Bone Voyage OSRS Guide: Let’s Help The Varrock Museum!

Yes! We are going to do a quest guide on Bone Voyage in OSRS. If you have played Runescape in the past, but have never heard of the quest, that is normal. This is an Old School Runescape original quest. This means it does not have an equivalent in RS3 and is made just for the Old School Version.

The quest came out in September 2017. So it has been out for quite a while. This means there is quite a lot of old-school content built around in those 4 years. This makes an essential quest in my book to make some serious account progression. 

The quest gives access to a whole new area full of content. The Fossil Island. This Island is also completely new and has some interesting things like new training methods, monsters, and items. So completing this is vital if you want to get the maximum experience of an hour and different slayer tasks. 

The quest length is Medium and the official difficulty is intermediate. In my opinion, this is a correct assessment of the quest. It doesn’t take long, and there are no hard monsters to kill. 


100 Kudos

Kudos are a reward you get from helping people in the Varrock museum. Getting Kudos can be quite a hard and boring task. However, there are a couple of ways to do it pretty easily. One of those is cleaning finds and sharing details on certain tasks with the historian Minas. 

You will also need to have done the completion of the following quest:

The Dig Site

This is a pretty easy quest to do. It does take quite a while. If you have not done this quest yet, you will need to spend an hour or so doing it. 

Required items 

  • 2 vodka: You can get these from the Gnome stronghold, or the bar in Pollnivneach. You can not make this item, so you will need to buy it from those places to obtain it. If you still need museum kudos and you are going to do the Grand Tree, buy them while you are there. 
  • Marrentill potion (unf): You need 5 herblore to make this kind of potion. You simply use the marrentill on a vial of water. You do not get any exp for doing this. You do gain exp when you clean a grimy marrentill first to make the potion. 
  • 4 Digsite teleport scrolls: This one is going to save you the most time out of all of them. You will need to go to the digsite quite often, so if you can buy some I strongly recommend you do. Another option is getting the Digsite pendant from the museum to teleport to Digsite, getting this can take quite a while. 
  • Skills necklace: You are going to need this necklace to save some time for when you need to teleport to the Woodcutting Guild.
  • Xeric’s talisman: If you do not have a skills necklace, this is a very good alternative to teleport to Xeric’s Lookout. This is very close to the woodcutting guild.
  • Amulet of glory: Make sure it is charged. This way you can easily use it to go to Draynor. You are going to need to teleport there to go to Port Sarim more quickly. If you have an explorer’s ring 2 this will also work.
  • 2 Lumberyard teleports: These are pretty optional, a Varrock teleport will save you time too, so you do not need to go out of your way to get them if you do not have them at this moment. 
  • Stamina potions, strange fruit, or (super) energy potions: I always recommend these in my quest guides. They are useful to get from point a to point b if you do not have a lot of useful teleports or a high agility level. Running goes about two times as fast as walking, so it is very useful. 

Starting The Bone Voyage Quest

Go to the Varrock Museum, where you will find Curator Haig Halen. Ask him if he has any news that piques his interest. He says that an island has been found in the north of Morytania and that some interesting things are going there. If he does not want to talk to you about the quest, you should acquire 100 kudos. There are multiple ways to do this. The easiest two are doing the natural history quiz and cleaning finds in the museum. This will only give you about 78 kudos if you do all of them. I suggest you do 5 of the quests that give kudos to get the rest. Chances are you have already done some. 

The Museum thinks there are archaeological significant things out there. You should go to the digsite and talk to the barge foreman, as there is a boat being prepared here. 

Make sure you have done the requirements before you go, or they will not be talking to you about the quest. 

Going to the Digsite

There is a canal barge at the north of the Digsite. Here you need to talk to the barge foreman, who is near the boat. They are almost ready to go, but there are a couple of things missing that are stopping them from going to the island. Magic logs are not good enough, they will need a different kind of wood, one that is only found in the continent of Zeah. They want wood from the redwood tree.

The barge foreman says that you need to talk with the sawmill operator who you can find north-west of the barge. You will need to go to the Lumberyard and speak to the NPC called the sawmill operator. He tells you that he has a deal with the Woodcutting Guild in Kourend. He will give you an item called the sawmill proposal to give to the Woodcutting Guild.

It is important that you now travel to the Woodcutting Guild. You do not need to use your skills necklace, but it would come in handy if you have one to save some time. You can also use the Tithe farm minigame teleport to save yourself some time if you do not have that item. 

Now go to the Woodcutting Guild in Hosidius. There you will find a guy named Berry after you enter the eastern gate. Berry is going to sign it on behalf of the sawmill operator of the guild. Now you have to return to the sawmill operator of Varrock. Give him the agreement you just got from the Woodcutting Guild. 

Completing the barge and going on a voyage

When that is done, go back to the foreman that you talked to at the beginning of the quest. Then you have to speak to the barge guard, he is the one that will let you board the barge. Go and talk to the Lead Navigator. He will ask you if you are up to date about any attempts at a previous expedition. 

If you want to skip the dialogue, you should pick option 2. If you want to have a long conversation, pick one. The point of the matter is that the Lead Navigator thinks this is a cursed voyage. This means he does not want to go out, but you will need to make sure his crew is safe. There is an experienced sailor in the Rusty Anchor Inn in Port Sarim where you can go and talk. 

Go to Port Sarim. You can use your Amulet of Glory for this, a house teleport if your house is in Rimmington, or any other way you have to get close. Of course, you can also just walk there. Once you arrive at the inn you should look for a guy named Jack Seagull. He is going to tell you that you need a certain charm to make the voyage safely.

You need to go speak to the odd old man in silvareaga. However, another sailor Ahab says that you need to get a potion of sealegs to do the trip. You now need to ask the Lead Navigators what they want. Both want something different, so you will need to get both. 

To get the bone charm you need to visit the Odd Old Man, also called the Rag and Bone Man in a different quest. You can find him at the mine to the north of the Digsite. Tell him that you are planning on making a trip and that you need a certain charm, the bone charm. He is glad to help you and gives you the charm.

The Apothecary in Varrock is the next NPC you need to talk to. He needs the marrentill potion and two bottles of vodka to help. If you have them on you, speak to him again and he will give you a potion of sealegs. 

All ready to go!

Go and return to the Barge, and give the junior navigator the charm you got from the odd old man. Go to the Lead Navigator and give him the potion of sealegs. Unfortunately, everyone but the junior navigator gets knocked out due to the potion of sealegs. 

Well, you and him are going to have to do it all alone now and get the boat ashore safely. This isn’t so hard, and it is the final part of the quest, so don’t be discouraged. You will have to start steering the barge with the interface you get now. 

The progress bar shows you how much of the voyage has been completed. 

  1. Go to the top arrow tilts to the left and now you need to click the right arrow. 
  2. Now you need to go to the left arrow but only do so when the top arrow tilts to the right.
  3. It is a good idea to change the height of the sails now. The higher the sails are, the more stable the boat will go on its course. 

You will now need to steer it according to the top arrow. Do not spam the arrows, but keep it slow and steady. Try to find a clicking rhythm that makes sense and keeps the boat at a very straight pace. Look at the progress bar to know how far you are, make sure you keep paying attention, as the last few percent are a bit harder than the rest. 

Once the progress bar has been filled to a 100% you will be arriving at Fossil Island. When you do so, you will have completed the quest and you will have access to Fossil Island!

The Bone Voyage Quest Reward

1 Quest point:

You don’t get a lot of quest points. Only one, so skip this quest if you need to have a lot fast for a requirement. If you don’t need quest points fast it is a good idea to do the quest as you get access to a whole new island.

Access to a new island: You will now get access to Fossil Island. The island has lots of new monsters, cool training methods like birdhouses, and so on. 

Frequently Asked Questions about OSRS Bone Voyage

Question: What are kudos and how do I get them? 

Answer: By far the most annoying requirement for this quest is getting the museum Kudos to be able to start it. You need a hundred of them and they are pretty slow to get. There are a couple of things you can do to get them. You can not keep doing one method to a hundred, as they all have limits as to the amount you can receive. 

Cleaning finds

The easiest way to get your first few kudos is by cleaning finds. You do need to have completed the digsite quest to do this. The kudos can be earned on the bottom floor of the Varrock Museum. Talk to any of the archaeologists, and equip the leather boots, gloves and get a trowel, rockpick, and specimen Brush. They are all found in the museum next to where you clean the finds. 

There are a couple of finds you can get. They all give 10 kudos each. The finds you need to look out for are: 

  • Pottery  (Put this into display 22)
  • Old symbol (Put this into display 36)
  • Ancient symbol (Put this into display 37)
  • Ancient coin (Put this into display 44)
  • Old coin (Put this into display 45)

You can also find some other stuff like broken arrowheads, low-level ores, bows, and some antique lamps. This is also where you can find a clean necklace for the Digsite pendant. 

The Natural History Quiz

Unfortunately, the above method can only give you about 10 points per item or 50 in total. The quiz is another very easy way to get some extra kudos. Talk to the guy named Orlando Smith. There are quite a few exhibits here and you will need to read the plaque to get a question. You only need to give 3 right answers and a wrong answer is not punished. You will get 2 kudos per three questions you answer. 

In total there are 14 displays or 28 kudos to be earned this way. If you have gotten these 28 kudos you can talk to Orlando Smith and get 1000 hunter and slayer experience. 

Completing quests 

Another good way to get kudos is talking to the historian Minas. If you have done a lot of quests already, you will be getting a couple of extra kudos if you are lucky. When you talk to him, you will tell him about your experience doing those quests. You will get both kudos and experience if you have done the correct quests. 

Here are the quests you can do for getting some extra kudos:

I suggest you start with the free-to-play quests. They are very easy to do and will be useful in the later game. 

  • Demon Slayer: This free-to-play quest will give you 5 kudos if you have completed it. 
  • Rune Mysteries: This free-to-play quest will give you 5 kudos if you have completed it. 
  • Shield of Arrav: This free-to-play quest will give you 5 kudos if you have completed it. 

Just like the free-to-play quests on this list you can get kudos with some member quests. These are the quests I recommend you do. I have put them in the order that is most effective for kudos and for your account in the long term run. These will all give you 5 quests. 

  • A Tail of Two Cats 
  • Hazeel Cult 
  • Merlin’s Crystal
  • Observatory Quest
  • Priest in Peril
  • Temple of Ikov
  • Making History
  • The Grand Tree
  • What Lies Below

Question: What can I do on Fossil Island?

Answer: There is a lot to do on Fossil Island that you can not do anywhere else on OSRS. There are multiple interesting locations you should check out to make the most out of the access you have now to a new island.

The Museum Camp

When you arrive at the museum camp you should build everything you can build there. You will need a hammer. If you do not have one, you can buy one from the general store. There is a mini-task list section in your interface that will show you the exact materials you will need. 

The most important thing in the camp is the bank chest. This will make it very handy to do skills on the island or fight monsters. 

The Mushroom Forest

This is one of the best places on osrs to train your farming skill. There are also zygomites that you can kill for the slayer task you might get from the slayer masters on Old school. There are also herbiboars that you can track to train your hunting and get herbs for herblore. If you want to train your farming, there are some patches to train your teak and Mahogany trees. 

If you are looking for the ancient wyverns, they can also be found in the Mushroom Forest. You will have to look for an exclamation mark on your map. There should be a trapdoor nearby. However, the wyverns there can only be killed by players who are on a slayer task. 

Tar swamp

This is where you can chop Sulliuscep mushrooms. They are some of the best woodcutting experiences in the game. Make sure you read a guide on doing those, as they are protected by a lot of different monsters that can kill you and there are certain mechanics you need to understand before you can get some decent exp here. 

You can also fight the Deranged Archaeologist here. This is a demi-boss monster that is very similar to the crazy archaeologist. However, do not underestimate the Deranged version. He is much stronger and can hit up to 56 with his special attack. 

The underwater area

There is a huge amount of content waiting for you to explore underwater. If you take out the rowboat at sea, you will be ferried to a small island with a bank chest. There you can row with a rowboat to enter the underwater area. 

This is a pretty cool area where you need to take into account some unique mechanics. One of those is your oxygen level. You can however use a fishbowl helmet and a diving apparatus to keep your oxygen at 100%. 

Question: What are the Ammonite Crabs on the island after Bone Voyage? 

Answer: One of the main reasons that alt accounts and medium levels do the Bone Voyage quest is the Ammonite crabs. They are amazing to train on. They are 25 combat levels, have a max hit of one and a stunning 100 hp. They are aggressive, so they can be asked for up to 20 minutes at a time. 

They can be used to train your melee and range very effectively. Since they are such interesting creatures to train on, it is very hard to find an open spot. The drops are not that good, so you won’t make a lot of money fighting these monsters. 

The best things they drop are the unidentified small fossil, the easy clue scrolls, the medium unidentified fossil, the unidentified large fossil, and the unidentified rare fossil. They don’t drop that often, but if you stay for quite a time you will get a lot of them! 

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