tedious as the golems skate around and can be easy to miss, but after you’ve tossed snowballs at all of them, talk to Violet.

Before leaving the area, collect any treasure you might have missed. Inside the nearby abandoned crates, you will find hats, carrots, and coal, and from the dead tree across from the crates, you will find some branches. Search the nearby snow as well and collect three snowballs. 

Violet is blue and moon

Combine the items to make three snowmen, and after rebuilding the snowman and collecting twenty-four construction experience points, speak to Violet again. Violet will approach the snowmen and roar at them.

Her roar will knock over all the snow in the area. Have Violet roar three times to knock down enough snow that the ice becomes strong enough to cross. Then, continue northwards across the ice.

After completing the snowman puzzle, you will reach a maze of ice. To the east, you will locate a barrel hidden in some icy water with which you will be able to interact. Collect the barrel and talk to Violet. Once you talk to Violet, she will climb into the barrel for you to push her around.

Using the barrel as a sled, you must guide Violet to the other end of the maze while avoiding obstacles on the ice. The puzzle is relatively simple and pretty fun. If you become stuck on any obstacles, you can always use the right-click option to reset everything and try again.

The quickest way to cross the ice is to follow this pattern: up, left, up, right, up, left, up.

Now that you are on the other side of the ice maze, you are almost done with the quest! Yeti Town is at the bottom of the hill! However, the mountain is too steep for Violet to climb, so you must construct a sled so she can safely reach the bottom. 

Examine the area modeling the sled to start the dialogue with Violet and find out what you will need to construct the sled. You will need these components to build the sled:

  1. A Yeti sign west of where you discovered the sled model.
  2. A rope, which you will find in a crate to the west.
  3. Some barrel parts from the rotten barrel to the east
  4. An unlit lantern to the northeast, hidden in a hole in the ice.
  5. A bit of charcoal from a fire north of the sled model.

Once you have all the components, head back to the sled model and begin constructing it by repeatedly investigating the space.

After finishing the sled’s construction, talk to Violet again. She will want to christen the sled but won’t be able to think of a name on her own. So instead, she will offer a variety of names to choose from and will accept any of the names you pick, so you can select at random if you like or go with whichever name you think is the funniest.

After you decide on a name, a cutscene will ensue. You and Trever walk into town while Violet rides down on her sled. Yeti town is full of children, and there is a bonfire and a snow-cone salesman around whom all of the Yeti children are gathered.

The Yeti children will all be very friendly to Violet; they will complement her sled and hair and be excited to be her friend.

Congratulations, the quest is complete!


Question: How many puzzles are there in this quest, and how many stages?

Answer: There is one puzzle per stage and six stages. The puzzles ramp up in difficulty as you progress through the game and are mostly themed around winter games such as snowball fights and sledding.

Question: Are there any easter eggs on this quest?

Answer: Yes, the ball in Violet’s room is a Pixar reference, meant to resemble a ball that appears in the short film Luxo Jr. and when you give her the fluffy unicorn, she says, “it’s so fluffy!” which is a “Despicable Me” reference.

Question: What can players do in Yeti Town?

Answer: Yeti town is home to one of the only two permanent bonfires in RS3 for free-to-play accounts, but it doesn’t allow you to gain the 10+ cooking skill, nor can you use it for cremations. East of the bonfire, there is a bank chest for collecting logs and raw food to use on the bonfire. You will also find four frozen snow implings around Yeti Town. Thawing all of them grants you the  “To Thaw a Frozen Heart” achievement, though you will need to be at a minimum level for each.
For example, you’ll need to be at level twenty for the first impling, level forty for the second, level sixty for the third, and level eighty for the fourth. Thawing each impling will grant you two-thousand, eight-thousand, thirty-thousand, and fifty-thousand experience points, respectively.


It’s an easy, fun quest for novice-level players and a quick way to get some extra experience early in the game. There are six stages in total, you won’t need any specific items to complete the quest, and you gain access to Yeti Town in the end.

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