OSRS Varrock Diary Guide

The Varrock Diary is a set of tasks that will take players around the city and the outskirts like Edgeville and Barbarian Village. Currently, there are 4 stages in the diary:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Elite

Each tier will get significantly harder than the previous tasks. However, upon completing these tasks, players will be showered with numerous rewards. This guide will go over the optimal setup and the most efficient method of completing the Varrock Achievement Diary.

Helpful Items For Varrock Diary

While doing the Varrock Diary, you’ll be running around the city a lot. Therefore, using items that can quicken the process is essential. These items will replenish and increase your run energy duration:

  • Stamina Potion: Each dose of this potion will restore 20% run energy. Also, it will reduce the rate that energy depletes by 70% for 2 minutes. Players can make stamina potions with level 77 Herblore by combining a super energy potion and an amylase crystal.
  • Graceful Outfit: These pieces of clothing will reduce your weight into the negatives. Therefore, you can run further and use less energy. Also, the outfit increases the run energy replenishment rate. You can purchase the outfit with marks of grace, which are obtained by completing rooftop Agility courses.
    • Hood:
      • Weight Reduction: -3kg
      • Energy Restoration Rate: +3%
      • Price: 35 Marks of Grace
    • Top:
      • Weight Reduction: -5kg
      • Energy Restoration Rate: +4%
      • Price: 55 Marks of Grace
    • Legs:
      • Weight Reduction: -6kg
      • Energy Restoration Rate: +4%
      • Price: 60 Marks of Grace
    • Gloves:
      • Weight Reduction: -3kg
      • Energy Restoration Rate: +3%
      • Price: 30 Marks of Grace
    • Boots:
      • Weight Reduction: -4kg
      • Energy Restoration Rate: +3%
      • Price: 40 Marks of Grace
    • Cape:
      • Weight Reduction: -4kg
      • Energy Restoration Rate: +3%
      • Price: 40 Marks of Grace
    • Agility Skillcape: Players can purchase this cape when they achieve level 99 Agility. The cape lets you replenish your run energy to 100% once per day. Therefore, you won’t need to spend precious minutes resting and can complete diary tasks faster.

How To Complete Varrock Diary Tasks

Completing the diary tasks is extremely easy since they require you to do simple assignments. This can be anything from jumping over a fence to catching a specific type of fish. There are 4 Varrock Diary tiers:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Elite

They all require you to do simple tasks. However, the requirements get significantly more challenging. A task can require you to have a high level in a specific skill or complete multiple quests. Moreover, we’ll go over all the requirements for each tier and how to complete them in detail.

To begin the easy Varrock tasks, speak to Toby, who is in the general store. Afterward, you can speak to him again to receive rewards. However, you must complete the previous diary tier to be eligible to get the next tier rewards. For example, you can’t complete the elite tasks and receive rewards without finishing easy, medium, and hard tasks.

Note: We strongly recommend to first get all the required items, skills, and quests before starting. This is because you’ll be more efficient and not waste time going to the GE or finishing quests.

Easy OSRS Varrock Diary

Required Items:

  • 150 GP
  • Pickaxe
  • Axe
  • 1x Logs
  • Bones
  • Soft Clay
  • Earth Talisman or Earth Tiara
  • Rune Essence or Pure Essence
  • Fly Fishing Rod
  • Feathers

Required Skills:

Required Quests:

  • Rune Mysteries
  • 50 Kudos


  1. Browse Thessalia’s Store – She is located in the fine clothes store Southwest of Varrock fountain.
  2. Varrock Tea Stall – Next to the Varrock Fountain are some market stalls. Steal from the tea stall to finish the tasks.
  3. Purchase a Newspaper – Go to Varrock Fountain, and you’ll see a newspaper salesman. Buy a newspaper from him for 50 GP.
  4. Let Aubury Teleport You To The essence mine – Go to Aubury’s rune store after completing Rune Mysteries. Right-click him and select teleport. He will send you to the essence mine.
  5. Mine Iron In The Varrock Mine – Head Southeast outside the city walls to the Varrock mine. Use any pickaxe and mine some Iron.
  6. Make A Normal Plank – Bring 100 GP and a log. Then go to the Sawmill located Northeast of Varrock. Talk to the sawmill operator, and he will make you a normal plank.
  7. Chop A Dying Tree – Go to the Lumber Yard and chop down any dying tree.
  8. Stronghold Of Security Level 2 – Go to Barbarian Village, which is West of Varrock. Enter the stronghold and answer the questions at each door until you make it to the second level.
  9. Catch Trout Fish – Go to Barbarian Village with a fly fishing rod and some feathers. North of the bridge between Varrock and the village are 3 fishing spots. Catch fish until you receive a trout.
  10. Jump Over A Fence – South of Varrock is a jumpable fence. You’ll need level 13 Agility to use this shortcut.
  11. Give A Bone To A Dog – You can find a scruffy dog on the Southen section of Varrock. Use a bone on the dog, and you’ll complete the task.
  12. Spin a bowl – Go to Barbarian Village with soft clay in your inventory. Use the soft clay on the pottery wheel and create a bowl. Afterward, use it on the fire oven to complete the task.
  13. Speak To Haig Halen – After you’ve received 50 Kudos, talk to Haig Halen to finish the task.
  14. Craft Earth Runes – Go South of the lumber yard with pure or rune essence until you see the mysterious ruins. Use an earth talisman or earth tiara and enter the ruins. This will bring you to the earth altar. Create some earth runes to complete the task.


  • Varrock Armor 1
  • 1x Antique Lamp
  • Zaff will sell up to 15 battlestaves every day for 7k GP each
  • The skull sceptre can now hold 14 charges

Medium OSRS Varrock Diary

Required Items:

  • 30,105 GP
  • Limpwurt Root
  • Red Spiders’ Eggs
  • Ring of Charos (a)
  • Digsite Pendant
  • 1 Law Rune
  • 1 Fire Rune
  • 3 Air Runes
  • 20 Mahogany Logs
  • 10 Willow Logs
  • 1 Normal Log

Required Skills:

  • Level 25 Thieving
  • Level 10 Herblore
  • Level 25 Magic
  • Level 36 Crafting
  • Level 30 Farming
  • Level 40 Firemaking
  • Level 40 Combat
  • Level 30 Agility

Required Quests:

  • 32 Quest Points
  • A Soul’s Bane
  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Enlightened Journey
  • Gertrude’s Cat
  • The Dig Site
  • Garden of Tranquillity


  1. Apothecary Strength Potion – Have Apothecary make you a Strength potion by giving him limpwurt root, red spiders’ eggs, and 5 coins. Apothecary is located Southwest of Varrock in the pharmacy.
  2. Champions’ Guild – Simply enter the Champions’ Guild.
  3. Change Kitten Color – Select a fur color for your kitten. You can pick either grey/black, white, brown, black, grey/brown, or grey/blue.
  4. Spirit Tree – Use the spirit tree teleport system in the Northeastern corner of the Grand Exchange.
  5. Stronghold of Security – Perform 4 emotes when opening Stronghold of Security doors.
  6. Tolna Dungeon – Enter the Tolna Dungeon after completing A Soul’s Bane quest.
  7. Digsite – With the Digsite pendant teleport to the Digsite.
  8. Teleport spell – Use the Varrock teleport spell by using 3 air runes, 1 fire rune, and 1 law rune.
  9. Vannaka – Receive a Slayer task from Vannaka.
  10. Mahogany Planks – Go to the Sawmill with 20 mahogany logs and 30k GP. Exchange the materials to receive 20 mahogany planks.
  11. White Fruit Tree – Go to the Varrock Palace garden after completing the Garden of Tranquility quest. Pick a white tree fruit to complete the task.
  12. Ballon System – Use the balloon transport system and travel anywhere from Varrock.
  13. Varrock Rooftop Agility Course – Complete 1 lap of the Varrock rooftop course to complete the medium diary tasks.


  • Varrock Armor 2
  • 1 Antique Lamp
  • Zaff will now sell 30 battlestaves each day for 7k GP
  • Ability to change Varrock teleport destination to the Grand Exchange
  • Skull Sceptre can now hold 18 charges

Hard OSRS Varrock Diary

Required Items:

  • Spade
  • Yew Seed or Sapling
  • Skull Sceptre
  • Tinderbox
  • 25,800 GP
  • 2 Dashing Kebbit Fur
  • Axe
  • 2 Law Runes
  • 1 Air Rune
  • 1 Fire Rune

Required Skills:

  • Level 54 Magic
  • Level 52 Prayer
  • Level 40 Ranged
  • Level 60 Woodcutting
  • Level 53 Thieving
  • Level 51 Agility
  • Level 50 Construction
  • Level 68 Farming
  • Level 60 Firemaking
  • Level 66 Hunter

Required Quests

  • Desert Treasure
  • 153 Kudos


  1. Fancy Dress Seller – Trade 2 dashing kebbit furs and 800 GP with the fancy dress seller to receive a spottier cape. She is located in the clothes shop next to the Varrock Fountain. Equip the cape to finish the task.
  2. Orlando Smith – Once you receive 153 Kudos from the Varrock museum, speak to Orlando Smith.
  3. Waka Canoe – Go to Edgeville next to the Grand Exchange shortcut and create a Waka canoe.
  4. Paddewwa – Use the Paddewwa teleport spell to complete the task.
  5. Skull Sceptre – Use the skull and teleport to Barbarian Village.
  6. Yew Tree – Chop some Yew trees North of Varrock Palace. Then go to the top of Varrock church and burn the Yew logs.
  7. Fancy Stone – Go to the Varrock real estate agent who is West of the Varrock church. Speak to him and let him decorate your house in fancy stone.
  8. Yew Roots – Collect 2 Yew roots from the tree patch in Varrock Palace. You will need to plant the tree first and wait for it to grow.
  9. Varrock Palace – Go to the altar located inside Varrock Palace. Use the smite prayer ability and pray at the altar.
  10. Edgeville Dungeon – Go to the Edgville dungeon and squeeze through the obstacle pipe.


  • Varrock Armor 3
  • 1 Antique Lamp
  • Zaff will now sell 60 battlestaves each day for 7k GP
  • Access to the Cooking Guild’s bank
  • Skull Sceptre can hold 22 charges

Elite OSRS Varrock Diary

Required Items:

  • Super Defence (4)
  • Super Strength (4)
  • Super Attack (4)
  • Torstol
  • 25 Rune Essence
  • Hammer
  • 10 Feathers
  • Runite Bar
  • Raw Summer Pie
  • 20 Mahogany Logs
  • 21k GP
  • 300 Earth Runes
  • 40 Astral Runes
  • 20 Nature Runes

Required Skills:

  • Level 90 Herblore
  • Level 86 Magic
  • Level 95 Cooking
  • Level 81 Fletching
  • Level 78 Runecrafting
  • Level 89 Smithing

Required Quests:

  • The Tourist Trap
  • Dream Mentor
  • Rune Mysteries


  1. Super Combat Potion – Go to the Western Varrock bank and create a super combat potion.
  2. Lunar Magic – Firstly, equip the lunar spellbook. Use the Plank Make spell and create 20 Mahogany planks.
  3. Summer Pie – Go inside the Cooking Guild with the raw summer pie. Then bake the pie in the oven to complete the task.
  4. Rune Darts – Smith and fletch 10 rune darts anywhere within Varrock. The best location would be the Western bank because there are anvils in the Southen building.
  5. Earth Runes – Go inside the earth altar, which is located northeastern of Varrock. You must create +100 earth runes on 1 trip to complete this task.


  • Varrock Armor 4
  • 1 Antique Lamp
  • Zaff will now sell 120 battlestaves each day for 7k GP
  • Skull sceptre can now hold 26 charges


Question: What Is The Best Varrock Diary Reward?

Answer: The best reward varies on the type of player you are. The main reason players want to complete the diary is to change the Varrock teleport destination to the Grand Exchange. This significantly saves time since players don’t need to run so far to reach the GE.
Furthermore, players who want to quickly achieve level 99 Cooking should complete the hard diaries. This is because it will give you access to the Cooking Guild’s bank. The bank and range are located next to each other, making this location the best for fast experience rates.
In addition, the Varrock armor 4 is a brilliant piece of equipment that will give you multiple benefits. When worn, you’ll receive these bonuses:
* 10% chance to mine 2 ores from 1 rock.
* 1% chance of smelting 2 bars from 1 ore when using the Edgeville furnace.
* Acts as a prospector jacket in terms of receiving the full set XP.
* Skull Scepter holds 26 charges.

Question: How Long Will It Take To Complete All The Tasks?

Answer:  Completing all 4 task tiers won’t take much time since they require you to do basic activities. The lengthiest aspect of diary tasks is obtaining all the quest and skill requirements. Also, you must grow a Yew tree in the Varrock Palace Court, which will take 6h 40min. This is the longest task, and we recommend planting the tree as soon as possible so that you can quickly progress to the next diary tier.

Question: What Is The Skull Sceptre?

Answer: The skull sceptre is a staff obtained by combining parts from the Stronghold of Security. The pieces have a 3% drop rate from monsters within the stronghold.
* Right Skull Half – Dropped by minotaurs on the 1st
* Bottom of Secptre – Dropped by flesh crawlers on the 2nd
* Top of Sceptre – Dropped by catablepon on the 3rd
* Left Skull Half – Dropped by ankou on the 4th
The skull sceptre can be used to teleport to the Stronghold of Security, and members can use the staff to auto-cast spells from the Arceuus spellbook. The staff is excellent for low to mid level players due to the stats it provides.
* Attack Bonuses: Slash -1
* Crush +7
* Magic +10
* Defense Bonuses: Stab +2
* Slash +3
* Crush +1
* Magic +4
* Other Bonuses: Strength +3

Final Thoughts

To summarize, completing the Varrock Diaries is extremely helpful for all types of players. The armor provides various bonuses that will improve mining and skilling. Also, after completing the diary, you can switch Varrock teleports to take you to the Grand Exchange. This quality of life improvement will save you a lot of time since you won’t need to run far to get to the GE.

So what did you think of our diary guide? If there’s anything else you’d like covered, please let us know in the comments below!


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