Gargoyle OSRS Guide: taking on These Stony-Eyed killers

Getting up to level 75 slayer is quite a challenge since it is one of the slowest skills to train on Old school Runescape. However, as many players will tell you, it is more than worth it. That is why I decided to write this Gargoyle OSRS guide. Getting up to a higher slayer level than that is also advised. The best creatures of the entire game are locked behind the highest slayer levels. Meaning, you need to be at a certain slayer level in order to be able to kill them.

At level 75 you get to the monster which is according to many the first slayer cash cow. They have some amazing drops, they are pretty AFK (away from the keyboard) and they are easy to kill. The GP per hour is some of the best and most consistent in the mid-game. No wonder so many players have gotten to this level as one of their main goals. Getting to 75 is not just a goal for main accounts, but also for alts. There are a ton of gargoyle alts in pretty much any world. 

In this guide I am going to tell you how to beat these monsters, where to find them, and what you can expect drop-wise from them. 

The Locations Where You Can Find Gargoyles

There is only one location in the entirety of old school RS where you can find Gargoyles. The Slayer tower. This huge granite towel, also called Viggora´s Folly by the inhabitants of Gielinor, was allocated in Morytania. Gargoyles are one of the strongest monsters you can find in the tower. Only Nechryaels and Abyssal Demons are stronger than them. As you surely know, this is a members-only place. Free to play players can not go to the tower, or Morytania. 

Inside the slayer tower, there are two sports where you can find these 111 level monsters. The spot closest to the entrance where you can find them is the Slayer Tower Basement. There is only one problem with this spot, you need to be on a slayer task to kill them. Not any slayer task of course, you need to be on a Gargoyle slayer task. If you are not you can not attack them. They, however, can attack you, so be careful! 

The second spot is the Slayer Tower Top Floor. The Gargoyles found there are also level 111 and have the same drops. The difference is you can attack them any time you want. The problem with this however is, that everyone can attack them. It is often crowded here because Gargoyles make pretty decent money for mid-range players. They are also very AFK, so they are great to place an Alt there and just look at the screen once or twice a minute. Some people even use multiple alts here. All adding to the crowding of the place. 

If you have a slayer task I would advise you to go to the basement. There is almost no one there no matter the time. 

How Much Can I Make an Hour Killing Gargoyles

Now you know where they are, you might need a reason to go there. A good motivation for this is GP. Gargoyles give decent melee and range experience depending on what style you use to fight them, but their main strength lies in consistent drops that really tend to add up after a while. 

Gargoyles – GP per Kill

When not on a slayer task, the average worth of just a single Gargoyle kill is about 3800 coins. If you are on a slayer task, and if you have them on a Konar task on top of that, this GP per kill goes up substantially. They bring in about 5000 coins per kill. The added bonus when killing them on a slayer task is the chance to spawn a superior. As you know by now – since you are probably level 75 slayer or close – the drops of a superior are… well superior to the regular version of the monster. Especially, the imbued heart that is worth millions can make your bank worth a lot more if you are in the mid-levels.  

Now, being worth 3800 coins per kill is not worth a lot if you are only killing a few an hour. To optimize your profits, you will need to kill as many as possible per hour. While the drops are pretty consistent, you will still need some luck to make the most out of it.

GP an Hour Killing Gargoyles

In the worst-case scenario, meaning you have an average combat of around a hundred and bad gear that is not optimized for DPS (damage per second), and pretty bad luck, you will make around 200 000 coins per hour. This is not great, but if you are using your account AFK or as an alt this is not bad for almost doing nothing. 

In the best case scenario, you are going to make a lot more. About 600k an hour off task. Of course some hours you will make more, some hours you will make less. However, it all evens out after a while. To get to this number you are going to have to use your best gear, a strong weapon on crush, and you will have to be a high combat level, and have maxed melee stats. 

If you are on a slayer task you can add about 20% to these numbers. The downside is that you aren’t going to be able to grind them out consistently. Most Slayer tasks will give you about 140 to 220 Gargoyles (depending on if you unlocked the relevant perks). This is not enough to stay at them for hours. 

This is How You Kill Gargoyles

Whatever you do, do not forget either your thrown hammer or granite hammer. If you do not bring one of those, you can not kill them. If they have a low hit point of 8 or less, you have to use the hammer to bring in the finishing blow. 

That being said, there were two main ways that people used to kill Gargoyles. Since the blowpipe nerf, I do not think ranging them is worth it. The rune crossbow is too slow, and the cost of using a blowpipe has gone up too much if you want to walk away with a healthy profit. 

When you are using melee as I recommend, you will need to have a good defense bonus. You are up and close fighting a level 111 and you will go AFK quite a lot, so this ensures you do not die. Bandos armor or barrow armor is enough to be able to survive them for quite a long time.

You will need to have some food with you – at least monkfish – and if you can afford it a Saradomin Godsword. The special attack will give you a 50% heal of any damage you do. An alternative is wearing armor with prayer bonus, and take prayer potions with you instead of food. You will have to watch your prayer points if you don’t want to lose your protected melee and get sent back to lumbridge. Of course, you should bring a super strength and super attack (and optionally a super defense) potion with you. 

There is only one kind of weapon I would recommend you here, and that is one with a very decent crush bonus. The rapier will work too, but you are way better off financially using a bludgeon. The reason for this is that gargoyles being made of stone have a weakness for the crush attack. 

I am going to say it again because it is so important. Do not forget your thrownhammer or granite hammer! If you don’t bring it, you will be forced to take the trip back to either Canifis or your player owned house and to a bank nearby. 

Look Out For These Amazing Gargoyle Drops 

Alright, you are convinced. You have your gear ready, you arrived at the slayer tower, and you have NOT forgotten your granite hammer to finish them off. Now comes the big question. What is worth picking up? Inventory management is important to get the most out of your trip.

Pro tip: Gargoyles drop a lot of alchables, so make sure you bring the runes needed to do quite a few high alchs. This way you will definitely save some inventory space in the long run. 

Drops You Should Always Pick-up

Granite Maul – The granite maul has gone up in value quite a lot. It is also the iconic and unique drop that you can only get from killing Gargoyles and their superior variant. With 99k a piece or more, this is a drop you should definitely pick up! 

Dark Mystic robe top – This is a pretty rare drop. Only one in 512 Gargoyles will drop this. They are worth 71k. You can either keep them in your inventory, or you can high alch them, as they alch for quite a bit. 

Rune Full helm – The rune item Gargoyles drop the most is the rune full helm, while worth only 20k, you can alch them. Since about one in 40 drop them, that adds up pretty fast. 

Rune 2h  sword – This is their best rune drop, it is worth about 37k and their alch value is also that much. They drop one in 64, so that adds up quite a lot. 

Rune Battleaxe – A great drop to have. They are worth 24k, and they alch worth that amount too. Pick them up and alch them.

Rune platelegs – our final rune item. This one is going to make you pretty happy too. They are worth 37k and alch for about that much, so pick them up. 

Gold ore (noted) – Gold ore is worth a couple of hundred gp a piece, and they come noted. Pick them up, they add up quite fast. 

Mithril bar (noted) – These are worth almost a K a piece, and come noted. This is definitely worth picking up. 

Steel (bar noted) – Steel bars are great for training smithing and make canon balls out of. One drop of these is worth 5k as they drop 15 at once. These come noted, so you can easily pick them up. 

Coins – Yeah, pick those up. Well, if it is a nice amount at least. Sometimes they drop 10k at once. Which is pretty cool! 

Drops That Add Up

Runes – Gargoyles drop quite a lot of runes. Their drop table has fire runes, chaos runes, and death runes. While they are not worth a lot in individual drops, they drop them quite often. If you have the inventory space, it is worth it to pick them up. 

Pure essence – If you are an IronMan these are worth picking up. If you are not, I wouldn’t bother. They are worth only one gp a piece, which is awful. 

Runite ore – The problem with this drop is that it is unnoted. While they are worth 11k, if you do not have the inventory space, it is not worth cutting your trip short by dropping food. 

Conclusion: Decent Profit, Amazing AFK 

I love Gargoyles. They are one of the perfect monsters for the medium-level player. Some people think they are so good that they make dedicated accounts to kill them. The reasons that make them so good are clear. There drops are consistent profit, the gp is decent and most of all, they are really AFK. It takes about 2 minutes for your drops to appear, so that gives you plenty of time to do something else. They are high enough in combat to keep attacking you even if you are 138, and they are aggressive. One of the perfect monsters to AFK and make some decent GP while training! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Gargoyles

Question: What should I bring when going to Gargoyles?

Answer: The most important item to bring when you are going to kill these monsters is your rockhammer. Without it, they can not be killed. Besides your rockhammer, you should bring either food or prayer potions. Another important optional thing to bring is high alchemy runs. This will save you quite some inventory space since these monsters drop quite a lot of alchables. 
Another important thing to bring is a weapon that has a crush attack and a decent crush bonus. Using a weapon like that will make sure you can kill them a lot faster. One of the best weapons for this is the abyssal bludgeon. This weapon is quite expensive, but it isn’t an absolute requirement. You can also use a whip, while it has slash as its attack, the defense of a Gargoyle is not high, so it kills them pretty easily. 

Question: Are Gargoyles hard to kill?

Answer: While they are level 111, they have a serious weakness to crush melee attacks. They don’t have too many hit points and almost no defense bonus, so you can kill them quite quickly if you are bringing the right gear with you. The higher your level, the faster you are able to kill them. 
The hardest thing about Gargoyles is the fact that you need to achieve level 75 slayer in order to kill them. This takes quite a while, however, I and many other players think it is totally worth it!

Question: Do gargoyles have a superior variant? 

Answer: Yes! They have one. Their superior variant is called the marble gargoyle. These only appear on slayer tasks if you have unlocked the relevant slayer perk. These can drop an imbued heart and an eternal slayer gem. 
You will have to look out when this spawn, they are a lot stronger than your average Gargoyle, so you will need to be on your best to kill them if you don’t want to say hi to the duke of Lumbridge. 


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