Regen Bracelet OSRS Guide: A Rapid Healing Essential

The regen bracelet is one of those items in Old School Runescape almost everyone has heard of. However, many players know how to use it optimally. The bracelet is one of the best bracelets in Old School Runescape and has been around since the year 2007. That is over 14 years of Runescape history!

I have used this quite a lot, since the effects are really powerful. The best thing is, despite it being the best in-slot item for a lot of things, it has no requirements at all to use. That means the second you walk off tutorial island, you will be able to equip the item. 

This guide is mainly aimed at new players who are pretty new to the game or do not know how to make use of this item. While the regen bracelet is pretty expensive, it is by no means unobtainable at the lower levels. That is why I will include a short money-making guide in the article to help you out to grind the cash for this amazing item. 

The effects of the regen bracelet 

Regen Bracelet

The regen bracelet regenerates health. When you wear the bracelet, your hitpoints will restore twice as fast. The average hitpoint restoration rate is one hitpoint per minute. However, when you wear the regen bracelet your hitpoints will restore at a rate of two hit points per minute, or one hitpoint per 30 seconds. 

The cool thing is, the regen bracelet can stack with either the hitpoints cape or the rapid heal prayer. This means you can restore one hit point every 15 seconds. That is quite a lot. This quadrupling of your natural hitpoint restoration means you will restore 240 hitpoints an hour. Your normal hitpoint restoration is 60 hitpoints an hour. So you have a net gain of 180 hitpoint restoration an hour. 

It does not stack with both at the same time. 7.5 seconds per HP restoration is thus impossible. 

The stats of the regen bracelet

The regen bracelet is one of the strongest items you can wear in the glove slot. It is often used by accounts who do not have the requirements to wear barrow gloves. The stats are excellent and the effect that the regen bracelet has makes it the best-in-slot item for players with one defense. 

Attack bonuses



The regen bracelet has a stab bonus of +8 making it a very decent weapon to use when using for example a Ghazier rapier. 


The regen bracelet is a great item to use in the glove slot when you are using a dragon scimitar or a whip. It gives an +8 bonus in slash.


Just like the crush and the slash stat, there is a +8 bonus in the crush stat. This makes the bracelet great for weapons like the mace or the abyssal bludgeon. 



The bracelet only has a plus 3 in the magic accuracy stat. This is neglectable, so you might be off a lot better wearing something like mystic gloves if you have the defense level for that.


The bracelet is a good replacement for vambraces. It has a +7 range bonus and thus makes you hit more accurately while restoring your hitpoints at a rapid pace. 

Defense bonuses


The stab bonus of the regen bracelet is pretty decent too. It gives a +6 bonus. 


Thanks to a pretty decent slash bonus of +6 the regen bracelet is great for one defense pures. 


The +6 crush bonus is amongst the highest numbers amongst the gloves and bracelets found in OSRS. 



The magic defense of the bracelet is disappointing. It is only +3, so you are better off wearing vambraces. 


The ranging bonus is +6 for the bracelet. That is pretty decent for a bracelet. It is the best in slot for many pures. 

Other bonuses


The +7 bonus is amazing for these gloves. It gives an almost plus 2 to your max hit. 

Ranged Strength


The bracelet does not give a ranged strength bonus.

Magic strength

The magic strength of the bracelet is 0, so use another item. 


The bracelet does not give a prayer bonus. So it is a bad choice if you are doing something prayer intensive. 

How the regen bracelet is made

To start out with making a regen bracelet, we will have to start right at the beginning. You will need an uncut onyx. You can cut the uncut onyx into a regular onyx at level 67 crafting. Using a chisel will grant 167.5 exp. This is one of the fastest methods to train your crafting. However, this is extremely expensive. 

When you have a gold bar, an onyx, and a bracelet mould you can use this on a furnace. If you have a crafting level of 84, you will now make an onyx bracelet. This will earn you 125 experience. This bracelet despite being one of the most expensive, has no bonuses at all. In order to give it the bonuses, we will need to use magic on the bracelet. 

If you have your onyx bracelet, and you want to use magic to turn it into a regen bracelet, this is what you are going to need. First, you will need 87 magic. You can boost this skill with items like the imbued heart, magic potion, or the wizard’s mind bomb. 

Second, you are going to need some materials. Of course, your onyx bracelet is one of those. The other materials are runes to cast your magic spell, or items like the mud staff, staff of fire, etc. You are going to need one cosmic rune, 20 fire runes (or something equivalent), and 20 earth runes (or something equivalent).

When you cast the spell to imbue onyx jewelry, you will get 97 exp, and you will finally have your regen bracelet! 

The regen bracelet compared

I am not going to compare the bracelet to any item that you can wear in the gloves slot. There are hundreds of those items and most are never used, so that would not be a useful comparison. I am going to compare the four most commonly used items that are used as an alternative to the regen bracelet. These are the mithril gloves, the barrows gloves, and the combat bracelet. 

Combat bracelet

Combat bracelet

This is the most often used replacement for accounts that do not have the money to buy a regen bracelet and don’t have the quest points required to get the recipe for disaster gloves in the Lumbridge cellar. 

The first thing that is different is the effect of the bracelet. The combat bracelet does not heal you. However, it does have some teleports around RuneScape to, for example, the monastery or the combat guild. 

The stats are pretty similar. The combat bracelet is one tier below every stat of the regen bracelet. So the stab, slash, and crush attack bonus is all 7 (compared to 8 for the regen bracelet). The magic and range bonus, however, is the exact same as for the combat bracelet when compared to the regen bracelet. This means plus 3 magic attacks and plus 7 range attacks. 

The defensive stats of the bracelet are also a bit weaker. The stab, slash and crush defense is all +5. This is one less than the regen bracelet. The magic and ranged defense bonus are also very similar to the regen bracelet. It gives plus 3 magic and plus 5 range defense bonus. 

The other bonuses are also very similar. The combat bracelet does not give any magic strength or range strength. It also does not give a prayer bonus. It does give a plus 6 strength bonus. That means it is only one less than the regen bracelet. 

All in all the combat bracelet is a great alternative for when you do not hitpoints restoration while training. The stats are very similar. The price of a regen bracelet is over 1.5 mil. The combat bracelet only costs 30k. 

Just like the regen bracelet, you can wear this one with a defense level of 1. 

Tormented bracelet

Tormented bracelet

For years, onyx gems, the gem that is inside the regen bracelet, have been the best gems in the world of Runescape. However, as of 2016, there is a new gem that is slightly better and works in tandem with the onyx. Just like the onyx can be considered a tier above the dragonstone, the zenyte can be considered to be superior to the onyx. However, since the zenyte is only usable when you have an onyx, it is best to think of them as synergetic gems. 

Using the onyx and the zenyte gem, you can make a tormented bracelet. This is a bracelet that is not used for melee, and ranged, but is specialized in magic. Unlike the regen bracelet, you can not wear this bracelet at level 3 straight off of tutorial island. You will need to have 75 hitpoints to wear it. 

The tormented bracelet, unlike the regen bracelet, does not give any stats in stab, slash, or crush attack. It also gives no bonus to ranged. However, the bonus to magic is the best of all items in the gloves slot. It gives a plus 10 bonus, which is over 3 times as much as the combat and regen bracelet. 

The defensive bonuses are nonexistent. Getting such a massive magic bonus has the drawback of giving 0 stab, 0 slash, 0 crush, 0 mage and 0 ranged defense. 

Unlike the other bracelets on this list, the tormented bracelet does not give you a strength bonus. It also has zero ranged strength bonus. It does give you a very strong +5% magic strength attack bonus. This will give you multiple extra max hits. Unlike all other bracelets and gloves on this list, the bracelet has a small +2 prayer bonus. 

The tormented bracelet has no other special abilities. It does not do something like regeneration or teleport. It is, however, by far, the best item to use in the gloves slot if you are planning to train magic. 

Mithril gloves

Mithril gloves

Mithril gloves are an often used alternative for both the combat and regen bracelet by one defense pures. There are quite some requirements needed to get these. You can’t buy them from the GE since they are an untradable quest item. 

The reason why one defense pures uses these is that they only cost 1,950 coins each. This is up to 20 times cheaper than the combat bracelet and almost 700 times cheaper than the regen bracelet. Often pures are going to use these gloves to PK in the wilderness since you can lose your stuff when you die. These gloves make your losses a lot smaller. 

Stats-wise, they are a tier below the combat bracelet and regen bracelet. You get a stab, slash and crush bonus of 6. So 2 below the regen bracelet and one behind the combat bracelet. The magic attack is equivalent to the other bracelets. They only give a +3 bonus. They are a decent option for range, but still weaker than the combat bracelet and the regen bracelet. The gloves give a +6 range bonus. 

The defensive stats of the gloves follow a different pattern. The slash, stab and crush are all plus 6. This is equivalent to the regen bracelet and one more than the combat bracelet. They also give a magic defense bonus of +3 – equivalent to the two other bracelets. The range defense bonus is a single point better than the combat bracelet and equivalent to the regen bracelet. 

The strength bonus is the same as the combat bracelet. It gives you a plus 6 strength bonus. This is equivalent to the combat bracelet. Just like the regen bracelet and the combat bracelet, there is no ranging strength attack bonus, no magic strength bonus, and no prayer bonus for these gloves. 

The mithril gloves do not have a special attack like healing hitpoints or a useful teleport option. They are a regular item, with just these stats. Their main advantage is that they are very cheap, and you can easily buy 30 of them for under a hundred thousand coins.

Barrows gloves

Barrows gloves

Barrow’s gloves are iconic. They are one of the most sought over gloves in the entire game. However, they are locked behind some of the highest requirements of the entire game. You need at least 175 quest points and a whole lot of skills and items to complete that many quests. While you technically do not need a defense level for the barrow’s gloves, doing quests are going to give a few levels in that skill. That is why pures do not get these gloves. 

There is a good reason that these gloves are locked away behind so many quests. They have been the best in slot gloves for range and melee for almost 14 years. Now, 15 years after their introduction, they still are the best gloves to wear when training your range level. 

The stab, slash, and crush attack bonuses are clearly superior to the regen bracelet. The gloves give a plus 12 in all those stats. Making it the second-best item in the game for these stats. Only the ferocious gloves (of which the barrows gloves are a component) have better stats. The magic attack bonus is also very decent, The gloves give a plus 6. This is twice as much as the regen bracelet. The ranging attack bonus these gloves give is also massive. They give a plus 12 bonus in that stat. 

The defensive stats of these gloves are also vastly superior to the regen bracelet. You get plus 12 stabs, plus 12 crush,es and plus 12 slashes. You also get a nice plus 6 magic defense bonus. These gloves are also the best-in-slot for defending against ranging attacks. They give a plus 12 bonus against range-based attacks. 

Just like the regen bracelet these gloves do not give a ranged strength or magic strength bonus. They also don’t give a prayer bonus. The barrows gloves do give plus 12 strength. This means it has a max hit over the regen bracelet.

Just like mithril gloves, barrow gloves do not have a special teleport or an ability like hitpoints regeneration. They are just really strong and useful gloves. They are the best gloves to wear in almost every situation if you do not have access to the tormented bracelet or the ferocious gloves. Only in niche situations where you need to have your hitpoints restored twice as fast the regen bracelet is going to be better. 

Frequently asked questions about the regen bracelet in OSRS

Question: Does Rapid heal stack with the regen bracelet?

Answer: The rapid heal prayer has the effect of doubling your hitpoints restoration. This has the same effect as the regen bracelet. The effects of the regen bracelet and the rapid heal prayer stack. So your hitpoints restore at 2x or 4x times the restoration speed. 
The third thing that has this effect in the game is the hitpoints skill cape. You get this cape when you achieve level 99 hitpoints. The hitpoints cape its effect does stack with the regen bracelet OR the rapid heal. The three items do not stack when you are using all of them at once. So your maximum restoration is 2x times 2x (4x the speed), and not 2x times 2x times 2x (so 8x). In seconds, your maximum is hitpoint per 15 seconds and not one hitpoint per 7.5 seconds.  

Question: What are the best bracelets to wear for low level accounts?

Answer: The best bracelet depends on a couple of factors or what you are doing. Generally, the best bracelet is the regen bracelet. Out of the three most used options, it is clearly the superior item. Here is a short overview of what are the best gloves that you can use when you are a lower-level account. 
Mithril gloves – These are the cheapest and weakest gloves of the bunch. They are a bit weaker than the other two, but since their price is so low, a lot of people use it to go to PKing since they only cost 2k, and it doesn’t matter much if you lose them. They do not have a special effect, and you need quite a lot of quest points to get them. 
Combat bracelet – The combat bracelet is a great item that is just in the middle of the other two. It has a reasonable cost of only 30k and most of its stats are only -1 in comparison to the much more expensive regen bracelet. It is often used by accounts that do not have the money for a regen bracelet. It has the ability to teleport to some useful places like OSRS. 
Regen bracelet – The regen bracelet is the strongest bracelet you can wear at level 3 combat. The stats are slightly better than the combat bracelet, but it is over 50 times as expensive. The regen bracelet is often used by alts and pures to train their stats as fast as possible. The effect of the regen bracelet is amazing. It doubles your hitpoints restoration, and can save you hundreds of pieces of food over the hours of training with it. 

Question: Do you need to have a regen bracelet to make a tormented bracelet? 

Answer: No, you do not. However, to make an uncut zenyte you will need to have a cut onyx. You have to combine this onyx with a zenyte shard. The tormented bracelet and the regen bracelet have another item in common. You need a gold bar too for them. 
So no, you do not need a regen bracelet to make the tormented bracelet, but there are a couple of similar materials needed. 

Conclusion: An expensive bracelet but so worth it

I love the regen bracelet. All you need is a lot of money, and you have one of the best items in OSRS that you can use starting from level 3. This makes it a great item to give to an alt account or a pure that you want to train up quickly. 

There are a couple of very decent alternatives to use when you do not have a regen bracelet. The combat bracelet is a tier below the regen bracelet, but still very strong and for only 30k it is an item almost every noob can afford. 

If you are a higher-level account, and you are planning to upgrade your account, there are a lot of options above the regen bracelet that gives you very decent improvement. The two best upgrades in the glove slot are the tormented bracelet for when you are training magic and the barrows gloves when you are doing ranging or melee training. However, both have some pretty high requirements, unlike the regen bracelet. 

The effect of the regen bracelet is truly unique, and it makes the regen bracelet a useful item even for players beyond level 120 combat with a healthy cash stack. Thanks to the double hit points restoration, you get an extra 60 hit points an hour above your normal 60 hitpoints an hour restoration.

So in total, you restore 120 hitpoints an hour when you wear this bracelet. However, it gets even stronger when you can combine it with the hitpoints cape (or rapid heal prayer). Either of those stack with the regen bracelet and their effect is the same. Hitpoints restoration at double the speed. That means you restore a hitpoint every 15 seconds, or 240 an hour! That is amazing for an item every account can wear. 

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