Jellies OSRS Guide: A Wibbly, Wobbly Foe

Jellies have one of the most unimaginative designs I have ever seen in a game. However, this is what makes them so great, in my opinion. The jelly does not have any fluff; it is just a jelly. The monster has been around since 2005 and has gotten a stronger version – the wrapped jelly – in 2016.

I am going to discuss both, but I will mainly focus on the wrapped jelly. There isn’t much of a difference between the two. They are one of the most straightforward monsters in Runescape because, as it turns out, jellies aren’t the best at fighting. 

Since they are rather low to mid-level monsters that are locked away behind a pretty easy requirement (slayer level 52), I am going to discuss this monster with mid-level players in mind that are going to fight them for the first time and people who are wondering if fighting them for slayer – or grinding – is even worth it exp and drops wise. 

Where can I find jellies in Old School Runescape?

Regular jellies

The original ´regular´ jellies can only be found in one location. You need to go to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon if you want to kill these. There are a couple of ways to get here. I will tell you the best ones for all levels. 

The best method – with the highest requirements, of course – is using a slayer ring. You will either need to buy a slayer ring with your slayer points, or you can buy the ability to make them if your crafting is high enough. 

The second option, and the one you likely can use already at this level, is using the Fairy rings. You will need to use the code A J R to teleport there. You can also bank in Zanaris. 

Another option is using a teleport house tablet if your house is in Rellekka or a teleport scroll to redirect a house tab to Rellekka and teleport to the house portal. 

If none of those options are available, walking from Camelot is your final option. This is going to take quite a while till you get there. So you should bring a stamina potion to get there faster. 

Once you are in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, go straight to the 6th room, where you will find the jellies. They are level 78 and attack with magic-based melee attacks. 

Warped jellies

These newer and stronger versions of the jellies, the wrapped jellies, are found in the catacomb in Kourend. The easiest way to get there is to just teleport to Kourend. You will end up just in front of the entrance. There you can search the pillar and go inside the catacombs of Kourend.

You can also use Xeric´s talisman and use the Xeric´s heart prayer; this will also teleport you very close. 

Third, you can use your house to get there with the portal nexus or use your teleport scrolls of redirection to redirect the house tabs to Zeah. 

If you enter the catacombs, you should go east, and there you will find the jellies. These are level 112. 

The drops worth picking up at regular jellies

The drops worth picking up at regular jellies

The average jelly is worth just 350 coins on average. So you should not come here for the money. There are a couple of drops you might be interested in picking up for alching or just having a bit more money in the bank. 

Mithril kiteshield

This is one of their best drops. It isn’t worth very much, but you will still make a profit when you alch them. It is only worth 1k, and alching it will give you about 900 GP profit. Nothing impressive, but it will help you pay for your supplies. You have a one in 64 chance of getting this. 

Mithril boots

This is the unique drop of the jellies, and the main reason ironman accounts are going to have to fight them. While they are only worth 600 GP each, it is still a good idea to try and get this drop as it will be the best slot for you till you can go and kill monsters that drop adamant boots. They have a one in 128 chance of dropping these. So you might be here for a while if you are unlucky. 

Rune full helm

This is the best drop the regular jellies drop. They drop these about once every 128 kills on average. It is worth 20.5k, and you can alch it or sell it on the GE. This drop is going to be paying for most of your supplies here if you get it. 

Chaos runes

Jellies also drop chaos runes quite often. You have a one in 25 chance of getting the runes if you kill them, and they drop about 15 at a time. While they are not worth much, it does help you increase your rune stack. 

Death runes

Regular jellies also drop a small number of death runes. You will get them a couple of times if you go here for your entire slayer task. Pick them up, as they drop 5 at a time. You have a once in 42 change to get this drop. 

Brimstone key

If you have a jelly task from Konar, you have a one in 156 chance of getting this drop. If you get the drop, you might make more from one key than from the rest of your trip. You can get a lot of up to 500k from the brimstone chest you can find behind Konar in his tent. 

Clue scroll (hard)

Jellies are one of the best monsters for hard clue scrolls. The only monster more reliable for them is the hellhound. The jelly drops the clue scroll about once in 128 kills on average. Solving a hard clue can get you on average 200k of loot. 

The drops worth picking up at warped jellies

Warped jellies are the stronger variant of regular jelly. While I say stronger, they still are pretty easy to beat if you know what to do. If you are aiming to make money with slayer, and you are doubting between doing regular and warped jellies, you should go for warped jellies if you want to make some cash. Taking alch runes is a good idea if you do not want to run out of inventory space. 

Adamant battleaxe:

They drop this drop very often. You have a one in 11 chance to get this drop when you kill a warped jelly. This drop is worth 2k each. You don’t have to keep them in your inventory, but you should alch them. 

Adamant 2h Sword: 

This is another drop that is pretty useful if you alch it. You will get 3.4k if you alch these weapons. They drop the adamant 2h sword about once in 64 jellies you kill. 

Mithril boots: 

Just like the regular jellies, you can get these boots at the wrapped jellies too. Good news if you need them, as they have double the drop rate here. There is a one in 64 chance of getting the boots here. 

Rune kiteshield: 

You have a one in 64 chance of getting the rune kiteshield. This is one of the best drops you can get here. If you alch or sell it, you will 32k for the shield. 

Rune full helm: 

You will get 20.5k if you get this drop and alch or sell it. You have a one in 128 chance of getting this rune full helm here. You can sell or ach it; both are a good idea. 

Chaos rune:

There is a one in 25 chance of getting this drop. They drop a lot more runes than the regular jellies. You can get 45 per drop here. 

Death rune:

The death rune drop is another nice drop you can get here. They have a one in 42 chance of dropping them. You will get 15 death runes at once when you get this drop. 

Clue scroll hard: 

You can get a clue scroll here, too, at an even higher rate than the regular jellies. These are on par with bloodhounds (if they are not in the wilderness) and have a one in 64 chance on the average per kill of dropping one. 

Brimstone key: 

If you have a Konar slayer task, you can get a brimstone key if you are lucky. You have a one in 77 chance of getting this key. This key gives you a chance of getting some pretty decent loot from the brimstone chest. You can find this chest in the tent right behind Konar. The average value per key is 93k, so that is a very nice boost. 

Ancient shard: 

An ancient shard is one of the most useful drops you can get. It gives your Archlight 300 charges, which helps you defeat demon-kind monsters a whole lot easier. Pick these up, as they are very useful later on. 

Totem pieces:

This is another useful item to get. You can only get it in the catacombs of Kourend. You will need 3 pieces to get the entire totem. Once you have a complete totem, you can use it on the altar of Kourend. You will then get teleported into the room where Skotizo lives. Be prepared for a very tough fight as Skotizo is a boss monster and not that easy to kill. 

Gear to wear when you fight jellies

Just like bloodvelds, the jellies have a magic-based melee attack. This means that when you fight them with prayer, you need to pray melee. If you fight them without prayer, you will need to wear armor with a good magic defense. This is, for example, black dragonhide or any other ranging armor. 

I am going to discuss them slot by slot and discuss all three methods per slot. This way, you can easily pick and choose your gear. The gear set up is the exact same for regular jellies and warped jellies. Just remember that warped jellies are stronger, so do not underestimate them or think it will go easy because the regular ones are no match for you. 

Head slot 

There is only one helm you should wear in the head slot. The slayer helm (i) is the only option you have here. No matter if you are using the ranging method, the melee prayer method, or if you are just fighting them head-on. 

Necklace slot 

If you are using ranging, you should use the amulet of anguish or glory if you are on a budget. When you are using the melee prayer option, a great option is the amulet of torture. IF you are on a budget, the glory will be fine here too. You can use the same amulet if you are using the magic defense bonus method. 

Cape slot 

If you are doing the ranging method, you should bring your ava’s assembler or ava’s attractor. When using the melee method – regardless if you are going to pray melee or use the magic defense method – you should wear a fire cape, infernal cape, or a cape like the Ardougne cape. 

Chest slot 

If you are using the ranging method, you should wear an armadyl chainbody. If you are using the magic defense bonus way, you can use just the same armor. If you are using this armor, you are going to get hit a lot less. You can also use a black d´hide body to protect yourself. 

Another option is the prayer method. You can use the proselyte armor here to help you lose fewer prayer potions. 

Legs slot 

If you are using either ranging or the magic defense method, you should use the armadyl chainskirt. This will give you a massive amount of defense against their attacks. If you do not have a large budget, you can use the black d´hide chaps or any armor in between. 

If you are using the prayer method, you can use the proselyte armor here too. This will give you a nice prayer bonus and help you prolong your trip by quite a lot. 

Weapon slot

If you are using melee, you should get out your best DPS weapon, as they have no defense at all. This could be your rapier or a whip. If you are using ranging, I suggest you use a blowpipe here with mithril or adamant darts. That will help you kill them quickly.

Shield slot

If you are using a blowpipe, you won’t need to use a shield. If you are using a crossbow – what I do not recommend – you should use a shield like a twisted buckler. 

If you are using melee, you should bring your best defender here. The best one you can use is the avionic defender; however, a dragon or rune defender is fine too here. Just try to get as much damage per second in. 

Ranging slot 

In the ranging slot, there are a couple of options. If you are using a crossbow, please use runite bolts. Anything less is going to be horrible for your exp an hour. If you are using a blowpipe, magic defense bonus, or the prayer method, you should use a god blessing. The best one is Rada´s blessing (4). However, any other god blessing is fine too. 

Gloves slot 

The gloves that are the best in slots for ranging are barrows gloves. You can also use these gloves when doing the prayer method or de magic defense bonus method. If you are doing the prayer method, a good idea would be to use ferocious gloves. These are going to give you a massive bonus in your attack stats and make you hit higher. 

Boots slot

There are a large number of boots you can pick from. If you are ranging, you can use pegasian boots, ranger boots, or snakeskin boots. If you are using the payer method, you can use the primordial boots, dragon boots, or devout boots. If you are using a ranging defense bonus, you should use your primordial boots or pegasian boots for the magic defense bonus. 

Ring slot

If you are using the range, you should use an archer’s ring (i). If you are using melee, you should either use a berserker ring (i) or a ring of suffering (i). There are other rings you could use too, but those are not going to be very good. A decent budget option is the warrior ring (i). 

FAQs about regular and warped jellies in Old School Runescape

Question: Do jellies have superior variants on a slayer task?

Answer: Yes, both the regular and warped jellies have a superior variant that has a chance of spawning. If you want a superior jelly to spawn, you will need to unlock a slayer perk called Bigger and Badder. You need to buy this perk with 150 slayer points, and you can do this at any slayer master. 

Superiors have a one in 200 chance of spawning, and you need to be on a slayer task. 

The vitreous jelly is the superior variant of the normal jelly. The average value of this jelly is worth 44k per kill. They have 190 hitpoints and give 1900 exp per kill in the slayer skill. You can get the imbued heart and the eternal gem from these monsters. It shared the same drop table with normal jellies, but it drops 3 items at once.  

The wrapped jelly has a superior variant called the vitreous warped jelly. This monster is worth at least 47k per kill. It has 3 drops at once. Next to the normal drops, the warped jelly also drops special superior drops like the imbued heart and the eternal gem. A vitreous warped jelly has 220 hit points and gives you 2200 slayer experiences. They do not have a special attack, so you can kill them the same way as regular warped jellies. 

Question: Do jellies have a specific weakness? 

Answer: Yes, jellies are weak to the crush attack. So using weapons like the abyssal bludgeon or inquisitor’s mace is going to be extra effective here. However, you do not need to go out of your way to buy these weapons just to kill these monsters. 

You will notice that their defense is almost unexciting. You can use any melee or ranging weapon you want here. If you do not know what to bring, and you do not have an extremely strong crush weapon, just use your best melee or ranging weapon. 

Question: can you use magic on regular or warped jellies? 

Answer: We will have to make a distinction between the regular and the warped jellies here because the strategy you need to use is going to be quite different. 

Regular jellies can be killed with magic. However, you can not easily kill multiple at a time in the Fremmenik dungeon. Doing it with regular magic is going to be quite a difficult and boring task, and I would not recommend it.

If you are going to kill warped jellies with magic, it is going to be a way more fun experience, as long as you do it right and use multiple attack spells. These are spells like ice burst and ice barrage; they can attack multiple monsters at once. You can fight multiple at a time using this method. You can only find the warped jellies in the catacombs of Kourend, so you might have trouble finding a free world.

Using magic is going to be pretty expensive. You will have to spend a lot of money on runes, and even more so if you have to use expensive spells like ice barrage. The exp an hour is going to be great, but very expensive this way. 

Question: can you kill jellies with a cannon?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is not possible. No matter where you go, jellies can only be fought in areas where cannons are not able to be set up. So you will have to find another way to fight them quickly. 

To go more in-depth, in the catacombs of Kourend, it is impossible to set up a cannon. Warped jellies only live there, so you can not use one. If you want to attack multiple at a time, you are going to have to use ancient magic here. It is a multi combat zone, so that works.

The Femennik Slayer Dungeon is where the regular version of jellies is found. Here, too, it is not allowed to use a cannon. Even more so, it is a single combat zone. This means you can only fight one jelly at a time. So you will not be able to use ancient magic here, and you will need to fight them one by one. 

Jellies are not found anywhere else in Old School Runescape. So you will have to fight them in these two spots. There also is no alternative to regular or warped jellies that you can kill instead of them when you are on a slayer task.

In short, there is no way to cannon jellies, but if you want to attack multiple at a time and do your task faster, you should use ice burst or ice barrage in the catacombs of Kourend, where it is a multi-zone. 

Conclusion: Jellies are not that special but decent exp

As you see, the drop table of regular jellies is outdated. There is nothing special on there that would make you a decent amount of money. The clue scroll drops are an exception to that. They are one of the best monsters to get a hard clue if you can not fight hellhounds.

The wrapped jellies are a definite update. They have better drops, and you can earn some money here on the rune drops and the other ones. The wrapped jellies are a bit stronger, but you get rewarded for it nicely. They also drop hard clues very often, so if you want to clue hunt and make a bit of money, you can do these instead of hellhounds. 

The gear you need when fighting them is pretty similar. Since they use a magic-based melee attack, a lot of people have a horrible time the first time they go here. Since people assume that you need a strong melee defense. This is wrong, as you need a high magic defense against their melee. If you want to use a protection prayer, you should use the melee protection prayer. 

Whatever combat style you pick, you will quickly notice how easy they are to kill. They have no defense, a pretty high hit point level, and your hits will be very accurate. This makes them an excellent experience for any account that has the slayer level required to kill them. 

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