OSRS Fire Giant Guide: How to Take on these Towering Pyromaniacs

Fire giants are one of the most iconic member monsters of Old School RuneScape. They have been around since 2002 and have one of the most well-known drops in RuneScape. The all-time Free to Play favorite melee weapon, the rune scimitar. 

For some years, they have also piqued the interest of Ironman players. This is an OSRS game mode where you can not trade with other players. Since they are one of the few monsters that drop this weapon, a lot of players go and kill them when they reach 40 attacks. There are almost no requirements to kill them, and you can start fighting even at level 1 slayer. 

In this guide, we are going to take a deep dive into these monsters. There are quite a lot of strategies and interesting facts about these giants that will definitely help you. Whether you are looking to get the rune scimitar drop, you just want to train a bit or you have them as a slayer task, this is the guide for you! 

What are Fire Giants in Old School RS?


Fire giants are the strongest non-boss giants in old-school RuneScape. They are much stronger than the hill, moss, and ice giants you can find roaming around in the Free to Play worlds. 

They are often found inside volcanos and are aggressive at all combats level. They are always in groups and are often found in a multi combat zone. While their combat level is only 86, and their max his is 11, they hit fairly accurately, making them dangerous for lost adventurers and those that came ill-prepared. 

If you go and kill them into the catacombs of Kourend you will notice that they are a bit stronger there. They also wield different weapons and hit higher. In the catacombs, you can find level 109 giants, who wield clubs. There are also level 104s that wield swords covered in flames. 

Where can I find Fire giants in Old School RuneScape?

Fire Giants have been around since 2002 and thus have a long history in the game. They are also very popular monsters to kill due to their low defense, fair drop table, and the fact that you can always find a free world to kill them without competition. 

There are 10 different locations where you can find Fire Giants. However, some locations are significantly better, I am going to rank these from best to worse. Of course, I am not going to discuss all 10 of them, but just a few spots that are worth checking out. 

Karuulm Slayer Dungeon – This is a pretty new dungeon and has only been around since 2019. It is in my opinion the best place in OSRS to kill Fire Giants. However, you are going to have to be on a slayer task to do these. This is a spot that is mainly intended for high-level players. To get the optimal exp you will need to use a cannon and maxed melee weapons and armor. The zone is multi combat, so your kills will go very fast. You do have to look out you don´t get lost. Since this is a high-level dungeon, there are quite some strong and dangerous monsters running around. One of them is drakes, these can do some serious damage in just a few seconds if you aren’t careful. 

Stronghold Slayer Dungeon – This is another slayer-only space. The Stronghold Slayer Dungeon is a close second to the one in Mount Karuulm. This is more for mid-level players and is very easy to reach. You will need to do a few easy and fun quests to get access to this dungeon.

Stronghold Slayer Dungeon

I highly recommend you to do this, as this will help you a lot in the later game and there are a lot of other slayer monsters like Bloodvelds and aberrant specters you can kill here. In order to make optimal use of this place, you will have to take a cannon. The spot is multi combat, so it is going to be quite fast killing the fire giants here. It is also very close to a bank, so you can easily restock if you aren’t good 

Catacombs of Kourend – If you have a similar playing style as I do, you will really enjoy the catacombs of Kourend when you have to kill some Fire Giants. This is where the strongest fire giants in the game are found and are a good 20 combat levels higher than those in the rest of Glienor. Unlike the other two places, you can not use your cannon in the catacombs of Kourend. This means you will have slower trips.

The upside however is, since this is a multi combat spot, with a lot of spawn points you will be to AFK quite a while if you are killing them with your prayer enabled. The tertiary drops and the big bones you get while killing them are also very useful. The tertiary drops give you a nice additional profit, and the big bones help to restore your prayer due to the catacombs in their effect. 

Waterfall Dungeon – I admit, this place does not stick out a lot compared to the other 6 locations I am not going to discuss in this guide. The fact that I do mention it, is because of how nostalgic this place is. This was the first place where Fire Giants were found in the Old School RuneScape world.

A lot of people have spent hours here when they first started out as members. The rune scimitar and rune arrow drops are still sought after, after all these years. There are very easy safe spots here that anyone can figure out how to use. It isn´t that close to a bank, but I honestly think the nostalgia is worth it. 

The best ways to kill fire giants in OSRS

There are a couple of ways to kill them. I have written down two ways you could use, but there are other options too. The most important thing is that you have fun, do what you can afford, and bring a bit of food. They don’t hit super high, but they can hit pretty accurately so make you have a teleport. 

Ranging the Fire Giants 

Fire Giant

If you are going to train range, then you should go to a multi combat spot. The first two spots on the list are perfect for this. You can set up your cannon, find yourself a decent safe spot and use either an Armadyl crossbow or a blowpipe. 

You will have to pay attention to reloading your cannon. This is going to be your main EXP getter. It will hit fast and it will high. It is not unusual to get over 200k of ranging experience in an hour killing them in the best two spots.

Your inventory should have a couple of things in it to make sure you get just the right amount of exp to make it worth your time if you are going for effectiveness. You are going to need 2 ranging potions to make sure your ranging level is high, so you have higher power when hitting.

It is also important to note that you should have some prayer potions with you. Either to protect yourself from melee when you leave your safe spot to reload your cannon or to enable one of the ranging prayers for more damage. You should definitely take some food, just in case you forget your prayer.

Killing Fire Giants with Melee 

If you want to train your melee stats, then the Fire Giants are a great pick. If you go to the catacomb of Kourent you can attack four or more of them. They are also aggressive and auto retaliate. This means you can easily AFK for quite some time. This is the most effective way of killing them if you want to train attack, strength, or defense. You do need to take into account a couple of things.

Melee weapon – Here is something a lot of people do not know. Fire giants have some defensive stats. Don´t worry, they aren’t impressive at all. While they have no stab defense (0), they do have a small slash defense bonus of plus 3 and an even smaller bonus of plus 2 to crush.

To be complete: They have no defense bonus for magic or range. The best item you can bring here is a rapier. If you don’t have one and have crush or slash weapons, it is not going to matter a lot, so take whatever you think is your best weapon.

Armor – You are going to need prayer-boosting armor. You will have to use protect prayer and maybe a prayer like piety, the entire time. Trying to tank them is not going to be a good idea. There are about 4 that can attack you at once, and they hit pretty accurately. If you have your prayer armor, make sure you gear the rest of your items for DPS, this way you will end your trip faster and get more exp per hour. 

Inventory – I would take a shark or 2, just to make sure you do not die. Then fill up the rest with prayer potions and super combat potions. Do leave some inventory space for drops you might get. It could be useful to take some nature runes. You don’t have to take fire runes, Fire Giants drop them a lot. This way you can – if you are on the normal spellbook – cast high alchemy

Tip 1: If you have the money, bring a Saradomin Godsword. A special attack of these, when they hit, will restore your prayer with 25% of the damage you did! You also get 50% of the damage you do back in health. This means you can sometimes turn of your melee prayer to save some prayer points and let them hit you. The Saradomin Godsword will help you heal back up. 

Tip 2: If you are going to run out of prayer, and you are in the catacomb of Kourend, you can bury their big bones. This will restore your prayer with 2 per bone that you bury. If you are in high combat, have a high prayer bonus, and pay attention, you can stay almost indefinitely. You can often kill a fire giant before you lose 2 prayer points when you are just using the melee prayer. 

The drops worthwhile picking up when killing Fire Giants

Fire battle staff

Big bones – While I normally don’t include 100 gp drops, these can be picked up if you are fighting them in the catacombs. If you bury them, you will get a prayer restoration of 2 points per bone. 

Fire battle staff – This one is dropped quite often and really does add up. A single battle staff will alch for about 9k. It is a good idea to bring your alch runes to this spot so you can save inventory spots and make back the prayer pots or cannon balls you spend, at least a little. 

Rune scimitar – Their most iconic drop, and one that the ironmen on the game will be looking for when killing these monsters. There are only a few monsters that drop the rune scimitar. If you dont want to kill monsters, then you have to make one by smithing. However, you need to be a stunning level 85 to smith these. Which is just too much. 

Fire runes – While I often don’t think these are worth picking up, I do think in this case they are. As it turns out, fire giants drop a lot of fire runes. 150 at once to be exact. Since this drop occurs on average one in 13 kills, you are going to have thousands of them by the end of your trip, which really adds to your total loot. 

Rune arrows – These used to be worth almost one thousand GP each. However, nowadays they barely go for 40. Ironman should still pick these up. They are pretty good, and only bone bolts from the bone crossbow are better ammo at the lower levels. 

Herbs – Fire Giants have the standard drop table for Herbs. About one in 20 fire giants will drop one, so it is worth it to have some inventory spaces left to pick up those worthwhile. The most important herb they drop is the ranarr weed, the grimy version. These are 7k each and is used to make prayer potion. Those potions are very useful for Ironmen. If you are an Ironman account, you should pick this up, as you can never have too many ranarr weed. There are some other herbs on the drop table worth mentioning. I suggest you also pick up the Lantadyme, Cadantine, Kwuarm, and Avantoe. However, only pick these up when you have the inventory space to spare. 

Tertiary drops – These can be different!

Ancient shard

Ensouled Giant Head – No matter where you kill these monsters, there is a 1 in 20 chance that they will drop an ensouled giant head. These can be used to boost your prayer level by reanimating the giant and killing it. If you want to sell them, you won’t get much money. They are only worth 600 gp each.

Brimstone Key – Fire Giants that you get assigned by the slayer master named Konar have the chance of dropping a Brimstone Key. These keys can open a chest that you can find in the tent right behind Konar quo Maten. In this chest there are a lot of very useful – and sometimes very expensive – rewards. There even is a decent chance that you get a lot of dragon dart tips! 

Long and Curved bones – These are both pretty rare to get! The Long bone is a drop that you will get on average only 1 in 400 fire giants. The curved bone is even rarer! You will get this once 1 out of 5013 Fire Giants on average. They can be buried, but a much smarter thing to do with them is to exchange them for free construction experience. 

Giant champion scroll – This one in 5000 scroll is very cool to get. With it you can kill the Giant Champion. A cool mini game that has been locked behind a very challenging task. These scrolls are so rare that you really should pick them up, it could be the last time you ever get one. 

Ancient shard –  They drop the ancient shard pretty often. This is a useful drop for your arclight so I would recommend you pick them up. A single shard is worth about 333 strikes with the Arclight. In the mid to late game, this is one of your best weapons when you are going to kill demons or boss demon monsters. So save your shards! 

Totem pieces – These totem pieces are used to make a Dark Totem. If you have a Dark Totem, you can use it on the altar in the middle of the catacombs. This will transport you right away to the end boss of that dungeon, Skotizo. He is a pretty strong boss so make sure you are prepared for a fight. 

Fire Giants

Larran´s key – If you are on a wilderness task, you can get larren´s keys at a pretty decent rate. They are worth quite a lot so make sure you pick them up. I don’t think wilderness slayer is worth it personally, but if you enjoy it, you can make some good extra money doing it. 

Rare drop table – Just like most monsters on Old School RuneScape they have a chance of hitting the rare and gem drop table. There is a 1 out of 128 chance to hit the rare drop table and a 11 out of 128 to get a gem drop. The rare drop table has some pretty cool drops on it. The ones that are most interesting are the dragon drops. You can get a dragon spear, a dragon med helm, or the famous dragon left half. Chances are pretty low that you are going to get them however. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Fire Giants in Old School RuneScape

Question: Are water spells effective against Fire Giants?

Answer: Yes and No. I know why you would ask this question, but the answer isn´t a simple one. First of all, ill start why they are effective. Fire Giants have no defense against magic. This means that even in full armor, you are going to hit them pretty easily. 
There are two no´s. First no, is the fact that there are no good spells to kill them. They take up quite a lot of space, so you can not use your ancient magicks to their fullest potential. The other spells on the normal spellbook are really slow to kill them. 
Then this is probably the no you are looking for, elements have no effect on monsters in RuneScape. So a water spell will work just as good or as bad as a fire spell or wind spell would on fire giants. 

Question: What bones do Fire Giants Drop?

Answer: Fire Giants drop three kinds of bones. No matter where you kill them, you can get these as a drop.
Big Bones – This is a 100% drop of the fire giants. It is not worth very much but it could be useful if you pick them up and bury them in the catacombs of Kourend. If you do this you will automatically regain 2 prayer points. Depending on your prayer bonus and combat level these 2 points could sustain you indefinitely. All you need to do is kill them faster than it takes you to lose two prayer points. 
Long bones – This is a pretty rare drop. Only 1 out of 400 will drop these. You can sell them for a 1000 coins, bury them or you can give them to Barlak and he will give you a lecture about construction, which will grant you 4 500 construction experience.  
Curved bones – these bones are an even rarer drop in Old School RuneScape. You have a less than one in 5000 chance to get these. You can trade these in for 6 750 construction experience. 
These are not unique drops to the fire giant boss, there are a couple of monsters that drop them.

Question: Are Fire Giants a good task for slayer, or should I skip them?

Answer: This is going to depend on your play style. If you are going to try to get as much exp an hour as possible and play for the maximum efficiency of an hour, you should skip Fire Giants. However, this is a boring play style in my opinion.
Personally, I do not mind doing them at all. If you want to kill them fast and easy, go to a multi combat area with a cannon, and it will take less than an hour to solve your contract. If you want to do them chill and easy, just get your prayer armor from the bank, put on your protection from melee, and AFK them.
No matter how you try and kill them, they are going to be pretty decent exp. At the higher combat levels you can easily get 100k an hour exp here. The drops however are really bad. You won’t make a lot of money killing these, so do not go here thinking you will get rich. 

Question: Are Fire Giants profitable in OSRS?

Answer: The answer to this kind of depends on how much money you have and how you are going to kill them. If you are going to kill them with range and a cannon, or with a prayer potion, you are probably going to make a loss. 
There are a couple of drops you should look out for. The most important one of all is the rune scimitar. While these are only 15k each, it is always fun to get one since they are so iconic. 
If you are an Ironman they drop some very cool stuff that you can definitely use. The rune scimitar is one of them, but also the ranarrs, the other herbs, the rune arrows, all of these can be useful in building your account and bank. 

Conclusion: Fire Giants are a pretty decent slayer task

My take is, Fire Giants are a decent slayer task, but not worth it to train on without having them as a task. The drops just are not good enough to make a good amount of money, and you are better off spending your time somewhere else. 

In case you are an IronMan, I would only kill them until you have a rune scimitar and maybe some rune arrows for when you need to have them for a quest and some general quest boss killing. 

If you want to kill them as quickly as you can, then you should use a cannon. This makes your slayer task go by up to three to as fast. If you want to AFK train melee, go to the catacombs of Kourend, and there you will be able to AFK for 3 to 4 minutes at a time depending on your prayer. 

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