Aberrant Spectre OSRS Guide: How To Defeat Aberrant Spectres

Old School RuneScape is a game with a wealth of lore, characters, places to explore, and quests to complete. One such type of quest you will have to complete throughout your time in OSRS is slayer quests. These quests will ask you to take down a variety of different monsters. Some of which will be gargantuan boss battles, like with a green dragon or infernal mage. Whereas others will be run-of-the-mill enemies. These may be standard enemy types but looks can be deceiving as you’ll want a Slayer helmet for many of them. For you see, these enemies come in many shapes and sizes, offer different challenges, are at unique places like Canifis Slayer Tower, and require specific tactics to defeat and farm effectively.

That’s why we are here. We want to do the hard work for you by researching the beasts, completing any Slayer assignment, finding out what makes them tick, collecting any grimy herbs, and then sharing the information with you. Meaning that you can take these creatures down in a rapid fashion, rack up tonnes of items, resources, and gold and do so in the most stress-free way possible. In this guide, we look specifically at Aberrant Spectres. Looking at what these creatures are, how to defeat them, and the rewards that doing so can offer the player. So, without further delay, here is our handbook to Aberrant Spectres in OSRS.

What is an Aberrant Spectre in OSRS?

An aberrant Spectre is a standard enemy variant in OSRS. These are slayer monsters that players will need to be at level 60 slayer level to take down. They are undead/spectral creatures, are primarily magic users, and offer 90XP for every Aberrant Spectre that you slay. Here are the base stats for an Aberrant Spectre:

  • Hitpoints: 90
  • Attack: 1
  • Defence: 90
  • Ranged: 1
  • Magic: 105

In terms of this creatures’ appearance, this cave horror monster variant takes on an almost human silhouette which is wrapped in a casing of ectoplasm. The creature emits a neon green glow, has piercing red eyes and in terms of its physique, this monster looks like it hits the gym on the regular. The creature is 2×2 in size, has a combat level of 96, and has a max hit of 11 or 14 depending on the items you have equipped.

Where Can You Find Aberrant Spectres In OSRS?

There are two locations that the player can locate Aberrant Spectres in OSRS. These are the first floor of the Slayer Tower and the Stronghold Slayer Cave. We will quickly run through each location, allowing you to find the Aberrant Spectres within with ease:

Slayer Tower: Slayer tower otherwise known as Vigorra’s Folly is a tall, granite tower located northwest of Canifis. Other relatively close areas include the Haunted Woods, Port Phasmatys, Fenkenstrain’s Castle, and Paterdomus.

To make travel to Slayer tower a little easier, players can make use of the Ectophial, Fairy Ring, Kharyll teleport, Salve Graveyard Teleport, or Fenkenstrain’s Castle Teleport to directly travel to the locations listed above. Or they can use the Slayer Ring to directly teleport to the entrance of Slayer Tower.

Once there, the player will have to make their way through the ground floor to reach the first floor where the Aberrant Spectres congregate. The player will have to fight some crawling hands to ascend to the first floor. The ground floor also contains banshees, however, if you make a direct path to the next floor you will not encounter any. Upon entering the first floor, you will be surrounded by Aberrant Spectres.

Stronghold Slayer Cave: This area which is often referred to as Stronghold Slayer Dungeon, is a dungeon area located below the Tree Gnome Stronghold. This dungeon is located just southwest of the spirit tree, near Nieve (or Steve).

To get there, the player can use the slayer ring which will take them right to the entrance to the cave. However, there is also the option of using the Gnome Glider which will take you to the Grand Tree. Or, you can use the Necklace of Passage which will take you to an outpost just northeast of the dungeon.

Once inside the dungeon, there are two paths that will take you to the Aberrant Spectres. The first is the long way where you will walk south and then east along the bottom of the dungeon. This path will see the player encounter hell hounds and fire giants, meaning that it’s definitely the less desired path of the two.

The second path required 72 agility to take. However, you can boost to meet this requirement and this path will take you straight to the Aberrant Spectres with no other encounters and in a fraction of the time. You can also exit this way even if you don’t meet the agility requirement. However, you will incur twelve damage, you have been warned.

Do You Need To Have An Active Quest to Fight An Aberrant Spectre?

While you can enter either of the above locations at any time. The issue is that if you aren’t at the right slayer level, you won’t be able to take on these creatures. So if you aren’t at least slayer level 60, there isn’t much point in making this journey. However, if you are the correct level, you can go after these beasts as you please. However, it goes without saying that your drops and time spent will be much more fruitful if you go to this location with an active slayer quest. Five slayer masters assign quests related to Aberrant Spectres and they are as follows:

  • Vannaka
  • Chaeldar
  • Konar quo Maten
  • Nieve
  • Duradel

What is a Deviant Spectre In OSRS?

A deviant spectre is a monster that is very similar to an aberrant specter. The key differences are that this creature has more of a yellow hue than an aberrant spectre and this creature is a stronger variant when you compare the two. They have regenerative qualities when they land attacks and have slightly better drops when you kill them. However, aside from this, they behave and fight in exactly the same way as their aberrant counterparts.

These creatures also require a level 60 slayer rating to take down, meaning you won’t be able to take these monsters on earlier. However, if you wish to fight these creatures instead of aberrant spectres to gain better loot, this is absolutely possible. These creatures will count toward the same slayer quest goals related to Aberrant Spectres. So if you want to give yourself a bigger challenge, you’ll need to know where to find them.

These creatures can be found exclusively within the Catacombs of Koruend. There is a secret entrance which takes you straight down to these creatures which can be found just north-west of Shayzien Bank.

Is There a Superior Variant Of The Aberrant Spectre?

Yes, these are the Abhorrent Spectres. These are much tougher versions of the Aberrant Spectres which hit harder and can take a beating too. These creatures in terms of appearance look very similar to their weaker counterpart. However, they are much larger and look much more muscular. These creatures have a combat level of 253, are 3×3 in size, have a max hit of 31 and offer 2500XP per kill.

The player can fight these around the same time that they begin hunting down Aberrant Spectres as you only require a slayer level of 60 to fight these boss-like variants. To unlock these fights, you will need to purchase the ‘Bigger and Badder’ unlock from a slayer master for 150 slayer points. When you do this, these creatures have a random chance of spawning in place of an Aberrant Spectre.

Do Aberrant Spectres Have Any Immunities?

As these creatures are not boss variants, they do not have any immunities. So you can approach the fight with these creatures in any way that you are comfortable. However, it is worth noting that the superior variant, the Abhorrent Spectre is immune to Venom, so adjust your attack style as needed when a big guy comes along.

How to Defeat/Farm Aberrant Spectre(s)

The first thing you need to know about these creatures before you fight them is that they smell really bad. Now, this might seem like a weird thing to focus on but they actually smell so bad that if you don’t prepare, they will do more damage as a result of this. So to prepare, players should equip either the slayer helm or a nose peg. These items prevent the creature from landing a stronger base attack and it also prevents them from landing a special attack that drains the player’s stats and hits 100% of the time.

The next tip we can offer is to protect primarily against magic. These creatures attack using magic so your prayer protection should be adjusted accordingly. Plus, if you are smart you will bring along some armor that is resistant to magic. Something like Dragonhide Armour works a treat. Also, players can wear items like the Salve Amulet that will offer accuracy boosts against undead creatures.

Then lastly, it is worth noting that the player can also take these creatures down with no real danger whatsoever as long as they do so in the Slayer Tower. If the player stands along the southeastern wall of the staircase room. This allows players to target one aberrant spectre with ranged attacks without the creature being able to fight back as they are out of range. This is useful for players who are perhaps under-leveled or don’t have the items necessary to prevent taking huge damage but want to complete the slayer quest. You can also chain the agility check to drag Aberrant Spectres down to an area where you can snipe them with a crossbow but this does still over mild danger if you aren’t careful.

Aside from this, these are rather low-tier enemies that don’t offer too much of a threat to the player unless you get overwhelmed by a large group, or perhaps an Abhorrent variant. So follow these steps and you shouldn’t have too much of a problem killing endless smelly ghosts.

What Are The Best Drops Given By Aberrant Spectres?

The drops offered by Aberrant Spectres aren’t exactly amazing. This is to be expected as these are only low-tier enemy types. However, if you chain several kills, these creatures can bring in good profits, provided you are lucky with some drops. Here are some of the best drop items that the Aberrant Spectres offer:

  • Rune Full Helm – 20,596 gold
  • Mystic Robe Bottom – 48,027 gold
  • Griny ranaar weed – 6,541–19,623 gold
  • Snapdragon seeds – 60,179 gold
  • Torstol seeds – 54,870 gold
  • Loop/Tooth of half key – 10K gold
  • Rune spear – 11,559
  • Shield left half – 65,470 gold
  • Dragon Spear – 36,700 gold

It is also worth noting that the Abhorrent variant offers mostly the same drops as the Aberrant Specture. However, in the slayer tertiary drops, the Abhorrent variant has the chance of dropping an eternal gem and an imbued heart. These are worth about 7 million and 26 million gold respectively. So it can be worth seeking out a bigger, badder challenge.

What If I Die Fighting Aberrant Spectres?

As aberrant spectres are non-instanced fights, when the player dies, they will be able to return to the area where they were bested and collect their belongings. However, just be careful on your way back, as if you die twice, these items will be lost forever.

Do I Have to Fight Aberrant Spectres Alone?

No, again as this isn’t an instanced battle and is a multi-enemy area, the player can bring along as big a group as they like. Thanks to this, you and your pals can really go to town on the spectres that you encounter and as they say, more hands make for light work. However, you might have to split to spoils of battle, so make sure you are ok with sharing before you commit to this plan.

How Many Aberrant Spectres can I Kill in One Hour?

This will depend on how adept you are at fighting these creatures. Obviously, this will improve over time. However, we would wager that even if you have never fought these creatures before, we would say that you could take down 3/4 of these undead nightmares a minute. Meaning that you could kill a minimum of 180 aberrant spectres an hour.

Also, it is worth noting the average value of a single Aberrant Spectre drop. This is based on an average of 820,736 aberrant spectre kills. The value of one drop is approximately 2,053.79 gold. However, this rises to around 3,232.43 gold when on the Konar slayer task.

So that is our essential OSRS handbook on Aberrant Spectres. What do you make of this guide? Was this helpful and informative. What other aspects of OSRS would you like us to cover in the future? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thanks for reading.

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