Skeletal OSRS Guide: A Fearsome Bag of Bones

Skeletal Wyverns, also known as skeletal(s), are one of the most often killed monsters in OSRS. Despite having a pretty high requirement to kill them, high combat, and 72 slayers, a lot of people go out of their way to fight them every day.

Why? Because they are some pretty decent and consistent money. The drops they give are designed in a way that you can stay here for thousands of kills, without ever having the need to go to the bank. This makes getting a spot here really, though, as people camp these hours on end. 

In this guide, I am going to discuss the methods you should use if you are a mid-level player who wants to make some money. There are a lot of methods to kill them, and they are pretty straightforward, so I won’t discuss the higher-level methods. 

I am also going to go quite in-depth regarding the drops you can expect here, and which ones to pick up. This is going to be quite important because good inventory management is crucial if you want to stay here for a long time and not lose your spot because you had to go bank your loot. 

Where can you find skeletal wyverns in Old School Runescape

There is one spot where you can find the skeletal wyverns. You need to go to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. There are two levels there where you can go. The floor level and the upper level. The upper level is only for those who have the skeletals as their slayer task. 

There are a couple of ways to get there easily. These are my favorite methods I would use to get there more quickly. 

  1. My favorite method is using the fairy rings. You need to use the code A I Q. This will get you to mudskippers point. You just need to go to the red exclamation mark on your map and enter the dungeon. You will need to have a lunar staff or a dramen staff with you to use the rings.
  2. Another fast option is to use your house teleport. If you have a house in Rimmington, you are pretty close to mudskippers point. Then you just need to go south and you will be in the dungeon in a few minutes. 
  3. This is another decent way if you have completed the Rat Catchers quest. This gives you access to the minigame teleport to the Port Sarim Rat Pits. It is a short walk from there. 

In the dungeon, you will have to go past a few monsters. You are going to need to go past level 6 muggers, and level 28 and 42 hobgolbins. After this, you will come to a large room with ice warriors and ice giants. If you are a low level, you should run and hug the wall in order for you not to attract too many monsters. Make sure you have enough food to survive the hits. 

A deep dive in the Skeletal Wyverns drop table

The average worth of a kill here is worth 15k. Even without the high-value drops, the average worth per kill here is 14k. This means you can make some pretty decent money an hour here, if you have high stats you can kill them quite fast. You should also be smart in managing your inventory if you want to get the maximum exp and money an hour here. 

You should definitely bring high alchemy runes here. They drop a ton of items that can be high-alched. Alching them is going to save you a lot of time, and won’t cost you any money doing so. 

Wyvern bones

You will get these every kill. You should pick them up and bury them right away for the exp. You should not go out of your way to bank them, they are only worth 1.7k each. 

Pre-roll Skeletal drops

Granite legs:

This is their unique drop. It isn’t worth much, nor is it very useful, but it is a pretty cool drop to get. You have a chance of 1 in 512 to get the legs when you kill a skeletal wyvern. They are worth only 39k, so you can alch them when you get them.

Dragon plate legs:

These are one of the most valuable and cool drops the skeletal wyvers have on their drop table. You have a one in 512 chance of getting these legs. They are worth 161k apiece. If you alch them, you will get the same amount as their Ge value. 

Dragon plate skirt:

This drop is the exact same in value and stats as the dragon platelegs. So, I would advise you to alch them right away when you get them. If you are an ironman, you can use it for some clue steps if you don’t have one already. 

Weapons and armor drops

  • Earth Battlestaff: This drop is worth 9k and should be alched right away to save you some inventory space. They drop these quite often. You have a one in 32 chance to drop them. 
  • Battlestaff: They drop 10 noted battle staff at once. You should not alch them, but you should make free inventory space for them. They stack and you get them quite often, about once every 42 kills on average you will get this drop. It is worth around 80k and is one of the best supply drops you can get here. 
  • Rune axe: You have a one in 42 chance to get a rune axe drop here. They are worth about 7k. You can alch them for that amount, so do that as soon as possible so you save some inventory space. 
  • Rune battleax: Skeletal wyverns have a chance of one in 64 chance of dropping the rune battle axe. It is worth 24k and it doesn’t make any difference if you alch them or sell them, so I recommend you alch them. 
  • Rune Warhammer: Getting this drop will give you a 26k boost to your cash stack. You should alch this drop right away. They have a one in 64 chance of dropping these. 
  • Rune full helm: You have a chance of one in 64 to get this drop. If you alch the rune full helm, you can get 20.5k coins. You will need to alch this drop to save inventory space. 
  • Rune kit shield: one of their best rune armor drops is the Rune kiteshield. They drop these quite often. You have a one in 64 chance of getting this drop. You can alch the rune kitshield, and you will get 32.5k for it. 

Rune and ammunition drops 

  • Air runes: They drop a lot of air runes. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend you to pick them up. However, they drop 225 of them, and that is about one in 20 kills. So you could get a huge amount by the end of your trip. 
  • Rune arrow: Same here goes for the air runes. They drop these ones in 25 times on average per kill. Skeletal wyverens drop 36 of them at a time.
  • Water runes: Not worth it to pick up if you don’t have the inventory for them.
  • Chaos runes: Skeletals drop 80 chaos runes at a time, with a pretty decent drop rate of one in 32. They are definitely worth picking up. This drop is worth about 4k. 
  • Law runes: The wyverns here also drop 45 law runes every 32 kills on average. This is another nice drop to pick up to increase the value of your bank. It is worth about 7k per drop. 
  • Death rune: You are going to get quite a lot of death runes fighting the skeletals here. They have a one in 32 chance of dropping about 40 at a time. Definitely pick them up as the drop is worth 8k and really adds up. 
  • Blood rune: They are also a pretty decent source for blood runes. You have a one in 32 chance to get 25 of them as a drop. This is worth 10k. 
  • Adamant bolts: Skeletal wyverns are one of the best monsters to get adamant bolts from. You have a one in 42 chance to get this drop. You will get 75 to 99 at once. This is worth up to 13k. 
  • Runite bolts: Skeletals also drop a lot of runite bolts. They drop 35 to 44 at a time. These will add up pretty nicely as they have a 1/42 drop rate. This is worth about 6k. 
  • Soul rune: They don’t drop these often, and they are not worth a lot. You can skip picking these up if you do not need soul runes. 

Herb drops 

The herbs they drop are unnoted, and they drop about 1 to 3 at a time. This means they will fill up your inventory quite fast. They do not drop them so often, so they are useful to fill up the empty slots in your inventory. 

Grimy ranarr weed:

This is the only herb I would pick up here. They are very useful to make prayer potions from. This is the most useful potion for any account, so try to pick them up if you have the inventory for them. A single ranarr weed is worth about 7k. You can get up to 3 of them in a single drop. 

Grimy cadantine:

This is a decent drop, but worth a whole lot less than the ranarr weed. The only reason why I would pick it up is because my trip is almost over, and I have some spare inventory space. They are pretty decent herbs to get herblore exp since you make high-level potions from them. 


Pure essence:

Pick these up if you are an ironman. While they are worth one coin each for regular accounts, they are pretty useful for ironman who does not want to go out of their way to mine these. 

Magic logs:

You get a one in 20 chance of getting 35 magic logs at a time. That is an amazing rate. You will get quite a lot of money when you sell them, but they are also great to use for fletching. You will net 33k if you sell it, it is noted, so pick it up!

Adamantite bar:

You can get quite a lot of adamantite bars here too. They drop 10 at a time, and you have a one in 21 chance to get this drop. Selling these bars will net you 18k. 

Iron ore:

You will get a ton of iron ore here. This is very useful to make cannonballs from. You have a one in 42 chance to get 200 of them. They are noted, so it is a great idea to pick them up. 

Uncut ruby:

You get quite a lot of rubies here too. You get them once in 64 kills. They drop 10 noted at a time. 

Uncut diamond:

You are going to get them once in 64 kills on average. They drop 5 at a time, and they are noted. This is worth 13k on average depending on market prices. 

Other interesting drops 

  • Lobster: They drop 6 unnoted lobsters. Might be handy to pick up and use them in emergencies. 
  • Prayer potion: They drop 2 unnoted prayer potions (4). You can either save them for later, or you can use them to boost your damage output. 
  • Rune crossbow (u): This is a good place to get a new rune crossbow if you have the fletching levels. If you are an ironman, it would be a good idea to just pick it up. 
  • Ranarr seed: They drop 3 ranarr seeds at a time. That is one of the best drops you can get here if you are an ironman. This way you can get a lot of prayer potions fast. If you want to sell them, you will get a lot of money, 138k per drop to be exact. You have a one in 64 chance to get this drop. 
  • Snapdragon seed: You use these to make snapdragon seed. You have a one in 64 chance of getting this drop. It is worth 57k, and you can use them to make super restore potions from them. 

Tertiary drops

Clue scroll (elite):

You can get an elite clue scroll about once every 350 kills. This is a pretty decent drop to get. An elite clue scroll is often worth around 400k so that isn’t bad at all. If you want to kill them for the elite clue scrolls, check your bank to make sure don’t have one in your bank already, since you can only get them one at a time. 

Draconic visage:

A lot of ironmen camp the skeletal wyverens to get this drop and lots of supplies. They drop it very rarely, only once in every 10 000 kills on average. So the odds of you getting it the first few days fighting them are going to be pretty low. The drop is worth 2.2m at current market prices. 

The gear you need to kill and farm skeletals in OSRS 

I am going to assume you are a mid-level player. This is the gear that you can use. If you have something worse or better, you can swap it out. However, this will affect your kills per hour and profit, for better or worse. 

I think the best way by far to kill them is to range them. This is a lot cheaper than magic, and you will be able to stay way longer than when you are using melee. They do have some pretty high defensive stats against ranging (+140) so attacking them with magic (+80) is also an option. 

  • Head slot: A great option to use here is the blessed coif. If you do not have one, Karil´s coif is also a great alternative here. 
  • Necklace slot: Since you are likely a mid-level player, you should bring an amulet of fury here. If you have an amulet of Anguish, wear that, as it is great. An amulet of glory works here too. 
  • Cape slot: In the cape slot I would put Ava’s accumulator, if you do not have one, an attractor is going to be just fine too. Some people bring a fire cape for the bonuses. That is also a decent option, but pick up your ammo if you do. 
  • Chest slot: In the chest slot, I would put the blessed body. It gives a good amount of attack bonus and prayer bonus. You can also bring a black d´hide body here or a karils leather top if you have one. 
  • Legs slot: In the leg slot, I would put the blessed chaps. These are great at boosting your prayer and attack bonus. You can also wear the black d´hide chaps. Both are going to be great. 
  • Weapon slot: Assuming you do not have a Dragon hunter crossbow, you should bring the dragon crossbow or the rune crossbow here. Both are pretty good and will help you break down the defenses the wyverns have. 
  • Shield slot: As a shield, I would advise you to use the odium ward or the unholy book. Both are going to be great options to increase your ranging attack bonus. The odium ward is going to be giving you a decent defense bonus. 
  • Ranging slot: You should bring diamond bolts (e) here to get the defense of the monsters down. If you do not have those, you should use runite bolts, those are going to be great at hitting them accurately. 
  • Gloves slot: The best gloves you can wear here are the barrows gloves. Those are going to be great here. The black d´hide vambraces are going to be a great alternative here. If you do not have those blessed vambrace are just as good, but more expensive. 
  • Boots slot: If you have the money, pegasian or ranger boots are going to be great. The blessed boots and snakeskin boots are going to be very good here too. Snakeskin boots are only 30 GP each.
  • Ring slot: The best ring to bring here is the archer’s ring (i). If you do not have one, a brimstone ring will be a good alternative option here. 

Tip! Even though the wyverns are undead, they are re-animated remains and not classic undead where they have actually come back to life. This means your salve amulet and the upgraded versions of the salve amulet have NO effect on them! So bringing it is not useful at all here. 

Conclusion: Skeletal Wyverns are great for the money and easy to farm

Fighting skeletal wyverns is pretty fun. You don’t need to pay a lot of attention and whatever you do, even if you are super unlucky, you will walk away with a healthy profit. While you can kill wyverns in all 3 combat styles, I do think that ranging them is the best way. Even if their defense against the skill is so high. 

When you fight the wyverns, I advise you to be at least 70 rangings, so you can wear blessed chaps and the blessed body to increase your ranging attack stats. If you have the opportunity to wear something that makes your ranging more accurate, you should wear it. 

Finally, when killing wyverns, I think inventory management is going to be crucial if you want to stay for over 100 kills here. Since they drop a lot of noted items, and alchable armor and weapons, you should not bring a full inventory and alch runes. Since skeletal are pretty easy to defeat once you get the hang of it and when your ranging level is high enough, you can get over a million GP an hour here. 

Frequently asked questions about Skeletal Wyverns

Question: Can you cannon skeletal wyverns? 

Answer: Yes, you can cannon skeletal wyverns. However, depending on what you are going to do there, it might not be very effective. If you are going to try and safespot them, it is not going to be very fun to reload your cannon and it can be a very effective strategy to kill them.
If you choose to use mage, you are not going to need a cannon too. Your attack bonus is not going to be high enough to hit them often and accurately for a lot of damage. 
If you are meleeing the skeletal wyverns, I think using a cannon is going to be a very good idea. You are going to hit them high and attract them towards you while fighting them, so you can do it pretty AFK.
I would recommend you cannon them when you are on a slayer task. Then you can go to the higher level, where almost nobody is killing them. 

Question: What important stats do wyverns have?

* Hitpoints: Wyverns have 200 hitpoints which are pretty high for their level, so you might take a while killing them. 
* Stab defense: They have 140+ stab defense, so try to avoid using this. 
* Slash and crush defense: Their slash and crush defense are only 90, so when using a melee attack on that style, it is going to be a lot more effective. 
* Magic defense: They only have 80 magic defense. While this is still pretty high, it could be a viable option to train your magic on. 
* Ranging defense: Skeletal wyverns have +140 ranging defense, so yes ranging is going to be quite slow, but due to the many ranging options you have, and the good gear there is for range, you might do pretty well here. Of course, you need a decent-ranging level.

Question: What should my inventory look like at the skeletal wyverns

Answer: This is the inventory you should have when you are using the ranging method to kill skeletals. 
* Mind shield: This is going to be pretty crucial to avoid getting hit by their special attack. Only use it when you are coming close. 
* Ranging potion: You will need a ranging potion or 3 (depending on how long your trip will be) to boost your accuracy and damage while fighting. You can also use a divine-ranging potion here if you have the money. This is a bit more expensive. 
* Prayer potions: Bring about 4 to 6 prayer potions depending on your prayer level. Skeletal wyverns drop prayer potions too, so if you are lucky you will not run out of them. Use these to protect from their range attack and boost your damage with a sharp eye, hawkeye, or eagle eye. 
* Food: I would bring sharks or some food around that level. Pizza is also a good choice here.  Wyverns also drop quite a lot of lobsters, so you have good odds that your food supply will keep being refilled. 
* Bone crusher: This will automatically bury the wyvern bones. Which will save you some time and help you train your prayer. If you have not done the diary requirements, this will only give half the prayer exp. So take that into account when choosing this over burying them. 
* Herb sack: This is useful for all the unnoted herbs they drop. If you are going to stay awhile, this is essential in making the most of your drops. They often drop 3 at a time, so if you do not bring your herb sack, you will have to leave a lot of herbs on the ground. 
Nature and fire runes – You should bring a nice amount of nature and fire runes. Skeletal wyverns drop a whole lot of alchs that are essential to make a lot of money here. You can also bring a rune pouch to save an inventory slot and have an additional spot for one rune-like the death runes they drop. 

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