Shilo Village OSRS: The Ultimate Location Guide

Shilo village is far away from the rest of the medieval world of Old School Runescape. Hidden deep in the Karamja jungle surrounded by deadly spiders, zombies, and wild animals, you can find the Shilo village. However, you can not enter right away. You need to do a quest. The quest is also named Shilo Village and is quite an annoying quest to do.  

I recommend you to read this location guide well for you to figure out if this is a good moment in time to do this quest. The time spent doing this quest to unlock the area might not be worth the time investment if you are a new account. 

This guide is mainly aimed at beginning players, ironmen, and mid-levels who want to know how useful this spot is and if it is worth it to check out and grind for the requirements for the quest. I will go quite in-depth and discuss all of the locations of notes and how they are (not) useful to players. 

How do you get to Shilo Village?

There are a lot of different methods to get to Shilo Village. I am going to discuss the four I use the most and think are the most efficient to get there. You might disagree with me on some points, but picking any of these four will get you to the village in under a minute if you have full run energy. 

Karamja Gloves teleport

This is by far my favorite way to get into the village. In a record time. I don’t think any other method even comes close to the speed of this teleport. So I am going to discuss it a bit more in-depth than the other options you have here. 

There are 2 kinds of Karamja gloves that are very useful to get to the village very quickly. The first is the Karamja gloves 3. These gloves are a reward for the hard Karamja Diary. They give you the ability to teleport an unlimited time into the Shilo gem mine. This is just underground of the Shilo Village. For more information on the Shilo gem mine, see the chapter about training spots in Shilo Village. 

If you have the (very high) requirements to do the elite Karamja diary, you can get the Karamja gloves 4. These will give you the ability to have unlimited teleports to Duradel the slayer master. For more info on who Duradel is, check out the section about Shilo Village’s quests and NPCs. The thing is, by the time you have the requirement for Karamja gloves 4 you are probably going to know all there is about this village. 

Hajedy and Vigory

I don’t know why, but not a lot of people know about this transportation method. There is a cart system in Runescape that gives you very quick transportation methods to Shilo Village and Brimhaven. Of course, just like the other methods, you need to have finished the Shilo Village questline. 

The Shilo Village cart system is proportional to the number of coins in a player’s inventory. It will cost you a minimum of 10 coins and a maximum of 200 coins (no matter how many coins you have in your inventory). If you do the fast option and skip the dialogue by clicking the Pay-fare option right away, it will always cost you 200 coins to make use of this service. 

You can ask Hajedy – an NPC who is to the south of the docks of Brimhaven – if he can get you to Shilo Village. When you are in Shilo Village, you can talk to Vigroy, who you can find to the west of Shilo Village bank. Viceroy can take you to Brimhaven. 

Fairy Ring

If you do not have a reliable way to get to Brimhaven quickly, and if you do not have Karamja Gloves 3 or 4 you can use the Fairy Rings. This is by far the requirement that has the least requirements. You just need to do a part of the Fairy Tale 2 quest. 

I would suggest you use an amulet of glory for this method. Simply use the amulet of glory to go to Edgeville. From the bank there you take your dramen staff of lunar staff. Go to the fairy ring next to the Grand Exchange and use the code C K R. Using the C K R code is going to teleport you to the south of a region named Tai Bwo Wannai. You will have to go south and walk around the village to get to the entrance of Shilo Village. 

Be sure that you enter the right code for your fairy ring teleport. Using any other code besides C K R is either going to do nothing or teleport you very far away from your destination. 

Lady of the Waves

This is the fourth option you can use. It isn’t the most effective, but it is worth mentioning since it is such an unknown method. Some high-level players have no idea this is an option. 

You need to go to the fishing shop (see the section on shops in Shilo Village) and go upstairs. There you can buy a ticket for a boat named Lady of the Waves. You can use this ticket to go to Port Khazard or Port Sarim, or the other way around, simply by showing your ticket at the boat to the staff you will be transported to another place. 

The training spots in Shilo Village

Over the years, a lot of training spots have been added to Shilo Village. Some of these are the best in the entire game to train certain levels of skills. 

The Gem Mine

You can train your mining skill by using the 7 gem rocks you find in the village. Instead of ore, you will get gems when you mine them. You can get a lot of gems, but no onyx or dragon stone. If you have a charged amulet of glory, you can mine twice as fast here, as it increases the chance of obtaining gems while mining. Mining a gem rock will give you 65 exp in the mining skill.

For ironmen, and people who want to make money, you can get a lot of mining to expand a very decent amount of profit here. You can get gems like sapphire, emerald, ruby, and even diamonds. Some inferior gems are pretty decent money and add up. The opal, jade, and red topaz all go for a few hundred GP each.

If you have done the Karamja hard Diary this place becomes even more awesome. You get access to 48 more rocks, and you also get a bank deposit box that is very close to the gem rocks. This means you get more profit and more experience an hour. 

This is one of the most popular training spots in the whole of OSRS. You can train your mining here and at the same time, you can cut the gems training your crafting levels. 

The Furnace 

If you want to train a lot of smithing levels, then the furnace of Shilo village is the best of all the furnaces in OSRS. When training smithing and smelting bars, one of the most important aspects is how close the bank and the furnace are. Since you are likely going to make thousands of trips back and forward if you are going for level 99.

The Shilo Village furnace is the closest to a bank of all the furnaces in Old School. There is one disadvantage. You need to pay 20 coins every time you use it. Luckily, you can just put money in the coffer next to the NPC who owns the furnace.

The second best furnace is locked behind the longest quest of OSRS, The Song of the Elves, so the time investment for that is just not worth it if smithing is your goal. Players who have completed the Karamja Diary completely can use the furnace free of charge. 

Fishing in Shilo Village

There are four decent fishing spots in Shilo Village, while they are nothing special EXP-wise, they are interesting if you want a chance of scenery or some different locations to check out to train.

The first two fishing spots are fly fishing spots. Here you can catch trout and salmon. The other two spots are bait fishing spots. Here you can catch pikes. 

Shilo Village is a popular spot to do power fishing during the mid-levels. You just need a fly-fishing spot and a whole lot of feathers. You simply start fishing and when your inventory is full, you just drop the fish. 

You can also store the fish in the bank in the south of Shilo Village or in the deposit box in the mines if you did the hard diary. This way you can cook the fish or sell it. 

Safe spot ranging and magic

For newer players who want to train some magic or range, there is the option to fight undead ones with ranging or magic. These are pretty decent experiences. They are combat level 61 and have a low defense against magic and ranging. 

You can use undead spells on these monsters. These hit high, give quite some experience and they have an accuracy bonus when fighting undead like these monsters. This makes it a very safe and easy exp for any account, even absolute beginners.

The drops here are not that great. So you will likely lose money training here with magic. You might break even with the range depending on the ammunition and weapon you use. 

The shops in Shilo Village

There are only two shops in the Shilo Village. There is a general store and a fishing shop. They are both pretty useful if you are planning on training for a long time in this location. 

The Shilo general store is just like any other general store, except for the fact that it sells some cool items. It sells charcoal and papyrus. You can use these in the Legends´ Quest. You can also sell your crushed gems here if you have some from training crafting. 

There is a fishing shop here too. This makes it easy to get new feathers when you are fly fishing here. They are almost always fully stocked, which makes it pretty cheap compared to a lot of other shops in busier locations. 

NPCs and quests in Shilo Village


This is the most important NPC in the village, and for some the one they will talk to the most in the entire game. He is the slayer master that gives the best tasks for both exp and drops. You need to have a slayer level of at least 50 to get tasks from him. To get to him you must enter the fishing shop and go up the stairs. There you can talk to him. If you have Karamja gloves 4 you can get an unlimited amount of teleports to him. 

Shilo village quest:

This is the quest you are going to need to enter the village. Medium levels should have done this quest before you reach level 70 combat. It unlocks quite a lot of combat, and the best slayer master is here. 

One small favor:

One of Runescape’s most famous quests starts here. I am not going to spoil the quest, but let us just say that it is famous for a reason!

What else is around here is worth checking out?

A hunting spot:

Close to the village, there is a hunting spot where you can train your hunting levels. However, this spot is rarely used as there are lots of other places that are much better for your experience. 


There are a few gold ore rocks to the north of the village. There aren’t a lot of people training here as there are better spots. However, if you want to drop train and want to be left alone, this is a great spot to do so. 

Kharazi Jungle:

You can go here for the Legends quest and train your woodcutting on interesting trees like the Teak. You also have to go here for a couple of clue scroll steps when doing hard and elite clues. 

Conclusion: One of the best areas to unlock if you are a mid to higher level

Shilo Village is packed with fresh content, which makes it a very popular spot to go and train. Especially for mining, smithing bars, and slayer, Shilo Village is amongst the best places in OSRS. 

When you want to train your mining, it is a great idea to go and visit the gem mines here. Not only will you make a very decent profit here, the exp an hour is not half bad either. 

If you want to do slayer, the best slayer master in OSRS is here. Duradel is known to give great tasks that give a lot of exp and drops. You only need 100 combat and 50 slayers to make use of this slayer master.

If you are going to smelt a lot of bars, Shilo village is the place to be. The best bank in the entire game is here. It is really close to the bank, so you will save a lot of time in the long run. 

The best way to get here is with the Karamja 3 and 4 gloves. If you do not have those, the fairy ring also works great! 

Frequently asked questions about Shilo Village

Question: How do you get to Shilo Village fast?

Answer: The fastest way to get into Shilo Village is using the Karamja gloves 3 or 4. You get these when you have completed the hard or elite diary of Karamja. The Karamja gloves 3 will get you into the gem mines. The Karamja gloves 4 will teleport you next to the Duradel slayer master. 
If you do not have the Karamja gloves 3 or 4, then the second-best option you have is the fairy ring teleport. You need to use the fairy ring code C K S. When you enter the C K S code, you will be transported south of Tai Bwo Wannai. This is only a minute running or so away from the village.

Question: Is there a smithing anvil in Shilo Village?

Answer: While there is a furnace really close to the bank in Shilo Village, there is no anvil in the village itself. The closest anvil you can find is just north of the village. However, since the village is walled around by a fancy, you need to go the entire round around Shilo Village. 
There are better ways to train your smithing than using that anvil. However, it is needed in the Shilo village quest to make a bronze wire. So keep in mind where it is. 

Question: Can I get into the Shilo Village when you have not done the quest?

Answer: No. There is no way to enter the Shilo Village without doing the Shilo Village quest. Only at the end, you can enter the Shilo Village as a reward. Doing the quest is definitely worth it in the long run and unlocks some of the most important content in the entire game. I would advise you to unlock the Shilo Village by doing the quest by the time you are level 70. 

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