Steel Dragon OSRS Guide: How To Defeat The Steel Dragon

Dragons are among the most daunting enemies you’ll find in OSRS. Their fire can produce significant damage, and you’ll likely need an anti-dragon shield or anti-fire potion to safely approach one.

But the rewards you can get after slaying a dragon can be valuable. A dragon can drop various weapons, runes, and other items after its defeat.

One of the toughest dragons you could face off against in OSRS is the steel dragon. The steel dragon is more powerful than the bronze or iron dragon, but it also drops some great rewards. You will also get plenty of steel bars from the dragon after you slay it.

This guide will help you see how you can handle a steel dragon in OSRS. You’ll learn about what you’ll require before facing off against a dragon, and how to succeed in a fight.

What Is a Steel Dragon In OSRS?

A steel dragon is one of the metallic dragons you will find in the game. The steel dragon is stronger than the bronze and iron dragons, but it is weaker than the mithril, adamant, and rune dragons.

A steel dragon is different from a chromatic dragon, as the steel dragon’s scales feature a shiny silver tone. It looks lighter in color than an iron dragon.

The dragon is 4×4 in size and has a combat level of 246. It has a max hit of 22 with its melee attack and 50 for its dragonfire attack. You will receive 220.5 XP for each slayer level you hold after you slay the dragon.

Where Can You Find the Steel Dragon?

You will find the steel dragon in the Catacombs of Kourend and the Brimhaven Dungeon.

Catacombs of Kourend

The Catacombs of Kourend are underneath Great Kourend. You can reach the main entrance when you review the King Rada I statue in the Kourend Castle.

One way to reach the catacombs is by using the Xeric’s Heart function with Xeric’s talisman. The function will transport you outside the statue.

You can also find four other entrances to the catacombs throughout Great Kourend, but they are only visible after you climb the proper vines inside the catacombs.

You’ll find the steel dragon in the northwestern part of the catacombs in the Dragon’s Den. It is the third-strongest dragon in the den behind the brutal red and black dragons.

You will likely travel between many other creatures while inside the catacombs when heading towards the steel dragon. These creatures include banshees, spectres, ankou, dagannoth, and shades.

There’s also a series of stepping stones near the steel dragon’s habitat that lead you towards an area where the brutal dragons appear. You’ll require 28 Agility or greater to use these stones.

Dwarf multicannons cannot work inside the catacombs.

You’ll find two steel dragons in the catacombs. They are both in the Dragon’s Den area.

Brimhaven Dungeon

Brimhaven Dungeon is southwest of Brimhaven on the island of Karamja.

You will require 875 coins to enter the northern entrance. You’ll be charged that total each time you enter from the north. You could also pay a one-time fee of a million coins to enter as often as you wish. You should still recoup the 875 coins from whatever creatures you slay after entering, so the million-coin charge would be frivolous.

You can also use the southern entrance that is closer to the steel dragon. You will spend a one-time payment of 5,000 trading sticks to reach the gate. You’ll have unlimited access to the entry point after you pay the toll.

You’ll need a woodcutting axe to cut through the vines in the dungeon. You will need 10 Woodcutting or greater to get through the area. Blessed axes will not work inside the dungeon. You’ll also find a bronze axe in the Brimhaven bar if you don’t remember to bring an axe to the dungeon.

The path toward the steel dragon from the northern entrance requires you to go through several areas that feature red dragons, fire giants, and black demons. The southern access only requires you to fight bronze dragons and black demons before reaching the steel dragons.

There are thirteen steel dragons inside the dungeon. Four are in the main area, and nine are in a task-only site. The dragons are more likely to gather in packs in the dungeon, meaning you could face two or three of them at a time, based on the situation at hand.

Do You Require An Active Quest to Fight the Steel Dragon?

You’ll need to be assigned the task to slay a steel dragon by a slayer. Chaeldar, Duradel, Konar, and Nieve will assign the dragon.

Other Considerations For Your Fight

Defensive Capabilities

A steel dragon will not receive much damage from slash or crush attacks. The dragon has a defensive rating of +70 against both of these.

The dragon is more vulnerable to stab attacks, as it has a defensive rating of +50. You can use a dagger, sword, spear, pickaxe, or another stab weapon against it, although the risk may be too high.

The dragon is vulnerable to magic attacks, as it features a +30 defensive rating against magic. Sticking with a magic-based attack is ideal, although it can be more expensive than other fighting options.

The dragon is especially strong against ranged attacks with a +90 rating. But it is also vulnerable to the dragon hunter crossbow, as the weapon provides greater accuracy and damage against most dragons. You would have to receive the crossbow from the Chambers of Xeric and get a 65 Ranged rating to use this crossbow.


The steel dragon is not immune to poison or venom.

Attack Speed

The steel dragon has an attack speed of 6. There is a 2.4-second interval between attacks.

What Stats Do You Need Before Fighting the Steel Dragon?

You will require the following before you try to fight the steel dragon:

  • 70 Attack, Strength, Defense, and Constitution
  • 43 Prayer; you can access the Protect from Melee spell at this point
  • 60 Magic
  • 61 Ranged
  • Anti-dragon shield; you can also use a dragonfire shield if you have enough money to afford one

How to Defeat the Steel Dragon – Necessary Inventory

You will require these items in your inventory to defeat the steel dragon:

  • Prayer potions; you may not require as many if you have 70 Prayer or greater, but you can bring more if you want to take a longer trip
  • Antifire potions; bring more for a longer trip
  • Axe for the Brimhaven Dungeon
  • Runes for when you want to use magic
  • Magic potions if you have a lower Magic rating
  • A suitable teleportation method, particularly a teleport tablet
  • Holy Wrench; this optional item can increase the power of your prayer potions

The equipment you’ll bring when fighting a steel dragon will vary surrounding the method you’ll use for approaching the dragon. Here’s a look at some of the recommended equipment items you can use when fighting the steel dragon.


  • Slayer helmet, preferably the Helm of Neitiznot
  • Amulet of Torture; the Amulet of Strength or Fury can also work
  • Proselyte platebody
  • Skill, Fire, or God cape; any other cape will also work, but those two are recommended
  • Dragon Scimitar or Whip
  • Dragonfire Shield or Anti-Dragon Shield
  • Proselyte platelegs
  • Dragon or Rune boots
  • Ring of Wealth; the Ring of Life is also useful if you’re new to fighting dragons
  • Ferocious, Dragon, or Rune gloves
  • Berserker or Brimstone ring
  • Any god’s blessing, although Rada’s blessing 4 is the best one for this case


  • Slayer Helmet, although the Black Mask or Infinity Hat can also work
  • Occult Necklace or Amulet of Magic
  • Ancestral Robe Top; Ahrim’s Robe Top is also useful
  • Eternal, Infinity, or Wizard boots
  • Tormented Bracelet or Barrow Gloves
  • Ancient Wyvern Spirit Shield; a Dragonfire or Anti-Dragon Shield also works
  • Mystic platelegs
  • Ring of Wealth or Life
  • Any type of boots or gloves will work


  • Archer Helmet or Coif
  • Amulet of Glory; any other amulet could work if you don’t have that one
  • Black D’hide
  • Skill or God cape
  • Rune Crossbow with at least steel darts
  • Dragonfire or Anti-Dragon Shield
  • Black d’hide platelegs
  • Ranger boots; any other boots can also work
  • Range of Wealth or Life
  • Any gloves are suitable for the fight

How to Defeat the Steel Dragon – Managing the Fight

There are a few things to do when finding the steel dragon:

  1. Keep the Protect from Melee spell on.
  2. Keep your prayer total up above 10. Consume one of your prayer potions if you are close to or under 10.
  3. Do not try to approach the steel dragon.

A steel dragon will go on the defensive and use a melee attack against you if you try approaching it. You will lose the fight unless you have the Protect from Melee spell.

  1. You can start attacking the dragon when it notices you and starts a ranged attack with dragonfire.
  2. For magic or ranged attacks, stay at least a square away from the dragon. The dragon will use its breath against you, although you can use your antifire potions to keep the attack from becoming worse.
  3. Watch for when you’re about to run out of your antifire potion. Consume one of your potions when you see a message in the chatbox saying that you are low on your resistance to fire.

What Are the Steel Dragon’s Best Drops?

You’ll find plenty of great drops from a steel dragon after you slay one.

Routine Drops

There are two items you will always get off a steel dragon:

  • Dragon bones
  • Five steel bars

You will get plenty of steel bars from the dragon, which you can use to create armor and weapons. You may also receive a sizeable profit from the bars you sell on the market. 


The dragon will drop one of these weapons at random:

  • Rune mace; this is the most common one you’ll find
  • Adamant kiteshield
  • Rune axe
  • Five to seven rune knives
  • Rune helm
  • Dragon plateskirt or platelegs

The dragon plate items are the rarest ones you can find from the dragon. You must have a Defense of 60 or greater to wear these items. You will receive a greater armor bonus with these items, but they will weigh more on average.


These are the most common runes you can find from a steel dragon:

  • Blood rune
  • Rune javelin
  • Runite bolts
  • Dragon javelin heads
  • Soul rune

Other Items

Some of the other items you might get from a steel dragon include:

  • Super attack, defense, or strength potions
  • Runite limbs
  • Coins; you can get up to 650 coins
  • Curry; you can get one or two of this from a dragon
  • Runite bar
  • Hard clue scroll

What About Rare Materials?

You may also find rare items from a steel dragon, like a dark totem part or an ancient shard. Some uncut jewels may also appear.

The Draconic Visage is the rarest item you can get from a steel dragon. It appears in one out of every ten thousand dragons on average. You can combine this with an anti-dragon shield to produce a dragonfire shield if you have a 90 Smithing level or greater. You could also take the visage to Oziach in Edgeville to help you create a shield out of it, but you would have to pay 1.25 million coins for that, plus you’d have to complete the Dragon Slayer quest to reach that service.

A Final Note

The steel dragon is a daunting challenge for any OSRS player. But you can handle the dragon and succeed if you plan your attack well and you know what you’re getting into when entering its environment. You will be immensely rewarded with many quality items if you are successful in your fight with one of these metal dragons. But be sure you are prepared and that you know what you are bringing to your bout with this beast.

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