Graceful OSRS Guide: How To Get The Graceful Outfit and Recolors

If you want to move fast and not get hit while you are exploring the lands of Gielinor, then Graceful clothing is one of your best options. Of course, for how beneficial it is, you’ll need to do some work to get these pieces of clothing. Once all that work is done, however, you’ll have a set of gear that will stick with you and keep you from becoming lunch for the various denizens of the world.

What Is The Graceful Outfit?

Graceful Outfit

The graceful outfit is weight-reducing gear that can help you when it comes to training with skills and quests. Each piece of the outfit gives a special boost to your run energy. The hood, cape, gloves, and boots all give a 3% boost and the top and leg pieces give 4%. That’s a 20% boost to your run energy bonus and then a 10% bonus for wearing the entire outfit, so 30% total.

Weight-reducing gear has some benefits for longer quests and also quests that involve a lot of agility. As you run, you go through your run energy (stamina), and the heavier you are the faster your run energy goes down. You also have a much higher chance to leap over agility obstacles and complete them the lighter than you are.

Look For The Rooftop Agility Courses

The Rooftop Agility Courses are courses where you test your agility. There are nine courses in total and ten agility levels in between each course. Each of these courses has several obstacles that you need to complete, such as jumping, climbing, and balancing. You can also keep running these laps to get experience, run energy, and the possibility of getting Marks of Grace.

However, the earliest you can start getting enough marks of grace for the outfit is at level 56, and you don’t need to go to every single course to do so. Instead, you can start with the Draynor course at level 10 and then stick to the Canifis course from levels 40-56. By the time you hit that level, you’ll probably have enough marks to get the whole outfit.

Finding Marks Of Grace

The mark of grace is a token that can spawn anywhere in the course and you’ll need to keep an eye out for their random spawns. These have a 10-minute time limit and you will need to pick up a mark within that time limit or it will disappear. Several marks can spawn on top of one another, increasing what you can get.

You can get a higher chance of the marks of grace on certain courses by compelling the Kandarian diaries and the Ardougne dirty, and will increase the chances of marks spawning on the Seer’s Village agility course and the Ardougne agility course respectively.

Finally, due to the higher number of obstacles, Canifis agility course has the greatest chance of spawning marks, perfect if you want to get enough marks to get the Graceful Outfit. If you collect enough of these tokens while completing a course, then you can trade them for the outfit.

Spending The Marks Of Grace

Spending The Marks Of Grace

You will be able to go to the Rogues’ Den and can take these to Grace. Grace owns the shop ‘Grace’s Graceful Clothing’ and each of the pieces of clothing costs a different amount of marks of grace.

  • Graceful Hood: 35
  • Graceful Cape: 40
  • Graceful Top: 55
  • Graceful Legs: 60
  • Graceful Gloves: 30
  • Graceful Boots: 40

Once you get all of the marks of grace, you can purchase the graceful outfit! The outfit can either be worn or placed inside the magic wardrobe in your player-owned house.

How To Recolor the Graceful Outfit

If you don’t like the standard whitish brown color that comes when you purchase the outfit from Grace, then you can recolor it in one of five different colors by talking to Osten. Osten is in the Shayzien House in Great Kourend, and once you get 100% favor in any one of the houses in Great Kourend, Osten will help you recolor them. Having 100% favor in all the houses will unlock all the color schemes.

It costs 15 Marks Of Grace per piece to recolor a graceful outfit or 90 marks total, and you can recolor it to any of the colors of the houses. In layman’s terms, the colors are: Purple, blue, yellow, red, green, and white.

There are three other ways to find variant colors for the Graceful Outfit. You can get a dark blue version from Pirate Jackie for 250 agility arena tickets. You can also get a dark dye for 1800 marks and then recolor the entire outfit to a dark black. Finally, a trailblazer graceful ornament kit can be used to recolor the outfit to brown.

What Does The Graceful Outfit Do For You?

The Graceful Outfit

We’ve talked about how to get the outfit and how to color it in a way that is pleasing to you, but what does a full graceful outfit do for you? Well, the outfit has no bonuses for your offensive or defensive stats, and each piece reduces your overall weight, and that’s about it. You might be wondering why that is worth all the hassle, especially given everything you need to do to get it.

Why Does Weight Matter?

Every single item in OSRS has weight which can affect your gameplay. Your equipped items such as your weapons and armor all have weight, as does all the items in your inventory. Your character will also have a run energy level, and the more gear you have the faster that level depletes, making you slow and sluggish.

Certain activities will require you to be lighter than normal, such as swimming/diving for quests and walking on damaged bridges. Of course, it also affects your speed while running, because a running character can do up to 20 tiles in 6 seconds, while a walking character can walk 10 tiles in 6 seconds. The heavier your equipment is, the shorter your runtime is.

If you want to be able to move fast between long quests, then you will need to be light on your feet. The Graceful armor is light in itself, but also adds a 30% bonus to your energy restore rate, so your burned-out energy will restore faster.

How Energy Recovers

Energy recovers every time the player is not running, so if you are walking or standing still your energy will recover. The agility level of the player has an effect on the regeneration, as does the Graceful Set armor bonus. Additionally, things like energy restoring food and stamina potions can instantly restore a portion of your energy level when consumed.

The Risks Of The Graceful Outfit


Like every item in Runescape, the Graceful armor has advantages and disadvantages. For one, it only reduces your weight, so as clothing it is pretty good. But you are sacrificing that speed for the protection that a good set of armor can provide. There are no offensive or defensive capabilities, so while it might help you get to the monster’s lair quicker, it is certainly something you don’t want to wear while you battle the monsters!

The suit also has a low priority upon death. If you go into the Wilderness while level 20 or higher, then the item is lost and is not placed upon your gravestone upon your death. Make sure not to be wearing this set in combat unless you are running from it!

If you want weight reduction but also some protection, there are some other items in the game that will provide weight reduction bonuses. However, they will not provide any bonuses to your energy restoration. Some of these items include the boots of lightness and the penance gloves.

The Boots of Lightness are found in the Temple of Ikov dungeon, and you don’t need to start the temple of Ikov quest. These reduce your weight by 4.5 kg when worn, and provide a plus 1 to your stab, slash, and crush defense. The Penance gloves can be attained by playing the Barbarian Assault minigame and you need 40 defense to wear them. They also reduce your weight by 4.5 kg and provide +3 to your slash defense, +4 to your crush defense, and +2 to your ranged defense.

Which Ones Should You Use?

Most of the weight-reducing items that are not part of the Graceful outfit do tend to give you some level of defense while reducing your weight. If you want to wear heavier armor and don’t want too much of a penalty for wearing that armor, then reducing your weight can be a good idea to get away with having a heavier chestplate that offers more protection.

If you are going to be doing a lot of running or agility-based movement, or want to move from place to place quickly, then you should use the Graceful Outfit. The 30% boost is very interesting, especially if you look at the number of speed regeneration without the armor and with the armor.

We’d recommend using both types of clothing if you really want the weight reduction bonus. Use the graceful armor for speed and then the other items in combination with heavier gear for combat.

Graceful Outfit FAQ

Question: Is The Graceful Outfit Worth It?

Answer: Well, that depends on your playstyle. Some people like to play fast, equipping everything they need to move fast and go from quest to quest without stopping. Others prefer to play slowly, taking the time to walk from destination to destination without practically holding down the run button all the time. If you want to focus on protection rather than speed, you don’t need to spend a lot of time grinding laps for this piece of clothing.

If you want to reduce the travel time for your character and also know that your running speed is going to recharge as you go, then the Graceful Outfit is going to be worth the wait. The bonus for using the entire set all together is going to really help your speed and your running energy regeneration.

Question: How Do I Get To 100% With Every House?

Answer: If you want to unlock the maximum favors to get the Graceful Outfit in all of its colors, then you will need to get to 100% favor with every single city. Now, in order to do this, there are different levels of favor that can happen for each city. Then you just need to complete various quests and tasks for the denizens of the city to raise your favor level.

The things you need to do to get 100% favor are outside of the scope of this guide, but once you do you can access the colors of that house for your Graceful Outfit. It will take a bit of time to get all of them, but if you want to have all the colors to select from, then it might be worth it. Or, if you only want to declare your allegiance to one city, you can just get 100% favor for the one location and then only wear that color.

Question: Does Weight Matter?

Answer: Aside from a few quest areas that tend to need you to be lighter weight, you don’t need to worry about weight. It doesn’t affect combat or speed, just your running energy and how fast that energy depletes. You can wear the heaviest armor in the game, and as long as you can handle the debuffs to your energy regeneration, then you will be fine.

So while weight doesn’t matter too much, you do need to look at your speed. There are various quests and locations that require a lot of running, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough speed to deal with that. If you need to go fast, then the Graceful Outfit is going to help you move fast and also recharges your batteries whenever you need it!

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