The Ultimate Guide to Defeat Bloodvelds in OSRS

Bloodvelds have become one of those iconic monsters everyone loves to get as a slayer task. They have low defense, their HP is huge, and they have both a stronger variant and a superior variant. In short, I love this monster and that is why I am going to write an ultimate guide on it. 

You only need 50 slayers to kill these monsters, so you can kill these on a pretty low level if you start out early with the slayer skill. I am often going to split this guide up into two parts. One where I discuss the regular Bloodveld and one where I am going to discuss the newer mutated variant. I am also going to talk a bit about their superior variant, but not too much, as it is pretty straightforward. 

What Bloodvelds are and what is special about them 

Bloodvelds are slayer monsters that you can start killing at level 50. Most people do not bother finding out a lot more than that and just go out and kill. There is however a massive amount of lore about them that maybe only 1 or 2% of the player base knows.

They are a race of Chthonian demons. They are made to be mockeries of life forms in Glinor and can grow to enormous sizes as long as they have a steady food supply. Feeding is all they do. Bloodveld live their lives through their tongues. They do not have eyes and are thought to be completely blind. A Bloodveld has the ability to absorb the entire essence of what they get into their mouths. 

The odd thing about Bloodvelds is that their melee attack is magic-based. This means, protecting from melee works to stop the attack, like normal melee attacks. The melee attack, however, rolls against your magic defense bonus. So if you are going to fight them in full rune, with no prayers, you are in for a bad time.

Where can I find (insatiable) Bloodvelds in the old school?

I am going to assume you have gotten these as a slayer task, and are looking for a good spot to kill them. Yes, you can kill them without having a slayer task assigned to you. You just need the 50 slayer requirement. I do think it is not worth it to kill these without a slayer task. There are much better monsters in Old School that you can kill, both for money and GP at the medium level, if you do not have the black mask or slayer helm boost. They also are quite boring. 

The best places to kill regular Bloodvelds

Stronghold Slayer Cave

You can find this slayer dungeon under the Tree Gnome Stronghold. If you have been away from OSRS for quite a while, you will notice that it has been nerfed a bit, as it was just too convenient to train slayer here. It still is the best place where you can go and kill regular Bloodvelds in the entire game. This is due to the simple fact that you can use a cannon here. If you are new to the game and have not used a cannon yet in OSRS, you are missing out. They hit fast and hard in multi combat zones and your slayer task will be over before you know it. This is what makes this spot so good. If you do not have a cannon, go to the slayer tower! 

Slayer Tower (basement)

The slayer tower is great for these monsters. If you are fighting the regular version, I suggest you go here. If you have done the diaries, you can get up to a 10% exp bonus for the elite one. If you have only done the easy diary, you still get 2,5%. The medium gives you 5% and the hard one 7,5%. This is more than worth it in the long run if you are going to go for a very high slayer level. So definitely do those first before you go here. The basement is the best place out of the two spots in the Slayer Tower. You can only come here if you have a task, so there never is a crowd. The best thing about the basement is how close it is to the entrance. The first floor is pretty far away if you can not do the agility shortcut. 

Slayer Tower (1st floor)

If you have a slayer task, there is no reason at all to go here. It is far, you come across some pretty dangerous monsters, and the spot does not give a single benefit over the basement floor. If you do not have a slayer task, however, and you want to kill these for some reason, then this is the best place to kill regular Bloodvelds. 

The best places to kill mutated Bloodvelds

I would almost always pick the mutated Bloodvelds over the regular ones. The only requirement for them that is an absolute must-have is either to have a pretty solid safe spot or have 43 prayers or more. Even with a high magic defense bonus against their magic-based melee attacks like black dragonhide or Karils, these hit hard and fast. So you will need a protection prayer to keep yourself safe. 

Meiyerditch Laboratories

This spot narrowly wins it from the second spot on the list. However, this spot is only the best on the condition if you are planning to use a cannon. There are 7 spawns here in a single room. That isn’t a lot and means you will probably have to hop worlds whenever someone else is here first, even more so when they are using a cannon. There are quite some quests needed to get all the way here, so if you are not using a cannon, this spot is not worth it in my opinion. 

Catacombs of Kourdend

This is one of my favorite spots of old-school Runescape. Just get your prayer armor from the bank, get your melee weapons and prayer potions and go down there. Just west of the entrance you can find a spawn of 8 or so. These are multi combat. You can not use a cannon down here, but you can attack all 8 of them, and then AFK for about 2 to 4 minutes. Make sure you watch your prayer when you are using this method. You will have no prayer defense at all, so you need to make sure that you have a high prayer point level left, otherwise you will die very fast. 

Iorwerth Dungeon

This is an alright spot, you can use the cannon here. However, it is single combat, so that will not help you very much. They do drop crystal shards at an okay rate. So if you want to collect those that might be worth it for you to go here. The big downside to this location is that it has been locked behind the song of the elves’ quest. This is one of the longest and hardest quests in OSRS. The catacombs are behind like 2 quests that take 10 minutes to complete. 

What Bloodvelds drops are worth picking up?

Regular Bloodvelds drops

Bloodvelds aren’t really known to be massive money makers in OSRS. The drops are just awful. That is to be expected for a monster that has such low requirements to kill. If you are killing these without being on a Konar task you will make 1k on average per kill. If you have a Conar task, they are worth a little more due to the chance of getting a Brimstone Key drop. Then they are worth 1500 gp on average. Not that bad, but you will not get rich from them.

What is worth picking up here?

Vile ashes

If you have been away from OSRS for quite some time, you might have missed this update. They are pretty useful compared to the drop you had before this update. The previous drop were regular ashes, which were pretty worthless. These vile ashes give some prayer exp if you scatter them or offer them on an altar. 

Black boots

These are only worth it to pick up if you are an iron man and you need a pair of black boots. If you already have a pair or are a regular account, these are not worth bothering with. It will take too long to pick them up and you will waste an inventory space. 

Rune Med Helm

The rune med helm is a classic OSRS drop. They are worth 11k and one of the most valuable drops you can get here. You can bring high alchemy runes to high alch those if you are planning to stay a long time. The coins you get from these often are just enough to set off your supply costs.

Blood runes

They have two different blood rune drops. One where they drop 10 and one where they drop 30 blood runes at once. The 10 blood rune drop is worth a bit over 4k depending on the market prices at the moment. The 30 blood rune drop here is worth 12k and the most valuable drop they have. They drop these runes quite a lot, and are somewhat the drop Bloodvelds are most known for. They really add up and here is where your main profit will come from, so make sure you do not miss them. 

Ranarr weed

They have one in thousand drops to get ranarr weeds. While you probably will not see this drop very often, it is definitely worth it to pick up. Ranarr weeds are worth about 7k each and very useful for iron man mode. You make prayer potions out of it, which are very useful at any stage in the game. 

Other herbs

The most common herb that these monsters drop is the guam leaf, the grimy version at that. So you are not going to get a lot of herblore supplies here. There are a few picking up when you get them as a drop. These mainly are the irit leaf, avantoe, kuarm and the cadantine. The odds of them dropping are so low that I do not even calculate them into the average worth per kill. 

Clue scroll (hard)

I really love solving clue scrolls, and they have a very good chance of dropping one. As you might know, hard clue scrolls give you a very small chance of getting third-age items. If you get one, this can make you tens of millions of GP in one go. Even if you do not get such items, the average hard clue scroll is worth over 100k so pick them up. Before you go to the Bloodvelds, check your bank to make sure you do not have one stored there already. 

Ensouled Bloodveld head

This is a pretty good drop if your prayer level is low. If you have the inventory space, you can get quite a few of these. They have a chance of 1 in 35 of dropping these heads, and they give great prayer exp. Definitely pick these up if you are an ironman. 

Mutated Bloodvelds drops

If you have a protection prayer against melee, I would strongly advise you to skip regular Bloodvelds altogether and just go to the mutated ones. They have better stats and their drops are a lot better too. Their HP pool is massive, which means you will get a lot more exp per kill in both your melee or range stats and slayer. 

What is worth picking up here?

In general, they drop a lot of the same drops as regular Bloodvelds do. So I am going to discuss only those that are different, and are worth picking up. If you see an item on the floor that is discussed in the regular Bloodveld drop table you can pick them up without worrying. 

Tip: Mutated Bloodvelds drop a lot more alchables, so make sure you bring nature runes with you! You do not have to bring fire runes, as they drop them often enough to alch all the drops you want. 

Adamant Chainbody

They often drop an adamant chainbody. These are worth about 2.7k and are a good thing to alch while you are there. If you have a large slayer task they really add up.

Adamant Scimitar and adamant longsword

While only worth 1.3k and 1.5k each, they are another item that you can alch while fighting Bloodvelds. You will not get much money out of them, but it does add up over time. 

Mithril platebody

A pretty solid drop to get, this alch for 2.6k and drop an average of one in 64 times you kill a Bloodveld. This will net you about 10k per trip if you alch all the mithril platebodies you get. 

Rune dagger

Yes, they drop rune items too. They will net you 4.4k when you alch them and are another good item that will add to your cash pile and help you pay for your supplies. 

Rune battleaxe

This is the best weapon and armor drop the mutated Bloodvelds have on their drop table, not counting the dragon med helm on the rare drop table. A rune battleaxe will alch for 24k, thus you will get a nice coin boost! 

Catacombs tertiary

If you go and kill them in the catacombs, as I would suggest if you are not going to use a cannon, the tertiary drops you get are great! Even if your combat level is not high enough to take a chance at killing Skotizo, it is useful to save your totem pieces for when you can. A mutated Bloodveld has a 1 in 220 chance to give a shard drop. That is a very good number and kind of guarantees a shard per task on average. The odds of getting any totem piece is one 1/330. Meaning you can walk away with 2 pieces on average per task! That is amazing, as a totem is worth somewhere between 400k to 600k on average in Skotizo drops. 

How should I kill Bloodvelds in Old School Runescape?

The most often made mistake when killing Bloodvelds in Old School is not realizing that their melee attack rolls off on your magic defense. This means that despite using an attack you can block with a melee prayer, you need to have a high magic defense. Do not wear plate armor here, but use dragon hide! 

Regular Bloodvelds

Killing them with melee

General tips

If you are opting to kill regular ones, I am going to assume your melee combat stats are not all that high, or you want to get rid of this task very fast with a cannon. No matter which of the two it is, make sure you wear dragonhide and bring decent food to survive the trip. Despite their max hit being pretty low, they have pretty decent accuracy, which can make them dangerous when you are not paying attention. 


I am going to start off with the obvious, wear armor with a high bonus against the magic defense. This is going to be crucial to survival. Then make sure you have a defender in order to get your DPS up. As for your melee weapon, make sure you take the one that is best. They do not have a defensive bonus against stab, crush, or slash. So any weapon is fine for maximum DPS. The rest of your amulets, bracelets, boots, and so on should all be focussed on killing Bloodvelds faster than they can kill you. 


If you bring a cannon bring the 4 parts and about 1k cannonballs. Also, bring super attack and super strength potions. I do not think super defense potions are going to be worth it. You should also bring about 40 nature runes to high alch your drops. Foodwise I suggest you take at least Monkfish or a pizza like a pineapple pizza which heals quite a bit for a low cost. 

Killing them with range

General tips

Using range is often a good idea for monsters that hit often. There are a couple of safe spots you can use, which will make sure you will be able to do the entire trip in one go. Do not forget to bring your ranging potions and a prayer potion or 2. Using the prayer potion, you can get a nice boost from sharp eye or hawkeye. These add 5 and 10% to your ranging level, and will speed up your kills quite a lot at a pretty low cost. The ranging potion only costs a few K and adds 15% to your ranging level. 


You will need your dragonhide for your range attack bonus and to hit them more accurately. I would suggest you bring a bone crossbow or something like a blowpipe. You should prioritize DPS here. They have a 0 defense bonus against range, so they are very easy to kill using it. 


Your inventory should look a little more empty than when you are using melee, if you are using a safe spot. I would still take some food with you just in case things go south. If you bring a cannon, bring the 4 parts and about 1k cannonballs. It is likely that you will have to leave your safe spot in order to refill your cannon. This can cause you to lose some HP from the multiple Bloodvelds attacking you, so be careful. 

Mutated Bloodvelds

You will need to use prayer potions or a safe spot for these. You can not defeat them with just dragonhide. Even at the max combat level, you will not be able to do an entire trip here without a protection prayer. They do not hit high, but they hit very often. 

Killing them with melee

I love killing them with melee. It is very straightforward. Just take your prayer armor (proselyte is a great pick), get the weapons and gear that make you hit high and often to maximize your DPS, and bring super strength and super attack pots to boost your melee stats. Combine this with the protection prayer and a prayer option like superhuman strength and you will be fine. Bring some high alch runes to make sure you can make the drops into coins and save yourself some inventory space. 

You can bring a shark or 2, just in case you forget to turn your prayer on or if you have been to AFK. Another good thing to have in your inventory is a Saradomin Godsword. If you bring one you can save a couple of prayer potions during your trip. The special effect gives you the ability to restore your prayer with 25% of the damage you have dealt. This really adds up quite a bit. 

Killing them with Range

I do not often kill these with range because I prefer to AFK them with melee. If you want to range them, go to a safe spot and wear your best range attack bonus armor. It is more than worth it to bring your cannon too. You will kill these just as fast as when you are using melee depending on your gear. Since you have so many free inventory slots, you can bring a couple of prayer pots and use one of the range attack prayers to make the trip go faster. 

Your range weapon should prioritize for DPS and nothing else. They have no defense, so you can end them pretty easily with a blowpipe and mithril darts. You will likely make a profit using one, so no reason not to. 


If you are not sure if you should go and attack regular Bloodvelds or go for the mutated ones, you should go to the mutated ones. As long as you have 43 players, you will be fine there. Their defense is non-existent, their drops are pretty decent, and they have a massive slayer experience pool that will give you more slayer experience per kill. 

If you want to kill them fast, you should go to a multi combat spot and use a cannon. In my experience, your trip will go at least two times as fast. If you want to AFK, wear melee armor and attack a bunch at once in the catacombs. This way you can AFK for a couple of minutes at a time and still get more than 100k melee exp consistently. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Bloodvelds in OSRS

Question: Are Bloodvelds worth doing in OSRS

Answer: Yes, in my opinion, they are great for EXP if you want to use a cannon and have a hands-on playing style. If you are like many OSRS players – including myself – who have a more AFK playing style they are great to do when you have protection prayers and a good prayer bonus. 
You can get up to 200k ranging exp with a cannon, or 130k melee exp. This is mainly due to their high HP and very low defensive stats. 

Question: What are Bloodveld weaknesses?

Answer: Their main weakness is magic. However, I have not discussed this in this guide for a good reason. There isn’t a spell that is effective enough to kill them one by one to make it worthwhile. Bloodvelds are simply way too large to effectively use multi combat spells like ice burst. 
Due to their weak defense against range and melee – even if it is a bit better than against magic – it goes way faster with those two combat styles. However, if you want to use magic, nothing is stopping you from doing so! 

Question: Can you use range to kill Bloodvelds?

Answer: You definitely can! They have a defense level of 30 and a defense bonus of 0 (nothing) against a ranged attack. This makes it some of the very best ranged exp on a slayer task when using a cannon. The only combat style that they are weaker to than range is magic, but there is no real spell that is strong enough to effectively kill them if you can only attack 1 or 2 at once. Melee works just as well as ranged against Bloodvelds. So in the end you can pick whatever skill you prefer, or want to train when fighting them. 

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