OSRS Demonic Gorilla Guide: How To Beat The Demonic Gorilla

OSRS is a game filled to the brim with interesting areas, guilds, quests, NPC’s, storylines, and humorous cultural references. However, arguably the biggest appeal of this game is the enemies that players will encounter on their travels. Aside from the mountains of loot that one can acquire from these monsters, they also offer a diverse set of challenges that will test the skill of each adventurer to their limit.

Each monster has a unique fight style, different attack patterns, special attacks, immunities, and other considerations to take into account. So it is best to know exactly what you are up against before you step into the fray. So with that in mind, we have put together a series of guides giving you all the information you could ever need on a variety of monsters within the OSRS universe.

In this guide, we take a look at Demonic gorillas. A formidable foe that hits hard, has protection prayers that force players to fight with different styles, and plays a vital role in the Monkey Madness II questline. Without further delay, here is our essential handbook on Demonic Gorillas in OSRS.

What is a Demonic Gorilla in OSRS?

Demonic Gorilla

A demonic Gorilla is a slayer monster that can be found in OSRS. While these creatures do not offer a boss battle, they do have varied combat styles, have the ability to use protection prayers and serve as one of the biggest challenges that slayers will have to endure throughout their OSRS run. In terms of appearance, these creatures look a little bit like gorillas thanks to their body structure. They are hunched over, walk on all fours like gorillas and have grey fur. Plus, they also have a strong, bulky frame much like a gorilla would do.

However, aside from this, they look rather like the monkeys that you would find in the Wizard of Oz. In fact, we are almost certain that this is the inspiration behind these creatures. The Demonic Gorillas have a skull for a head that looks very imposing and then they have green wings and sharp claws to boot. All of this culminates to offer up a fearsome for that only well-equipped and high-level adventurers should take on.

The creature is 2×2 tiles in size, has a combat level of 275, a damage range of 30/40 depending on which attack it uses and these creatures can be classed as both demons and black monkeys.

Where Can You Find The Demonic Gorilla in OSRS?

There is only one area where you will specifically find Demonic Gorillas. This is in the Crash Site Cavern, found within the Gnome Empire. This area is found slightly north of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. This area is best known as where the quest Monkey Madness II takes place. If you have not discovered the Tree Gnome Stronghold, you should travel to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and then travel west. Or alternatively, travel to Eagles’ Peak and then travel east.

When you enter the chamber, you will find areas with Demonic Gorillas, Tortured Gorillas and a mixture of both. The quickest way to battle one of these creatures is to head west of the rope. However, if you want to battle Demonic Gorillas on their own, head east of the rope and past the area with just Tortured Gorillas and you will find five separate caverns with 3/4 Demonic Gorillas each.

Do You Need To Have An Active Quest to Fight the Demonic Gorilla?

Demonic Gorilla Quest

Yes, you will need to have these creatures set as your active slayer quest if you want to take them down but that almost goes without saying. The main point to make here is that players will not be able to access the Crash Site Cavern unless they have accepted the quest, Monkey Madness II. If the player has not picked up this quest, they must do so before embarking on a journey to Crash Site Caverns. If the player has already completed this quest, the area will remain accessible after this and players will be able to complete their slayer quests as normal.

Is This Fight an Instanced Battle?

No, these creatures may be a formidable force and offer challenging skirmishes, they are not boss battles. For this reason, they take place in a multi-battle environment and therefore, they do not offer an instanced battle. This means that you will have to deal with 3/4 Demonic gorillas at any one time but the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. As this is not an instanced battle, you can bring along a large group of fighters if you wish. Meaning that you can make light work of these demonic creatures and reap the spoils of battle.

What is a Tortured Gorilla in OSRS?

Tortured Gorilla in OSRS

A tortured Gorilla is a slightly less imposing gorilla enemy that can be found in OSRS. Apart from the green accents, the two models are very similar but of the two, the demonic gorillas are much more capable in combat. The main difference is that Tortured Gorillas can’t use protection prayers and have a combat level of 141, meaning that they are much more flimsy compared to their demonic counterparts. These creatures are the same size as their demonic counterpart at 2×2, they have a max hit of 13 damage, they are also part of a slayer quest and can also be found in Crash Site Caverns after the completion of Monkey Madness II.

What Stats Should You Have Before Fighting The Demonic Gorilla?

While Demonic Gorillas are not bosses, they do still offer up a challenge that will test even the most skilled of warriors. This means that you shouldn’t wander into Crash Site Caverns without assessing if your stats are high enough for the battle ahead. Here is a list of all the key attributes that you will need before you take on this task:

  • Strength: 80+
  • Attack: 75+
  • Defense: 75+
  • Ranged: 75+
  • Prayer: 43+
  • Slayer: 69+

If you have stats in this range, you will be able to take on a few waves of Demonic Gorillas. Then once you have got the battle strategy down, you could easily kill anywhere from 30-45 Demonic gorillas per hour.

How to Defeat the Demonic Gorilla – Inventory

While there is no one set up to rule them all when taking on Demonic Gorillas, there are certain items that will make the process much more manageable. Players will need to understand that these creatures are susceptible to demon bane weapons and also are more vulnerable to melee and ranged attacks. Magical attacks will not hurt these creatures too much and shouldn’t be utilized in this fight. With that in mind, here are some battle essentials that will help you take down a handful of Demonic Gorillas:


  • Arclight
  • Toxic blowpipe


  • Barrows armor
  • Justiciar armor

Food and potions:

  • A good supply of sharks
  • Divine super combat potions
  • Prayer potions
  • Divine ranging potions

How to Defeat The Demonic Gorilla – Strategy

Now that you know what you need to take into battle, it’s best to know how to behave on the battlefield too. However, let’s begin by getting to know how the Demonic Gorillas will behave when engaged in battle. These creatures use a total of three combat styles which will change after three missed attacks, so much like the battle with the Alchemical Hydra, it’s vital that you count to three while you battle here. These styles are, of course, warrior, archer and mage.

This Opponent also has the ability to use protection prayers to defend against at least one of your combat styles. So it is essential that the player plans for this and brings along two options. As mentioned above, magical attacks are not very effective in this battle, so the two optimal battle styles are ranged and melee.

It is also worth noting that these creatures have the ability to call upon a special move. This will cause a rock to fall from the ceiling and land on the tile below. This is easy to avoid provided you have the perception to move at least one tile away from the drop zone. However, if you don’t avoid this attack, this will cut your health by 33%. This means that this attack will never kill the player but it does give the Demonic Gorillas an advantage if your health is high.

So to summarise, to kill these creatures, keep moving to avoid special attacks, watch for the changes in combat style throughout the fight and use a mix of ranged and melee attacks. If you can do this effectively, then you should have no problems taking them down.

What Are The Best Drops That The Demonic Gorilla Offers?


Demonic Gorillas are a very profitable monster if chained efficiently and offer some very important items which are essential to create powerful Zenyte jewelry. Here is a rundown of the best drops that Demonic Gorillas have to offer:

  • Zenyte shard: 7,208,184 coins
  • Monkey tail: 414,896 coins
  • Dragon scimitar: 59,512 coins
  • Runite bolts: 11,900–17,850 coins
  • Ranarr seed: 79,344 coins
  • Snapdragon seed: 113,744 coins
  • Torstol seed: 102,176 coins
  • Yew seed: 85,070 coins
  • Magic seed: 246,424 coins
  • Dragonfruit tree seed: 331,490 coins
  • Celastrus seed: 160,488 coins
  • Dragon med helm: 59,013 coins
  • Rune 2h sword: 37,584 coins

Do I Lose My Items If I Die Fighting The Demonic Gorilla?

As this is not an instanced boss battle, the player will not necessarily lose their items. These will be available to collect from the area where you last died. However, it is important to understand that when you die for a second time, these items will be lost forever and will not be held by a merchant to be purchased back for a fee. So when making your way back to Crash Site Cavern, exercise caution.

How Many Times Can You Kill the Demonic Gorilla in One Hour?


As we mentioned above, this will depend on the stats that you enter Crash Site Cavern with, the equipment that you have available, and the combat ability you have. However, if you have fights with Demonic Gorillas down to fine art you can expect to take down about forty-five gorillas per hour. That’s about one gorilla every one minute and fifteen seconds.

Based on this figure, the average profit that a player can expect to see when they kill demonic gorillas is about 43K gold an hour. However, it is worth mentioning that even one Zenyte shard will increase this figure drastically as it is worth 7.2 million gold.

Fly My Pets, Fly!

As you can see from the information above, Demonic Gorillas are formidable foes that certainly pose a challenge to even the most experienced of OSRS players. However, if you have the right gear and follow our strategy guide, you should be able to take them on, beat them handily and reap the rather impressive rewards that the drops have to offer. They may be demons, but you are a strong and capable monster slayer, so you have nothing to fear.


If you have got to the end of this article and you still have some pressing questions, then this FAQ section may be able to offer the answers you need:

Question: What Other Demon Monsters are There in OSRS?

Answer: As you would expect in a vibrant and expansive MMORPG landscape like OSRS, there are a lot of monsters out there. Each fall into a certain category and Demons are one of the more popular categories on the roster. Demonic Gorillas obviously fall into this bracket but you may be wondering what other monsters occupy this space. Well, that’s something we can help with. Here a complete list of all the demon monsters in OSRS:
Abbysal Sire
Abbysal Demon
Balfrug Kreeyath
Black Demon
Demonic Gorilla
Flaming pyrelord
Greater demon
Greater Nechryael
Greater Abyssal Demon
Ice demon
Ice fiend
Infernal Pyrelord
Insatiable Bloodveld
Insatiable mutated Bloodveld
Judge of yama
Jungle demon
K’ril Tsutsaroth
Lesser demon
Pyre fiend
Pyre lord
Reanimated abyssal
Reanimated bloodveld
Skeleton Hellhound
Tstanon Karlak
Zakl’n Gritch

Question: What is the Strongest Weapon in OSRS?

Answer: There is a wide range of weapons within OSRS. As you would expect, different weapons work better in different fights and scenarios. However, objectively, there must be a weapon that rules them all, right?
Well, we are here to settle that question once and for all. In our opinion, there is no stronger weapon than the Heavy Ballista. The reason being that this weapon gets a bonus of 25% and an additional strength bonus. Meaning that this weapon has the potential to deal 76 damage per hit. Obviously, this weapon does not double as a magical or melee weapon but of all weapon types, this is the hardest hitter.

Question: Is Monkey Madness II a Hard Quest?

Answer: As Monkey Madness II is a necessary quest to complete if you want access to the Demonic Gorillas at all, you will need to know if this quest is tricky. Monkey Madness can be tricky if you aren’t used to swapping prayers outside of a boss battle context.
However, when you get used to this and provided you have the stats that we suggested in the article, then you shouldn’t have too many issues. The boss battle has several stages each with its own challenges and considerations. However, if you go in prepared this boss battle is possible. Perhaps we will give you guys an extensive guide explaining the best ways to combat this quest in the future.

Final Thoughts

So that’s our essential handbook giving you all the information that you could ever need on Demonic Gorillas in OSRS. What do you make of this guide? Did you find this helpful and informative? Are there any other enemy types within OSRS that you would like us to cover in a guide? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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