Animal Magnetism OSRS Guide – Getting Ava’s Devices Quickly!

You might have seen them. People training range wearing backpacks instead of capes. Those are Ava’s devices. A very useful device that picks up your arrows after shooting them. These help you save money, give you a nice ranging attack bonus, and they will give your exp an hour a decent boost due to the accuracy they give.

How can you get these backpacks? By doing the Animal Magnetism quest! This quest has been around for almost 15 years, so it gets you to some pretty iconic places in Old School RuneScape. I am going to tell you what you need to have for this quest, the stats required, if you need any RS gold, any armour or weapons you need, some tips and tricks, and of course how to do this quest! Let’s start! 

What stats and quests do I need to do the Animal Magnetism quest in OSRS? 

You do not need a lot of high stats for this intermediate quest. You can get the requirements in under a day if you play the entire day or just casually during the week. It is one of the most important quests for account progression, so try to do it as soon as possible. Take it from me, you will not regret it! 

These are the quests you need to do:

  1. The restless Ghost: One of the Old School RuneScape best beginner quests that takes place in Lumbridge and takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete
  2. Ernest the Chicken: This one takes place in the Draynor Manor. It takes about half an hour to complete (and is a very fun quest in my opinion with this strange almost undead chicken storyline)
  3. Priest in Peril: This one takes place in Lumbridge and near the River Salve. It takes a good 40 to 50 minutes to complete and can be a bit challenging for complete beginners. 

You will also have to have some minimum stats. You can not use potions, stews, prayers, or items to boost these. So these are your minimum stats, no shortcuts! 

  • 18 Slayer: This will take you about 3 to 4 tasks depending on which monsters you get. 
  • 19 Crafting: You can get this fairly quickly by tanning cowhides from melee killing cows and making leather out of them if you are an ironman. If you are a regular account, getting these stats is even easier, just buy tanned cowhides using some RuneScape gold and make leather armor. Make a hard leather too while crafting! 
  • 30 ranged: This will take you a good 2 hours of monster-killing at most. 
  • 35 woodcutting: The fastest way to train to this level is on regular logs! Do not try to go for oak or willow on this level. Yes, they give more exp but are much slower to cut. 

These are the items that are required or come in (very) handy

Required items

  • Mithril axe: You will need to have this kind of axe. A better or worse axe will have no effect. This will likely cost you some OSRS gold to make or get.
  • 5 iron bars: If you are an ironman, just mine a full inventory of iron and smelt that. Iron has a 1 in 2 chance to fail when smelting, so make sure you bring enough, so you do not have to go back and mine. 
  • Ghost amulet: You get this from the priest of the restless ghost,  morytania legs are not the same and won’t work.
  • 20 ectotokens: If you don’t have 20 of these you can also bring 4 bones, 4 empty pots, and 4 empty buckets. This way you can get them during the quest.
  • Hammer: There is a general store nearby Lumbridge where you can buy one.
  • Hard leather: If you don´t have one, go to the crafter in Al Kharid, and pay him 3 coins to make a hard leather for you. 
  • Holy symbol: You will need a special mold to make this. 
  • Polished buttons: You can steal these from HAM members nearby Draynor village. 

Some of these items like the mithrel axe are pretty hard to get. The mithril axe will be your main challenge. You will either need a (boosted) level 51 smithing, have access to the Spirit trees, or have 28 thieving. I recommend you get the thieving level, as it will also help you to get the polished buttons from ham members. 

Non of the items on this list are required, but they are going to save you a lot of time if you have them. Some items are almost impossible to get at the lower levels for ironman, so you can just skip those. Trying to get all the items will cost you a lot more time than you will save just doing the quest. 

  • Amulet of glory: This is the most useful recommended item you can get. Another option is getting the Draynor teleport tablets to get to Draynor quickly. 
  • Games necklace: This one is a little less useful and can be replaced by the Games Room teleport. It will save you a minute or 5 having either of these two teleports.
  • Ectophial: This is only available if you have done OSRS Ghosts Ahoy and are a true ghost disciple. It is not worth it to do that quest first just for this item. You can also use the Fenkenstrain´s castle teleport as an alternative.
  • Varrock teleport: If you haven´t been to Morytania, you will need to go through Varrock to save time.
  • Skills necklace: This will help you get to the crafting guild faster. If you have done some construction, your house will likely be in Rimmington. In that case, you can use a house teleport and teleport to your house to save some time. 

Full Walkthrough of the Animal Magnetism quest on OSRS

Starting the quest

To start the quest, you need to get to Draynor Manor. On the west side of the house, there is a bookcase with a lever. You can pull that lever and get to the room where Ava is. Talking to her will start the quest. She asks you to bring her two undead chickens. 

Getting the undead chickens

To get the undead chickens, you are going to need a ghostspeak amulet and bring 20 ectotokens. If you don’t have 20 of these, you can also bring 4 bones, 4 empty pots, and 4 empty buckets. 

To get there quickly, you can use your Ectophail. Another decent option is by fairy rings. If you do not have those either, you can take a charter ship from port Sarim to Port Phasmatys. This only works if you have been in Morytania before. You could also just walk there. 

You have to go to the farm on your minimap. You will see Alice there. Talk to her. After you have talked with her, look for her husband nearby and talk to him too. Go back to Alice and back to the Husband. Keep doing this until you get a new dialogue. 

You will have to get an Old Crone for Alice to speak to her Husband. The Crone is located next to the Slayer Tower in a very small house. You need to talk to her twice to get what you want. 

Give the amulet you got from the Crone to Alice her husband and talk to him again.  A cutscene will play, after this, the husband will catch some undead chickens. He will sell them to you for 20 ecto-tokens each. If you do not have these tokens, you can obtain them by grinding bones in the tower nearby. 

Head back to where you started the quest, Draynor Manor. 

Getting a Magnet for the device

Get these items: Your 5 iron bars, a hammer, and of course, your two undead chickens. 

Return to Ava and talk to her. You have to hand her over the undead chickens. This is only the first item she needs. Now she asks you to bring her a magnet. You have to go to the witch that you can find in the manor. She is somewhere in the northwest corner. 

You have to talk to her until she accepts your iron bars. In return, she will give you a selected iron. She will also tell you how you turn a bar into a magnet. 

You now have to go to the crafting guild either using the Skills necklace. This will help you get to the crafting guild faster. The other option is your house in Rimmington. Once again, you can also just walk. It is pretty nearby. 

Once you get to the crafting guild, or if you are walking Rimmington, go to the center of the mine which you can see on your minimap. Face north, and use the hammer you should have brought on the selected iron you got from the witch. If you have done it right you will now get a magnet. If you are not getting a magnet, you either are not facing north or not near enough to the center of the mine. 

Go back to Ava to talk to her. 

Getting the undead twigs for the device

Items needed: The mithril axe (this is the only axe that will work) and a holy symbol. 

Talk to Ava again. Now she requires undead twigs. Finish the conversation and go outside, now you are going to need to get undead twigs. These are not far from you. A normal dead tree will not work. You will need to attack the tree that slaps you at the entrance. 

Unfortunately, it fails. Tell Ava, it isn’t as easy as just swinging a sword. Turael, the slayer master near Burthrope might know how to help. You will have to talk with him. Teleport to Burthrope, or go to Falador and walk to him. Turael knows away. You will need a blessed axe. Give him the mithril axe and a holy symbol. He will then give you a blessed axe. 

Go back to where you tried to cut the undead tree. Now you will be able to cut it. You may fail to cut it. This is because you have a low slayer level. As long as you meet the minimum requirement for the level, you will be able to cut it. Just keep trying until you get the twigs. 

When you have the twigs, go back to Ava in manor. 

The Final Step: translating the notes

Items needed: You will need to take out your hard leather and the polished buttons.

Talk to Ava. You will now need to translate her research notes. You have to find the exact combination and change the color of the buttons to the right color. Once you have found the right combination, all you need to do is talk to AVA and hand her over the hard leather and polished buttons. 

Ava will give you a pattern, you will need this to combine the device in the right way. If you have done so, you will have created a container. Give this to Ava by talking to her. 


These are the rewards for the quest

1 quest point – If you need a lot of quest points fast for a minimum quest point requirement, this won’t be a good pick.

1000 crafting experience

1000 Fletching experience 

1000 slayer experience 

Ava’s device: If you talk to her when your ranging level is below 50, you will get an Ava accumulator from her. If it is above 50, you will get Ava’s attractor. The attractor has a better bonus and picks up more ammo.

The device is very good to pick up your ammunition automatically while ranging. Saving you time and money. It also generates arrows and other random steel and iron items in your inventory. 

You need this quest to do the Dragon Slayer II quest and finish the Lumbridge and Draynor Medium Diary. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Animal Magnetism 

Question: Where do you get polished buttons?

Answer: There are a couple of ways in Old School to get polished buttons. The easiest way in my opinion is HAM members. This is so easy, if you pickpocket them for 5 minutes you will have a few. There are a couple of other options if you do not have the thieving.

You can also dig in the level 1 or level 3 digsite east of Varrock. Then there also is Ogre coffins or the fishing trawler. This is going to be pretty hard to get them this way. I would strongly advise you to go to the digsite if you do not want to get the thieving level. 

Question: How do I get to Ava?

Answer: Make your way to the Draynor Manor and enter through the front door. Go to the left (west). To the left (West) of the room, you will see a bookcase. Try and look for something sticking out with a red ending. This is a lever. If you pull it, the bookcase will open and you will be able to reach Ava and talk to her to start the quest. 

Question: How can I get my Ava device back?

Answer: To get your Ava device back, you will have to go to the Draynor Manor. You need to tell her that you will need a new device. Ava will give you a new one, but only if you pay her 999 coins to do so. 

If you have paid the fee, then you are going to get back the device you have lost. 

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