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Every account that wants to train its melee stats as high as possible and wants to increase its max hit wants these gloves. The problem is, Ferocious gloves in OSRS are locked behind some of the highest requirements in Old School Runescape. The gloves are meant for high-level players who are doing end-game content.   

This guide will be aimed at both experienced veteran players and mid-level players who want to have a goal to work to or are wondering what these gloves are exactly. I am going to tell you how they compare to other melee combat gloves and where to use them.

I am also going to tell you how you can obtain these if you are an ironman or if you want to make a pair yourself. Furthermore, I use these gloves for almost every single instance where melee is needed, so I would consider myself very familiar with them and know how to use their effects to the fullest.

Ferocious gloves – Requirements and how to make them

The requirements to get ferocious gloves

Fericous Gloves

Being end-game items, it will take you quite a while to get these. The list of requirements is long. You can wear these gloves at 80 attack and 80 defense. These are not the only requirements, as the gloves are untradable, and you can only complete them after you have done a quest. However, not just any quest, this is one of the absolute hardest end-game grandmaster quests of Old School Runescape. 

To get the gloves, you need to complete Dragon Slayer II. This is a quest that has some massive requirements, and thus you need to meet these requirements before you can wear the gloves. To do this quest, you need to have over 200 quest points. Getting this many quest points will take you a massive amount of time. You also can do just any old quests; you need to do a couple of very specific quests. 

You need to have done the following quests to do Dragon Slayer II and get your best in slot gloves. Legends’ Quest

  1. Family Crest
  2. Heroes’ Quest
  3. Shield of Arrav
  4. Lost City
  5. Merlin’s Crystal
  6. Dragon Slayer I
  7. Underground Pass
  8. Biohazard
  9. Plague City
  10. Waterfall Quest
  11. Dream Mentor
  12. Lunar Diplomacy
  13. The Fremennik Trials
  14. Rune Mysteries
  15. Shilo Village
  16. Jungle Potion
  17. Eadgar’s Ruse
  18. Druidic Ritual
  19. Troll Stronghold
  20. Death Plateau
  21. A Tail of Two Cats
  22. Icthlarin’s Little Helper
  23. Gertrude’s Cat
  24. Animal Magnetism
  25. Ernest the Chicken
  26. Priest in Peril
  27. The Restless Ghost
  28. Ghosts Ahoy
  29. Bone Voyage
  30. The Dig Site
  31. Client of Kourend

You need to do over 30 required quests, and some of them take hours by themselves. 

Besides having 200 quest points, you also need a lot of skill requirements to do this quest and get your hands on the ferocious gloves. You will need to have 75 magic, 70 smithing, 68 mining, 62 crating, 60 agility, 60 thieving, 50 construction, and 50 hitpoints. None of these skills are boostable, so you can not take any shortcuts. 

Only after you meet all of these requirements can you make the gloves. That is if you have the items required. 

The materials needed and how to make them

To make the ferocious gloves, you are going to need two high-level items. If you do not have these, you are not going to be able to make ferocious gloves. You need to have barrow gloves and hydra leather. While barrows gloves are pretty straightforward to get if you have done dragon slayer already, the hydra leather is going to be quite a hurdle if you are an ironman. 

Barrows gloves

Barrows gloves

The gloves are a reward you can buy after the recipe For a Disaster quest. They are some of the best gloves in the world of Runescape and still the best in the slot for ranging. Since the Recipe For Disaster quest is a requirement to do Dragon Slayer II, you will already have this item when you finish Dragon Slayer II. Even for ironmen accounts, this is no problem. 

Hydra leather

Hydra leather

This is going to be a massive hurdle for ironmen. You need to have 95 slayers to kill the monster that drops them. The Alchemical Hydra drops it on average once every 514 kills. The thing about this number is, it is way more than it seems at first glance. Not only does it take quite a long time to kill the monster, but it can also only be killed during a slayer task. On average, you will need to have at least three hydra slayer tasks to get the hydra leather. Since you can not pick your tasks, it can take you over 30 to 40 tasks till you finally have the average chance of getting the hydra leather. 

Regular accounts have it a lot easier. They can just buy the leather from GE. Depending on market prices, it will cost around 4.4 million to buy this leather. 

Now when you have the materials and you have done the quest, it is time to make yourself the gloves. You have to make them yourself with those two materials. The gloves themselves are untradable. However, you can break them apart again if you want to resell the hydra leather to get your money back. 

Take your barrows gloves and the hydra leather to the Lithkren vault; this is where you can turn them into gloves. You need to have a hammer with you to combine them. Go southwest in the vault, starting from the large pool that is at the entrance at the north. You should look for an item called machinery. You need to investigate the machinery, and you will then automatically make the ferocious gloves. 

If you want to have your hydra leather back, you need to take the gloves and your hammer and use it on the machine. This way, you will get your barrows gloves and hydra leather back. 

How Strong are Ferocious Gloves and How Do They Compare?

In this section, I am going to discuss how strong the ferocious gloves are and how they compare to other options you might have. I am going to make a logical comparison, as there are hundreds of items that can be put in the gloves slot. It makes little sense to compare leather vambraces with ferocious gloves since they are on completely different levels. 

Ferocious Gloves

The ferocious gloves are by far the best melee gloves in the game to kill off hordes of monsters. The bonuses it gives in the melee attack stats and strength are a massive step up from any other gloves or bracelets. However, this comes at quite a high cost. 

The stab bonus of the gloves is +16, the slash bonus is also +16, and the crush bonus is also +16. That is +4 compared to the next best thing. That is a massive upgrade if you are going to train melee for hundreds of hours. However, you can not use these gloves – as opposed to, for example, the barrows gloves – for magic or ranging. They do not give a 0 bonus but a negative bonus of -16 in both range and magic attack. That is horrible. 

Another trade-off is the defense bonus that these gloves give. If you want to maximize your survival chances at bosses, you might have to think twice about bringing these gloves along with you. They give a 0 bonus, which is only a -2 compared to ferocious gloves. That means in some setups; you won’t lose a max hit using barrows gloves. 

The barrows gloves still have very high requirements. You need to have finished the Recipe For Disaster quest and have at least 175 quest points. While this is a pretty steep requirement, it can be done in under 50 hours. Both regular and ironmen have the same source where they can get the barrow’s gloves. This is in the culimancers’ chest in the Lumbridge Castle. While they are a clear downgrade for melee, the fact that they are so easy to get – at least compared to ferocious gloves – makes them a very viable alternative for all kinds of accounts. 

Regen bracelet 

Regen bracelet 

This is the lazy option if you are looking for a low requirement bracelet. There are no requirements at all to wear this bracelet if you are a regular account. If you have the money, you can wear this item starting at level 3 with all your stats at level one. It is quite an expensive option. The bracelet costs 1.5 million, so for some people, this is going to be too costly, and they will opt to use the combat bracelet. 

The attack bonuses are plus 8 for the stab mode, plus 8 for the slash mode, and 8 for the crush mode. As you can see, this is just half of the ferocious gloves, which is a major drop compared to them. The regen bracelet does have a plus three magic attack and a plus-seven range attack bonus. This is vastly better than the ferocious gloves that have a minus 16 in magic attack and a minus 16 in ranging attack. 

Defensively, the regen bracelet is also a lot better than ferocious gloves. The stats are a lot worse than the barrows gloves, on the other hand. You get a plus 6 in stab, slash, and crush, which is six more than the ferocious gloves that give 0, but half that of the barrows gloves. You also get a plus 3 in magic defense and a plus 6 in ranging defense. That is pretty good for an item with 0 requirements.

The other bonuses are okay too. Just like the barrows and ferocious gloves, the ranged strength and magic strength is 0, just like the prayer bonus, which is also 0, the strength bonus is +7. This is okay but will cost you one to 2 max hits compared to the ferocious gloves.

Unlike the barrows and ferocious gloves, the regen bracelet does have a special effect that you can use in some niche situations. The regen bracelet doubles your hitpoint regeneration. This gets you one hitpoint per 30 seconds instead of one every 60. This stacks with either the hitpoints cape or the rapid heal prayer. 

Where should I NOT wear ferocious gloves in OSRS?

There are a couple of common monsters where I would suggest you not use the ferocious gloves. These are not all the places where they are not BIS, but they are monsters that are commonly killed by players who are pretty new to these gloves. You can use them, but I will mainly give you reasons why you should not. However, by this point, you are experienced enough with Runescape to know what works and what does not. 

Dagannoth kings

Dagannoth kings

Dagannoth kings are known for being weak to a certain combat style. This means you will often have to switch gear. This is called hybriding. Since your ferocious gloves give negative bonuses in magic and range, they are horrible to use here. If you do want to use them, you will have to sacrifice extra inventory slots for the tormented bracelet and the barrow’s gloves. Just taking barrow gloves is more than enough here. 

Rune dragons

While you can use your ferocious gloves here, the best way to kill them is with a high defense bonus so you can AFK a bit and have longer trips. You can use the justiciar armor and the ferocious gloves, which will be fine. However, if you want to maximize your defense, a great idea is just using the barrow’s gloves. 

Demonic gorillas

Demonic gorillas

When fighting demonic gorillas, you will have to switch between ranged and melee attacks. This means if you bring ferocious gloves, you will need to make an extra switch to barrows gloves. Just bringing barrows gloves which are best in the slot for range and second in the slot for melee, will be more than enough. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ferocious Gloves in OSRS

Question: Are ferocious gloves superior to barrows gloves?

Answer: It depends on where you use these gloves. If you need a high defense bonus or want to fight with magic or range, you are not going to need ferocious gloves. On the contrary, they are going to harm your efforts. 
If you want to fight mobs of monsters, get the maximum exp an hour, accuracy, and max hits while fighting with melee, and defense is not crucial, the ferocious gloves are going to be amazing. 
In a lot of cases, the ferocious gloves are going to be best in the slot for a lot of monsters; however, when hybriding to use different styles, you are way better off using barrows gloves. 

Question: How many quest points are needed for ferocious gloves?

Answer: You need 200 quest points to finish the Dragon Slayer Quest II. This quest is required to be able to use and wear ferocious gloves. This is 25 quest points more than the second-best gloves of the game, the barrows gloves. You need to have 175 quest points and have done Recipe For Disaster to get the barrow’s gloves.
You need to have barrows gloves to make ferocious gloves, so you must do the recipe for disaster quest and buy the barrows gloves from the culimancer’s chest first to get the ferocious gloves.

Question: Can you trade the ferocious gloves

Answer: No, you can not trade these gloves. They are an untradeable item. Luckily, there is a way to get your money back that you invested in the hydra leather you need to make your gloves. You just need to go back to the vault and the machinery where you have used the barrows gloves, hydra leather, and hammer to make the gloves. 
Bring your ferocious gloves and a hammer. Use the gloves on the machine while the hammer is in your inventory. This way, you will get back the barrows gloves and the hydra leather. The hydra leather can be sold to other players. That is how you can make your money back. You can not buy or sell the ferocious gloves directly, and you will always have to assemble or disassemble the gloves.

Conclusion: High requirements but worth it for high-level accounts

Ferocious gloves are the best in the slot for melee. Getting them is a major goal to achieve for an account. There are a lot of accounts that will never get them and will keep using barrows gloves. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you want to fight bosses and kill monsters with optimal gear, these gloves are a must-have.

For ironman, even when doing all the quests and getting the requirements, getting the hydra leather is a whole project on its own. This might make it not as efficient to get if your only goal is getting to maxed stats as soon as possible. 

Regular accounts can buy hydra leather for just 4 million GP. That is an absolute bargain for a best-in-slot item. I advise you to buy it right away when you have met the requirements and go and make the gloves. 

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