Waterfall Quest OSRS Guide: The Essential Handbook

In OSRS, there is more content to tear through than any keen gamer could ever ask for. Due to this game being developed in the early 2000s, the game has accumulated around twenty years worth of content.

Meaning there is a huge world to explore, an abundance of monsters to slay, and of course, a cavalcade of quests for players to go on.

In fact, there are over 150 main quests that players can embark on in OSRS, meaning there is more than enough content to sink your teeth into.

These quests offer some of the most immersive and intriguing gameplay within the entire OSRS experience. These quests will take you to the most enchanting, bewildering, and dark corners of the OSRS world.

Where puzzles, enemies, and gargantuan bosses await to block your path to success. What we are getting at here, is that these quests can be tricky if you go in blind. Well, we are here to shine and light and guide you on the path to success.

We have done the hard work for you by researching and establishing the best way to approach quests. Meaning that you can get the most out of these quests with the least amount of danger possible.

In this guide, we take a look at the waterfall quest in OSRS, allowing you to understand what is expected of you, the best way to complete this quest and this guide give you a heads up on the monsters that will try to block your path to success.

Without further delay, here is our essential OSRS Waterfall Quest Guide.

What is the Waterfall Quest in OSRS?

Waterfall Quest

The waterfall quest within OSRS is a quest that will have the player search for hidden treasure within an area called baxtorian falls. This is a quest that revolves around elven lore and introduces the player to King Baxtorian and his wife, Glarial.

While Glarial is not a character that players can interact with, players can find King Baxtorian in Prifddinas who is now known as Lord Baxtorian Cadarn. However, this encounter is obvious after the events of this quest.

This quest is an intermediate-level quest that should not be taken on by lower-level players unless they are willing to deal with a lot of adversity.

However, due to the rather low amount of combat that the player will have to engage in throughout the questline, it is technically possible for level one combat players to complete this quest.

Plus, assuming they complete this quest from start to finish, they will be level thirty by the end.

How Do You Begin the Waterfall Quest?

This quest is given to the player by a character called Almera. She can be found in her house just north-east of Baxtorian Falls. The quest begins by asking the player to go and check on her son Hudon.

He is said to be scouring the river bend behind their home for treasure. Speaking to Hudon will offer more exposition and from there, the quest really begins to open up.

Where Does the Waterfall Quest Take Place?

Where Does the Waterfall Quest Take Place?

As you would expect, a great deal of this quest takes place near the titleholder waterfall which is located at Baxtorian Falls. However, the quest will also take you to other places such as Tree Gnome Village and Glarial’s Tomb.

Although the bulk of this quest will take in the waterfall dungeon that can be accessed after completing a number of early tasks within the quest.

In terms of navigation when completing this quest, there are a number of things that will speed up your journey and make life much easier for you. Firstly, you will want to make sure that you have access to the Games Necklace.

This will allow you to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost closest to Almera’s house to begin the quest. Then secondly, you will want to teleport to Tree Gnome Village via the Grand Exchange to cut down on your journey time.

Other good teleports are the castle walls teleport accessed with the Ring of Dueling and the Ardougne cloak to gain access to the Tree Gnome Village through the Ardougne Monastery.

How Long is the Waterfall Quest?

This can vary from player to player depending on what their base stats are, what quests they have previously completed, and what teleports they have at their disposal.

However, to give you a rough idea, the Waterfall Quest is marked as a medium-long quest. So for a player who has gone into this quest blind, this could take hours.

However, if you are following our guide, we would wager that these quests won’t take you any longer than an hour to complete.

Are There any Requirements Before Going on the Waterfall Quest?

While there are no strict requirements that gatekeeps players from accessing this quest. There are a number of things that players should consider before they embark on this quest.

While there is no direct combat involved in this quest, the player will still have to evade or tank hits from quite strong monsters. Players will encounter Fire Giants and Moss Guardians who are level 86 and level 84 combat respectively.

So we would urge you to have strong prayer, HP, and defense stats before trying this one. Plus, we would also recommend that you acquire all the teleports listed above as this will make this quest much faster overall.

What Items Should I Take on The Waterfall Quest?

Waterfall Quest Items

There are also a number of items that are essential for this quest, plus a few that we would strongly recommend. There are four sets of items that are non-negotiable. These are as follows:

  • 6 air runs
  • 6 water runes
  • 6 earth runes
  • rope

The runes are needed to fill the slots in the pillars that you find within the waterfall because the rope is to allow you to climb from your raft and enter the dungeon.

In addition to these essential items, we would urge players to take the aforementioned teleport items, a good amount of high-quality food and strong armor to weather the storm when you encounter strong enemy types.


  • Level 10 Defense: Your Defense level will impact how much damage from enemies. During the quest, multiple enemies will aggro towards you, so having protection will help tremendously.
  • Level 15 Hitpoints: The amount of HP you have will help astronomically in this quest because multiple enemies will attack you. Therefore, a higher amount of Hitpoints will eliminate the risk of dying.


Make sure to equip your best armor so that you take minimal damage. The level 28 Hobgonlins can max hit for 3, and with multiple attacking at once, this can lead to serious trouble. This is the armor you should wear:

  • Chest – Steel Platebody
  • Legs – Steel Platelegs
  • Boots – Steel Boots
  • Head – Steel Full Helm
  • Off-hand – Steel Kiteshield

This is the bare minimum, and wearing higher-tier armor will be more beneficial. They have a Defense requirement of level 5, which is easy to achieve. Also, the armors are extremely cheap to purchase at the grand exchange.


When you start the quest, make sure you have 6 earth runes, 6 water runes, 6 air runes, and a rope. The rest of your inventory should consist of good food that will heal you at least 20% of your max HP.

You’ll have to run a lot during the quest, which can be easily prevented with teleports. These items are not necessary to have but can help save time. You can purchase all of them from the Grand Exchange for convenience.

  • Games Necklace: Provides a teleport to Barbarian Outpost, which is directly North of the quest start point.
  • Ring of Duelling: Provides a nearby teleport to the Waterfall.
  • Ardougne Teleport Tab: I Will teleport you to East Ardougne. Then you can run Northwest to the Waterfall.

A Detailed Walkthrough of the OSRS Waterfall Quest

Now we will give you a meticulous rundown of everything that needs to be done to complete the waterfall quest in OSRS:

Descending Baxtorian Falls

Descending Baxtorian Falls

  • Players will begin this quest by talking to Almera in her private residence. She will tell the player that she is worried about her son Hudon and ask you to check on him. He is searching for treasure along the river behind Almera’s home. She tells the player that there is a raft that they can use to travel downstream. As you travel on your log raft you will crash into a small island. This is where you find Hudon.
  • The next step is to talk to him. You can try and convince Hudon to travel home with you. However, he will decline stating that there is too much treasure to be found. You can also offer to help but he will again decline out of fear that you will steal the treasure.
  • After you have discussed this with Hudon, make your way south until you spot a rock. Use the rope on this rock and then use this on a dead tree located near the cliff’s edge, this will allow you to enter a barrel that will take you down the waterfall safely. Also, be sure to click on the barrel when descending, otherwise, you will take fall damage.
  • This will wash the player up by a cabin with a fisherman outside. Enter this cabin and speak to a man named Hadley, after this conversation, you will gather that this building is the local tourist centre. After this conversation, go upstairs and search the library for a book titled ‘Book on Baxtorian’.
  • This book contains a key that is needed for the next area. Plus, this will explain that the elven people’s hidden treasure under the Baxtorian Falls and that Glarial’s Pebble can be found in Tree Gnome Village.

Finding Glarial’s Pebble

Finding Glarial's Pebble

  • You will now need to travel to Tree Gnome Village. The easiest way to do so is via the Grand Exchange. However, if you haven’t completed the Tree Gnome Village, use the Ardougne cloak to enter through the monastery. When you arrive, talk to Elkoy and he will guide you through the maze in seconds. However, if you haven’t completed the Tree Gnome village, you will have to walk this path yourself.
  • Within the Maze, you will find a ladder that will take you down into the cave below Tree Gnome Village. This is filled with hobgoblins but only low-level players should exercise caution. When in the cave, find the key in the east room. This is found in the two crates located in the southeast corner of the room. This key opens the west door and inside, you will find Golrie the gnome. Speak to them and go through the options and they will give you Glarial’s Pebble which gives you access to her tomb.
  • It is also beneficial to keep this pebble if you have not completed the Roving Elves quest and will save time later. So don’t dump this item after the quest is over.

Gloria’s Tomb

Glarial's Tomb

  • The next stop is Glarial’s tomb. However, you will not be allowed to enter this area with all of your weapons and gear. So you will need to visit the bank first. The closest one is in Ardougne. When you get there, deposit all your runes, weapons, most of your armor and your arrows. The only items you should consider taking is jewelery and outfits such as the Graceful Outfit for example.
  • After this, travel to the fishing guild just northwest of Ardougne. Here you will find the tombstone of Glarial. Use the pebble on this and you will be granted access to her tomb.
  • When inside you will encounter Zombies, Skeletons and Moss Guardians. You’ll need to evade these as best you can, especially the Moss Guardians. These monsters can one-shot low-level players proceed with caution. You will need to go to the west of the tomb to find Glarial’s Amulet and then head to the south of the tomb to get Glarial’s Urn.
  • It is also worth noting that plundering Glarial’s tomb requires a lengthy animation to take place. However, when this occurs you cannot move or teleport but can still be damaged by monsters. Meaning that moss guardian might ruin your day. So be wise and aware of your surroundings before you engage in this tomb raiding.

Baxtorian Falls Dungeon

Baxtorian Falls Dungeon

  • You will now need to head back to Baxtorian Falls with the Amulet and urn. You may want to gather your equipment from the bank again but this is not strictly necessary. To get to the falls again, go to Almera’s house and board the raft. You will crash where you did before and all you need to do is follow the path you did already, using the rope on the rock and then the dead tree. However, when you reach the cliff face, go into the doors of the waterfall.
  • When you enter the dungeon, immediately head west and in this cavern, you will find crates, search these until you find a key and do your best to avoid the skeleton mages within. Be sure to have your prayers flicked to magic defense.
  • You will then need to travel through the western caverns. However, exercise caution as this is home to several fire giants who have the potential to wipe out lower level players. The best way to avoid this is by playing on a highly populated server. If you do, you will find that many players will be training and fighting the Fire Giants, meaning you have a clear path.
  • Once you get to the end of this path, take the key that you acquired and use this to enter the new area. Here you will find six pillars, a chalice trophy and two statues. You will need to place all of your runes in the appropriate pillars with three runes to each pillar. Then use the amulet on the statue of Glarial and the urn on the Chalice of Eternity.
  • If you do this correctly, the reward will be revealed to the player, ensure that you have five free inventory slots available so you can take what is rewarded.
  • Also, it is worth noting that players will be flushed from the room if they drop any items, or alternatively, if they do not place the urn on the chalice. If flushed you can return again but you will need to acquire a new amulet.

If you have done all of these steps correctly, then congratulations, you have just. Completed the OSRS Waterfall quest.

What Rewards do you get for Completing the Waterfall Quest?

As there are no points where you engage in combat throughout this quest, you will not receive any rewards from enemy drops.

However, upon completion of this quest, the player will receive five physical rewards and a hearty dose of XP. Here is what the player receives for completing the Waterfall Quest in OSRS:

  • One Quest Point
  • 13750 Strength XP
  • 13750 attack XP
  • 2 diamonds
  • 2 Gold Bars
  • 40 Mythril Seeds.

As you can see, these rewards do not only boost your characters base stats, they also have a good amount of physical value as well.

If you were to sell all the items acquired from this quest, the player would receive roughly 21K for their efforts, which is a low leveled player who has access to this quest, is a nice payout.

The Mithril seeds are an excellent quest reward because they give players a chance to make great money. Planting them does not require using a Farming Patch. Instead, you can select users, and your character will begin planting the seeds. Flowers will grow around you, which can be picked for profit.

Red Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 14.08%
  • Price: 35 GP

Blue Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 15.3%
  • Price: 230 GP

Yellow Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 14.65%
  • Price: 30 GP

Purple Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 14.85%
  • Price: 220 GP

Orange Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 15.39%
  • Price: 230 GP

Mixed Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 14.66%
  • Price: 50 GP

Assorted Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 10.78%
  • Price: 200 GP

Black Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 0.2%
  • Price: 60k GP

White Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 0.1%
  • Price: 270k GP

Ancient Cavern

Players who have completed the Waterfall quest gain access to the Ancient Cavern, which contains plenty of Slayer Task creatures and Dragons. To get to the Ancient Caverns, go Northwest of Almera’s house until you see a dock. In front of it will be a whirlpool that you can jump into to enter the cavern.

Each section of the cavern will feature unique creatures that you can kill for supplies and XP. The first monster you’ll see is the level 115 Waterfiends. They have one of the bext XP rates for Ranged training. Also, they are great money makers because they can drop water talismans. Here are all the monsters you can find within the cave:

  • Waterfiend – Level 115
  • Confused Barbarian – Level 132
  • Lost Barbarian – Level 132
  • Skeleton Brute – Level 132
  • Skeleton Heavy – level 132
  • Skeleton Thug – Level 132
  • Skeleton Warlord – Level 132
  • Skeleton Hero – Level 149
  • Angry Barbarian Spirit – Level 166
  • Berserk Barbarian Spirit – Level 166
  • Enraged Barbarian Spirit – Level 166
  • Brutal Green Dragon – Level 227
  • Mithril Dragon – Level 304

Do I Need to Complete this Quest?

This depends on how determined you are to complete the other quests within OSRS. Completing the waterfall quest is required to partake in a lot of quests. Here they are listed below:

  • desert treasure
  • Legend’s Quest
  • Roving elves
  • Dragonslayer II
  • Mourning’s End I
  • Mourning’s End II
  • Recipe for Disaster
  • Defeating the Culinomaster
  • Freezing Sir Amik Farze
  • Song of the Elves


If you have some burning questions that we didn’t answer in this article, maybe these will come in handy:

Question: What is the Hardest Quest in OSRS?

Answer: While OSRS has over 140 quests in total, many tasks test the adventurer more than others. Some have boss battles that offer some of the most epic and frustrating moments in the entire game. Others have obtuse puzzles that can take hours to solve.

Others require a lot of leveling, grinding, collecting quest points and building your character to be ready for the task at hand. With all those factors in mind, here are our top five OSRS quests ranked for difficulty:

#1 – Dragonslayer II
#2 – Dragonslayer
#3 – Monkey Madness II
#4 – Song of the Elves
#5 – Mourning’s End Part II

While the original Dragonslayer quest was a real challenge and the pinnacle in terms of difficulty for F2P players, Dragonslayer two is on another level. This quest will test the player’s skill, stamina and ability in ways that no other quest has.

You need 200 quest points to take on this quest, you’ll need to scour the world for three key pieces much like the original Dragonslayer quest and in the end, you will have to battle a four-stage boss with 1200 HP and a combat level of 608.
In short, this one is no walk in the Park and for our money, is the toughest OSRS Quest.

Question: What Are the Most Expensive Items on OSRS?

Answer: What’s the reason why we do all these quests? For the loot, obviously. So with that in mind, it is always worth knowing what items you are striving for.

We should always strive for the best and that often means the most expensive. So here are the five most expensive items on OSRS at this moment in time:

Twisted Bow – 1.07B GP
Elysian Spirit Shield – 847.39M GP
Elysian Sigil – 835.26M GP
Scythe of Vitur – 740.83M GP
3rd Age Bow – 541.88M GP

At the moment, the only item that justifies the price tag of over one billion gold is the twisted bow. This bow is excellent for fighting against monsters with a high magic level and can use any projectile that the player wishes to use.

This item can also be claimed as a reward from the Chamber of Xeric. This item is a very useful one and this has led to this item is one of the most desired on the marketplace. So save your coins and you might just get one someday.

Question: How Many People Still Play Runescape?

Answer: It’s a question that gets thrown around a lot, especially with this game being around for so long. The game saw huge success as a browser title in the 2000’s and since then, there has been a misconception that the game disappeared. This is far from the case.

The game has been an ever-constant presence and while popularity dipped for a time, the game has seen an influx of new players and returning old players, leading to the game becoming mainstream IP once again.

Just look at the stats behind this game. In 2020, the game was made available for mobile and received 5 million downloads in its first year. Perhaps showing the scale of this project.

Then if we look at the concurrent players from the last few days, you can see that OSRS has maintained an average of 60,000 players at all times with a peak of over 80,000 concurrent players on June 27th 2021.

It goes some way to showcasing just how popular this browser title still is to this day and that is down to this game offering excellent MMORPG experiences that other titles simply can’t match.

Question: What Are The Best Quests For Low-Level Players?

Answer: Quests are a huge part of OSRS for gaining XP and progressing through the game. New players will have low stats, which means they won’t have access to top-tier quests yet. These are the best quests to complete for new accounts:
* Waterfall: This quest is medium length and very basic to do. It provides a lot of Strength and Attack experience, which will blow past the low levels straight to level 30.
* Doric’s Quest: Completing this quest is very short, and you’ll gain 1,300 Mining Also, you can use Doric’s anvils that become useful later on.
* Ernest the Chicken: a humorous quest to complete is Ernest the Chicken. During this quest, you will need to help Ernest become human again. The journey is fun and entertaining, definitely recommended for new players.
* Vampire Slayer: If combat is something you want to train, there is no better quest than Vampire Slayer. You’ll learn how to kill and defeat the vampire that sleeps in Draynor Manor. Afterward, you’ll gain a lot of Attack experience.

Question: Which Quests Is Waterfall A Requirement For?

Answer: High-tier quests in OSRS require completing other quests first. This can be due to the storyline or items that can only be gathered by completing previous quests. Waterfall is a requirement for a few important quests that will progress your character. Therefore, players should complete the quest as soon as possible.
* Desert Treasure: This is an extremely long quest but very rewarding. Completing Desert Treasure will let players use Ancient Magicks. Also, you’ll gain 3 Quest Points.
* Legends’ Quest: This master quest has a lot of skill and quest requirements. Completing Legends’ Quest will grant access to the Legends Guild, 7,650 XP in 4 different skills, and 4 quest points.
* Roving Elves: This is a sequel to the Waterfall quest and Regicide. It revolves around the tomb of King Baxtorian and the Elven lore. This quest will heavily progress your character to unlocking the Elf City. Also, it will reward you with 10,000 Strength Experience and access to Crystal equipment.

Question: What Are Quest Points?

Answer: Quest points are part of the reward players receive after completing a quest. They are considered a complete measure in OSRS, and players who have completed all quests will receive a cape.
The number of quest points differs depending on the quest. Usually, longer or difficult quests will be more rewarding. Also, some quests will require having a certain amount of quest points before starting. These are the best quests to receive points:
* Recipe for Disaster – 10 Quest Points
* Merlin’s Crystal – 6 Quest Points
* The Grand Tree – 5 Quest Points
* Underground Pass – 5 Quest Points
* Dragon Slayer II – 5 Quest Points
* Romeo and Juliet – 5 Quest Points
* Goblin Diplomacy – 5 Quest Points
* Ernest the Chicken – 4 Quest Points
* Demon Slayer – 3 Quest Points
* Vampyre Slayer – 3 Quest Points


So that is our rundown of the Waterfall quest in OSRS, giving you all the details on what this quest entails and how to complete it. What do you make of this guide?

Was this helpful and informative for you? Are there any other aspects of OSRS that you would like us to cover? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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