OSRS Pets Guide: Find The Best One For You!

Pets are a non-combat NPC that will follow you around. Each pet is extremely difficult to get because they require a lot of luck and grinding a particular activity. However, they are a brilliant way to show off your achievements to other OSRS players. Usually, they serve an aesthetic purpose and serve no other uses. Players can only have 1 pet following them at a walking pace. Today, we’ll dive into how to obtain every pet in OSRS and the chances of receiving them.

How To Obtain Pets In OSRS


Players can receive pets when killing creatures, skilling, and questing. Afterward, the pet will automatically appear as their follower, and a red message will pop up in the chatbox “You have a funny feeling you’re being followed. Also, upon receiving a pet, a distinct sound can be heard.

However, if players obtain a pet while having a follower out, the new pet will go into their inventory. Now you’ll see a different message “You feel something weird sneaking into your backpack”. Unfortunately, players with full inventories and a follower will not receive the new pet.

If players die with a one-off pet following them, the follower will stick around for 30 seconds and disappear afterward. Even if you run back in time, the pet cannot be picked up and will be lost forever. Therefore, you should let Probita provide insurance for 500k GP per pet. After losing the pet, players can go to her and reclaim the bet for 1,000k GP.

Boss Pets

Boss pets usually resemble the creature that you’ve killed. Depending on the difficulty, you’ll need to kill thousands of bosses to receive a chance at getting a pet. This is an amazing way to showboat your PVM skills since you’ll have to spend hours killing a particular boss.

Abyssal Orphan

Abyssal Orphan

The pet is a rare drop from the Abyssal Sire boss fight. During the battle, you will encounter scions that look exactly like the Abyssal Orphan. When placing an undesired on the Font of Consumption behind the Overseer the drop rate increases to 1/25.6.

  • Boss: Abyssal Sire
  • Drop Rate: 1/100

Baby Mole/Baby Mole Rat

The Baby Mole and Baby Mole Rat is a smaller version of the Giant Mole boss. Players can receive either pet and convert it to the aesthetic they prefer. Combining a Baby Mole Rat with mole skin will create a Baby mole. On the other hand, combining a Baby Mole with a mole claw will create a Baby Mole Rat.

  • Boss: Giant Mole
  • Drop Rate: 1/3,000

Callisto Cub

The pet is a smaller version of Callisto, who is a terrifying bear boss. She can be found in the Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness. The deadly boss can hit up to 60 HP, which makes it difficult to receive the pet.

  • Boss: Callisto
  • Drop Rate: 1/2,000



The Hellpuppy is a rare drop from Cerberus. This is a level 318 Hellhound boss that has 3 heads. To access the boss, you will need a Slayer level of 91.

  • Boss: Cerberus
  • Drop Rate: 1/3,000

Ikkle Hydra

The Ikkle Hydra is a smaller version of the Alchemical Hydra boss. Players can change the color of the pet to green, blue, red, and black. To fight the Alchemical Hydra, you’ll need level 95 Slayer.

  • Boss: Alchemical Hydra
  • Drop Rate: 1/3,000


This pet can be obtained after killing TzKal-Zuk, which is the second most powerful boss in OSRS. Much like Jad, you’ll have to fight waves of enemies that increase in difficulty. Due to the boss being extremely long and challenging, the drop rate for pets is increased significantly. Also, if you fight the boss on a Slayer task, the drop rate increases to 1/75.

  • Boss: TzKal-Zuk
  • Drop Rate: 1/100

Kalphite Princess

Kalphite Princess

The pet is a tiny version of the Kalphite Queen. The bug looks aesthetically pleasing with spiky legs with a brown and green theme. Players can metamorphosis the Kalphite Princess to change its appearance.

  • Boss: Kalphite Queen
  • Drop Rate: 1/3,000

Lil’ Zik, Miden, Bloat, Nylo, Sot, Xarp

These pets can be obtained from doing Theatre of Blood runs. Each pet is a smaller version of the creatures you’ll have to kill inside the theatre.

  • Boss: Theatre of Blood
  • Drop Rate: 1/650

Little Nightmare/Little Parasite

The pets can be obtained by killing The Nightmare. This is an otherwordly horror that feeds on the life force of sleeping people. Killing The Nightmare is extremely difficult, so we recommend going in with a team. However, the drop rate significantly differs for each team size.

  • Boss: The Nightmare
  • Drop Rate: 1/800 – 1/4,000


Midnight Pet

The pets are drops from the Grotesque Guardians. These are a pair of gargoyles called Dusk and Dawn, which can be found on the Slayer Tower’s Roof. However, you will need level 75 Slayer and a brittle key to access these bosses. The pets are smaller versions of the bosses and have amazing flying animations. Players can right-click and metamorphosis the pets changing them from noon to dawn or dawn to noon.

  • Boss: Grotesque Guardians
  • Drop Rate: 1/3,000

Omlet, Puppadile, Tektiny, Vanguard, Vasa, Minirio, Vespina

These pets are gathered inside the Chambers of Xeric. Specifically by killing the Great Olm, which is the final boss in the chamber. Each pet resembles a boss that you will encounter inside the raid.

  • Boss: Great Olm
  • Drop Rate: 1/53

Chaos Elemental

The Chaos Elemental pet is a rare drop by the Chaos Elemental and the Chaos Fanatic. They are both located deep in the Wilderness, so don’t bring expensive gear when fighting them. Both these bosses are relatively easy to kill with high combat stats. The pet visually is a smaller version than the Chaos Elemental.

  • Boss: Great Olm
  • Drop Rate:
  • Chaos Elemental: 1/300
  • Chaos Fanatic: 1/1,000

Dagannoth Pets

Dagannoth Pets

These pets are drops from killing Dagannoths. There are 3 different Dagannoth bosses: Prime, Rex, and Supreme. Each pet will look just like the boss you’ve killed but a lot smaller.

  • Boss: Dagannoths
  • Drop Rate: 1/5,000

Dark Core/Corporeal Critter

The Corporeal Beast is a huge beast that resides in a cave. Players can team up against the boss or go in solo. Its rarest drops are the Dark Core and Corporeal Critter. They both resemble aspects of the boss during the fight.

  • Boss: Corporeal Beast
  • Drop Rate: 1/5,000

General Graardor

The General is the leader of the Bandos army within the God Wars Dungeon. He has a combat level of 624 and can max hit 60 HP. The pet he drops is a much smaller version of himself, and upon examining it, you will get the message “Totally unintelligible”.

  • Boss: General Graardor
  • Drop Rate: 1/5,000

K’ril Tsutsaroth

K’ril Tsutsaroth

The pet resembles a tiny version of the fearsome K’ril Tsutsaroth boss. He is inside the God Wars Dungeon and is the leader of the Zamorak Fortress. The boss can max hit 49 with his special attack, so you’ll need decent armor and food to fight him.

  • Boss: K’ril Tsutsaroth
  • Drop Rate: 1/5,000


The Kraken is known as one of the best bosses for Ranged players because it generates a decent amount of GP per hour. The boss requires level 87 Slayer to kill and cannot be boosted. The pet has all the Kraken features in a minor form. Therefore, making it a brilliant pet to show off as the requirements are high.

  • Boss: Kraken
  • Drop Rate: 1/3,000


This is a challenging boss located in the God Wars Dungeon. To access the boss, you will need level 70 Ranged and kill 40 followers of Armadyl. The pet is a smaller version of the boss and will fly behind you.

  • Boss: Kree’arra
  • Drop Rate: 1/5,000

Smoke Devil

Smoke Devil

The pet Smoke Devile is a rare drop from the Thermonuclear Smoke devil. Aesthetically the pet is much smaller with a yellow and grey theme. Also, you metamorphose the pet to change its form.

  • Boss: Smoke Devil
  • Drop Rate: 1/3,000


Zulrah is a boss loved by Ranged players because it drops items to make a Toxic Blowpipe. Also, Zulrah can drop a pet Snakeling, which has 1/4,000 of obtaining. The Snakeling has 3 forms that you can change: Tanzanite, Magma, and Normal.

  • Boss: Zulrah
  • Drop Rate: 1/4,000


Commander Zilyana is the appointed leader of Saradomin’s army in the God Wars Dungeon. To access her, you will need level 70 Agility and 2 ropes on their first visit. She can drop a pet Zilyana that is a compact version of herself.

  • Boss: Commander Zilyana
  • Drop Rate: 1/5,000

Prince Black Dragon

Prince Black Dragon

The King Black Dragon has one of the most beautifully designed pets called the Prince Black Dragon. It has 3 heads like the boss and huge dragon wings. The KBD is one of the easiest bosses to kill and is great for players who are getting into bossing.

  • Boss: King Black Dragon
  • Drop Rate: 1/3,000

Scorpia’s Offspring

This pet features strong claws and a long tail. Scorpia’s Offspring has a fearsome appeal and goes well with all types of outfits. To receive the pet, you must kill Scorpia, which has a combat level of 225. She can max hit 16, so mid to high level players can defeat her.

  • Boss: Scorpia
  • Drop Rate: 1/2,015


Skotos is a rare drop from killing Skotizo. He is a demonic boss beneath the Catacombs of Kourend. His pet is a smaller version of himself that has long horns and awesome wings.

  • Boss: Skotizo
  • Drop Rate: 1/65



If you want to terrify other OSRS players, then Sraracha is the best boss pet. It features pointy legs with a small body, which will easily scare other adventurers. The pet is dropped from Srarachnis, who is a mother spider in the Forthos Dungeon.

  • Boss: Srarachnis
  • Drop Rate: 1/3,000


The TzTok-Jad is perhaps the most well-known boss throughout Runescape because it rewards players with the fire cape. You’ll have to go through rounds of enemies before fighting the Jad, so make sure to bring high-level food. The pet is a smaller version of this fierce boss.

  • Boss: TzTok-Jad
  • Drop Rate:
  • No Slayer Task: 1/200
  • With Slayer Task: 1/100

Venenatis Spiderling

Venenatis is a large venomous spider that lives East of the Bone Yard. She is the only creature to drop a treasonous ring, that’s why players love killing this boss. Also, she can drop the Venenatis Spiderling pet that takes a smaller form of the original boss.

  • Boss: Venenatis
  • Drop Rate: 1/2,000

Vet’ion Jr

Vet’ion Jr

Vet’ion is a Zamorakian skeletal champion that can be found in the Bone Yard. He has a maximum hit of 44 HP, so players should have a high combat level when fighting him. Furthermore, he has a chance to give you a Vet’ion Jr pet that is a tiny version of himself.

  • Boss: Vet’ion
  • Drop Rate: 1/2,000


Vorki can only be obtained by killing Vorkath. You’ll have to complete Dragon Slayer II to can access the dragon’s lair. The boss is tough to kill and can max hit for 73 HP if you’re not careful. However, Vorkath is a brilliant money-maker, and players can make 1m GP per hour while grinding for the pet.

  • Boss: Vorkath
  • Drop Rate: 1/3,000

Skilling Pets

Skilling pets are the cutest because they feature all types of animals in OSRS. They are obtained by training a specific skill. Your level in the skill impacts the chance of receiving a pet significantly. At level 99 in any skill, the chances increase significantly and can help you save a lot of time. Currently, you can only receive 8 pets from skills.

Baby Chinchompa

Baby Chinchompa

These pets are only obtained when placing box traps to catch chinchompas. Therefore, you will need a minimum of level 53 Hunter for a chance to get the pet. Also, the Baby Chincompas come in 4 colors: Grey, Red, Black, and Gold.

  • Skill: Hunter
  • Obtained by catching Chinchompas
  • Drop Rate:
  • Grey Chinchompas: 1/131,395
  • Red Chinchompas: 1/98,373
  • Black Chincompas: 1/82,758


The Beaver is a member-only skilling pet that can be obtained when training Woodcutting. The chances of receiving a Beaver depend on the time it takes to receive resources and Woodcutting level. Also, each tree has a different rate at which you have a chance to receive a Beaver. Unfortunately, chopping Ent trunks and Bruma roots will not let players get the pet.

  • Skill: Woodcutting
  • Obtained by cutting any tree
  • Drop Rate:
  • Achey Trees: 1/317,647
  • Normal Trees: 1/317,647
  • Oak Trees: 1/361,146
  • Willow Trees: 1/289,286
  • Teak Trees: 1/264,336
  • Juniper Trees: 1/360,000
  • Maple Trees: 1/221,918
  • Hollow Trees: 1/214,367
  • Mahogany Trees: 1/220,623
  • Artic Pines: 1/145,758
  • Yew Trees: 1/145,013
  • Magic Trees: 1/72,321
  • Redwood Trees: 1/72,321

Giant Squirrel

Giant Squirrel

The Giant Squirrel is a cute-looking pet in OSRS. It can be either dark or light color depending on the style you prefer more. To change the appearance, click metamorphosis. The pet can be obtained from completing Agility courses around Gielinor.

  • Skill: Agility
  • Obtained by finishing Agility courses
  • Drop Rates:
  • Gnome Stronghold: 1/35,609
  • Agility Pyramid: 1/9,901
  • Penguin: 1/9,779
  • Barbarian Outpost: 1/44,376
  • Agility Arena: 1/26,404
  • Ape Atoll: 1/37,720
  • Wilderness: 1/34,666
  • Werewolf: 1/32,597
  • Dorgesh-Kaan: 1/10,561
  • Priffddinas: 1/25,146
  • Draynor Village: 1/33,005
  • Al Kharid: 1/26,648
  • Varrock: 1/24,410
  • Canifis: 1/36,842
  • Falador: 1/26,806
  • Seers’ Village: 1/35,205
  • Pollniveach: 1/33,442
  • Rellekka: 1/31,063
  • East Ardougne: 1/34,440


Heron is a big bird that loves eating fish. Therefore, you can receive this pet while training Fishing. The bird can come in a regular white and grey color. However, if you’re lucky, you’ll get the beautiful great blue theme.

  • Skill: Fishing
  • Obtained by catching fish
  • Drop Rates:
  • Shrimp/Anchovies: 1/435,165
  • Karambwanji: 1/443,697
  • Sardine/Herring: 1/528,000
  • Trout/Salmon: 1/461,808
  • Pike: 1/305,792
  • Rainbow Fish: 1/137,739
  • Tuna/Swordfish: 1/128,885
  • Lobsters: 1/116,129
  • Monkfish: 1/138,583
  • Karambwan: 1/170,874
  • Sharks: 1/82,243
  • Anglerfish: 1/78,649
  • Dark Crabs: 1/149,434
  • Sacred Eels: 1/99,000
  • Fishing Trawler Minigame: 1/5,000

Rift Guardian

Rift Guardian

This pet is rewarded to those who do a lot of Runecrafting. The pet looks like a rock with a colored chest that is imbued with Runecrafting energy. The color of the pet is determined at which altar the player received the Rift Guardian. The theme is usually the color of the rune. For example, a water altar will give you a blue-colored Rift Guardian.

  • Skill: Runecrafting
  • Obtained by creating runes
  • Drop Rates:
  • Blood Runes: 1/804,984
  • Soul Runes: 1/782,999
  • Ourania Altar: 1/1,487,213
  • All Other Runes: 1/1,795,758

Rock Golem

The Mining pet looks like a pile of rocks with a face. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing compared to other skilling pets, but it has a lot of customization. It can come in 16 different colors base on the type of ore you were Mining.

  • Skill: Mining
  • Obtained by mining ore
  • Drop Rates:
  • Clay/Copper/Tin/Blurite/Limestone/ Iron/ Silver: 1/741,600
  • Coal: 1/290,640
  • Gold: 1/296,640
  • Mithril: 1/148,320
  • Adamantite: 1/59,328
  • Runite: 1/42,377



Rocky is a raccoon that you can acquire when training Thieving. Players can customize the color of the raccoon by using various berries. For example, using redberries on Rocky will make him a reddish color.

  • Skill: Thieving
  • Obtained by training Thieving
  • Drop Rates:
  • Vegetable Stall: 1/206,777
  • Cake Stall: 1/124,066
  • Crafting Stall: 1/47,718
  • Monkey Food Stall: 1/47,718
  • Silk and Tea Stalls: 1/68,926
  • Wine Stall: 1/36,490
  • Fruit Stall: 1/124,060
  • Seed Stall: 1/36,490
  • Fur Stall: 1/36,490
  • Fish Stall: 1/36,490
  • Crossbow Stall: 1/36,490
  • Silver Stall: 1/36,490
  • Magic Stall: 1/36,490
  • Scimitar Stall: 1/36,490
  • Spice Stall: 1/36,490
  • Gem Stall: 1/36,490
  • Pickpocketing Sorceress’s Garden: 1/10,339
  • Pickpocketing Watchman: 1/134,625
  • Pickpocketing Paladin: 1/127,056
  • Pickpocketing Gnomes: 1/108,718
  • Pickpocketing Heroes, Elfs, Vyres: 1/99,175
  • Pickpocketing TzHaar-Hur: 1/176,743

Tangle Root

When checking the health of a plant, players have a chance to receive a Tangle Root pet. This is by far one of the best-looking skilling bets because it looks like a walking tree. Also, you can change the look of Tangle Fruit by using seeds on it. This can significantly differ the appearance from reddish, dark green, and blueish.

  • Skill: Farming
  • Obtained by checking the health of plants
  • Drop Rates:
  • Potato, Marigolds, Onion, Cabbage, Rosemary: 1/281,040
  • Teak, Mahogany, Redwood, Spirit Trees: 1/5,000
  • Hespori, Cactus, Calquat Tree: 1/7,000

Questing Pets and Others

Pets can be obtained through other means than skilling and bossing. These creatures can be acquired by completing quests, clue scrolls, and gambling! They vary in shape and sizes and have no themes like boss pets.



The Bloodhound is most likely the rarest pet in OSRS. This is because the method of obtaining it is extremely lengthy. Players will have to complete master clue scrolls, which are obtained by completing elite clue scrolls. Alternatively, you can trade an easy, medium, hard, and elite clue scrolls to Watson.

  • Obtained by completing master clue scrolls
  • Drop Rate: 1/1,000


Completing Gertrude’s Cat quest will reward you with a kitten. After 3 hours, the kitten will grow into a cat. Players can customize the color of the Cat to grey/black, white, brown, black, grey/brown, and grey/blue. Also, giving the Cat a ball of wool will make it play with you.

  • Obtained by completing Gertrude’s Cat quest
  • Drop Rate: Guaranteed


After your Cat has grown up, you can take it to Evil Dave’s Basement. You’ll have to catch several Hell Rates with your Cat before it turns into a demonic Hellcat.

  • Obtained during the Freeing Evil Dave quest
  • Drop Rate: Guaranteed

Chompy Chick

Chompy Chick

The pet can be received as a rare drop from killing chompy birds. Therefore, you’ll need to complete the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest and the elite western provinces diary. The bird will always stay as a chick and will not grow into a full-size chompy bird.

  • Obtained by killing chompy birds
  • Drop Rate: 1/500


This pet is gathered by hunting Herbiboars on Fossil Island’s Mushroom Forest. Players will need level 80 Hunter to catch them.

  • Obtained by catching Herbiboars
  • Drop Rate: 1/6,500

Lil’ Creator/Lil’ Destructor

These pets are smaller versions of the Avatar of Creation, which is fought during the minigame. Players will need to open spoils of war to find the pets. Also, metamorphosing the pet will change it’s form.

  • Obtained by opening spoils of war
  • Drop Rate: 1/400

Pet Rock

Pet Rock

The Pet Rock is rewarded after and during The Fremennik Trials quest. The quest has no requirements, so you can obtain this pet quickly. Also, the pet has funny lore behind it. Pet rocks were sold as a joke in real life, which led OSRS developers to include it in the game.

  • Obtained during The Fremennik Trials quest
  • Drop Rate: Guaranteed

Penance Queen

The Penance Queen is a pet from doing high-level gambles in Barbarian Assault. Each gamble will cost roughly 100k GP and you may make more money back depending on your luck. The pet resembles a tiny version of the Penance Queen boss.

  • Obtained by doing high-level gambles
  • Drop Rate: 1/1,000


One of the coolest-looking pets is the Phoenix. It features a strong beak and awesome wings. In addition, it can come in regular, blue, green, purple, and white colors. The pet is aquired by opening supply crates, which are gathered by subduing Wintertodt. This is a skilling boss that requires +level 50 Firemaking and warm armor.

  • Obtained by opening supply crates
  • Drop Rate: 1/5,000



Obtaining this pet can be tricky and time consuming because it requires many runs in The Gauntlet. This solo minigame in Prifddinas gives you a limited amount of time to explore the dungeon layout and gather resources.

  • Obtained by opening reward chests
  • Drop Rate:
  • Corrupted Reward Chest: 1/800
  • Reward Chest: 1/2,000


This pet can be rewarded to players when killing Zalcano. He is a demon imprisoned beneath Prifddinas and is fought using skills rather than combat. Players will need to use their Mining, Smithing, and Runecrafting skills to defeat the boss.

  • Obtained by slaying Zalcano
  • Drop Rate: 1/2,250

Tiny Temporos

Tiny Temporos

The Tiny Temporos is from the reward pool inside the Ruins of Unkah. To have a chance to obtain the pet, you’ll need to fight Tempoross, which is a minigame-style boss. The only requirement for fighting the boss is to have level 35 Fishing.

  • Obtained by killing Temporos
  • Drop Rate: 1/8,000


Question: What Are The Easiest Pet To Obtain?

Answer: OSRS features numerous pets that you can get from bossing, questing, skilling, and events. Receiving pets can be a lengthy process depending on the difficulty of the task. These pets are the easiest to acquire in OSRS:
* Chompy Bird: The Bird can only be killed after completing the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest. Also, you will need to complete the elite Western Provinces Diary. The bird has a 1/500 drop rate, which is one of the highest among pets.
* Cat: If you want to receive a pet as soon as possible, the fastest method is completing Gertrude’s Cat quest. After completion, you will have the Cat in your inventory.
* King Black Dragon: The easiest boss pet to get is by killing the King Black Dragon. He has a combat level 276, so you will need a decent combat level. Slaying the dragon is very easy as he doesn’t have difficult mechanics. He has a 1/3,000 of dropping a Prince Black Dragon, which is a smaller version of the boss.

Question: What Are The Rarest Pets In OSRS?

Answer: Adventures in OSRS don’t hesitate to show off their rare items, expensive equipment, and scarce pets. Due to previous OSRS events, like Christmas and Halloween, players won’t be able to obtain these pets as the content is discontinued. However, these pets can be obtained by everyone:
* Golden Chinchompa: The Hunter pet can be acquired by catching chincompas with box traps. The most common drops are grey, red, and black chincompas. However, the rarest color is golden, which has a 1 in 10,000 chance of receiving.
* Bloodhound: By far, the rarest pet in OSRS is the Bloodhound because it requires doing hundreds of clue scrolls. Specifically, you must complete master clue scrolls, which are extremely difficult to obtain. The chance of the pet dropping is 1/1,000
* Jal-Nib-Rek and TzRek-Zuk: The Inferno boss is extremely difficult and costs 1 fire cape to enter the arena. The minigame will make you kill waves of enemies until the boss spawns. The drop rate for the pet is around 1/100, which means you’ll need to spend hundreds of hours until obtaining Jal-Nib-Rek or TzRek-Zuk.

Question: What Are The Benefits Of Having Pets?

Answer: Pets in OSRS do not provide any benefits to adventures other than visuals. When you receive a difficult pet to obtain, you can show it off to your friends and other adventurers. Also, they are a finishing touch to any skillers outfit because most pets have customizable skins. Lastly, iron man accounts can show their difficult achievements of killing bosses.


This OSRS pets guide showcased the different types of pets you can obtain in Gielinor. They all vary in difficulty and time to receive. However, once you see that red message pop up in your chat, you’ll be ecstatic. Having a unique travel companion with you on your adventures will greatly improve your RuneScape experience!

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