Giant Mole OSRS Guide: Go The Mole Nine Yards!

The Giant Mole is one of the oldest bosses in the history of Old School Runescape. While this boss is pretty straightforward, there are some little things you do have to worry about at every combat level. 

While the Giant Mole is not really known for its drops or the challenge, there are a lot of things it drops that can be worthwhile going underground for. If you like to hunt pets, the Giant Mole baby mole pet is one of the most sought after. If you are an ironman, they are very useful to get supplies. 

I have killed a couple of hundred of them – no pet though – and they actually were the very first boss I have ever killed in Old School. I am going to tell you my favorite methods and some tips and tricks I learned along the way! This guide is both for new players and people of high-intermediary combat levels that aren’t sure how to kill this monster most effectively. 

Where Is the Giant Mole?

If you have no idea where the Giant Mole is, you might be surprised how often you have walked by the monster without knowing it. The Giant Mole is in the Mole Lair under Falador, in the park. If you can not find an entrance, do not worry, there isn’t one. You need to have a spade and dig near one of the mole hills. 

Before you take your spade to go and fight it, please read the rest of this guide, or your trip will likely end in your death and a big headache getting your stuff back. 

What Stats Do I Need to Kill the Giant Mole? 

The giant mole is not a hard boss once you know what to do. He is very easy to kill once you have 43 prayers. Then you can judge pray melee and kill him, as he can only use melee attacks. However, being able to kill something, does not mean it is worth it. 

You will need a couple of stats to make your kills go easy enough to make it worth it to kill them at a rapid pace and get the max of your profits. 

Hitpoints – You only need 10 hitpoints if you are going to pray melee. However, one of the most effective  methods (see below) is using DH. The more hitpoints you have lost, the higher this armor hits. If you have a high hitpoints level, you can lose more hitpoints. So if you want to use DH, I advise you to get at least 90 hitpoints to do high hits. 

Attack & strength – If you are going to use melee, you are going to need some pretty decent stats to kill the giant mole fast. He has a pretty decent defense – he is a boss after all – and has an annoying mechanic, but more on that later. I recommend you have at least 70 attack and 70 strength. This is going to make sure your trips go by a lot faster, it is also the minimum requirement needed to use DH weapons. 

Defense – You don’t really need defense if you have a prayer level of 43. However, it is very useful if your defense is 70, as you can then use the DH to kill the giant mole faster. Having a good defense will also come in handy if you lose your prayer by running out of points or if you want to try and squeeze a last kill in at the end. 

Ranging – If you want to kill the giant mole with ranging, you do not need to have a very high level. Level 60 is enough to kill it at a pretty decent rate, however it gets substantially easier when you have a ranging level of 75 or more. Then your attacks won’t only hit a lot higher but more often too. 

Prayer – You are going to need at least 43 prayer to protect yourself from melee. The giant mole can hit pretty accurately if you do not have a nice defense level. You are also going to have a much better time if you have prayers like eagle eye, Chivalry, piety or Rigour at your disposal. 

Magic – Magic is not useful here. Do not use it, it is not going to help you to kill the Giant Mole.  

Tip: If you are a low level and you really want to kill the mole, you can safe spot them with the cavern walls. Try to look out that you do not leave your safe spot and get hit. Depending on your defense and hit points level, you could die pretty fast. 

The Items And Requirements You Need  to Kill the Mole Effectively 

Before we are going to get into the gear part of the guide, I am going to tell you the items you require or should have to kill the mole effectively. If you do not have these, it is going to be a lot harder and more annoying. It won’t be impossible, but it won’t be as effective as it would be when you have them. 

Falador Shield – If you have a Falador 3 or 4 shields, this monster gets a lot more fun. The mole tries to escape when you hit it, and has a chance of going underground and teleporting far away. If you do not have the shield, you need to find out where in the underground cave system this guy is, and that is very frustrating and can take quite a while. You will also get the mole skins and mole claws noted! That is very useful if you want to stay quite a while. 

A lightning source – As it turns out, it is kind of dark underground. Without a lightning source you won’t see where you are going, and you will die due to the strange effect the darkness has on Players when they are in it without light. 

Tinderbox – It is super useful to have a tinderbox. In case your lighting source is extinguished by the mole, you will have to relight it or teleport. A tinderbox makes sure you can light the candle again. 

Giant Mole – The Drops You Need to Look Out For

On average, a giant mole kill is worth about 19k. This is amongst the lowest average for the Old School bosses. The other side of the coin is that they are pretty easy to kill. It doesn’t take very long, so you can kill quite a lot. You also don’t need to take expensive items with you, just some standard food and prayer potions are more than enough. 

Mole claw – The mole claw is one of the drops that will help you increase your gp an hour here. They always drop, and despite having 4 feet, they only drop one. You can trade these in with the gardener you can find in the falador park named Wyson the gardener. He will give you nests where you can find good seeds for herbs and trees. This helps ironman a lot to have the herbs they need to get to a higher herblore and farming level. 

Mole skin – These drop one to three at a time. They are going to be your main money maker on average, so make sure you pick these up. It is also very useful to have done the Falador dairy hard and elite. This way they get dropped as noted and you can prolong your trips much longer. You can trade these in with the gardener you can find in the Falador park named Wyson the gardener. Just like the mole claw, they will give you nests that you can use. 

Rune med helm – if you were planning on killing the giant mole to get fabulous riches as some as the other monsters have on their loot table, I am sorry. The rune med helm is the best thing of the weapon or armor drop table they drop. I am not counting the rare drop table, as every monster – or at least the majority – has drops from that table, and they are very rare to get. 

Blood runes – They drop 15 blood runes. That is pretty decent, and is going to make some of your money back in the long run. They add up to be 6k in total, which is about the price of a prayer potion. 

Law Rune – This is kind of an average drop, and maybe not worth picking up. I am going to mention it anyway for the ironmen that are in short supply of them. While they drop 15, the price of these runes has gone down so much that the drop is only worth 2k now. 

Yew logs – This is the best drop these monsters have. It is not worth a lot but they drop it one in 12 times. So it adds up a bit. The drop is worth 21k and helps you quite a bit when you are an ironman that enjoys fletching. 

Iron ore – They drop 100 iron ores. This is worth only 4k per drop but it can add up. If you are an ironman you will enjoy this drop as you need it to make steel bars for canon bars and it helps you get your smithing up. 

Tertiary Drops 

Higher levels might not enjoy the drop table I just discussed, however there are quite some tertiary drops that are worthwhile to go for. These drops are also the reason why so many maxed combats kill the mole. 

Brimstone key – If you are on a Konar task, you are able to get these keys. The keys will give you the ability to open the chest behind the slayer master Konor. There are pretty decent drops in the chest that can easily be worth half a mil or more. 

Long bone – The Giant mole has a one in 400 op dropping the long bone. This bone can be exchanged for construction exp. Make sure you pick these up. 

Curved bone – This is a better version of the long bone. This will give over 6k of construction exp. Make sure you pick these up. It is very rare. Only one in 5000 moles on average will drop this item.

Clue Scroll – The Giant Mole is one of the most reliable droppers of the elite clue scroll. They drop on average one in 500 when you kill giant moles. If you are pet hunting you will quite a few of those. I do think barrows still are a better and more fun way to get your elite clue scrolls, but the Giant mole is not a bad option. 

Baby mole – The Giant Mole drops the baby mole. You have a one in 3000 chance of getting these. This is the reason why high level players kill this monster. If you are planning to hunt this monster for the pet, remember it is not a guaranteed 1 in 3000 drop. You could have the baby mole on your first kill, or still not have it after 10 000 kills. 

What Gear Do You Need to Kill the Giant Mole?

I am going to take a bit of a different approach here. I will tell you the minimum gear and maximum gear you can use here. If you have something better than the minimum gear, you can just swap that item out and use your better item. I am going to discuss your setup in melee and range. Killing the Giant Mole with magic is not a good plan, as its magic defense is massive. 

I am going to assume you are not on a slayer task. If you are, you should wear your slayer helmet. 

Melee Best and Worst Gear

The melee gear is a lot cheaper than the range gear for the most part. You have the choice between Void, dharok or a budget armor. I am going to discuss all three of them. 

Head slot – The void melee helm is the best helm you can get here. The other helm you can get as the budget option is the helm of Neitiznot

Amulet slot – The best amulet you can get here is the amulet of torture. This is a pretty expensive amulet, and not that much better than the cheapest option. This is the amulet of strength. 

Cape slot – The best slot you can get is the infernal cape, if you have not been able to complete this massive challenge, you can use a fire cape as a good second option. Your budget option is going to be the obsidian cape. 

Armor slot – The Elite void top is going to be your best option here. You can use the fighter torso here, but also the monk’s robe. You will need to use the prayer skill here to protect you from melee. 

Leg slot – The elite void robe is the best option you can get here, the best of the worst is the monk’s robe. This is good enough to get a prayer bonus and help you have your melee prayer up long enough to kill the Giant mole. 

Weapon slot – The very best weapon here is the Ghrazi Rapier, this weapon is pretty expensive, but the stab bonus is going to work great on the mole. The best of the worst in this slot is the dragon scimitar. If you have a Dragon Sword, that is actually a bit better due to the stab bonus. 

Shield slot – The best thing in the shield slot here is going to be the Avernic defender. The best of the worst in this slot is the rune defender. This one should be pretty easy to get, and is very strong. 

Arrow slot – The best item in this slot is the Rada´s blessing (4). The best of the worst in this slot is a regular blessing or Radas blessing 2 or 3. These are almost free, so no excuse not to have them. 

Glove slot – The best slot for your gloves here is the void knight gloves! Do not bring your barrow gloves, or the void effect will not work anymore. The best of the worst of these is the combat bracelet, it only costs like 30k so that is pretty good. 

Boots slot – The best boots you can get are the primordial boots, these work very well due to the nice attack bonus, however they are not that more powerful than a pair of dragon boots. You have the option to use the climbing boots here, they give a decent enough bonus. 

Ring slot -The best ring you can bring is the berserker ring imbued. You can also use the warrior ring here. It should be imbued, as that will give you some extra power. 

Special attack weapon – Dragon claws are the best weapon you can use here. However, the dds is not that much worse due to the amount of specs you get. 

Alternative Melee – Using Dharok’s 

As an alternative to void you can also use DH. Your damage output is going to be more or less the same. I do prefer to use DH as the mole has less chance to disappear on you and I just love to see those massive 90+ hits you get at the higher combat level.

To effectively use DH you are going to need over 90 strength and 90 hit points to hit high. Also, make sure you only have one hit point left and use a rock cake or a locator orb to keep your hp down. Also, never lose sight of your prayer or you are going to be killed very fast. 

Ranging Best and Worst Gear

Head slot – The best item you can wear here is the Armadyl helmet. It has a prayer bonus and a nice ranging attack bonus. The worst item here is the blessed coif, it gives a pretty decent prayer bonus and is cheap to buy. 

Amulet slot – The best amulet is going to be the Necklace of anguish. This is a pretty expensive one, but more than worth it to get. The worst, but still useful, item is the Amulet of glory. This one is only 20k or so.

Cape slot – Ava´s assembler is the best item in the cape slot, it does have a pretty hard quest, Dragon Slayer II you need to complete. Ava’s attractor is the worst viable item, you only need to finish animal magnetism to make use of this item. 

Chest slot – The best chest slot item for ranged at the giant mole is the armadyl chestplate, it gives a decent prayer bonus and massive ranging attack bonus. The worst of the best is the iconic black d’hide body, you might get away with red d’hide too if you don’t have the level requirements. 

Leg slot – The best leg slot you can use for this monster is the armadyl chainskirt. Just like the platebody it gives a good prayer bonus, and has a good ranged attack bonus. The worst of the best here is the black d’hide chaps. However, if needed, red d’hide might be good enough. 

Weapon slot – The best weapon here – due to the moles massive magic defense bonus – is the twisted bow. This is a very expensive bow, so you would be fine with the bow of Faerdhinen too. The worst one that is still useful is the dragon crossbow. A rune crossbow works, but is a bit on the weak side. 

Arrow slot – The best arrows you are going to be able to use here are the dragon arrows. If you don’t have a bow like the twisted bow, you should bring diamond bolts e to kill the giant mole with your crossbow. 

Glove slot – The best thing to bring in your glove slot are – after all these years – still the barrows gloves. The worst thing you can bring that still works are black d’hide vambraces. Red could work here too. 

Boots slot – Pegasian boots are the best boots you can use here. They have a good attack bonus for range, but are pretty expensive. The cheapest and still viable option you can use here are snakeskin boots. These only cost 20 GP, so no excuses not to have these. 

Ring slot – The best ring you can bring here is an imbued archers ring. The other ring you might be able to use is the ring of wealth. While not very useful here, it is still better than wearing nothing at all. A Brimstone ring is a good pick in the middle. 

What Should Your Inventory Look Like For the Giant Mole? 

Super combat or ranging potions – these are going to make sure you hit through the moles defenses. Do not skimp on cheap super strength and attacks, they are going to take too much inventory space. 

Prayer potions – You are going to need these to keep your melee prayer up. With these you are not going to need food. 

Stamina potions – You will have to run a lot since there is a crazy mechanic that helps it escape when you hit it. You will have to pursue it throughout the cave so you will need a stamina potion or 4. 

Spade – You need one to enter the tunnels

Light source – You need one to see in the tunnels

Falador shield 3 or 4 (optional) – They will show you with an arrow on your mini map where the mole is. This way you can get there fast and you won’t need to look through the entire tunnels for it. 

Teleports – Pretty obvious, You are going to have to bank or go away at one point. Bring a one click teleport, these are going to help you escape if you are fast enough. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Giant Mole 

Question: How do you spawn or find giant mole?

Answer: Finding the giant mole is very easy if you know how to. Simply dig near a mole hill in Falador park with a spade, and you will be ¨transported¨ inside a dark tunnel.

Since the tunnel is dark, you will need to bring a light source in order for you to be able to navigate it and not die. 
Once you are inside the tunnel, just look at the arrows on your mini map if you have the Falador shield and go there. If you do not have the shield, you will have to look around by running around in the tunnels looking for it. Its spawn point is in the middle, so start there. 

Question: Can the giant mole hit through prayer?

Answer: The Giant Mole can not hit through prayer. It uses the melee prayer, so make sure you use that prayer in order to survive its accurate hits. 

If you do not have the melee prayer, you also have the option to safe spot it while ranging. Just stand next to the cavern walls behind an obstacle. 

Question: Can you teleblock the Giant Mole?

Answer: No, you can not teleblock the giant mole. It does not really use a teleport, but it digs. Unfortunately, using a magic spell like the ice barrage will not stop it from running away. 

The only thing you can do to make sure it does not run from you that often is to kill it in as little hits as possible. Using the DH armor effect for this is very useful. 

Conclusion – Do Not Kill the Giant Mole For Profit

As you see, the drop table is pretty horrible, so I would not go out of my way to kill them if you want to make money. The mole claws and skins are going to give you the most of your profit. 

For ironman, there are a lot of interesting things these monsters drop that you could use. There are a lot of seeds you can get, the yew logs are nice too. 

The best thing about the giant mole is that you can elite clue scrolls at a pretty decent rate. Another good thing about this monster is that it has a pet. It has a decent drop rate for pets, one in 3000. However, it is very possible you will be here for tens of thousands of kills. 

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