Falador Diary OSRS Guide

The Falador diary is a set of tasks a player must complete within the Falador, Rimmington, Taverley, and Burthorpe regions. Completing them offers rewards such as XP lamps, unique items, and the ability to use specific shortcuts. They are perfect for those who often visit the area to complete quests, slayer, and other activities, as the agility shortcuts save a lot of time.

Alternatively, if you were like me, you focused on completing achievement diaries for the completionist cape. For those of you who don’t know, this is a cape that showcases your dedication since it requires reaching level 99 in all skills, completing all quests, and finishing the achievement diaries.

This Falador Diary OSRS guide will help those unfamiliar with the tasks given and need some guidance. Before starting a tier, I’ll go over the minimum skill level, item, and quest requirements. This makes it easier to prepare as you’ll know if your character needs some leveling to do or questing.

Bottom Line Up Front

This is a shortened version of this guide if you don’t have time to read it. There are 4 Falador diary tiers – easy, medium, hard, and elite. Each category requires specific level requirements, items, and quests. Note that the higher in tiers you go, the more difficult level requirements you’ll encounter.

To complete the Falador diary, you must finish tasks within and around the region. They can be as basic as climbing a wall or using a teleport spell. There is nothing difficult about completing the Falador diary, and the most challenging part is acquiring the requirements. Unfortunately, there are too many tasks to put in this TLDR, so you’ll have to go through the guide to learn about each diary set.

Should I Complete The Falador Diary Tasks in Old School RuneScape?

Falador Diary OSRS

The OSRS Falador diary tasks are not required to enjoy your gaming experience. However, it can greatly improve PVM with the rewards given. The Falador Shield lets you restore your prayer points, perfect for bossing. Also, if you’re an ironman account, you’ll want to complete the tasks for easy experience lamps.

In my opinion, I highly recommend doing the Falador tasks because they are easy and do not require you to visit many locations. Moreover, it helps tremendously with the giant mole boss by disclosing where it is once it barrows.

So to summarize, here are the main reasons to complete the diary tasks:

  • Completionist cape progress.
  • Falador Shield that replenishes your prayer points and shows the mole’s location.
  • Access to multiple agility shortcuts
  • Experience lamps

Useful Items While Completing The Falador Diary

What I find most challenging about completing diary tasks, in general, is the amount of running required. Your character’s energy depletes quickly, so you’ll often have to walk slowly to each task. Therefore, I suggest using some energy restoration items and consumables to save time. These are the best items to use:

Graceful Clothing

The graceful clothing reduces character weight, allowing you to run further. This saves time on resting and lets you complete the achievements much faster. The outfit can be found in the Rogues’ Den underneath the Toad and Chicken in Burthorpe.

The clothing is bought with marks of grace acquired by finishing rooftop agility courses. In total, it will cost you 260 marks to get the full set. However, you do not need the whole outfit to receive benefits. Take a look at what each piece offers:

Clothing Piece Energy Restoration Marks of Grace Cost Weight Removal 
Hood 3% 35 -3 kg
Top 4% 55 -5 kg
Legs 4% 60 -6 kg
Boots 3% 40 -4 kg
Gloves 3% 30 -3 kg
Cape 3% 40 -4 kg
Full Set 30% (Full outfit gives 10% extra bonus) 260 -25 kg

Explorer’s Ring 4

Explorer’s Ring 4

The explorer’s ring 4 is a reward from the elite Lumbridge and Draynor diary. It can restore your running energy multiple times daily, so you won’t have to waste time resting. However, the fourth tier of the ring is challenging to get because you need the quest point cape. Therefore, you can aim for the previous ring tiers if you do not meet the requirements for the explorer’s ring 4.

Here’s how the tiers differ:

  • Explorer’s Ring 1: Replenishes 50% energy twice per day.
  • Explorer’s Ring 2: Replenishes 50% energy three times per day.
  • Explorer’s Ring 3: Replenishes 50% energy four times per day.
  • Explorer’s Ring 4: Replenishes 100% energy three times per day.

In addition, the explorer’s ring provides a teleport to the cabbage patch south of Falador. This is extremely helpful as you can quickly enter the city or go to tasks faster.


Potions are another useful alternative item you can take advantage of by never running out of energy. I highly recommend using them if you do not have the explorer’s ring or graceful clothing since potions have no requirements to drink. Below you’ll find the best energy restoration options.

  • Energy Potions: Restores 10% running energy.
  • Stamina Potions: Restores 20% running energy.
  • Super Energy Potion: Restores 20% running energy.
  • Gout Tuber: Restores 50% running energy.

Agility Cape

Reaching level 99 agility is a great accomplishment that few players have achieved. If you have reached this milestone, use the agility cape while doing tasks. The cape restores your running energy to 100% once per day. Also, it reduces run energy depletion by 70%.


Since you’ll be going to multiple regions during the tasks, you’ll want to use teleports to get there faster. The tasks mainly reside in Falador, Burthorpe, Rimmington, and Taverley, so you’ll want to use teleport tabs or spells.

  • Falador Teleport Runes: 1 Water, 1 Law, and 3 Air.
  • Burthorpe Teleport: Falador teleport and a short walk to Burthorpe.
  • Rimmington Teleport: No teleport spells are available, and you must use a teleport tab to reach the city.
  • Taverley Teleport Runes: No teleport spells are available, and you must use a teleport tab to reach the city.

If the location does not have a dedicated teleport, you can use a teleport tab that functions as a normal spell. You can buy them from the Grand Exchange for 1-5k GP.

Falador Diary Task Tips Before Starting

Perhaps you’re eager to start the tasks and get them over and done with. However, you should read about a few tips before getting started because they can help make the ride to the elite tier much easier.

Tip 1 – Prepare beforehand: Although you can complete a few tasks at the beginning that have no requirements, it’s best to prepare before diving right in. This is because you’ll save yourself time later on. You won’t need to go to the Grand Exchange to buy items constantly, or if you’re an ironman, go on long adventures to pick up specific things.

This also goes the same for skills. Before starting a diary tier, have all the level requirements already, so you won’t need to train while busy completing a task.

Tip 2 – Use movement speed items: We’ve covered the best items for restoring your running energy, so make sure to acquire them. These items will save you time by removing the need to rest between tasks.

Tip 3 – Have a high agility level: Agility is a necessary skill to train in OSRS because it gives access to numerous shortcuts. However, did you know that it also reduces energy speed consumption? This means you can run for longer if you have a high agility level.

During the Falador tasks, you’ll be running around a lot, and having a high agility level saves time by limiting resting time. I recommend being at least level 50 when starting because you’ll see the effects of the skill take place.

How To Do The Falador Diary Tasks In OSRS

Easy Falador Diary Tasks

Easy Falador Diary Tasks

Skill Requirements

  • Level 10 Mining
  • Level 5 Agility
  • Level 13 Smithing
  • Level 16 Construction

Quest Requirements

  • The Knight’s Sword
  • Doric’s Quest

Item Requirements

  • 1,000 GP for male characters or 2,000 GP for female characters
  • Tiara
  • Bucket
  • Mind Talisman
  • Pickaxe
  • Hammer
  • Blurite Bar

Diary Task List

  1. Create a mind tiara
  2. Charter a boat to Entrana
  3. Go to Sir Renitee and find out your family crest
  4. Climb over the Falador wall located to the west
  5. Get a haircut from the Falador hairdresser
  6. Look at what items Sarah’s Farming Shop sells
  7. Use the water pump west of the Falador bank to fill a bucket
  8. Smith Blurite limbs using Doric’s anvil
  9. Acquire a security book from the security guard in the Port Sarim jail
  10. Go to the Motherlode Mine and repair a broken strut
  11. Slay a duck in Falador Park


  • Falador Shield 1
    • Restores 25% of your prayer once per day
  • An antique lamp that gives 2,500 XP in skills over level 30
  • Ability to use the tight-gap shortcut to the Chaos Temple from Burthorpe

Medium Falador Diary Tasks

Medium Falador Diary Tasks

Skill Requirements

  • Level 10 Prayer
  • Level 19 Ranged
  • Level 32 Slayer
  • Level 37 Strength
  • Level 40 Thieving
  • Level 30 Woodcutting
  • Level 42 Agility
  • Level 20 Cooking
  • Level 20 Defense
  • Level 23 Farming
  • Level 49 Firemaking
  • Level 37 Magic
  • Level 40 Mining
  • Level 59 Fletching (for ironman accounts)
  • Level 59 Smithing (for ironman accounts)

Quest Requirements

  • Ratcatchers
  • The Giant Dwarf
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper
  • Gertrude’s Cat
  • Recruitment Drive
  • Black Knight’s Fortress
  • Druidic Ritual
  • Skippy and the Mogres
  • 12 Quest Points

Item Requirements

  • Mithril Grapple
  • Ability to cast Telegram (4 air runes, 1 water rune, and 2 law runes)
  • Crossbow
  • Initiate armor
  • Pickaxe
  • Axe
  • Crafting Cape or a Brown Apron
  • 6 Willow Branches
  • Bullseye Lantern
  • Tinderbox
  • Scarecrow
  • Crystal Key
  • Fishing Explosive

Diary Task List

  1. Go to the Port Sarim Rat Pits
  2. Using a mith grapple, climb the north wall in Falador and jump down
  3. Pickpocket a Falador guard
  4. While wearing Initiate armor, pray at the Altar of Guthix that’s in Taverley
  5. Teleport to Falador
  6. Use the Falador farm loom and create a basket
  7. Use an axe to chop down willow logs in Taverley and set them on fire
  8. Light a bullseye lantern in Rimmington at the Chemist’s house
  9. Telegrab a Wine of Zamorak at the Chaos Temple
  10. Using a crystal key, unlock the crystal chest in Taverley
  11. Put down a scarecrow in the Falador farm flower patch
  12. Go to Mudskipper point and defeat a Mogre
  13. Squeeze through the hole in the Dwarven Mines
  14. Enter the Crafting Guild and mine some gold ore.


  • Falador Shield 2
    • Restores 50% of your prayer once per day
  • An antique lamp that gives 7,500 XP in skills over level 40
  • Ability to use the shortcut in the Motherlode Mine
  • 10% more experience when farming at the Falador farming patch
  • Get a 1/106 chance to receive a clue scroll when killing guards in Falador

Hard Falador Diary Tasks

Hard Falador Diary Tasks

Skill Requirements

  • Level 70 Prayer
  • Level 56 Runecrafting
  • Level 72 Slayer
  • Level 58 Thieving
  • Level 71 Woodcutting
  • Level 59 Agility
  • Level 53 Cooking
  • Level 31 Crafting
  • Level 50 Defense
  • Level 30 Firemaking
  • Level 45 Farming
  • Level 60 Mining
  • Level 52 Herblore
  • Level 53 Fishing
  • A combined level of 130 from Attack and Strength

Quest Requirements

  • The Slug Menace
  • Sea Slug
  • Wanted!
  • Priest in Peril
  • Recruitment Drive
  • Black Knights’ Fortress
  • Druidic Ritual
  • Heroes’ Quest
  • Shield of Arrav
  • Lost City
  • Merlin’s Crystal
  • Dragon Slayer I
  • Druidic Ritual
  • The Lost Tribe
  • Rune Mysteries
  • Goblin Diplomacy
  • Grim Tales
  • Witch’s House
  • 32 Quest Points

Item Requirements

  • Weapons
  • Anti-fire potion or anti-fire shield
  • Full Prospector Kit
  • Full Proselyte Armor
  • 10,000 GP
  • 28 Pure Essence
  • Spade
  • Light Source
  • Dwarven Helmet

Diary Task List

  1. Wearing full Prospector enter the Mining Guild
  2. Slay a blue dragon underneath the Heroes’ Guild
  3. Unlock a wall safe in the Rogues’ Den
  4. Create 140 mine runes from one inventory of pure essence
  5. Set your family crest to the Saradomin symbol
  6. Defeat the Giant Mole that resides under Falador Park
  7. Enter the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon and kill a Skeletal Wyvern
  8. Run a lap of the Falador Rooftop Agility Course
  9. While in the Dwarven Mines, equip a Dwarven helmet
  10. Go inside the Warriors’ Guild
  11. Equip full Proselyte and recharge your prayer at the Port Sarim church


  • Falador Shield 3
    • Restores 100% of your prayer once per day
    • Detects the Giant Mole’s location when entering its lair
  • An antique lamp that gives 15,000 XP in skills over level 50
  • The Giant Mole will now drop noted mole claws and skins
  • Ability to use the shortcut to the Fountain of Heroes
  • Ability to use the Crafting Guild bank chest

Elite Falador Diary Tasks

Elite Falador Diary Tasks

Skill Requirements

  • Level 75 Woodcutting
  • Level 81 Herblore
  • Level 17 Mining
  • Level 13 Thieving
  • Level 88 Runecrafting
  • Level 91 Farming
  • Level 80 Agility

Quest Requirements

  • Wanted!
  • Priest in Peril
  • Recruitment Drive
  • Black Knights’ Fortress
  • Druidic Ritual
  • The Lost Tribe
  • Rune Mysteries
  • Goblin Diplomacy
  • 32 Quest points
  • Unlocking all soundtracks, one level 99 in any skill, or 100% completion of all quests

Item Requirements

  • 28 Pure Essence
  • Magic Sapling
  • Spade
  • Axe
  • Cape of Accomplishment
  • 1,920 GP
  • Crushed Nest
  • Toadflax Potion (unf)

Diary Task List

  1. Find 3 magic roots at once when digging up a seeded magic tree in the Falador tree patch.
  2. Go to the top of Falador Castle and do a quest cape or skillcape emote
  3. Create 252 air runes from one inventory of pure essence
  4. Buy a white 2h sword from Sir Vyvin
  5. Mix a Saradomin brew in the east Falador Bank
  6. Jump over the strange floor in Taverley Dungeon


  • Falador Shield 4
    • Restores 100% of your prayer twice per day
    • Detects the Giant Mole’s location when entering its lair
  • An antique lamp that gives 50,000 XP in skills over level 70
  • The Falador tree farming patch will never get diseased
  • When cleaning pay-dirt, you’ll get an increased chance of receiving higher level ores
  • Can enter the alternative Amethyst mining location


Question: What are the benefits of completing the Falador diary tasks?

Answer: Players who complete the Falador diary tasks will be awarded XP lamps and the Falador Shield, which gives various buffs. Personally, I love the Falador tree farming patch upgrade where your trees will never get diseased. This has saved me so much money on Magic tree farming so going for the elite tier was a significant goal. Here are the best benefits of doing the Falador achievement diary.
• Falador Shield 4:
– Restores 100% of your prayer twice per day
– Detects the Giant Mole’s location when entering its lair
•Multiple antique lamps giving 50k – 2.5k XP
•Falador tree patch never gets diseased
•Access to different Amethyst mining locations
•Can jump the strange floor in Taverley Dungeon

Question: What is the giant mole in OSRS?

Answer: The giant mole is an OSRS boss found underneath Falador Park. It has a combat level of 230 and 200 HP, making it difficult to defeat. Moreover, it can max hit 21, causing players to quickly lose health in combat.
During the fight, the mole will occasionally burrow down and come out in a different section of the Falador Mole Lair. This is extremely annoying and lets the mole perform a few sneak attacks. However, the Falador Shield 4 will disclose its location after digging down, giving you better odds of winning.

Question: What are the best rewards for completing achievement diaries?

Answer: OSRS has several regions containing an achievement diary that players can finish for various rewards. They can offer great teleports, utility, or restoration, making them perfect for multiple activities within RuneScape. These are the best items:
Karamja Elite Diary – Karamja Gloves (4): Unlimited teleports to Duradel, who is a slayer master. It’s useful for going to Duradel to receive new tasks or when you need access to Shilo Village.
Elite Fremennik Diary – Noted Dagannoth Bones: Completing this diary set will make Dagannoths drop noted bones, letting you acquire more of them on each run. This also means you won’t waste as much time banking bones.
Hard Western Province Diary – Elite Void Upgrade: This diary lets you upgrade your void gear to elite status. Now you’ll do considerably more damage with this offensive armor.
Elite Lumbridge and Draynor Diaries – Fairy ring usage without staff: Complete these tasks to gain the ability to use fairy rings without a dramen or lunar staff, saving you inventory space.
Elite Kourend and Kebos Lowland Diaries – Rada’s Blessing (4): Gives several benefits such as +2 prayer bonus and 8% chance to catch two fish at once. Also, you’ll have unlimited teleports to Mount Karuulm, where you’ll find Hydra’s and slayer master Konar.


The Falador Diary tasks are worth completing to receive the Falador Shield (4). This item allows you to restore your prayer points, making it perfect for PVM and bossing. Also, you’ll know where the giant mole is during boss fights, giving you a significant advantage.

Moreover, each tier of the diary will reward you with lamps that provide excellent experience. However, I think the biggest reason to complete the achievement diary is for the shortcut access it provides around Falador. I hope you found this guide insightful and that it helped you achieve your goals of doing the Falador diary.

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