Hosidius Favor OSRS Guide

One of the hugest updates for OSRS was the introduction of the continent of Zeah. 

There are three regions in Zeah, one being the kingdom of Great Kourend. Five cities make up Great Kourend: Hosidius, Shayzien, Port Piscarilius, Lovakengj, and Arceuus. Each offers a wide variety of goods and services. But before you can access them, you need to earn their favor by doing them some favors. Scratch their backs, and they’ll scratch yours. 

Of the five cities of Great Kourend, Hosidius, named after the Imperial character I played in Elder Scrolls Oblivion (Kidding), is the city you’ll want to start with first. 

Join me as I delve into everything you need to know about Hosidius favor. 

Getting to Hosidius

First Time Travel

Before you’re able to use any of the more efficient Great Kourend teleport options, you have to travel there the formal way at least once. That means heading to Port Sarim and speaking with Veos. He’s south of the Rusty Anchor Inn and has a boat that can take you to Great Kourend. Veos can take you to the docks of Port Piscarilius or Land’s End in the Kourend Woodland. Either one works; just run to Hosidius from either location. 

Best Traveling Methods

Xeric’s Talisman

xeric's talisman osrs
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

The Xeric’s Glade teleport option of the Xeric’s Talisman will drop you close to the Hosidius farming patch. Xeric’s Talisman is one of the most useful teleport items in the game, so get one as soon as possible.

Hosidius Player-Owned House

If you have at least level 25 Construction, you can speak with an Estate agent, and he can move your house to Hosidus for 8,750 GP. After this, travel to Hosidius is just a matter of teleporting to your house and exiting the house portal. 

Alternatively, you can use a scroll of redirection on a teleport to house tablet to create a Hosidius teleport tablet. Obtaining scrolls of redirection requires playing the Nightmare Zone minigame. 

Nightmare Zone requires the completion of a handful of mid-level to intermediate quests and significant combat stats, so this option is not practical for low-level players. I also find using scrolls of redirection to make Hosidius teleport tablets a waste of Nightmare Zone points.

Tithe Farm Grouping Teleport

The Grouping tab allows players to essentially home teleport to a wide variety of minigames. One of these is the Tithe Farm minigame in Hosidius. 

Access to the Tithe Farm teleport requires that you have played Tithe Farm already at least once. To do that, you need 100% Hosidius favor and at least level 34 Farming. 

Grouping teleports have a cooldown time of 20 minutes.

Kharedst’s memories

Kharedst's memories
Image frim oldschool runescape wiki

After completing the Client of Kourend quest, players will obtain Kharedst’s memories. Players can use this book to teleport to each of the five cities of Great Kourend. However, you can only do so after obtaining torn pages of the book by completing various quests around the continent. 

To gain access to the Hosidius teleport, players must complete the quest The Depths of Despair. One of the rewards for completing The Depths of Despair is the torn page Lunch by the lancallium. Add this page to your book, and you will be able to teleport to Hosidius with it. 

Kharedst’s memories has a maximum of 40 teleport charges, with each torn page adding 8 to the book. Once your charges have run dry, you can recharge the book at the Old Memorial west of the Woodcutting Guild. Recharging the book requires 1 law, body, mind, and soul rune per charge. 

The inclusion of soul runes somewhat kills this teleport option for lower-level Iron Man accounts. A few shops sell soul runes but at a heavily-inflated price. 

Book of the dead

Book of the dead
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

After completing the quest A Kingdom Divided, your Kharedst’s memories will receive an upgrade and transform into the book of the dead. 

Along with looking much cooler than Kharedst’s memories, the book of the dead has a maximum of 60 teleport charges instead of 40. It still retains the same recharging costs.

Skills necklace

You can use the Woodcutting Guild teleport on a skills necklace to teleport to the Woodcutting Guild in the southern part of Hosidius. However, this is an expensive, impractical, and unnecessary way of getting to Hosidius on a regular basis. Only do this if you have business at the Woodcutting Guild.

Ways of gaining Hosidius Favor

Ploughing Fields

Nothing like an honest day in the fields to earn some favour.
Image by Xavier Geitz

Before you can start doing the better methods of gaining Hosidius favor, you need to give yourself some rope with some starting favor. The best way to do that is by pushing the ploughs. 

South of the Hosidius Bank is some fields. Bring a hammer, put yourself behind a plough, and start pushing the plough back and forth. The ploughs will fall apart repeatedly, and you’ll need to use your hammer to fix them.

For every tile you push across, you have a 12% chance of gaining 0.2% Hosidius favor. Not a lot, I know, but you only need to do this until you reach 5% Hosidius favor. 

The Client of Kourend

The Client of Kourend is the second quest in the lengthy Great Kourend quest series. It functions as the prologue that fully opens up the Great Kourend questline. To begin The Client of Kourend, you must complete the first quest in the Great Kourend quest series, X Marks the Spot. 

Upon finishing The Client of Kourend, one of the rewards you receive is a Kourend favor certificate. You can use this certificate to instantly give yourself + 20% favor with any of the cities of Great Kourend. I do not recommend using this certificate to gain Hosidius favor. Hosidius favor ranks among the easiest to max out, so using this certificate on Hosidius would be a waste. 

Completing The Client of Kourend will unlock a quest with a reward you can and should use to gain Hosidius favor. And that, I can recommend.

The Depths of Despair

After you have completed The Client of Kourend, you can take on the quest The Depths of Despair. 

You will need at least 20% Hosidius favor and level 18 Agility to do The Depths of Despair. You will also need to be able to kill a level 36 Sand Snake. 

Upon completion of The Depths of Despair, you will receive several rewards. One of those rewards is a Hosidius favor certificate which will net you 10% Hosidius favor.

Cooking in the Mess

Feeding the troops is a good way of getting favour and Cooking experience.
Image by Xavier Geitz

Hosidius focuses on agriculture and cooking, so naturally, they’re in charge of keeping the troops of Great Kourend fed. Lending the cooks a hand in the Mess is a decent way of gaining Hosidius favor. 

If you have the requirements, that is. 

To cook in the Mess, you need at least 45% Hosidius favor. You’ll be making meat pies, stews, and pineapple pizzas for the Shayzein troops here. Those require levels 25, 35, and 65 Cooking, respectively. Cooking these foods in the Mess is the same as anywhere else, so strap on a Chef’s hat and get to work. 

Serving the soldiers food will net you Hosidius favor and Cooking experience. Keep an eye on the interface to keep track of appreciation levels. These will increase and decrease depending on which food you serve the soldiers. Serving them the same food over and over will decrease their appreciation. This will lower the Hosidius favor you gain by doing so. You can reset the appreciation levels by hopping worlds. 

Cooking in the Mess requires no ingredients from the outside world and is free Cooking experience. Once you get the rotation down, it can result in great Cooking training for Iron Man accounts.

Planting Grapes in the Vinery

You can plant grape seeds in the vinery for Hosidius favour.
Image by Xavier Geitz

With 65% Hosidius favor and level 36 Farming, you can plant grapes in Hosidius’ vinery. 

To plant the seeds in the vinery, you will need grape seeds, a seed dibbler, a gardening trowel, and some saltpetre. Every grape seed you plant gives you 0.8% Hosidius favor. Grapes take 35 minutes to grow, and with 12 vine patches in total, you can get 9.8% Hosidius favor every 35 minutes via this method. 

There are some issues with this method, though. For starters, grape seeds are pretty expensive. Unlike in RS3, grapes are worthless in OSRS. That means you won’t recoup the costs of the seeds. Not unless you have a lot of Bologa’s blessings and harvest Zamorak’s grapes instead. 

Alternatively, you can get grape seeds from the Tithe Farm minigame, but there are much better rewards to use your points on, like the herb sack, seed box, or Farmer’s outfit. 

I would say that while good at racking up Hosidius favor, this method is more trouble than it is worth.

Making Sulphurous Fertiliser 

Sulphurous fertiliser is the best way to get 100% favour.
Image by Xavier Geitz

The go-to method of gaining Hosidius favor is making sulphurous fertiliser. 

You need three things to utilize this method: 5% Hosidius favor, compost, and saltpetre. Place 14 buckets of compost and 14 saltpetre in your inventory, then simply make the sulphurous fertiliser. Turn in the sulphurous fertiliser to the clerk in the saltpetre mine for 0.1% Hosidius favor per bucket.

If you begin this straight from 5% Hosidius favor, you’ll need to make 950 buckets of sulphurous fertiliser. It shouldn’t take any more than 40-45 minutes to complete. Both compost and saltpetre are dirt cheap on the Grand Exchange and will only set you back about 30K GP. 

Digging up saltpetre doesn't take too long.
Image by Xavier Geitz

If you are an Iron Man, this method will take a little longer. The easiest way to get compost as an Iron Man is to buy it for cheap from one of the many Farming shops in Gielinor. Doing so will set you back around 20K GP. 

To get saltpetre, grab a spade and head for the saltpetre mine. There are five saltpetre deposits, and only one actually has saltpetre. Once you find the correct one, dig it until the deposit is empty. Once this happens, search the other deposits and start the process over. 

You can bank the saltpetre at the nearby bank. Depending on your Mining level, it should take around an hour to dig up all the saltpetre you need (Assuming you have 5% Hosidius favor).

Benefits of Hosidius Favor

We’ve gone over all the ways of obtaining Hosidius favor. Let’s get to the good part: what you get out of the deal. 

We’ve already talked about quests that require a certain threshold of Hosidius favor to begin, and we won’t be repeating them here.

Hosidius Fruit Stalls

The Hosidius fruit stalls are decent mid-level Thieving exp per hour.
Image by Xavier Geitz

With 15% Hosidius Favor, you will be able to steal from the Hosidius fruit stalls (If you have at least level 25 Thieving). 

I always found this to be a bit funny. The people of Hosidius reward you for your service by allowing you to steal their fruit. Alright then. 

These fruit stalls are decent Thieving training up until around level 40-45 Thieving. Stealing from these stalls nets you an assortment of fruit, the most notable of which are strange fruit and Golovanova fruit tops. 

Strange fruit restores 30% run energy and cures poison or venom. Golovanova fruit tops are an ingredient for the botanical pie. These stalls are the easiest way of obtaining strange fruit, and outside buying them on the Grand Exchange, is the only way to get Golovanova fruit tops. If you’re an Iron Man, it’s worth spending some time here. 

Spirit Tree Patch

Getting Hosidius favour gives you access to another spirit tree patch.
Image by Xavier Geitz

At 35% Hosidius favor, you gain access to one of the rare spirit tree patches in Gielinor. You can find it northwest of the saltpetre mine. 

You need level 83 Farming and a spirit tree seed to plant a spirit tree. There’s no such thing as too many teleport options in OSRS. 

Disease-free Farming Patch

The Hosidius farming patch is one of the best patches in Gielinor.
Image by Xavier Geitz

At 50% Hosidius favor, anything you plant at the Hosidius farming patch will no longer be at risk of catching diseases. That means you’ll no longer have to pay the farmer to watch your harvest. 

Getting to the Hosidius farming patch is fast with Xeric’s talisman. It’s one of the easier farming patches to incorporate into a routine farming run, so definitely get this perk as soon as possible.

Graceful Outfit Recolour

With 100% Hosidius favor (Or 100% favor with any city), you can recolour your Graceful set by speaking with Osten in Shayzien. 

Note that if you want to recolour your Graceful set white to match Osten’s, you need 100% favor with every house. 

Access to the Farming Guild

You will need a lot of Hosidius favour to unlock the Farming Guild.
Image by Xavier Geitz

With 60% Hosidius favor and at least level 45 Farming, you will gain access to the Farming Guild. You can take advantage of what’s available here, like farming contracts and Hespori. You will need level 85 Farming to access everything inside, but even at just level 45 Farming, there’s a lot of value in this guild.

Access to the Woodcutting Guild

The Woodcutting Guild is a woodcutter's dream come true.
Image by Xavier Geitz

With 75% Hosidius favor and at least level 60 Woodcutting, you can gain access to the Woodcutting Guild. 

The Woodcutting Guild is easily the best place in the game for Woodcutters of various progression levels. If 99 Woodcutting is on your task list, this is where you want to be.

Access to the Tithe Farm Minigame

100% Hosidius favor and level 34 Farming are requirements to access the Tithe Farm minigame. 

The Tithe Farm minigame offers up good Farming rewards.
Image by Xavier Geitz

The Farming experience from Tithe Farm isn’t great, but the reward shop has some great rewards for farmers. I would say the best is the herb sack. Running out of inventory space during farm runs isn’t a common occurrence so long as you note your herbs and produce via the tool leprechaun. However, a herb sack is very useful when fighting any enemy that drops a lot of grimy herbs like Chaos Druids to lengthen trips. 

The seed box, Farmer’s outfit, and auto-weed rewards are also pretty nice.

Hosidius Kitchen Cooking Ranges

Last but not least, with 100% Hosidius favor, you can use the Hosidius Kitchen cooking ranges. 

The Hosidius Cooking Ranges are the best ranges in Runescape.
Image by Xavier Geitz

These ranges give a 5% increased chance of successfully cooking food compared to other ranges in Gielinor. If you have completed the elite Kourend and Kebos diary, this jumps to 10%. 

The Hosidius Kitchen cooking ranges are a short walk away from a bank chest. With the added benefits of increased cooking success rates, the Hosidius Kitchen cooking ranges are the best ranges in OSRS.


Question: Is planting Zamorak’s grapes a good moneymaking method?

Answer: Yes and no. Zamorak’s grapes sell for 1.7K GP each, but you need Bologa’s blessings to make them. That means playing Tithe Farm a lot. That’s time better spent on other moneymaking methods.¬†

Question: Is stealing from the fruit stalls a good way to make money?

Answer: No. If you’re on a Thieving grind, you can get an okay amount of money grinding out the fruit stalls. But it’s a mid-level training method, and you won’t be here long.¬†

Question: Is there any reason to do favor-gaining activities after I reach 100%?

Answer: Cooking in the Mess is arguably the best way to train Cooking if you’re an Iron Man. You can ignore the other methods, though. Previously, you needed to lock in your house favor as your favor could drop. Jagex changed that several years ago, and you don’t lose favor with any houses ever.


Cooking is a walk-in-the-park skill to train to level 99. But Farming? It’s a slow grind and a pain, no matter your training methods. But the city of Hosidius gives you access to a lot of things that will improve your Farming experience in OSRS. 

Visually, I don’t think Hosidius is the best (That would go to Shayzien. Black and red are unbeatable). But when you factor in the ease of gaining favor and the benefits of doing so, I think Hosidius is the best city in Great Kourend.

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