OSRS Smithing Training Guide

Smithing is a production skill that lets players create various armors and weapons. The skill synchronizes extremely well with Mining because you’ll need ores to make bars. These metallic bars are used for Smithing useful items. This guide will go over everything you need to know about the skill from quests, useful items, and efficient training methods.

Why Train Smithing?

Smithing is an extremely useful skill within OSRS because you can create your own weapons and armors. This is especially great for iron man accounts since you can’t purchase the next-tier armor. Instead, you’ll have to smith them yourself.

Furthermore, you can create top-tier weapons from monster drops. For example, you can create a godsword blade by fusing all 3 godsword shards, which requires level 80 Smithing. Also, the skill is a requirement for some high-level quests like Dragon Slayer II.

Useful Smithing Items

Smithing can take a long time to train and become expensive till level 99. Therefore, you should use any items that can help increase XP gains. Temporary boosts will let you go to the next training bracket much faster and earn more experience. Having these items is essential, and you should go out of your way to obtain them.

Goldsmith Gauntlets:

The gauntlets are 1 of 3 rewards after completing the Family Crest quest. The goldsmith gauntlets will increase experience gained when smelting gold ore from 22.5 XP to 56.2 XP. They can be obtained from Avan, who is in the Al Kharid Mine. Give him magical steel gauntlets or steel gauntlets to receive the goldsmith gauntlets.

Dwarven Stout:

The drink will reduce Attack and Strength by 3 levels but will increase Smithing by 1 level.

Dwarven Stout (m):

The drink will reduce Attack, Defense, and Strength by 7 levels but will increase Smithing by 2 levels.

Spicy Stew – Orange Spice:

Will increase your Smithin level by 0-5 randomly

What Equipment Do You Need For Smithing?

Smithing is very simple in terms of how to gain experience. There are two main methods of advancing the skill: Smelting and Smithing. Smelting will require you to have ores in your inventory, which you will put in a furnace. Afterward, the ores will be turned into bars.

Smithing is more advanced and will require you to have these items:

  • Hammer: This item can be bought from the Grand Exchange or any General Store. The hammer will be used to Smith the bars into weapons or armor.
  • Bars: To create items you will need to have bars in your inventory. These are gathered from smelting ores or purchasing from the Grand Exchange.

Best Smithing Quests

Smithing can become an expensive skill if you decide to choose the fastest methods. Therefore, you can complete quests to blow by the early levels and save money. Also, these quests will let you unlock new locations and items.

  • Family Crest – Goldsmith Gauntlets
  • The Forsaken Tower – 500 Smithing Experience
  • Recipe for Disaster – 1,000 Smithing Experience
  • Heroes’ Quest – 2,257 Smithing Experience
  • The Giant Dwarf – 2,500 Smithing Experience
  • The Knight’s Sword – 12,725 Smithing Experience

Completing these quests will grant you 18,982 XP, skyrocketing you to level 33 Smithing. This is a great way to skip the low-tier training methods and go straight to better XP rate options. Also, if you’re the questing type of player, here are some brilliant options to receive experience. However, they will require you to have a certain Smithing level.

  • Level 20: Elemental Workshop I – 5,000 Smithing Experience
  • Level 30: Elemental Workshop II – 7,500 Smithing Experience
  • Level 50: Cabin Fever – 7,000 Smithing Experience
  • Level 50: Between a Rock… – 5,000 Smithing Experience
  • Level 65: Devious Minds – 6,500 Smithing Experience
  • Level 70: Song of the Elves – 20,000 Smithing Experience
  • Level 70: Dragon Slayer II – 25,000 Smithing Experience

How To Train Smithing

Players can train the skill by Smithing weapons and armor or smelting ores. Depending on your goals, the training methods will vary. For example, making armors is extremely fast but costly. On the other hand, smelting ores can make money if you plan to sell the bars.

Smelting Ores:

The process of smelting ores is fairly simple. All you need is the required ores in your inventory and a furnace. Use the ore onto the furnace to create the bars you would like. Here are the ores needed to create a specific bar:

  • Bronze Bar: 1 Copper Ore and 1 Tin Ore
  • Blurite Bar: 1 Blurite Ore
  • Iron Bar: 1 Iron Ore
  • Elemental Bar: 1 Elemental Ore and 4 Coal
  • Silver Bar: 1 Silver Ore
  • Steel Bar: 1 Iron Ore and 2 Coal
  • Gold Bar: 1 Gold Ore
  • Lovakite Bar: 1Lovakite Ore and 2 Coal
  • Mithril Bar: 1 Mithril Ore and 4 Coal
  • Lunar Bar: 1 Lunar Ore
  • Adamant Bar: 1 Adamant Bar and 6 Coal
  • Runite Bar: 1 Runite Ore and 8 Coal


If you decide to make armor or weapons, you’ll need a hammer and bars in your inventory. In this case, you’ll need an anvil instead of a furnace. Use the hammer on any anvil and select the item you’d like to make. Currently, there are 7 armor and weapon tiers you can make:

  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Mithril
  • Adamant
  • Rune

Furthermore, all armors and weapons will require a different amount of bars to make.


  • Full Helm – 2 Bars
  • Medium Helmet – 1 Bar
  • Chainbody – 3 Bars
  • Platebody – 5 Bars
  • Platelegs – 3 Bars
  • Plateskirt – 3 Bars
  • Square Shield – 2 Bars
  • Kiteshield – 3 Bars


  • Dagger – 1 Bar
  • Axe – 1 Bar
  • Mace – 1 Bar
  • Sword – 1 Bar
  • Scimitar – 2 Bars
  • Spear – 1 Bar
  • Hasta – 1 Bar
  • Longsword – 2 Bars
  • War hammer – 3 Bars
  • Battleaxe – 3 Bars
  • Claws – 2 Bars
  • 2h Sword – 3 Bars
  • Bolts – 1 Bar
  • Arrow Tips – 1 Bar
  • Javalin Heads -1 Bar
  • Throwing Knives – 1 Bar

Best Smithing Locations

Smithing will require you to go bank a lot since your inventory is constantly needed to be filled with ores or bars. Here are the best locations to train the skill:


  • Al-Kharid: North of the Al-Kharid bank is a furnace. This location is great since you can quickly bank your items and run back to the nearby furnace. Also, this is the best spot for F2P players.
  • Edgeville: Close by the bank is a furnace, which will give a 10% chance to smelt 2 bars if you’re wearing the Varrock armor. This location is the best because it’s the closest to a bank. Also, this location no longer requires completing the easy Varrock diary to use.
  • Falador: Directly East of the Falador bank is a furnace. This location will require you to run a lot, so we recommend going to Edgeville.


  • Varrock: The Western bank in Varrock has anvils directly South. This is the best location due to the bank being right next to the anvils.
  • Yanille: South of the Yanille bank are anvils not far away.
  • Tai Bwo Wannai: The Northen hut in Tai Bwo Wannai contains an anvil. However, you will need to complete the quest to unlock this location.

F2P OSRS Level 1-99 Smithing Guide

Levels 1-29: The Knight’s Sword

The fastest and money-saving option is to complete The Knight’s Sword. This quest will provide you with 12,725 Smithing experience and place you at level 29.

Levels 1-5: Bronze Axes

  • Experience Per Item: 12.5 XP
  • Required Bars: 32 Bronze bars
  • Profit: -5,000 GP

Levels 5-9: Bronze Scimitars

  • Experience Per Item: 25 XP
  • Required Bars: 46 Bronze bars
  • Profit: -8,000 GP

Levels 9-18: Bronze Warhammers

  • Experience Per Item: 37.5 XP
  • Required Bars: 204 Bronze bars
  • Profit: -40,000 GP

Levels 18-33: Bronze Platebodies

  • Experience Per Item: 62.5 XP
  • Required Bars: 1,180 Bronze bars
  • Profit: -240,000 GP

Levels 33-48: Iron Platebodies

  • Experience Per Item: 125 XP
  • Required Bars: 2,590 Iron bars
  • Profit: -260,000 GP

Levels 48-68: Steel Platebodies

  • Experience Per Item: 187.5 XP
  • Required Bars: 13,920 Steel bars
  • Profit: -2,500,000 GP

Levels 68-88: Mithril Platebodies

  • Experience Per Item: 250 XP
  • Required Bars: 75,615 Mithril bars
  • Profit: -7,200,000 GP

Levels 88-99: Adamant Platebodies

  • Experience Per Item: 312.5 XP
  • Required Bars: 27,676 Mithril bars
  • Profit: 3,200,000 GP

Fastest OSRS Level 1-99 Smithing Guide

Levels 1-33: Questing

The fastest method to level 33 Smithing is by completing quests. They provide excellent amounts of experience and are required to complete more difficult quests. These have low requirements so that you can begin right now:

  • The Forsaken Tower – 500 Smithing Experience
  • Recipe for Disaster – 1,000 Smithing Experience
  • Heroes’ Quest – 2,257 Smithing Experience
  • The Giant Dwarf – 2,500 Smithing Experience
  • The Knight’s Sword – 12,725 Smithing Experience

Levels 33-48: Iron Platebody

For the next levels, you’ll want to make the best iron item you can make. Since you’ve done the quest, this means Smithing iron platebodies. They provide 125 experience each, which means you’ll need around 800 iron bars. The fastest location to train at is in the Western bank in Varrock.

Levels 48-60: Steel Platebody

Once you hit level 48, you can smith steel platebodies, which provides 187.5 Smithing experience. In total, you’ll need 1,018 steel bars to reach level 60. This is extremely fast and will take you around 30 minutes to complete.

Levels 60-99: Blast Furnace

The best XP rates can be found at the blast furnace by smelting gold bars. Use the official blast furnace worlds to gain more experience. This method can get you around 250,000 Smithing XP per hour. However, you will lose 60-70m GP with this option.

The requirements for this method are:

  • Starting The Giant Dwarf quest
  • Level 60 Smithing (cannot be boosted)
  • Ice gloves or a bucket of water
  • Use blast furnace worlds
  • Have a substantial amount of money. It costs 72k GP per hour to use the blast furnace.

The blast furnace is located in the heart of Keldagrim. To get there, use the Camelot teleport and head directly North until you’re at the Entrance to Keldagrim. Alternatively, you can use the fairy ring network and use the DKS code. Once you are inside, speak to the dwarf and take a ride in his boat to get to the city.

Make sure to use the determined blast furnace worlds because 5 dwarfs will help you operate the mechanics of the furnace. Therefore, you can focus on placing the ores on the conveyor belt and earning experience. Here are the XP rates if you decide not to make gold bars:


  • Bars Per Hour: 2,900-3,400
  • Experience Per Hour: 20k


  • Bars Per Hour: 5,800-6,850
  • Experience Per Hour: 80k


  • Bars Per Hour: 2,900-3,400
  • Experience Per Hour: 60k


  • Bars Per Hour: 5,800-6,850
  • Experience Per Hour: 250k


  • Bars Per Hour: 1,900-2,250
  • Experience Per Hour: 70k


  • Bars Per Hour: 1,450-1,700
  • Experience Per Hour: 60k


  • Bars Per Hour: 1,150-1,350
  • Experience Per Hour: 70k

Profitable OSRS Level 1-99 Smithing Guide

The most profitable training methods will take much longer till level 99. However, you will make a huge profit by going down this path. Firstly, this method will require you to train at the blast furnace since you get a chance to make more bars. Also, make sure that you bring a coal bag, ice gloves, and stamina potions for the best XP rates. Moreover, you will need to complete some quests as the best money-making methods begin at level 15.

Levels 15-30: Iron Bars

  • Profit Per Hour: 120k GP
  • Experience Per Hour: 75k XP
  • Bars Needed: 877 Iron Bars

Levels 30-50: Steel Bars

  • Profit Per Hour: 1.1m GP
  • Experience Per Hour: 100k XP
  • Bars Needed: 5,027 Steel Bars

Levels 50-70: Mithril Bars

  • Profit Per Hour: 700k GP
  • Experience Per Hour: 110k XP
  • Bars Needed: 21,210 Mithril Bars

Levels 70-85: Adamant Bars

  • Profit Per Hour: 1m GP
  • Experience Per Hour: 100k XP
  • Bars Needed: 67,226 Adamant Bars

Levels 85-99: Rune Bars

  • Profit Per Hour: 1.2m GP
  • Experience Per Hour: 110k XP
  • Bars Needed: 195,517 Rune Bars


Question: Why Train Smithing Till Level 99?

Answer: Smithing can become highly profitable at the later stages since you can make high-tier armor. After Receiving the skill cape it can increase profits per hour because it will increase your coal pouch size from 27 to 36.
Furthermore, iron man accounts rely heavily on Smithing to create the next-tier weaponry and armor. It’s far easier to make the items yourself than to kill monsters and depend on drop rates.

Question: What Special Weapons Can I Smith?

Answer: OSRS features multiple high-tier weaponry that can be made by combining items. These are the best items that you can create:
Godsword: This legendary weapon is created by combining a hilt and a godsword blade. These are dropped by bosses in the godsword dungeon. Also, the blade can be made from fusing the 3 godsword shards on an anvil. This will require a Smithing level 80.
Blade of Saeldor: This is a magical sword that belonged to Saeldor, who was an amazing warrior. Therefore, the sword is brilliant in PVP and PVM situations. It requires a level 75 Attack to wield. To make the weapon, you’ll need to combine an enchanced crystal weapon seed with 100 crystal shards. You can create the crystal weapon seed by going to the singing bowl and using 250 crystal shards on it. This will require level 82 Smithing and level 82 Crafting.
Bow of Faerdhinen: The bow requires level 75 Ranged and level 70 Agility to wield. To create the weapon, you’ll need 100 crystal shards and an enhanced weapon seed. Use these items and select the bow to make it. The level requirements are level 82 Smithing and Crafting. Also, the bow can be upgraded by bringing 2,000 crystal shards to the singing bowl.

Question: What Are The Best Smithing Quests To Complete?

Answer: The best quests are the ones that will progress your character and unlock new locations. If you plan to make gold bars for fast XP, you’ll need to complete Family Crest to receive goldsmith gauntlets. This item will provide a 2.5 XP boost when creating gold bars.
The best quests to complete to progress yourself in OSRS are:
Dragon Slayer II: After completing this quest, you will gain access to fight Galvek. This is a dragon boss that can drop legendary items. It’s brilliant for mid-level players as it provides a new PVM money-making method.
– Song of the Elves: This quest is a must-do for all OSRS players because it gives you access to many new locations. Upon finishing the quest you will unlock Prifddinas, which contains multiple AFK training options.
– Cabin Fever: After completing this quest, you will gain access to kill cave horrors. This is an excellent creature to kill on Slayer tasks because they give brilliant XP rates.


To summarize, we’ve covered F2P, profitable, and fastest methods of training the skill. Depending on your goals, select the guide that meets your needs. The skill can be slow to train, but the rewards afterward heavily compensate. Smithing is needed to create special weapons and armors that will help you fight bosses and difficult creatures.

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