Blue Dragon OSRS Guide

Blue dragons are one of the classic monsters that everyone knows about. Only their slightly weaker kin, the green dragon, is more iconic. There are a couple of blue dragons we are going to discuss in this guide. I am only going to discuss the blue dragon and the variants you find in Old School Runescape. 

The weakest amongst the blue dragons is the baby blue dragon. These are, as the name suggests, weak and small baby dragons that still need to reach adulthood. The blue dragon is, of course, also going to be discussed. The third variant I am going to talk about is the somewhat lesser-known brutal blue dragon, these are pretty new. Then, the final blue dragon I am going to discuss briefly is the mighty Vorkath, who can be considered the boss amongst the blue dragons. 

I am going to dedicate most of this guide to the classic blue dragon and the brutal blue dragon. Baby dragons are pretty straightforward and do not deserve a lot of attention in my opinion and Vorkath is so complex, you will need a dedicated guide for this monster to kill it effectively. 

What are the Best Spots to Fight Regular Blue Dragons? 

For your convenience, I have sorted this list from best to worst. The spot on top is the place where I would go to kill regular blue dragons. The spot at the bottom is the worst option. There are some other spots where you can find them, but these are even worse, so I am not going to discuss those. 

Taverley Dungeon (the upper level) – The upper level has blue dragons that you can only kill when you are on a slayer task. The only reason to kill blue dragons – in my opinion at least – is when you get them as a slayer task. There are both blue and black dragons here. The blue dragon lair has 12 blue dragons, which is more than enough. If you have 70 agility, you can save quite some time by using the agility shortcuts that you can find in the dungeon. You have to look for the rocks that are very close to the stairs. You can only go here when you have a blue dragon slayer task, or you will get stopped by Eve. 

Taverley Dungeon – In the base floor of the dungeon you can find the iconic blue dragon lair, here there are – just past the animated skeletons – a few blue dragons. You will need a dusty key to get here, which can be quite a long way to get. You can safely spot them and range them here pretty easily, but it can be crowded. That is why I prefer to go to the upper level. 

Ogre Enclave – Not a lot of people know this, but the Ogre enclave has 6 blue dragons. Not a lot of people go out of their way to kill them here, but if you want to have a change of scenery or if every world is full, this can be a good option. You will need to finish the Watchtower quest. You can use your dwarf multi cannon here so that is a plus, and might give the edge for some adventurers to pick this spot. 

Corsair cove Dungeon – This is a large set of caves. You will find them somewhat to the south of the Feldip hills. The Corsair cove Dungeon has lots of ogresses, but there are also some blue dragons you can kill here. Out of all places on this list, the Corsair cove Dungeon is the least recommended in my option. You will need to go to the west side to fight the blue dragons that you find here, and you need to have finished dragon slayer II to access this part of the Corsair cove Dungeon. 

Where are the brutal blue dragons?

If you want to kill brutal blue dragons you will have to go to the north of the western section in the catacombs of Kourend. They can drop the blue d’hide body which is very useful if you aren’t an iron man. However, there are some downsides to killing these opposed to the normal blue dragons, which I am going to go into detail about later. The northwestern section in the catacombs of Kourend is pretty hard to reach. 

First of all, you need to get to zeah, which takes a quest. You can get pretty close to the entrance with a Xeric talisman. Then, when you get into the western section in the catacombs of Kourend, you need to pass a lot of other strong dragons that will drain your supplies and hitpoints. 

Killing normal blue dragons 

If you want to kill blue dragons at a pace that won’t keep you there forever, you are going to need some base stats. 

Melee – I recommend that you are at least 90 combat and have a good strength and attack level. Around 70 for both should be fine. Any lower, and you are going to have quite a hard time killing them quickly. If you have a lower combat than this, and you are on a slayer task, I recommend that you kill the blue baby dragons that you find in Taverley. These are a lot weaker, and you can kill them quite fast. These do not drop the hide, however. 

Ranging – To kill these fast and effective, you will need a ranging level of 70. The dragons are quite tanky and if you have a low ranging level it can take quite a while to bring one down. Once you are at that level, you can use a bone crossbow or better. That should take care of them. You should use your best hide armor and an amulet of fury or an amulet of anguish if you have one.

Magic – There is a way to kill them if you have a very low range or melee level. Magic would be your best pick. I recommend that you do at least a fire bolt. This is going to be pretty slow, but if your other stats are so low, this is the best option. This is the most expensive option, but not prohibitive. 

What should you bring to kill them

Dragonfire protection – As you know, dragons have a pretty nasty attack called dragon fire breath. Just one or two of these can kill you if you are not prepared. You will need to bring a dragonfire shield or an anti-dragon shield if you are using melee. If you are ranged or using magic, an anti-dragon shield is enough. You do not have to wear it while fighting, but it is necessary to walk past them. 

Dusty key – If you do not have the 70 agility requirement, a dusty key is very useful to bring. If you do not have one, you will have to walk around half the dungeon to get one out of the chest at the end. This takes quite a lot of time, so make sure you do not lose the key. If you have 70 agility, you do not need it and you can just take the shortcut.

Teleport – You are going to need a teleport method to the taverley and a bank. I recommend you either make your player-owned house nice enough that you can teleport to both Falador and the Taverley. If you do not have a good Player-owned house (POH) then you can just use a Falador teleport, I recommend you bring a tab, so you save some inventory space. 

You should only bring a little food, and it should be pretty cheap. You will need quite some inventory space to pick up your loot. 

What you are going to get killing regular blue dragons

Dragon bones – Obviously, dragons drop dragon bones. While these have gone up quite a lot in price, they still are going to be the item that will make you the most coin. If you want to prolong your trip, and take a hit in your profits, you can just bury them on the spot. This will give you about 72 EXP, which is decent but not great. 

Blue dragonhide –  If you are not on a slayer task, this is going to be the drop you are likely looking forward to. The adult blue dragons have a 100% chance of dropping these hides. They are worth about the same amount as the bones. They are not noted, so your inventory will get full pretty fast. 

Nature runes – Another drop that adds up is the nature runes they drop. You will get about 3k worth of runes every trip, so they are worthwhile making space for in your inventory. You could also bring some fire runes to alch the rune daggers and other items you get, but I do not think that is worth losing the extra slot for.

Ensouled dragon heads – The final descent drop to pick up and that you get consistently are Ensouled dragon heads. You can either sell these Ensouled dragon heads for 9k each or you can offer them on the altar for a pretty decent prayer experience. I would just sell them. 

Assuming you kill around 90 blue dragons an hour, and you have absolutely average luck in getting certain drops, you can count on about 350 to 400k GP an hour. This is pretty good for beginning accounts. Most of your money is going to come from two items. The dragon bones and the blue dragonhide. 

If you are interested in the amount of EXP you are going to get, it is about 40k combat experience an hour. So do not come here to train, there are way better places at any combat level to get some exp. 

Killing brutal blue dragons

Brutal blue dragons are pretty strong. They have much higher combat, they have the better defense, and they can attack with melee, range, and magic. So you are going to need food in order to survive here! The northwestern section in the catacombs of Kourend is a pain to reach, so bring good food. 

The stats you need to kill brutal blue dragons

Melee – You are going to need to be at the very least 100 combat. If you are in lower combat you are going to struggle pretty hard. You will need an attack of around 80 and a strength of around the same level. Your defense is not that important, but you will need to have 70 to make your trips worthwhile. 

Ranging – same as melee stats, you are going to need 80 range, a good range attack bonus and if you can afford it a dragon hunter crossbow for fast and effective kills. A crossbow that is cheaper is fine too but your kills will be somewhat slower. 

Magic – You can use magic here, but you are going to be having very boring trips that won’t last too long. I would advise you to either kill them with ranging and melee. That will be a lot better. 

What should you bring killing brutal blue dragon

Dragonfire shield – You are going to go quite deep into the catacombs, you will pass multiple dragons and you are going to fight dragons too. So make sure you have a dragonfire shield with you to keep you out of harm’s way. You do not need a DFS, a normal anti-dragon shield works just fine too. 

Anti dragonfire potions – You are going to need those to minimize your damage, if you are ranging with a 2h weapon these are essential to keep you alive for more than 10 seconds. Bring the cheaper super ones, that will save you a lot of money in the long term. You can also use them for other dragons. 

Emergency teleport – The Xeric talisman is a two click teleport. That might be a bit too slow. If you are a hardcore ironman, make sure you bring a teletab, or another teleport than that, as long as it has a one click option to get you away from danger. 

Prayer potions – You are going to need prayer potions to survive here. You can not safely spot them, and there is another issue. The dragons use all three attacks in the combat triangle, so you are going to get hit no matter what. I suggest you bring two or three, you aren’t going to be able to stay here very long anyway. 

Good food – do not come here with lobsters, you are going to have a very bad time. I suggest you bring at least sharks or anchovy pizza. Bring a food item that heals no less than 20 hp or you will need to bank much faster. If you do not need your melee stats, you can use saradomin brews in a combination with super restore potions instead of just regular prayer potions. You will be able to stay much longer, but it is going to cost you quite a bit of money. 

What you are going to get killing brutal blue dragons

Stronger monsters often mean better drops, and this is the case too when talking about the brutal blue dragons. I would not kill these for money as they are pretty hard to take down, definitely at the lower levels, but if you need to kill them, you will make some decent GP. 

An average kill is worth about 9 to 10k depending on the market prices and your luck. This is what you should look out for: 

Dragon bones – You should always pick up dragon bones. If you are not going to sell them, you can bury them here in the catacombs of Kourend to restore your prayer with about 2 points. This really adds up, and of course you are also going to get the prayer exp from burying them. 

Blue dragonhide – Unlike their weaker counterpart, they drop 2 blue dragonhides. These are worth a bit of money too, and I suggest picking them up. Together with the bones, they make out 50% of the value of the drops you will get from this monster. 

Rune longsword – they drop the rune longsword pretty often. It is 18k a piece, so a nice bonus. They will add up if you kill a lot of them, so make sure you pick them up. They are pretty hard to see on the black and purple background of the catacombs.

Dragon armor and weapons – If you want to add some dragon armor to your collection, or want to feel the excitement of seeing a dragon item on the floor like the dragon longsword, these drops are going to make you pretty happy. The brutal blue dragons drop the dragon dagger, dragon longsword, and the iconic dragon med helm. All pretty solid drops to sell or high alch. 

Rune armor – Brutal blue dragons have a rune full helm and a rune platebody on their drop table. While not the most exciting drops of all time, they do add for some nice extra gp at the end of your trip. 

Blue d’hide body – Depending on what kind of account you have, your reaction is going to be very different. If you are a normal account, chances are you are just going to alch these or maybe even leave them on the floor. If you are a (hardcore) iron man on OSRS, you are going to get pretty excited! This is the only monster that drops the blue d’hide body. If you do not kill brutal dragons, you are going to need a very high crafting level. 

Dragon dart tip, arrow tips and javelin heads – These are pretty nice to get, definitely if you are an ironman you will love getting those. They add up quite a bit and are one of the best ways for ironman accounts to stack these up in the bank. If you are a normal account, that isn’t a lot of money added to the average value per kill. 

Tips for killing brutal and regular blue dragons

Tip 1: Bring a cannon to kill regular blue dragons faster

While you can not kill brutal dragons in the catacombs with a cannon, you can kill the regular version in most places in OSRS. A cannon is going to kill them about 2 to 3 times faster. So if you have the money to buy a cannon and the cannon balls, I suggest you bring one. This is going to make your trips a whole lot faster and is some pretty good slayer exp if you are not going to pick up the drops. 

Tip 2: There are alternatives for these two

If you have a slayer task, and you do not want a challenge, you can just kill the blue baby dragons. They can not use dragon fire breath attacks, so they are very easy to kill. You can also use a cannon and kill them even faster. The best place to do this is in the Taverley Dungeon. 

If you want a (serious) challenge, and you have finished dragon slayer II, you can kill Vorkath. This boss is on a whole different level than the two dragons I have discussed here, but the drops are well worth it to give it a try. You can sometimes walk away with a few million in one trip. You do need to be pretty experienced to survive this boss monster.

Tip 3: Blue dragons are all weak to stab attacks

If you have no idea how to kill your blue dragons with melee more effectively, set your weapon on stab mode and make sure it has a good stab bonus. The difference is pretty noticeable. While you will not hit higher, you will hit them more often and thus kill them faster. They are just as weak to range as to stab, so if you are going for speed, you should pick your highest level.

Conclusion: A good mid-level monster

Blue dragons are pretty easy to kill, offer some solid returns, and the slayer task is over pretty fast. It is a staple of a monster without anything special about it. Both the regular and brutal blue dragons are pretty similar. The brutal dragons are a bit more of a challenge and have better drops, but are slower to kill. 

If you have these as a slayer task, and you want to get over it quickly, you should bring a cannon or kill the baby dragons. This way, your task will be over in under an hour. If you are a very low level, you can kill the baby dragons to get rid of the task without putting yourself in too much danger. If you are at a very high level and looking for profit or a challenge, then killing Vorkath is a great idea. It is one of the most fun and profitable bosses in OSRS. 

Frequently Asked Questions about blue dragons

Question: Can you use a safe spot for blue dragons in OSRS?

Answer: Yes, if you go to the Taverley Dungeon, there are multiple places where you can safely spot these dragons. This way you can kill them with range, magic or with a dragon halberd. There are also safe spots in the heroes´ guild. However, you do need to do the quest to access that spot, and there is only one blue dragon down there. 

Question: Are brutal dragons worth it to kill and how much money is a kill worth? 

Answer: If they are worth it to kill, really depends on your goals with your account and your current situation. I, personally, do not think they are worth it. If you are at the level that you can kill brutal blue dragons at a fast pace, you are better off doing the dragon slayer two quest and try your hand at Vorkath.
A brutal blue dragon kill is worth about 10k on average. They are pretty hard to kill and deal quite some damage, so I would not recommend you going here if you want to make a lot of money. After your supply costs, and considering you are not going to be able to pick up every drop you get there, the money will be around 6K in net profit.
This is assuming you use melee. If you are using range, then your profit is going to be a bit lower due to the fact you are losing bolts, darts for zulrah scales. You are looking at a profit of about 300k an hour with very slow Exp. You should check out Vorkath in that case, the money will be much higher an hour, and it is more fun to do. 

Question: Should I skip the blue dragon slayer tasks in Old School Runescape? 

Answer: If you want the fastest slayer exp in the game and money isn’t an issue, I should skip them. The only exception is if you are close to running out of slayer points that give you the ability to skip tasks. 
If you are a mid to high-level player that wants some pretty fast – but not the fastest – exp training slayer, you can do them. You do need to use a cannon and kill them on the top floor in the Taverley dungeon. You can only kill them there on a slayer task. 
Killing them there, using a good attack prayer like piety or rigor and using good gear, can cut your task very short. You can end the whole job in about 40 minutes or less. This is very decent, and it is pretty fun to kill dragons, so fast. 


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