OSRS Fletching Training Guide

Fletching is a member’s skill that allows players to create various Ranged weapons and ammunition. The skill is primarily used for Ranged. However, some fletching items provide decent profits with high alchemy, which is great for Magic training. Fletching is a buyable skill, and you can get crazy XP rates of +1m per hour. Therefore, making it the fastest skill to train in OSRS.

Also, Fletching is a must-train skill for iron man accounts because it lets you create Ranged weaponry. Therefore, you don’t need to rely on drops for monsters to receive the next-tier weaponry.

Useful Fletching Items

There aren’t many items in OSRS that will improve quality of life or XP rates in the Fletching skill. However, obtaining any item that can help with the skill is necessary.

  • Dragonfruit Pie: This food will provide +4 Fletching upon consumption. Each Dragonfruit Pie has 2 doses. The food is relatively cheap, only costing 1k GP at the Grand Exchange. This item is brilliant because you can get to the next training tier much faster and receive better XP rates.
  • Spicy Stew – Orange Spice: This food can increase or decrease your Fletching level by 5. If you want to take the risk, it’s a great item to quickly go to the next training bracket. To make it you’ll need to purchase a regular stew from the Warriors’ Guild. The orange spice is located in Hell-Rat Behemoth in the Northwestern section of the room.

Questing For Fletching Experience

Fletching is an extremely fast skill to train, so completing quests to get past the first few levels isn’t required. However, if you love questing and want to progress your character, here are the best quests without a Fletching level requirement.

  • Animal Magnetism – 1,000 Fletching Experience
    • Requirements:
      • Level 18 Slayer
      • Level 19 Crafting
      • Level 30 Ranged
      • Level 35 Woodcutting
    • The Fremennik Trials – 2,812 Fletching Experience
      • Requirements:
        • None
      • Temple of Ikov – 8,000 Fletching Experience
        • Requirements:

Completing these quests will give you 11,812 experience, which will put you at level 28 Fletching. It’s much faster to follow our training guide. Therefore, only complete these quests if they are on your to-do list.

Furthermore, you can complete these quests once you have achieved the required Fletching level. They will give you a decent amount of experience and access to new locations, which will come in handy for other skills.

  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting – 262 Fletching Experience
    • Requirements:
      • Level 5 Fletching
      • Level 30 Ranged
      • Level 30 Cooking
    • Zogre Flesh Eaters – 1,000 Fletching Experience
      • Requirments
        • Level 30 Fletching
        • Level 4 Smithing
        • Level 8 Herblore
        • Level 30 Ranged
      • Devious minds – 5,000 Fletching Experience
        • Requirements:
          • Level 50 Fletching
          • Level 65 Smithing
          • Level 50 Runecrafting

How To Train Fletching

Training the skill can seem complicated at first because of the wide variety of craftable items. To simplify Fletching, there are 4 categories:

Making Weapons:

Fletching is mostly popular since you can make various types of weapons. Creating bows and crossbows are known to be excellent money makers with minimal effort. There are 4 different weapon types you can make:

  • Bows: To create a bow, you will need to have a bowstring and a shortbow/longbow (u) in your inventory. Players may purchase the supplies from the Grand Exchange or make them. For faster XP rates, it’s better to purchase the supplies beforehand. To create a useable bow, combine the bowstring with the shortbow/longnbow (u).
    • Level 5 – Shortbow
    • Level 10 – Longbow
    • Leve 20 – Oak Shortbow
    • Level 25 – Oak Longbow
    • Level 35 – Willow Shortbow
    • Level 40 – Willow Longbow
    • Level 50 – Maple Shortbow
    • Level 55 – Maple Longbow
    • Level 65 – Yew Shortbow
    • Level 70 – Yew Longbow
    • Level 80 – Magic Shortbow
    • Level 85 – Magic Longbow
  • Crossbow: To make a crossbow, you will need a sinew, crossbow limbs, and crossbow strings. Combine all the items to create a crossbow. There are 6 tiers you can make:
    • Level 9 – Bronze Crossbow
    • Level 39 – Iron Crossbow
    • Level 46 – Steel Crossbow
    • Level 54 – Mithril Crossbow
    • Level 61 – Adamant Crossbow
    • Level 69 – Rune Crossbow
  • Toxic Blowpipe: The toxic blowpipe is one of the best ranged weapons in OSRS. To create it, you’ll need level 54 Fletching, a tanzanite fang, and a chisel. Use the chisel on the tanzanite fang to create the toxic blowpipe.
  • Heavy Ballista: This is a 2-handed ranged weapon that uses javelins for ammunition. The ballista is made from 4 pieces:
    • Ballista Limbs
    • Ballista Frame
    • Ballista Spring
    • Monkey Tail

All these items can be gathered from killing Demonic Gorillas. Combine the pieces to create the heavy-hitting ballista.

Making Ammunition:

The best XP rates will come from Fletching various ammo types. You can do this anywhere in OSRS because the supplies are stackable. Therefore, you can train the skill while questing or whenever you have downtime. There are 4 ammo types you can make:

  • Arrows: To create arrows, you’ll need arrow tips, arrow shafts, and feathers in your inventory. First, combine the arrow shafts with feathers to create headless arrows. Then add the arrow tips to the headless arrows to create the ammunition. There are 9 types of arrows you can make:
    • Level 1 – Bronze Arrows
    • Level 15 – Iron Arrows
    • Level 30 – Steel Arrows
    • Level 45 – Mithril Arrows
    • Level 52 – Broad Arrows
    • Level 60 – Adamant Arrows
    • Level 75 – Rune Arrows
    • Level 82 – Amethyst Arrows
    • Level 90 – Dragon Arrows
  • Darts: Darks are the easiest to make, only requiring dart tips and feathers. This ammo type has the fastest attack speed and is always in demand since they are used for PVP combat.
    • Level 10 – Bronze Dart
    • Level 22 – Iron Dart
    • Level 37 – Steel Dart
    • Level 52 – Mithril Dart
    • Level 67 – Adamant Dart
    • Level 81 – Rune Dart
    • Level 90 – Amethyst Dart
    • Level 95 – Dragon Dart
  • Javelin: To make javelins, you must have javelin heads and javelin shafts in your inventory. After, combine them to make useable ammo.
    • Level 3 – Bronze Javelin
    • Level 17 – Iron Javelin
    • Level 32 – Steel Javelin
    • Level 47 – Mithril Javelin
    • Level 62 – Adamant Javelin
    • Level 77 – Rune Javelin
    • Level 84 – Amethyst Javelin
    • Level 92 – Dragon Javelin
  • Bolts: This ammunition is used for crossbows. To make bolts, you will need Shafts, bolt tips, and feathers. Combine the shafts with feathers to create unfinished blots. Afterward, connect the bolt tips with the unfinished bolts to produce ammo.
    • Level 9 – Bronze Bolts
    • Level 39 – Iron Bolts
    • Level 46 – Steel Bolts
    • Level 54 – Mithril Bolts
    • Level 55 – Broad Bolts
    • Level 61 – Adamant Bolts
    • Level 69 – Rune Bolts
    • Level 84 – Dragon Bolts

Unlike arrows, the bolts can be tipped with certain gemstones. These will provide unique attributes and can hit much harder than regular bolts. The best gemstone bolts are:

  • Level 63 – Ruby Tipped Adamant Bolts
  • Level 65 – Diamond Tipped Adamant Bolts
  • Level 71 – Dragonstone Tipped Runite Bolts
  • Level 73 – Onyx Tipped Runite Bolts
  • Level 76 – Amethyst Tipped Broad Bolts

The best training location for Fletching is at the Grand Exchange because you can quickly purchase supplies. Join a less populated world so that you don’t get any lag and can receive the best hourly experience rates. Also, with some training methods, you can gain XP while having downtime. For example, while doing minigames or questing.

Fastest OSRS Fletching Guide

The fastest method to reach Level 99 Fletching in OSRS is by creating darts. This is because they offer brilliant hourly XP rates. The training method is so quick players try to set records for the fastest times to level 99. Currently, the world record is 3h 9minutes, which means dedicated players can get level 99 Fletching within a day. However, this option is extremely expensive can cost 100-200 million GP.

Training is super simple, all you will need is dart tips and feathers in your inventory. Use the feathers on the dart tips, and your character will begin creating the darts. These are the XP rates you can expect from this training method:

  • Levels 1-10: Arrow Shafts
    • Amount needed: 231
    • Experience Rates: 10-20k Per Hour
    • Money Lost: 7k
  • Levels 10-22: Bronze Darts
    • Amount needed: 2,484
    • Experience Rates: 70-100k Per Hour
    • Money Lost: 40k
  • Levels 22-37: Iron Darts
    • Amount needed: 5750
    • Experience Rates: 150-240k Per Hour
    • Money Lost: 120k
  • Levels 37-52: Steel Darts
    • Amount needed: 12,825
    • Experience Rates: 310-460k Per Hour
    • Money Lost: 800k
  • Levels 52-67: Mithril Darts
    • Amount needed: 37,884
    • Experience Rates: 470k-700k Per Hour
    • Money Lost: 3m
  • Levels 67-81: Adamant Darts
    • Amount needed: 109,658
    • Experience Rates: 650-950k Per Hour
    • Money Lost: 12m
  • Levels 81-95: Rune Darts
    • Amount needed: 349,933
    • Experience Rates: 700-1,200k Per Hour
    • Money Lost: 80m
  • Levels 95-99: Dragon Darts
    • Amount needed: 170,515
    • Experience Rates: 1,100-1,600k Per Hour
    • Money Lost: 50m

Alternative: Mithril and Adamant Darts

If you want to get level 99 Fletching fast but don’t want to break the bank, the next best training method is mithril or adamant darts. The training will take considerably longer till level 99. However, the supplies are much cheaper.

  • Levels 52-99 – Mithril Darts:
    • Amount needed: 1,156,377
    • Experience Rates: 470-700k Per Hour
    • Money Lost: 80m
  • Levels 67-99 – Adamant Darts:
    • Amount needed: 844,389
    • Experience Rates: 650-950k Per Hour
    • Money Lost: 104m

Fletching On OSRS Mobile

A new method of training the skill has emerged with the release of OSRS mobile. Using a smartphone, you can tap much faster than with a desktop. Therefore, leading to unusually fast XP rates. However, this method is extremely click-intensive but will reward you with a ton of experience.

  • Mithril Darts – 1m Experience Per Hour
  • Adamant Darts – 1.4m Experience Per Hour
  • Rune Darts – 1.8m Experience Per Hour
  • Dragon Darts – 2.3m Experience Per Hour

Most Profitable OSRS Fletching Guide

Players who don’t want to break the bank can use this profitable Fletching guide till level 99. This guide will be significantly slower as the XP rates aren’t that great. However, you’ll make millions of GP on your path to level 99 Fletching.

From levels 10-99, you’ll be making unstrung longbows and shortbows. This will require you to fill your inventory with 27 logs and a knife. To make the bows right-click on the logs and select the type of weapons you’d like to make. As you progress, you will need to change the log tier used. For example, once you hit level 35, you’ll need to use willow logs to create willow longbow (u).

Note: You can string the bows to increase profits, but this will make the skill less efficient to train.

  • Levels 1-10: Headless Arrows
    • Amount needed: 1,154
    • Experience Rates: 10k Per Hour
    • Profit: 4k GP
  • Levels 10-20: Longbow (u)
    • Amount needed: 332
    • Experience Rates: 25k Per Hour
    • Profit: 50k GP
  • Levels 20-25: Oak Shortbow (u)
    • Amount needed: 205
    • Experience Rates: 42k Per Hour
    • Profit: 32k GP
  • Levels 25-35: Oak Longbow (u)
    • Amount needed: 583
    • Experience Rates: 60k Per Hour
    • Profit: 88k GP
  • Levels 35-40: Willow Shortbow (u)
    • Amount needed: 446
    • Experience Rates: 80k Per Hour
    • Profit: 60k GP
  • Levels 40-50: Willow Longbow (u)
    • Amount needed: 1,545
    • Experience Rates: 100k Per Hour
    • Profit: 60k GP
  • Levels 50-55: Maple Shortbow (u)
    • Amount needed: 9,803
    • Experience Rates: 120k Per Hour
    • Profit: 20k GP
  • Levels 55-70: Maple Longbow (u)
    • Amount needed: 9,803
    • Experience Rates: 140k Per Hour
    • Profit: 600k GP
  • Levels 70-85: Yew Longbow
    • Amount needed: 33,613
    • Experience Rates: 200k Per Hour
    • Profit: 3m GP
  • Levels 85-99: Magic Longbow (u)
    • Amount needed: 106,840
    • Experience Rates: 220k Per Hour
    • Profit: 7m GP


Question: Why Train Fletching In OSRS?

Answer: There are multiple reasons why players would want to train the skill. First, it’s effortless to train, and players can get to level 99 quickly. Fletching becomes exceptionally profitable at the later stages, and players can make millions of GP till level 99.

Furthermore, iron man accounts rely heavily on Fletching because it provides them with weaponry and ammo. The skill synchronizes with Woodcutting extremely well since you can gather the supplies for free. Also, Fletching is a skill that you can do anywhere. Therefore, you can truly have a “no XP waste” time in OSRS.

Question: What Is The Best Method Training Method Fletching?

Answer: The best method to train Fletching is with darts since they provide the best experience rates. However, this option is super expensive, and most players don’t have 100-200m to throw into a skill.

Therefore, you should plan your journey till level 99 accordingly. An excellent method is to quickly get to level 55 with darts and then make unfinished bows. This way, you can blow by the early levels and begin making huge profits later on.

Question: How Can I Train Fletching Efficiently?

Answer: The most efficient method of training Fletching is by combining it with other skills. Most methods require 2 inventory slots to train. Therefore, you can do skills like Agility and spam click in between obstacles.

Moreover, a common method of training Fletching is during quests. This is because you’ll be running around a lot or doing puzzles. This downtime lets you receive experience at an efficient rate.

Final Thoughts

In summary, we’ve covered the fastest and most profitable methods of training Fletching. The skill can be extremely fast or profitable to train. Depending on your goals, select the guide that matches your needs.

That concludes our Fletching guide, so what do you think? If there’s anything else you’d like to find out, let us know in the comments below!


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