Stash Unit OSRS Guide: Store All of Your Clues

One of the biggest videogame struggles we tend to have is whenever we run out of inventory space. Do we keep the extra sword that we found, or do we leave it behind to keep our potion collection intact? The world of Gilianor is the exact same way, as many players of Old School Runescape are finding out. Do you want you’re emoting clue items or your bank to remain intact?

However, whenever it comes to Oldschool RuneScape, you have a few options whenever your bank is full. One of these is a stash unit or ‘hidey hole.’ These items are things you can build to have your emote clue items stored, and they can be built out of various items to store all of your clues.

Here’s what you need to know about OSRS Stash Unit boxes, and here’s how you can use them to keep your inventory light!

What Is A Stash Unit?

Stash Unit

The OSRS Stash Units (otherwise known as ‘Store Things And Stuff Here’), allow you to store your emote items without having to worry about them. Plus, you won’t need to worry about your bank space or making long bank trips. You can find over 109 stash units in the world and can build on them after you have created the stash unit.

Building a stash unit has a few steps and OSRS items needed. The first is that you need a hammer, saw, and 10 of the same types of nails. Then you need 2 planks types as well, with regular planks working for the beginner and easy level boxes, but oak planks, teak plants, and then mahogany planks needed for the next tiers of stash units.

You will often find stash unit locations on things like bushes, crates, holes in the ground, and rocks. If you want to keep track of where you are with filling and building the various stash units in the game, you can either go to Watson’s house and read the notice board, or you can build an s.t.a.s.h chart in your own house.

These will allow you to find everything you need with regards to the stash units, and then you can go about building and filling them.

What Can Be Stored In Stash Units?


Well, before we can delve into what can be stored in a stash unit, we need to look at why they are built in the first place. Easy clue scrolls are one of the many items that can be dropped by monsters in combat, and upon reading a clue scroll you will find yourself starting a treasure trail that will send you all around the world of Gielinor.

These clues, and the ones that rely the most on the Stash Units, are the emote clues. The clue step is solved by going to the location mentioned in the scroll and performing an emote. Depending on the difficultly of the clue spell, you might be asked to perform one or more emotes as things go on, as well as complete other puzzles and a fight.

Emote clues have three steps within them. First, you need to be at a certain location, you also need to be carrying a certain item with you, and you need to be able to perform an emote. Again, depending on the difficultly of the emote, you might find that the requirements are more specific and the number of emotes you need to perform is more than one. For example, here’s a comparison of some of the scroll clues and their difficulty.

  • Panic at Al Kharid mine- Beginner.
  • Blow raspberries outside the entrance to Keep Le Faye. Equip a coif, an iron platebody, and leather gloves.- Easy
  • Clap your hands north of Mount Karuulm. Spin before you talk to me. Equip an adamant Warhammer, mithril boots, and a ring of life.- Medium.
  • Bow at the top of the lighthouse. Beware of double agents. Equip a blue d’hide body, blue d’hide vambraces, and no jewelry.- Hard.

So, as you can see things get more and more complicated as you get harder scrolls, and with so many requirements you don’t want to keep dragging items all-around to fulfill them. That’s where the Stash units come in, and you can place all the items required for emoting clues inside of the stash boxes. Otherwise, you’ll just be carrying dozens, if not hundreds of items around.

What Is An Emote?


Emotes are movements that players can perform to communicate with other players and characters in the Old School Runescape World. You can either find these by default, or through things like quest rewards, events, or from skillscapes and the Stronghold of Security. You can access and perform all the emotes you have unlocked through the ‘emote’ screen and will be able to perform them at will whenever you click the button.

You should have most of the emotes required for the emote clue quests whenever you get the scroll, and depending on where the scroll takes you, you can find a stash unit and store whatever you need to wear in there. That way, whenever you get a repeat of a scroll, you aren’t having to worry about finding all of that needed equipment or lugging it all around.

Should I Look Up What Needs To Be Stored In Each Stash?

Of course, there are a million different ways to play Old School Runescape. You can simply play the game and try to have fun, or you can metagame to your heart’s content and min-max everything. It all comes down to your personal preference of which way you enjoy the game and there’s really no wrong answer. You can look and cross-reference each of the 109 stash locations with which clue they are closest to and the things that need to be held in that close box to be able to fulfill the clue’s requirements. Or you can just wing it and have some fun, discovering all of this for yourself.

No matter what, you will be able to have fun and utilize the stash containers to make things easier, and but does take more steps if you decide to go at it alone.

What Happens Once I Complete The Treasure Trail?

Completed treasure

Once you solve the treasure trail itself and have completed all the clues and requirements, then you will be given a reward casket that corresponds to the level of the clue scroll you have solved. If you have solved a medium clue scroll then you will receive a medium reward casket. You get a certain number of rewards per casket, and these can be anything from weapons, to pieces of armor, to masks, to rare items.

Each casket has its own table that it rolls on for unique loot that is specific to that casket, and then it rolls for the generic loot. Once the treasure trail is completed, you can go out hunting for another clue scroll.

How To Level Up The Construction Skill?

Now, in order to build any type of stash unit, you need to have construction. Easy stash units are able to be built at level 27, while level 88 construction is needed to build master stash units. If you want to focus on building the higher-level stash units, you will need to get your construction skill up.

In order to level up your construction skill in Runescape, you can either get the skill trained by a professional and also by building your own player house, By working in construction, you can focus on getting your skill leveled up and ready to go for the higher level stashes. Additionally, players who have put their focus on construction already have access to planks, and nails, and tools… all three things you will need whenever you are building your stashes.

Keep building your own house and while you are at it, put in the time to make your home look pretty. Build furniture that looks good to you and explore all your options when it comes to your player-owned home. This building is going to be your future home base, after all, so you may as well make it look nice and like a home for you. Plus, it can be fun to take a break from saving the world and just deal with your home for a change.

Why Would I Do Treasure Trails Daily?


Well, for starters it is a free treasure and it’s also something to do in Runescape whenever you have fought all you have wanted to fight and done all of the sidequests that you have wanted to do. Plus, the more you do the various clue scrolls, the more you will see repeats or certain emote clues all in the same area.

You can also spend your time grinding for clue scrolls because most monsters have chances to drop at least one type of clue scroll each. If you are high enough of a level and want to only hunt for master scrolls, then you can grind the monsters that drop them, and eventually, you’ll hit one of the drop rates.

Pretty soon you’ll learn where to store your items to give yourself the most impact and prevent you from needing to walk or teleport from your house to the emote clue location in order to retrieve the items that you need. Finally, the rewards from the reward caskets aren’t that terrible either, and most of them are well worth the effort you are putting in.

Stash Unit FAQ

Question: Do I Need To Build All 109 Stash Units?

Answer: It would cost a lot of gold, time, and resources to have all the stash units in the game. While you can build all of them if you are a hardcore completionist and someone who wants to have the ability to store their goods everywhere, not everyone is like that. In this case, you should focus on building the units that you need, where you need them.
If you find yourself running out of bank space in your inventory, and are sick of teleporting back and forth to your house to grab items needed for emote clues, then don’t hesitate to reach out and start putting out the time to start building the stash units. You might be surprised at how useful they are, especially if your treasure hunt has you moving all over Gillineor.
There’s nothing like having at least a few stashes hidden around whenever you start hunting for those higher-level clue scrolls.

Question: Does The Level Of The Stash Units Matter?

Answer: Yes, depending on the level of the scroll that you have, whether it is easy, medium, master, or another, you will need a corresponding stash level to store the items. The different stash unit levels are required to store the items needed for each scroll, and they need different resources to be built effectively.
The level of the stash you are building does matter, as higher-level stash chests will be able to hold higher-level items. Plus, with the higher-level stashes created, you don’t need to drag all your items around from place to place, especially if combat is required to continue with the quest. No one wants to die and then have to go and get their items back!

Question: Are Stashes Safe?

Answer: Yes, any item you store in a stash is safe, and you won’t lose any of the items after you put them in the stash. Given that you are building each stash crate and they look very camouflaged and inconspicuous whenever you examine the art, it’s safe to assume most people aren’t going to throw themselves at robbing your stashes.
So you can store the emote loot items in there, even the higher-level ones, without any major worries about losing your items. Just be careful when going to get your items from these places, as some of your stashes can be placed in very dangerous areas and you might need to fight to get to them. Or at the very least you will need to be cautious.

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