Green Dragon OSRS Guide

If someone were to ask you about the most iconic monsters in Runescape, what would be the first to come to mind? King Black Dragon? Daggonoth Kings? Vorkath? Goblins?

As for me, I can’t talk about the classics without including good old Green dragons. Primarily members-only, Green dragons have a storied history, several variations, and even play a role in a few quests. 

You’ll definitely be running into them on more than one occasion as you make your way up the OSRS progression ladder. Let’s delve into what you can expect from these beasts, where to find them, and how best to defeat them. 

What Are Green Dragons?

Green dragons are one of many dragon-type enemies you will encounter in OSRS. There are the weakest of the four chromatic dragons in the game and come in three varieties. 

Baby Green Dragons

Unfortunately, you can't tame a baby dragon and make it into a pet.
Image from Wiki

Baby green dragons are at the bottom of the totem pole. They have a combat level of 48, 50 HP, and a max melee hit of 5. Baby chromatic dragons can’t breathe fire, so they’re hardly a threat. Maybe if Time Wizard worked his magic and turned them into thousand green dragons, they’d be tougher. 

Where Can I Find Baby Green Dragons?

You can find baby green dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon and the basement of the Myths’ Guild. 

Brimhaven Dungeon

Baby green dragons have terrible drops but can come in handy on Slayer tasks.
“Photo by Xavier Getz”

You need to pay 875 GP to enter Brimhaven Dungeon (Or pay a one-time fee of 1 million GP). To reach the baby green dragons, you need at least level 34 Woodcutting and something to chop down some vines. 

If you have at least level 87 Agility, you can use an Agility shortcut to get right to the baby green dragons. After entering the dungeon, chop down the vines, take a right, and chop some more vines. The Agility shortcut is a short jog north and to your left. If you don’t have level 87 Agility, you have no choice but to take the long way. Head west past the Agility shortcut and take the staircase to the upper level in the northern part of the cavern. 

Once upstairs, run south and evade some fire giants. Head east in the cavern with the fire giants, and it will take you to the baby green dragons. There are 11 of them here, so have a ball.

Myths’ Guild Basement

You can find a lone baby green dragon in the basement of the Myth’s Guild. The basement functions as part of the Corsair Cove Dungeon, hence why monsters are present. 

You can’t do much with a training spot with only one monster (Unless it’s a boss monster). And considering the Myths’ Guild is endgame content (That requires completion of Dragon Slayer 2, you wouldn’t be spending time on a single baby green dragon by that point. You can call this one the dusty baby green dragon because no one touches it. 

Green Dragons

The Green Dragon is an oldie but a goodie.
Image from Wiki

The tier-2 green dragons are the ones you’ll likely fight the most, at least for a while. They come in level 79 and level 88 variants. The level 79 dragons have a max melee hit of 8 and 75 HP, while the level 88 dragons have the same max melee hit and 25 extra HP. 

Unlike baby green dragons, these can breathe fire and hit up to 50s with their dragonfire attack. You will need some form of protection from their fire breath, or they’ll turn you into the toasty meme from Mortal Kombat.

Where Can I Find Green Dragons?

The most challenging element of fighting green dragons comes from where to find them. Outside of one location, all green dragon spawns are in, drum roll please, the Wilderness. 

Wilderness Locations

Four of the five green dragon spots out in the Wilderness are in the open Wilderness. 

Eleven green dragons are south of the Venenatis boss. You can get there pretty quickly by teleporting to the Chaos Temple with a Burning amulet and running the rest of the way there. If you want as little downtime as possible between kills, this spot has the highest density of green dragons. It is in a somewhat deep part of the Wilderness, so you won’t be able to teleport away instantly without dropping beneath level 30 Wilderness. 

Keeping on the topic of deep Wilderness, five green dragons are south of the Lava Maze. It’s not too far from the first spot, and the Burning amulet has a convenient Lava Maze teleport. But you have no reason to venture this far into the Wilderness for them. 

The green dragons west of the Dark Warriors' Fortress are arguably the safest Wilderness option.
“Photo by Xavier Getz”

The two most common spots to kill green dragons are west of the Dark Warriors’ Fortress and North of the Graveyard of Shadows. The Burning amulet is something of a Wilderness MVP. It can teleport you close to both locations. Teleport to the Bandit Camp and run southwest or northeast, respectively. For the spot near the Graveyard of Shadows, you can use a Games necklace to teleport to the Corporal Beast Lair and run northwest. 

There are a lot of green dragons north of the Graveyard of Shadows but PKers love coming here.
“Photo by Xavier Getz”

The former spot has three green dragons, and the latter has five. Both are in relatively low levels of Wilderness and have good escape options. 

There’s one Wilderness location left to discuss.

Wilderness Slayer Cave

If you think you’re ready for big kid undies, grab your Burning amulet or Games necklace, teleport to the Chaos Temple or Corporeal Beast’s Lair, and run either north or east to the level 18 Wilderness entrance to the Wilderness Slayer Cave. 

There are six green dragons in the Wilderness Slayer Cave, split between two groups. One group is in the north part of the cave, almost directly south of the northern entrance and the rest are in the far southeast part of the cave. These green dragons are the level 88 variants. They have some unique elements in their design that make them more appealing to kill than their weaker brethren. More on this later.

Corsair Cove Dungeon

The final place you can fight the standard variant of green dragons is in the Corsair Cove Dungeon. You can get to the Corsair Cove Dungeon by taking a ship from Port Sarim or Rimmington or teleporting to Feldip Hills and running the rest of the way there. Alternatively, you can get here via the basement of the Myths’ Guild. 

Just like the lone baby green dragon down here, you can only reach the green dragons in the Corsair Cove Dungeon if you have access to the Myths’ Guild.


Elvarg is the original boss of F2P Runescape.
Image from Wiki

Elvarg is a boss enemy you need to defeat at the end of the Dragon Slayer quest. Before the introduction of boss monsters like Obor and Bryophyta, Elvarg was basically the only boss in F2P. 

Elvarg has slightly higher HP than standard green dragons and can deal up to 69 damage with dragonfire instead of the usual 50. If you fight her in the Nightmare Zone on Hard Mode, she has 240 HP and can deal up to 22 damage with her Melee attack. Unlike the other tier-2 chromatic dragons, Elvarg has a Magic attack and can use dragonfire from afar. She earns her title as the boss of the green dragons. The regular ones, anyway. 

Killing Elvarg is required to finish the Dragon Slayer quest. Finishing Dragon Slayer is a prerequisite to many other quests, diaries, and a requirement to wear rune platebodies, dragon platebodies, and green d’hide bodies. 

Brutal Green Dragons

Brutal green dragons are the toughest green dragons in OSRS.

Brutal green dragons are the final form of green dragons. They are a significant step up from their siblings. While you can start fighting standard green dragons with mid-level combat stats, brutal green dragons are too much for mid-level players to handle. They attack with Melee and Magic and have a max hit of 18. If your Defense is low, they will hit constantly. They also have significantly more HP, with 175. They’re slightly stronger than iron dragons and slightly weaker than standard black dragons.

Where Can I Kill Brutal Green Dragons?

There is only one place where you can find brutal green dragons. 

Ancient Cavern

Gaining access to the Ancient Cavern requires completing the first step of the Barbarian Training mini-quest. To do so, speak with Otto Godblessed in his hut. The easiest way to get to him is using a Games necklace to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost and run from there. 

You need to speak with Otto Godblessed before you can reach brutal green dragons.
“Photo by Xavier Getz”

Ask him about Barbarian Firemaking, and he will teach you how to start fires using a bow. You will need at least level 35 Firemaking to do this. Once you’ve told your tinderbox that it has failed this set of logs and used a bow to make a fire, speak with Otto again and ask him what’s next. Otto will tell you it’s time for you to learn how to make pyre ships. Doing so requires obtaining a set of mangled or chewed bones from within the Ancient Cavern. You don’t need to complete this step yet, but you must reach this point in Barbarian Training to enter the Ancient Cavern. 

Take a leap of faith into the whirlpool to get to the Ancient Cavern.
“Photo by Xavier Getz”

Exit Otto’s hut and head north to the dock with the whirlpool. Dive into this whirlpool, and you will be inside the Ancient Cavern. Once inside, head down the stairs, and you’ll come across the seven brutal green dragons.

Don't take on brutal green dragons until you have fairly high combat stats.
“Photo by Xavier Getz”

Where Should I Kill Green Dragons?

If you want the best possible consistent loot, take on the brutal green dragons if you have the stats to handle them. Otherwise, the standard green dragons in the Wilderness Slayer Cave are the best option. They have slightly better drops than the other Wilderness green dragons. 

For Slayer tasks, if you’re on task for Krystilia, then the Wilderness Slayer Cave is number one. If you don’t want to take that risk, the spots west of the Dark Warriors’ Fortress and north of the Graveyard of Shadows are the best. 

The spot west of the Dark Warriors’ Fortress is in very low-level Wilderness, so if a PKer attacks you, you can likely get out of their level range by running south. There’s also a Wilderness Obelisk nearby that you can use to teleport away, run until you’re out of combat, then log off. The spot north of the Graveyard of Shadows is in deeper Wilderness but has some options. You can enter the Graveyard of Shadows to partially kite a PKer and draw aggro from one of the skeletons. The Corporal Beast’s Lair is a safe room, so if you run back there, PKers won’t be able to attack you.

If you don’t want to bother with a green dragon task (Or feel you can’t handle such a task at your current levels) or risk the Wilderness, baby green dragons do count towards green dragon tasks. You can easily breeze your way through them to quickly complete your objective. 

What Combat Levels Should I Have When Fighting Green Dragons?

For baby green dragons, standard green dragons, and Elvarg, level 40 combat stats are the bare minimum, but level 60 is a better baseline. You will have the easiest time dealing with these foes with Melee and Ranged. Leave Magic for another time.

Brutal green dragons hit much harder, and I’d recommend level 70 Melee and Ranged stats before taking them on. You may also want level 37-43 Prayer for Protect from Melee or Protect from Magic.

What Gear Should I Use Against Green Dragons?

All green dragons except the babies require some form of protection against dragonfire. An anti-dragon shield and some antifire potions are the cheapest options. A charged dragonfire shield has infinitely better defensive stats. It’s pretty unnecessary for green dragons, but you can use one if you have it. Watch out for PKers trying to Smite you for one of your items. 

For baby green dragons and brutal green dragons, use the best Ranged or Melee gear you have. As for standard green dragons, outside the ones in the Corsair Cove Dungeon, it depends on what you’re willing to risk. 

Green dragon locations have always been popular PKer spots, and that’s a risk you have to accept. So long as you have at least mid-level stats, you can get away with cheaper combat setups like full rune and a rune scimitar or full red dragonhide, a bone crossbow, and bone bolts. Swap out your Amulet of Glory for an Amulet of Power. Leave the obby cape at home and use a god cloak instead. 

For food, use the best/most cost-effective food available. For safety against PKers, consider bringing a karambwan or two for tick eating and one or two Saradomin brews. 

When fighting any green dragons in the Wilderness, I recommend wearing an imbued Ring of Wealth. While imbued, a Ring of Wealth halves the drop chance of clue scrolls in the Wilderness. That gives green dragons a pretty solid 1/64 chance of dropping hard clues. 

A popular method for killing green dragons is the Dwarf multicannon. Cannonballs aren’t too expensive these days. Once you set your cannon down, you don’t have to worry about losing it. You can place it in the middle of a training spot, then either pitch in and get kills on your own or hover on the outskirts of the training spot (Closest to the lowest Wilderness level within reach). Just head in from time to time to pick up your loot. Be sure to bring a looting bag to double up profit each trip. If you completed the Wilderness Elite Diary, all Wilderness dragons drop their bones noted. 

If killing green dragons in the Wilderness Slayer Cave, consider wearing an Amulet of Avarice. Wearing one while in the cave will make green dragon drops noted, so if you’re willing to take the risk, you can stay longer and get more profit. Just remember that wearing the Amulet of Avarice will skull your character. If you die, say goodbye to everything you have. Make sure you have an emergency teleport option handy for quick escapes. 

What Drops Can I Get From Green Dragons?

Green dragons are decent mid-level moneymakers.
“Photo by Xavier Getz”

The best part about green dragons is their consistency. Many other monsters require the dropping of certain non-guaranteed items for them to have good GP/hour rates. But with green dragons, 99% of your profits come from their dragon bone and green dragonhide drops, which are guaranteed every kill. 

So long as you kill green dragons or brutal green dragons, that is. Baby green dragons only drop babydragon bones and nothing else. There’s only one reason to kill baby green dragons, and their drop table isn’t it. 

Besides dragon bones and green dragonhide, green dragons have some other common drops that are decent. The hard clues are great, provided you have the prerequisites to complete the steps. Ensouled dragon heads sell for just under 7K each. Green dragons in the Wilderness Slayer Cave have slightly better drop tables than the dragons in the open Wilderness. Primarily, better high alchables at lower drop rates. I personally don’t find it worth it bringing High Alchemy runes on tasks like this. 

All Wilderness green dragons have a chance of dropping Larran’s keys if on task for Krystilia. The Wilderness Slayer Cave dragons have a 15% increased chance of dropping them. 

Should I Fight Green Dragons For Experience Gains Or Profit?

I would say not really on the experience gains and maybe on the profit. 

Green dragons aren’t a go-to training monster due to primarily being in the Wilderness. But when you are fighting them, they have solid exp/hour rates. The Slayer experience for green dragons is nothing special, but brutal green dragons are decent. As for profit, green dragons are holding pretty steady in that department. The value of both dragon bones and green dragonhide has gone down over the years, but the GP/hour is still solid for mid-level players. 

But seeing how mid-level players are experienced but still have a ways to go in their OSRS journey, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend green dragons for profit. Evading PKers is an art that most mid-level players don’t have mastered. If you’re high enough level to kill green dragons, you’re high enough level to be bothered by PKers with Teleblock and Ancient Magick spells. Panicking comes easily, as does getting killed. And a mid-level player losing several hundred k in equipment and loot hurts. 

So, if you want to give green dragons a whirl to make some GP, go for it if you think you’re ready. Just be careful. 

Brutal green dragons are unfortunately stuck in that place of being kind of high level while still having a fairly mid-level drop table. Their drop table is only slightly better than standard green dragons. And unlike almost every other high-level dragon, they do not drop the draconic visage. They’re more effort than worth, in my opinion.


Question: Should I Skip Green Dragons As A Slayer Task?

Answer: No. The Slayer grind can be a chore, especially if you haven’t gotten big moneymaking tasks, but you can quickly complete any green dragon task by killing the baby variants. There’s no reason to skip. 

Question: Can I get Larran’s keys as drops from Wilderness green dragons while not on task for Krystilia?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. If you could, that would significantly increase the profitability of green dragons. 

Question: Which is the better attack option, Melee or Ranged?

Answer: I prefer Ranged. Ranged punches up higher and faster than Melee, and the bone crossbow and bolt setup is much cheaper than the budget melee setup but still extremely effective.


Green dragons (The regular ones, not brutal green dragons) are holding up moderately well for a legacy monster. It’s kind of sad how relatively cheap green dragonhide is now, but dragon bones will likely always maintain a decently high value. 

PKers are always a potential problem while in the Wilderness, but anyone who has played OSRS for a while knows PKing has gone down significantly over the years. You won’t run into PKers nearly as much as you did years ago when bots flooded every green dragon spot. If you want to give Wilderness GP farming a try, green dragons are still one of the best ways to dip your feet into the deep end of the pool for the first time. 

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