Heroes Quest OSRS Guide: Become a True Hero

In the world of video games, you might find that you are being called a hero. Your adventurer might have slain a monster or two, saved a village from a demonic cult, rescued the princess from her castle, and done a few more heroic things. They might be acclaimed as a hero from one city to the next, but they aren’t really one.

Not until they have joined the local hero’s guild! The Heroes Quest quest allows players to enter the hallowed Heroes’ Guild in the principality of Burthorpe, and here’s how you get the process started. First, you will need to find another player to complete this quest with you. This quest cannot be done single-player, so use the grouping interface and the in-game chat to find someone to join you in passing the test.

Before You Can Join, Here’s What You Need

Along with a partner, you will need 55 quest points, 53 skills in cooking and fishing, 50 skills in mining, and 25 skills in herblore. Additionally, you will need to complete the Shield of Arrav quest, the Lost City quest, the Merlin’s Crystal quest, and the Dragon Slayer I quest.

Now, go to Burthorpe and talk to Achietties about joining the guild. She will be the keeper of the guild and will make note of any requirements you have yet to fulfill. After you are worthy of the task, she will ask you to bring her three items: A Fire Feather from an Entrana firebird, a Master Thieves’ Armband, and a cooked Lava Eel.

Getting The Items Three

Shield Of Arav


For the Master Thieves’ Armband, you will need to go contact the gang allies you made in the Shield of Arrav quest and will need a player companion who is a member of whichever gang you did not ally with. So, if you are a Black Arm Gang member you will need a companion who is a Phoenix Arm gang member and vice versa.

For the Black Arm gang, you will find out that in order to become a master thief and gain the armband, you need to break into Scarface Pete’s pirate lair and steal some candlesticks. With the aid of the gang, you will be able to impersonate a member of the pirates and get inside. You will receive a key you can give to your Phoenix Gang accomplice.

The Phoenix Gang member will kill a guard holding the key to the room where the candlesticks are kept. You can then open the door, steal the candlesticks, divide the loot and then go back and get the armband.

For The Phoenix Gang Player, they are also after the candlesticks, and the process works the same way as listed above. Both players will have to work together to present one candlestick each to the heads of their gangs and get a Master Thieves Armband for it.

The Fire Feather

After a bit of talking to some monks in the Entranan Church, you discover the location of an entrana firebird in the northern half of Entrana. The head monk confirms that they exist and that and you learn that you need ice gloves to pick up its very hot feather. Go to the location, slay the bird, and use the ice gloves to pick up the feather. The Firebird is very weak and you don’t need a particular strategy to slay it. Just grab the feather it drops and get out!

If you do not have ice gloves, you will need to take a detour to the White Wolf Mountain, go inside, and then kill the Ice Queen who will drop them for you. This is the only way to get them in the game, so don’t lose them or you will have to slay the Ice Queen again! For the battle with the Ice Queen, make sure you read up on her strategy and moves and prepare well. You will be attacked by multiple foes at once in her arena.

Even with safe spotting, this can be a tough fight, but once you prevail you’ll have the gloves and can get back to finding the firebird.

The Lava Eel

The Lava Eel

Finally, for the lava eel, speak to Gerrent at the Port Sarim Fishing Shop. He will tell you that even with your fishing skill you need a fireproof line. He will then hand you blemish snail slime, which is one of the ingredients to make the fireproof oil, with harralander and water being the next two ingredients. Once all three are combined into blemish oil, you can create an oily fishing rod.

Then you can head to either the Taverly Dungeon or the Wilderness Lava Maze and fish at the designated spots in the lava to get the eel. For the Taverly Dungeon, you can use 70 agility if you have that, to make a shortcut and battle a few baby blue dragons before catching the lava eel. If not it’s a longer path, but still easier than the wilderness.

If you can get through the Wilderness of the Lava Maze without falling prey to Player Killers, then you can get to the fishing spot in the lava maze through a few different routes. Such as teleportation with a burning amulet or a waka canoe from Edgeville.

Once you have caught one, or multiple lava eels, cook them up over a fire or at a range and you are good to go!

Bringing Them All Back

Finally, once you have all three items you can return to Achietties and give her all three items to be given entry into the heroes guild! Here’s a breakdown of what that gets you 1 Quest point, 3,075 Attack experience, Defence experience, Strength experience, and Hitpoints experience. 2,075 Ranged experience, 2,725 Fishing experience, 2,825 Cooking experience, 1,575 Woodcutting experience, 1,575 Firemaking experience, 2,257 Smithing experience, 2,575 Mining experience, and 1,325 Herblore experience.

That’s a lot of XP points for this quest! Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, you will gain access to the Heroes’ Guild. This comes with a few other perks as well, where you can purchase and use dragon battle axes and maces, use the Fountain of Rune, charge up Dragonstone Jewellery scrolls, and use the Fountain of Heroes to recharge any Amulets of Glory.

What Does The Heroes’ Guild Do For Me?

Heroes’ Guild

First off, it gives you access to the very powerful Dragon Battleaxe and the Dragon Mace. The Dragon Battleaxe is sold for 200,000 coins and is the 2nd strongest battleaxe in the game behind the leaf-bladed battleaxe. You need at least 60 attacks to wield it, and it is a members-only weapon.

This battleaxe has a special ability called rampage that allows you to raise the weapon over your head, scream a warcry, and then increase your strength by 10 + the number of levels drained from your attack, defense, ranged, and magic levels, which are drained by 10%. This boost also drains 100% of your special attack energy.

You can also get the Dragon Mace for 50,000 coins and you will need an attack level of 60. It is the 5th strongest mace in the game, and it has a special ability called shatter. This increases the player’s damage by 50% and their accuracy by 25%, and it rolls against the target’s rush defense. This consumes 25% of the player’s special attack energy and can do quite a lot of damage.

Finally, you can also use the fountain of heroes to recharge any amulets Of glory. By simply dipping one into the fountain, every single amulet of glory both on their person and in their inventory are recharged with up to four teleports. Since the teleportation skills are very useful, as are the stat bonuses the amulets of glory provide you, having a free and easy way to recharge them is very helpful.

If you want to get even more out of your amulets of glory, you can charge them at the Fountain of Rune to get 6 charges!

New Quests

Recipe for Disaster

Getting into the heroes’ guild also unlocks a few new quests. The first is the Recipe For Disaster Quest Bundle, which is the sequel to the Cook’s Assistant quest. In it, you will be figuring out who is stealing ingredients from the cook during an important feast, only to stumble into a confrontation of the past against the food-themed villain, the Culinaromancer!

The Throne of Miscellania quest has you travel to the land of Miscellania to confront rumors that the king has been turned into a monster, where your character will need to rule a kingdom, solve the mystery… and do the hardest thing any adventurer could do. Get Married!

Finally, you are a hero yes, but are you a legend? If the heroes’ guild isn’t enough for you, you can apply for membership within the legend’s guild, where you will be one of the first heroes to map out the Kharazi Jungle in its entirety. This is a long quest fraught with peril and new foes and friends, but if you succeed you will be remembered as a legend.

Heroes’ Quest FAQ

Question: What If I Get Player Killed While In The Wilderness?

Answer: If you are traveling towards the Wilderness Lava Field while hunting for a lava eel, then there is a chance you could run into a player killer and be forced into some PVP combat. You shouldn’t be caught totally unawares by this, because the area is well known for PVP hunting and combat, so be ready for a fight.
However, if you do end up getting overpowered and slain, most of your items will be gone. This includes the oily fishing rod, so you will need to return to Gerrent at the Port Sarim Fishing Shop and get the ingredients to make a new one. Additionally, you will need to do this while recovering or replacing the rest of your items too. It’s much safer to go the other route unless you are prepared.

Question: How Do I Grind My Skills?

Answer: Getting quest points is pretty simple in the game as most quests give at least 1, and you’ll be completing quests to become eligible for the heroes guild anyway, but where most players get caught is the skill requirements. Unless you’ve been focusing on skills such as cooking, mining, and fishing for some time, getting them to 50 or higher can be a bit of a challenge.
In most cases, you should focus on the skills whenever possible. There are challenges, guilds, and ways to get food from both shops and the world. You can even level up your fishing skills and then cook what you catch. It’s pretty easy to grind the skills whenever those are all you are focusing on, and you can do some quests in between so it doesn’t seem like all you are doing is grinding skills.
You can also complete quests that give you experience in those skills, talk to trainers, and use potions and items that increase your total amount of experience gained. In no time, you’ll hit the levels you need and will be able to enter the Heroes Hall.

Question: Which Faction Should I Pick? The Phoenix Arm or The Black Arm?

Answer: That’s more of a question for the Shield Of Arrav quest, as you will learn more about the gangs and their lore there, as well as choose your allegiance. However, for the purposes of getting the Master Thieves Armband, both sides are more or less the same, and since each player is playing the role of a different gang member, it doesn’t really matter.
Both sides are after the candlesticks from Scarface Pete, and after a little trading and combat, both players will split the candlesticks and then each get the Master Thief Armband that they need. As long as you find a good partner, you will be fine with this portion of the quest, no matter which side you end up choosing.

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